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How to fix Gmail sync problems in Outlook 2013

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Fix Gmail Sync Problems in Outlook 2013

You are using one Gmail account that is configured with IMAP. You are using Outlook for managing this account. Due to its real-time syncing, the IMAP instantly publish any of my activities to all of the devices Outlook 2013 is associated with. For example, a deleted message in outlook cannot be found on iPhone. But you are not happy with it because it is not allowing you to synchronize your Gmail account. Outlook is contradicting you or accomplishing the sync work quite sluggishly. Well, the most repeated error (Gmail account problem) which has been a huge pain of your account synchronization is OL 2013. Because you are stuck with the synchronization problems in Outlook 2013, you need serious attention towards the solution. It is obvious for you to think about Gmail when you face such issues. For your kind information, we would say that the glitches you are affected with are related to Outlook 2013, not Gmail. Follow Gmail Customer Service Phone Number given methods to deal with the account sync problems or problems.

Make changes in Root Folder path

  1. Open Outlook 2013
  2. Go to the File tab
  3. The Account Settings has to be clicked after that
  4. Click Change in the opening dialog
  5. Go for More Settings then
  6. Hit Advanced
  7. Select Folders Option
  8. Click on the Root Folder Path
  9. Enter into your Inbox and click Save to apply all these changes
  10. Check if Send/Receive option is working, press F9

Make the uninstallation of recent updates

  1. Go to the Start menu and launch Control Panel
  2. Move into the Programs and Features
  3. Select the update KB2837618 or update KB2837643
  4. Click Remove then, go for system restart for making the effect
  5. Open Outlook 2013

Make changes in the Settings

  1. Open Outlook 2013
  2. Click Folders
  3. Choose IMAP Folders
  4. A dialog box opens, containing IMAP folders
  5. When displaying hierarchy in Outlook, show only the subscribed folders
  6. Your job is to uncheck it
  7. Save all these settings
  8. Press the F9 key
  9. It will allow you to check if Send/Receive option is working
  10. Outlook 2013 will now synchronize Gmail with IMAP server

If the given methods are less effective or not applicable in your device, remember the Gmail Password Recovery Toll free Number and do it without making any worry. It is fast and incredibly professional in resolving the technical issues. At the end of your telephonic conversation, you will find yourself completely contented.