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4 Methods To Fix iTunes iPhone Error 4013

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Methods to Fix iPhone Error 4013

IPhone users often face error 4013 that may occur when they are trying to restore or update their device. Error 4013 also happen when iTunes gets disconnected from your device as it is very useful to restore or update device. The most common cause of this error is software bug but sometimes it may happen due to hardware failure. If you are also facing iPhone error 4013 and looking for the solutions to fix it then you are at the right place. You can follow the methods given below to fix iPhone error 4013:

Restart your iPhone

The first thing you can try to fix iPhone error 4013 is force restart your device. Sometime the problem may occur due to a temporary software issue that can be resolved simply by restarting your device.

Update iTunes

iTunes is one of the essential factors to update or restore the iPhone. You should make sure that the iTunes is updated to its latest version if not then install the latest iTunes update. Then recheck whether error 4013 is fixed or not after the iTunes update is finished.

Connect to computer

If still error 4013 is not fixed then connect your iPhone to a computer using a USB cable. Once your iPhone is connected to the computer then you will get a message in iTunes to update or restore. You have to select update and then check that the issue is resolved or not.

Use another USB cable

As you know that iPhone error 4013 may occur due to hardware issues so it may happen that the USB cable you are using is faulty and unable to connect properly. Use a new USB cable and see if it works.

This is how you can fix iPhone error 4013 easily if still, the problem exists contact Apple customer support for help.