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How to fix Cannot Connect to The Norton Server – Norton Setup

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Sometime you may see a message with Norton “Cannot connect to the Norton Server”. When this happens you need to check if the issue is related to a known system problem or outage. For this you can check Norton Services Status page. On this page you can see if all services are running without problems or not. So, if you see a message: "Unexpected Browser error or Cannot connect to the Norton server" at the time you activate your Norton product then you need to resolve this issue. In order to resolve this issue, you can restart your computer. If you see that even after restarting your computer the problem still persists, then you can set a default web browser on your Windows 10 computer. And for other windows versions you can change your default web browser.

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Fix Norton Identity Safe Login Problems

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Fix Norton identity safe login problems

With Norton you can fix Norton identity safe login problems and the solution depends on what is the problem. Let us see problem and its solution:

1.       You are repeatedly prompted to enter the credentials

Solution lies in following steps:

a.       First restart your computer.

b.      Then sign out and then sign in to Norton identity safe. For this follow below steps:

·         Start your Norton Product in the first step.

·         Now click on User Name on the top right corner of the screen. You can see user name only if you have signed in with your Norton account credentials.

·         Now click Ok in the sign out dialog box.

·         Then click on Identity safe in the Norton main window on the identity tab.

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System Advisor in Norton Mobile Security displays KRACK vulnerability alert

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What is KRACK? KRACK stands for Key Reinstallation Attacks. Well, KRACK creates a vogue network using the name of an existing WiFi network which makes user connect to this rogue network instead of the real one. Now your device is at risk which includes laptops and mobiles. So, KRACK is a threat for all devices running on Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux and Android. The device has to be within WiFi range of a smart phone or laptop to attack it but the good news is that KRACK attack does not work over internet. So, what can one do to protect from KRACK? Well, you should use encrypted WiFi wherever it is necessary like at work place or at home. But when you don’t want to use Wii even those which are password protected then you can use your mobile data or a VPN service. Now in such scenario your device +Read More..