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How to Contact(Request) Google to Restore an Account?

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How to Request Google to restore an account?

Restoring a disabled Google account is an easy task and it can be done by using some really simple steps. But if the users are not able to restore their account on their own then they can contact the Google customer service to get assistance for restoring their account. 

Users are free to contact Google to restore account anytime. A live person from Google will surely help the user to restore the account in a hassle free way. But before restoring a diabled Google account, users should know the reason behind the account being disabled. Google account can be disabled due to many different reasons and the most common reasons are given below:

  1. An account is disabled if there is a sign of the account being hacked.
  2. In case of breaking the policies which are given by Google.
  3. If there is any false identity noted which can be used to deceive the original user.
  4. If the account is used for harassing or threatening other people.

There can be many other reasons behind an account being diabled by Google.

What happens when a Google account is disabled?

When a Google account is disabled, then the user cannot Sign in to their Google account and if a user tries to sign in to a disabled Google account then the user will start getting error notifications from Google. In some cases, Google sends mails or text to the users to notify them about their account being disabled. 

How to Contact Google to Restore a disabled account?

To restore a disabled Google account the users need to make a request to restore the Google account. To restore a disabled account, users may follow the steps given below:

  1. To restore a disabled Google account, users need to Sign in to their Google account using a web browser of their choice.
  2. Now the users need to click on the Try to restore option.
  3. After that, users can restore the account by following the instructions displayed on the screen. 

If the users are still not able to restore their Google account, then they can fill a request form to restore a disabled account which they will find in the Help section of Google. Users can also contact Google to restore account through call by calling on the customer service number. A Google live person will surely help the users in restoring their account.