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How to Fix Google Chrome Not Working

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Google Chrome as the name suggest is a free web browser offered by Google. It is one of the most used and popular web browsers in the world. Chrome is user-friendly, loaded with features and fast browser, which can be used in multiple platforms.

Google chrome is a robust application and hardly shows any issue. However users may face some technical issues while using it. So if anyone is facing Google Chrome not working, then what he or she must do. Here we are going to discuss some quick troubleshoot for Google Chrome not working due to various reasons

·      Restart the computer or device and try opening Chrome

·      Check the Internet connection if it is working fine. If your system is connected with Wi-Fi, make sure your connected properly

·      Run a malware or virus check to eliminate any virus that can cause the issue for Google Chrome not working

·      Update the Chrome with latest version

·      Close the unresponsive tab from the task manager and reopen it again

·      Disable any extension or add on, which can cause the issue

·      There are some issues in Chrome, which can happen due to cookies and history. Therefore you can delete the cookies and history and try to open Chrome.

·      Uninstall and reinstall chrome and check if is works

Google chrome not working windows 10,8,7

Google Chrome is multiplatform browser and it is mainly used in Windows 10,8,7 systems. So, you may face the issue of Google Chrome not working windows 10,8,7 systems. There are various Google Chrome issues; one may face in windows computers

·      Chrome is not responding

·      Google Chrome not loading page

·      Chrome version is outdated

·      There is security breach in Chrome

·      Chrome is opening but performance is slow

·      Some features of Chrome not working

·      Chrome crash while opening

In order to resolve these issues, one may try the above discussed troubleshoots. If still the problem continues, it is better to take support from any technical expert.

Google chrome not working on mac

Like windows, Chrome is also widely used on Mac. Though Safari is the default browser in the Mac, however users can use Chrome without any hassle. What you can do if Google Chrome not working Mac. Well the basic troubleshoots are exactly same as discussed above for windows systems. The methods for execution of these can be different.

You can take support from any Mac experts if you are not aware of the methods.

Google chrome not working android

Android is a mobile operating system managed by Google. So, Chrome is the default browser in Android phones.  Users using Chrome on their Android phones may encounter with the same Chrome issues.

If Google chrome not working Android phones, one can try and restart the phone. As the Chrome gets automatically updated in Android, you do not need to worry about that. Apart from the common solution like deleting cookies, restart chrome, fix network issue etc. can be handy for Google Chrome not working Android systems

Google chrome not loading pages

One of the very common Chrome problems is Google Chrome not loading pages. Most of the time it may happen due to poor Internet connection or network failure.  So it can be resolved by connecting properly with better Internet connection.

This issue may also happen due to cookies or some problematic extensions. As discussed before, we can try deleting the cookies and eliminating any such extension to resolve the issue of Google Chrome not loading pages.

Google chrome not downloading,

Another usual problem face by many users is Google Chrome not downloading files. The Google chrome sometimes fails to download any web file and shows error.  Users can try the following steps to resolve the issue

·      Go to Settings and then Advanced settings

·      Now find the download section

·      Then choose a different download location and close the settings

·      Then try to again download the file

If still the problems exists, you can try reopening or reinstalling the Chrome in your system.

Google chrome not installing

In order to use Chrome we first need to install it properly. What if users are facing Google Chrome not installing? Here are some quick checks; one must do if Google chrome not installing.

·      Check Internet connection, the download may stopped due to slow or no internet

·      Check your system requirements if supporting the chrome version

·      Restart your system and try download the file

If you still find error while downloading Chrome, you must talk with technical experts and seek support.