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At&T WiFi Not Working? Know How You Can Fix It!

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How Do I Fix At&T WiFi Not Working Issue?

AT&T Wi-Fi services are used by a lot of people who are dependent on Wi-Fi connection services. But maybe while using the internet often the connection disappears. Wi-Fi connection disappearing or getting disconnected is a common issue that keeps happening with all of us. And if your AT&T internet disappears then you can take the help of following ways to fix it.

Ways of Fixing AT&T Mail

1. Wi-Fi connection set up is made with a lot of wires and connecting devices. And it’s usually if any of the wire gets disconnected from the device. If you are also one of those users whose Wi-Fi is not working then take the help of the below-given steps.

2. First of all, check the modem or router with which you connect your internet. Sometimes the users are not able to connect the internet because of the router. Check the lighting of the router if it’s on or not.

3. Also, cross-check all the cables and wires of the AT&T if it’s connected properly with the router or not.

4. In case the speed is slow then maybe it’s because of the connectivity. You can wait till the connection resumes on its own.

5. Also if required, you can restore your Wi-Fi connection on your own by logging in your admin account using the password.

6. Unplug the main cord from the router and wait for a few seconds. 

7. And now after this, you can plug in the device and re-start the router. Maybe the router got heated up due to continuous use because of which it stopped working.

If despite the basic troubleshooting, your issue of AT&T WiFi not working does not get fixed then you can reach out to the support team of AT&T. The technical team will visit you and look through how to fix the wi-fi not working on your router.