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How Do I Change & Remove Primary Email Address in Facebook

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Know About the Steps to Change the Primary Email address in Facebook

The primary email is the basic requirement for signing-in to a Facebook account. If a user enters a wrong email, the access is denied. In case, the user wants to change the email address, it can be easily changed.

Steps to Change or Remove Primary Email Address on Facebook

To change the email address on Facebook, a user can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is to browse the login page of Facebook.

  • On the homepage of Facebook, click Settings and then click down arrow on the keyboard.

  • Go to the General account settings option.

  • In the email section, click Edit.

  • Then, click on add an email.

  • Facebook sends a confirmation to the new address to verify identity.

  • In verification email, click the link of please click here.

  • It will redirect the user to the Facebook login page.

  • Sign-in with the old email address and password.

  • Doing so will update the email address as primary email address by removing the older one.

If still, the user is facing any issue with the steps of change primary email address Facebook, the help center can be contacted. The contact details to reach the support center are provided on the official website of Facebook.

What is the process of changing the email address of Facebook on your android or iPhone?

Suppose you have changes your email address and you want to shift your Facebook account from the old one to the new and you are not aware of the process. In this case, you will look for the steps that will help you to change your email address.

How to change the email on Facebook in iPhone?” is the query of many. So, we are mentioning the steps that will resolve your query for iPhone and android both. Let us see the steps listed below.

Changing the email address on your devices:

  • Open the Facebook app on your Android or iOS device.

  • First, open the Facebook app on your android or iPhone device and then hit on the three-line menu icon.

  • Tap on settings and privacy and then on settings, personal information, and email addresses.

  • Hit on the option of the email address.

  • If you are using android, you have to type your new email address and tap on add email. On your iPhone, you have to type a new email address and input the Facebook password. Then, tap on the email.

  • You have to check your email and choose to confirm to verify that you have made this change. You can now tap on confirm email address and then enter the confirmation email.

These steps will also give you the answer to the question, “How to change email on Facebook on Android?”. You can take the help of customer support also. They will help you out to get the answer to the questions arising in your mind.