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How Do I Delete and Deactivate Facebook Account

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Deleting And Deactivating Facebook Account: Easy Guide

Here are the important points and faqs that Facebook Users Can get Help on temporarily deactivating or permanently deleting their accounts.

Deleting Vs Deactivating Facebook Accounts

  • Deleting an FB account simply means that you no longer will have access to your account. However, FB delays the account deletion process for 30 days after the request is made, hence, you can cancel the request during the buffer time.
  • Temporarily deactivating the FB account allows you to reactivate it at your wish but other users won’t be able to find you on Facebook except for the messages, profile name, past posts, and comments.

How a User Can Delete his/her Facebook Account?

One can follow the steps mentioned below to delete the Facebook account easily.

  • In your FB account, navigate to its settings and then select the Your Facebook Information option from the left
  • Now, click on the Deactivation and Deletion link and then opt for Delete Account option
  • Next, select the Continue to Account Deletion option and then enter your account’s password
  • At last, hit the Continue button and then select the Delete Account  button
Deactivate Facebook Account: How a User Can Deactivate his/her Facebook Account?

To deactivate Facebook account, a user can follow the options mentioned below; however, user can also reactivate it at any time by simply entering the username and password.

  • Head over to the Settings section in your Facebook account and then hit the Your Facebook Information option from the left
  • Select the Deactivation and Deletion option and then choose the Deactivate  Account option
  • Now, Hit the “Continue to Account Deactivation” link and then type in your account’s current password
  • Next, select the Continue button and finally, select the Deactivate Account  button to temporarily deactivate your Facebook account 
Can a user Delete the FB Account of his Known Friend/Family member who is Medically Disabled?

Facebook lets you to remove the account of someone who is irrecoverably mentally or physically disabled to run his/her account. However, the concerned user must be over 13 years old and if that’s not the case then you’ll need to report the Facebook for the same. On the contrary, if the concerned user is over 13 years then also you’ll need to provide the relevant information for the case and FB will review it before taking any action.   

Please note, if the concerned user is in rehabilitation or imprisonment then no action will be taken to delete Facebook account unless reported by any law enforcement member. 

Check out the Procedure to Temporarily Deactivate the Facebook Account

Facebook is a popular social media service that offers users an option to share media files and posts with close friends and family. Also, the developers have even introduced a messaging service for the users within the application to make it easier for the users to reach their friends. 

However, with such incredible service offered by Facebook, there are chances that some users wish to temporarily deactivate the Facebook account. Fortunately, users can easily deactivate their account by following the simple steps provided in this article. 

Steps For Deactivating Facebook Account Temporarily 

  • For the account deactivation process, the user needs to click on the Menu option present on the main page of Facebook.
  • After that, the user can click on the Settings option and select the Facebook information option. 
  • Further, the user needs to click on the Deletion and deactivation option. 
  • Now, click on the deactivate account option and follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate the Facebook account.

Hence, this was a simple procedure on how to temporarily deactivate Facebook account. For queries regarding the process, the user can contact the help center and seek required help for deactivating and reactivating their Facebook account.