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How do I Fix Roku "HDCP Error Detected" Issue: Quick Fix

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Get Solution for when Roku HDCP Error Detects:

HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection is a copy protection scheme to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data. It is sourced to the display and designed by Intel and licensed by digital content protection. It is associated with LLC using an authentication and key exchange showing into the device you are using.

If you are using the Roku streaming player, it can help you with T.V. with the audio and video and it does not support the copy and content protection technology known as Roku HDCP Error. But if you find an error and unable to detect the message you can clearly see the purple screen aside from a TV or AVR that does not support HDCP.

  • First of all, check out the Roku device and see the error message in case you trying to stream 4k Ultra HD content.
  • Go to the next and then see the error code HDCP message showing and then power off your TV and then select the Roku player code.
  • You can remove the power cord from your Roku player and reconnect the power cord to your TV.
  • You can see both devices reconnecting with the Roku streaming player to show both audio and video in a good form.

Thus, if you want to fix this problem, you are the best place to learn the steps as showing above.