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How to share a printer in windows 7 step by step

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share a printer in windows 7

Share a printer in windows 7 step by step

Printer is quite an essential devise these days. One who works mainly on internet or simply on computers does rely on printer when it comes to printing documents, images, files and so on. So, when you buy a printer you need to share it with your computer which does have an operating system. This operating system is necessary as there might be the case that your printer is not compatible with operating system that you have on your computer or laptop. So, when you want to share your printer in windows 7 then you can do that.

Steps to share a printer in windows 7 step by step

If you are using windows 7 and you want to install your printer to your computer then you follow below steps:

  1. First switch on your computer.
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How can I know my Gmail password

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Know my gmail password

Know my gmail password

Gmail account is mostly preferred by the users for their email related work making it very easy for them to communicate. It is preferred both for the personal as well as professional uses and make it easy for the users to continue their communication work easily. The gmail account is always password protected making it comfortable for the users to make their account safe and secured. It is always recommended to the users to keep their password strong so that others cannot get its access.

Here are some of the steps to know my gmail password and make it easy to continue working on it.

  • Go to the gmail account page
  • Enter the email address
  • Select the option of I forget my password
  • Choose the suitable method to recover the password
  • Get a code on the given mobile number
  • Get a link on the alternate +Read More..

How to contact printer technical support

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contact printer technical support

Contact printer technical support

Printer has become a very important tool for the computing system as it helps to get the quick print-outs of the pages and make it possible for the users to keep a record of their work. There are varieties of printers available making it possible for the users to choose from and keeps their work going.

There are many printers available in the market which is equipped with multiple features which makes it easy for the users to work on multiple tasks at a time. Through a printer, users can also enjoy the scanning and Xerox facilities which make it easy for them to work. Such multiple facilities of a printing device make it very easy for the users to keep their work going in a very fast and accurate manner.

Although there are many facilities provided by the users but +Read More..