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How do I change my mail password

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Change my mail password

No matter which email service you use it is for safety of your email account that you change your mail password on frequent basis. What does it do? Well, changing your password stops someone from accessing your email account and thus your account is saved from possible hacking. You should not only change your email account password on regular basis but also you should keep your password in such a format that it is easy to recall for you but extremely difficult for others to copy. You should use combination of upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers and special characters. Now if you have to change your email password on regular basis then you also need to know how to change your mail password. Changing your password is not tough. You can go to a section in your email account where you can easily change your mail password. As most of the people use Gmail service so it is quite easy to change Gmail password.

Steps to change my mail password

If you are using Gmail and you want to change your mail password then you can follow below steps for that:

  1. First you can sign in to My Account.
  2. Then you can select Signing into Google under 'Sign-in & security'.
  3. After that choose Password. In case you see a prompt to sign in again, sign in.
  4. Now you can enter your new password and then select Change Password.

So, you can see that how easy it is to change your email password in Gmail. Similarly you can easily change your mail password in other email services like Outlook, Yahoo and Hotmail also. You should change your mail password for security reasons.

Email technical support number

No matter which email service you are using you may need support when you come across a technical issue in your email account. Support is available on support page of the website. On this page you can search for the term you need and you will get the information on the support page. This is true for Gmail, Outlook which are offered by Google and Microsoft and others. You also have the choice for getting support through email and live chat option. Technical issues can be of numerous types. Like how to set up your email account, how to recover your mail password if you forgot it, what to do if your mail account is not sending or receiving emails, how to change settings of your mail account etc. For all such technical issues you may not be technically equipped to solve them on your own. You need support from technical experts. You can get technical support from us for all kinds of technical issues on any email by calling our email technical support number. So, any time if you are facing any technical problem with your email then you can simply call us at our Email technical support number and get the solution instantly.