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How to Move All My Gmail to a Hard Drive?

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Move All My Gmail to a Hard Drive

Our gmail accounts contains a lot of our important data, emails and contacts that we require when we wish to communicate with our clients, employees or friends alike. To protect our data that is this valuable to us, we often wish to back up all our gmail emails to a separate storage so that it remains secure in case our data is lost, stolen or the system crashes. Thus in keeping with the its users choice all over the world, Google has finally put in a provision by which we can back up all our emails and other data to the computer and or any other separate storage.

How to backup gmail emails with attachments?

Simply follow the steps mentioned below and the back up would be created safely for the users.

  1. First of all the user needs to login into their gmail account.
  2. After the user has logged in, click on the picture that has been set for the account. In the options that are displayed upon clicking on the picture, select ‘account’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Next, select the ‘data tools’ tab and upon clicking on it choose the option that asks ’select the data to download’ link which is located in the download data area or section.
  4. Thereafter we need to create an archive. To do so, select the option to ‘create and archive’ and then select the data that you wish to back up. You also have the option to select all the data, partially select only some data that you want to back up or select none of the emails or data.
  5. Click on the mail item and thereafter choose and click on the ‘create archive ‘ button.
  6. Next you would get an option to notify you when the archive is ready.
  7. Once you get the notification that the archive is ready for download, start the downloading process for this backup so generated by clicking on the link that is sent to you by email. To access this backup, you need to have a rar extracting software.

However if you have any problems in creating the backup, you can contact on the Gmail Customer Service Number to get instant help or the Gmail Customer Care number.