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How to remove Trojan.Zacinlo from your computer

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Trojan.Zacinlo!gen2 is one of the dubious Trojan virus found in all the windows computer. It may harmful to your computer in many forms such as it really slow the OS and also cause various unwanted problems. It directly affects your task manager, control panel, and several other things. If you want to get rid of Trojan.Zacinlo.gen2 from your computer, then you can go with Norton antivirus that is one of the relevant ways to remove all kinds of virus in a very simple manner.

If you don’t know how to run and scan Norton on your computer to remove the Trojan.zacinlo, then read this article and follow the step by step procedure which is given below:

Step 1: Run Live Update

·         First of all, start the Norton on your computer.

·         Now click on Security in the main window and then click on LiveUpdate.

·         Click on the Apply Now tabs to apply the downloaded patch.

·         After that, click on Restart Now to restart your computer.

Step 2: Run Full System Scan

·         Start Norton on your computer.

·         In the opening window, click on Security.

·         Now click on Scans.

·         Now choose Full System Scan under the Scans window.

·         Click on the Go tab and then click on the Finish after scanning process finished.

·         Now restart your computer.

Step 3: Run a scan using Norton Bootable Recovery Tool

·         First of all, you will need to insert a Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB device into the disc drive of your computer and then restart your computer.

·         Now enter into the BIOS mode by pressing the key that displays on the screen after your computer restarts.

·         Now choose DVD or the USB drive on which you want to create the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool, and then press the Enter.

Suppose you are using a UEFI-enabled computer, then choose the recovery media under the Legacy Boot option instead of the UEFI Boot option. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool DVD or USB drive is the recovery media.

·         Now the Norton Bootable Recovery Tool will start automatically after fewer seconds.

Choose Boot, if boot menu displays the Welcome to NBRT page.

If anytime boot fails to appear, then choose Boot (Basic Video).

·         Choose your preferred language from the drop-down menu under the Select Language and then click on the OK. 

·         Now read the license agreement, and then click on the Agree tab.

·         After that, click on the Start Scan.

·         Now review the scan results under the Scan Completed window. You can choose any relevant task to remove a single threat.

Make sure that, you have reviewed the scan results before fixing the threats because the threats you remove cannot be restored again.

·         Click on the Fix.

·         Now click on the OK under the Confirmation window.

·         Click on Continue in the Remediation window.

·         After that, click on the Reboot tab to complete the procedure.