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[Solved] 3 Best Ways to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issue

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What are the Ways to Fix Roku Remote Issues?

If your Roku remote is not working and you are looking for ways to fix this problem, then welcome here to get the right information. Whenever you purchase any Roku device it comes with a remote control that helps to run the device. If somehow Roku remote stop working all of a sudden, don’t worry as it can be fixed with the help of methods discussed below:

Check Batteries:

  • Check the batteries when Roku remote stop working suddenly
  • If batteries are drained completely replace them with the new ones and then retry to use your remote

Restart Roku Remote:

  • First of all, remove the batteries from Roku remote
  • Remove Roku device power cable and wait few seconds
  • Then reconnect the device and wait until the Roku logo appears
  • After that put the removed batteries again in the remote
  • Wait few seconds then check whether remote is able to establish a connection with device or not

Re-repair Remote:

  • Remove the batteries from remote and unplug Roku device

  • Then plug in Roku player again and wait

  • Once Roku logo appears to reinstall remote batteries

  • Then press the pairing button of the remote until pairing light flashes

  • After that wait few seconds then try to re-establish remote and device connection

If you are unable to fix Roku remote not working issue by yourself get help from their customer support team and get it fixed.