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Google Not Working: How Do I Fix Google Not Loading Issue

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Google Not Working: What to do if Google is Not Working?

Although Google is well-known and widely used due to security, efficiency, and compatibility there are times when a user faces issues with Google. All Google-related issues can be easily resolved by troubleshooting.

Fixes For the Issue of Google Not Working

In order to resolve any issue of Google, a user can try out basic troubleshooting steps as mentioned below:

  • Check the internet connectivity. If the internet connection whether wired or wireless is not proper, Google won’t be able to work properly.

  • Check for an app update. It might be possible that there is an update available for the app. To resolve the issue, a user should update the app and get the latest version installed in the system.

  • Clear cache and cookies. The cookies and cache might be causing the issue. So, in order to make Google work properly, a user needs to clear the history, cache, and cookies.

  • Reset the app. If the troubleshooting is not working out, a user can reset the app to its default settings as it might resolve the issue.

  • If nothing works, a user can delete the app from the system and download it again after some time.

For more queries about Google not working, a user can contact the technical support team of Google. The team executives will assist users with the best possible solutions. The contact info to reach the support team are available on the Google website.