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How to fix email error 451

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Fix email error 451

Steps to fix email error 451

When you send an email, then your email client will first connect to your mail server. This mail server will further connect to the recipient’s mail server with the help of internet by transmitting the email. When the mail is accepted by the recipient mail server then it reaches the recipient’s inbox. The recipient will then be asked to download that mail with the help of email client. This is the normal process of sending mail by you and being received by the recipient. But the 451 error on email arises when this process of email sending is affected and the mail delivery fails to deliver your email due to temporary issues. Issues can be like hitting of the mail limits, unexpected DNS technical fault and unable to reach the mail severs. It can occur either on your (sender) server or +Read More..

Tips on how to protect your email account from the hackers

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Protect your email account from the hackers

Steps to protect your email account from the hackers

Email has become the most suitable mode of communication for the users to interact and communicate for the personal as well as professional uses. The best part of making communication through the email is that they can keep the messages secured and safe making it easy for them to communicate. It is advised to the users to keep their account safe and protected from the hackers as they might breach the privacy of the users. Here are some of the steps to protect your email account from the hackers and make their email account safe to access

  • Always logout from the account when used
  • Keep the settings of the email account private
  • Make the password complicated which will be difficult to remember
  • Use special characters and upper case as well as lower case to +Read More..

How do I download contacts from Gmail

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download contacts from Gmail

Download contacts from Gmail

Gmail makes very easy to manage and download the contacts.  All your email ids with whom, you are exchanging email and want to keep in your database are stored in contact list. You email contact list is very precious and you may want to download and store it for various reasons.

Steps to download contacts from Gmail

So how to download contacts from Gmail Due to lack of technical knowledge many users do not know the process. So to help Gmail users, we will here discuss the steps to download the contacts from Gmail. By following these steps, you can expert the contacts easily in your computer or other devices.

  • Open your browser and log in to your Gmail accounts
  • Now select Contacts from the menu
  • Now tap on the More button in the Contacts toolbar
  • Choose +Read More..