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How to Disable/Remove Pop-Up Blocker & PopUp Ads:Latest 2020

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Here’s What To Do to Disable Pop-Up Blockers in Every Web Browser

We all know quite well that pop-up ads are known as the internet’s original sin and they are pretty much irritating to all of us. They have been there since the evolution of internet and there’s no doubt that they have continued to irritate us all this time. But that does not mean that they do not serve anything useful at all as they sometimes provides you information that you have been looking for a long time or they just work as the direct link to the websites where you may feel puzzled while logging onto your accounts.

Now, to block the pop-ups, we often use pop-up blockers and they are really helpful to us for preventing such irritating ads while we visit a webpage. However, there are many third party extensions that can help you to remove pop up ads in your web browser but you can also use the default browser pop-up blockers. Moreover, if you want to know how to disable or enable the pop-blockers in any web browser to allow or block pop-up ads then read this article further.

Steps To Disable Or Enable Pop-Up Blockers In Any Web Browser

The following steps will help you to disable pop-up blocker in every web browser.

In Google Chrome

  • Open your Chrome browser and then navigate to the Settings menu

  • Select advanced from the bottom and then move down to “Privacy and security,”

  • Here, select Site Settings and then select Pop-ups and redirects

  • Now, use the toggle menu to disable and enable the pop-up blocker

In Firefox

  • Navigate to the Settings section in your Firefox browser

  • Now, select the Options and then select Privacy & Security

  • Next, scroll to the Permissions and then uncheck Block pop-up windows to disable or enable the pop-up blocker

In Edge

  • Open your Microsoft Edge browser and then move to the Settings section

  • Then select the More option and then again select Settings

  • Next, hit the Privacy & Security option and then head over to the Security section

  • Here, use the Block pop-ups toggle option to disable or enable the pop-up blocker

In Safari - Mac

  • Navigate to the Preferences section in the Safari settings and then select Websites

  • Here, select the Pop-up Windows and then hit the When visiting other websites drop-down menu

  • Here, select the Allow to disable or enable the pop-up blocker

In Safari for iOS

  • Switch to the Settings menu in your iOS device and then select Safari

  • Here, slide the Block Pop-ups option to enable or disable the pop-up blocking

Google Chrome For iOS

  • Open the Chrome app in your iOS and then select More

  • Next, move to the Settings section and then select Content Settings

  • Here select Block Pop-ups and then use to disable or enable pop-ups

Google Chrome For Android

  • Launch the Chrome app on your Android device and then select More

  • Here, select Settings and then the Site settings

  • Now, select Pop-ups and redirects and then use it to disable or enable the pop-ups

Moreover, follow the steps mentioned below to remove pop up blocker in your Samsung device.

In Samsung Internet Browser

  • Get access to the Samsung Internet web browser and then select the menu icon

  • Here, select Settings and then scroll to the Advanced section

  • Select the Sites and downloads and then use the Block Pop-ups to enable or disable pop-up blocking

Furthermore, if you use any different web browser then contact tech support for getting assistance on how to remove pop up ads from tech experts.