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How To Recover Deleted Files on Android: Get Back All Files

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How Do I Recover Deleted Files From Android Device

Android is an operating system which is designed or developed for mobile phones. It was developed by Android Inc. It is a very good and popular operating system that now companies uses this for mobile phones.

The main feature of the Android is it can back up all your data in a smartphone. If you want to recover the files on android, you must read steps one by one.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android? Get Some Easy Steps

  • First of all, you need to download Disk Drill on your PC.

  • Now, install the program on your PC and open the USB debugging mode on your device.

  • Please connect your android phone, tablet or any other device to your PC.

  • Open the Drill Disk; choose the device from where you want to recover the files. Make sure you select the right drive.

  • After selecting the drive, scan the lost drives, unmoved data and documents. It takes several minutes and hours depending upon the storage space.

  • After finishing the scanning of drives, Disk drill will open all the recovered files. Save the files in the folder as per your choice and then you can transfer them back to your android device using USB connection.

The question arises in everyone’s mind that how to recover deleted files on android but we have solutions for it. If you need help, contact customer service.