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How Do I Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

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How Do I Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

You can reset your Google password by getting a verification code on your mobile phone but what if you lose your phones or in case you can't get codes via text, voice call, or Google Authenticator. In such situations, you can use backup codes to sign in. If you don't have your security key, you can also use these codes to sign in. You should keep your backup code quite safely where you store your other important data as the backup code like other codes on your phone is only valuable to someone if they manage to also steal your password. But if you forgot the code also then you can find it.

Steps To Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

You can follow below steps to view 8 digit backup code for Google:

  • Open your browser and then sign in to your account at
  • After that, you should look for the “Backup codes” area.
  • Here you can click Setup or Show codes.
  • In case you are fine using the current set of backup codes, then you can print or download them. But if you think that this set of codes might have been stolen or you have used many of them, then you can generate a new set also by clicking Get new codes.

Gmail Customer Service Number To Get Effective Assistance

Gmail is an email service offered by Google and people from all around the world use it for daily communication. You have multiple features with Gmail but that also means that you may not be aware of all of them or you may face some issues with those features there. In that case, you need customer service from Gmail. You can get it by dialing the Gmail customer service number from any part of the world you live in. You will get a prompt solution from the Gmail customer service team representative and you can then start using Gmail quite efficiently all over again.

Get Connected With Google Technical Support Number 

Google is a huge brand and it has multiple products and services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Map, Google Phone, and Google Drive and so on. When you use any of the Google products or service and you face any technical glitch with them then you can straight forward jump to Google Support page and choose your product or service for help content there. If this does not work you can opt for Google technical support via live chat, or through email. If both don’t work then you have the option to dial Google technical support number 1-888-966-7916 where you can talk directly to the technical expert and get the solution of the technical issue with Google.

How Do I Print or Download Google Backup Codes?

If you want to download or print the backup codes of your Google account but you don’t know how to do that, you don’t need to worry. Here are some simple instructions by following which you can download or print the backup codes from your Google account very easily:

  • You need to go to the page of 2 step verification of your Google account
  • Sign in if it asks you to Sign in
  • Scroll down the 2 step verification page until you get the Backup codes section
  • Once you are in the Backup codes section you need to click on SHOW CODES
  • Now you will get 2 options DOWNLOAD and PRINT you need to select DOWNLOAD if you want to save a text file containing the Backup codes in your device OR select PRINT if you want to print the codes on a paper using your printer

This is how you can download the print the Google backup codes from your Google account. If you are not getting the option for the Backup codes in your account, you need to contact the Google support by dialing their toll-free number through your phone and get the best help.


