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How do I recover my Norton Account?

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Easy Steps To Quickly Recover Your Norton Account

Norton antivirus in the past few years has gained popularity and it is one of the dominant antiviruses in the IT sector. It protects your devices from various kinds of viruses that can either crash your device or cause some sort of unwanted glitch or problem to your device. In addition to all this, it also protects you from various unseen threats of the internet and it also allows parents to control their children’s access to the internet.

Now if you have a Norton account and you are facing some sort of Norton login problem, then there are ways to recover your account in some easy and quick steps.

Steps To Recover

Below mentioned are the steps that can help you Norton account recovery – 

  • In order to reset your Norton account, go to the official reset page of the Norton account recovery.
    Make sure you contact Norton support or immediately reset your password in case you receive a notification that someone has tried to access your account and the person is not authorized or is not you.
  • Now on the official webpage you will find the option of forgot password.
    You will proceed to the trouble in signing page; there you have to enter your Norton account email address. You have multiple accounts then make note that you have entered the email of the account you are trying to log in to.
  • Now, after entering the email Norton will send you a password reset email to the entered email address.
  • Open your email and you will find the password for resetting your account.
  • In case it happens that you have not received the email then you can try again after 30 seconds to send yourself the reset email.
  • Now after clicking the recover password button you will get the pop-up box to set a new password. Enter your password and then enter it again for confirmation.
  • Finally, you will get access to your Norton account.