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How to Configure IMAP in Outlook? Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)

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How to Configure Outlook to use IMAP with an

The outlook is a web platform and you can easily use this for your formal commutation online for exchanging emails or attending an online meeting. However, if you want to configure your IMAP settings on the account then you can do it quickly with the help of some quick steps.

Steps to Configure IMAP on the Outlook

  • If you want to configure your IMAP settings which stand for internet message access protocol then open your outlook account.

  • Log in to the account and then click on the file tab in the upper left corner of the window.

  • Now tap on the option of add account and then select the link of manual setup or additional server types. Now tap on the link of next and proceed ahead.

  • Tap below and then choose the tab of POP and IMAP followed by the option of next.

  • After this, in the add account window, there are a few things that you have to fill out.

  • First of all start with the option of name and the email address with which you log in to your account.

  • Later specify which type of account do you use and in the drop-down menu select the option available of IMAP.

  • Set the settings of the incoming mail server followed by the outgoing mail server.

  • Later enter your log-in information which should have your name and the password.

  • Go to the more settings link and then switch to the outgoing server tab.

  • Tap on my sever needs authentication option available and after this, switch the settings to the advance tab.

  • In the server, the port number section fills out the rest of the asked information and close all the tabs.

And hence after this, you will finally get the ways of how to configure IMAP in outlook. In case of any further query, you can contact the customer care team of the outlook.