Ramesh Swarnakar
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Backup my 8 digital two step verification code
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My mail id is not open help me how to open my mail
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Saheer Np
I forgot the Gmail password and 8 Digit backup please help me resolve my problems
sanjay nandwana donot exces 8 digit code how i fine
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Need 8 Digit back up code
Mithun Mandal
8768187597-lost my phone. Please help me send gcode. 2step verification code
Heena kousar
I want my 8digit Backup codes
kim amiel toriana
hi! please help me! my gmail asking for 8 bakup codes. but I already forgot it . help me
Deepak Lodhi
My account is 2 step verification 8 digits backup code not available so send code my new email
Vishnu Kumar
My account gamil not backup cord this e-mail
Shubham Tomar
I lost my phone while 2 step is enabled I have lost my backup codes I can't access my account How can I get my backup codes recover My account is
Rakesh R
My account is Blocked My back up code tell me plz
Rakesh R
Plz Send me my 8 digits back up code
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Can't recover my password with mobile number. Maybe set 2 step varification code. Phone reset all data deleted.
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nayaf aljyzany
bekup code 8
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Please my gmail Account Code?
Dhiraj Nikam
i lost my old phone 8600242834, which registered to above mail id, also dont know backup code, please provide
Bobbi Davis
I can't get into my account and when they say they're going to send me a code to my phone they do but then it doesn't give me a space to put the code in and it just keeps saying verifying my phone number this may take a few minutes then they're asking me for a recovery code and I've lost that as wel
Showkot Hasan
How can I get return My valid Gmail account backup codes. Because I am lost my phone and trusted device and number. This is My valid Gmail account.
samad kh
I have lost my 8-digit backup code, how do I access my account?
Daro khan
I am not able to find my 8 diget cod.pleas send me on "" Thanks
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please my business prombl send me bakup code
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I need help locked out of my account
Deepaarzi Tech
I forgot our gmail account password but some problems 2step verification backup code forgot.
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Please give me 8 backup code Sir, Does't open my gmail account
Dattatray Aadhav
May phone is ded bat may Gmail account not recover piz halp me my Gmail ID is may phone number is 9145375483
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Locked out. Account hacked. Can't get any help at all.
Bharathidhasan R
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8 digit backup code
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My 8dget backup cod please send my mobile number 9835666162 recover email id
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Michael Walker
I just got a new phone. I setup the phone but it now has no account and I do not remember the password I have tried everything. I can't even use Gmail to get a code and I cannot get codes because my old phone was on the account it is frozen I have a new phone # but I cant because my account is froze
umar bashir
i brought a new phone so i could not rember my passwd well i try very much but i dont know my 8 digit passwd plyzzz help me i need my emial back plyzzzz help me i beg plyzzz help me
Gopalakrishnan Gopal
My old mobile number is missing my mail ID is not open tow step verifycation please help me , my old mail ID
Manoj Kumar Sharma
My Gmail account block please help my Gmail ID phone number 07411241613 please my account opening help
Manoj S u j i t h
I'm forgot my back-up 8 digit code please recovery my account
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Gmail account this back up code 8 digital cord
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Unable reset password.kindly sent the instruction on my recovery email id
Saheer Np
I need this my email id 8 Digit back up cod
Saheer Np
I have forgotten my gmail password and i need to reset it please send me the 8 digit backup cod.
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Backup code forget
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Michael Adegbite
Hi Google, I lost my phone two days ago and i can't remember all access to Google account details including the password and the 8-digit code .My account username is Thanks
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I doesn't singing my google account because i forgot my backup codes.
Joan Uba
I need a 8 digit number pls
Kathleen Turner
Only want this gmail. Had with last phone. All my vendors and billing people have only this.
Atul Shukla
Forgotten Gmail password and backup code
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Aravindh Aravindh
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Arzoo Khan
My password not Cheng +923022980008 cod coming but backup code I don't khow were comin
Jessica Marczewski
I am having a problem getting in to my gmail. I have 2 step verification and I dont have back up codes. Sence my phone was factory reset I cant get into my phone at all. Please help I have college admittance papers to sign everything is in there
Melinda Guerra
I can't recover my account using all necessary information if you could send me the step that would be great
Krishna Neupane
Forget my password so I need backup cod for ve rification
Dhana rickey
I am locked out of my google account please help me Other email is
Qudus Lasisi
I have problem to get the 8digit back up code cause the phone have been wiped and another mail is on it already.
Bimalkant Padhi
I have lose my gmail accunt so plisse help how to recovre ? Thanks u .
Manimoy Chakraborty
I need backup codes I have forgotten my password I need to recover my account please
Manimoy Chakraborty
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Oduyela Ifeoluwa
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Sir/Madam 2step verification code 8digit backup code to open my gmail . So many mail to google team no response plz help me my youtube channel is also not opening with respect plz solve my problem. When gmail is not opening then from where I open my account and following the steps Thanks
Shilesh Mavchi
Please send my 2 steps code shileshmavchi123@
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zae Promise
Help me I lost my old phone number I can't sign into my Gmail account I can't find my 8 digit passcode I don't know the passcode help me
Olstunji Damilola
I lost my 8digits code pls help me out its very import
james mwinuka
Hello, I am asking for help to open my account which has started bothering me from 2018 on the 11th or 12th month claiming that I have put 8 digit numbers back up and I do not know how to get them I ask for help because I have important things in my account THANKS YOU!
lenin babu
i lost my 8digit backup code send my code
সঙ্গে থাকো 365 দিন
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Please help me my old phone dead. Now I'm using another m31s . How to recovery my back up code ...