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Is Gmail safe for work?

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Is Gmail safe for work

Google’s two factor authentication feature makes Gmail perfectly safe at work

Gmail is quite safe for work. It is Google’s widely popular product. If you are using Gmail with default security in place then also it is quite safe for work. And with advanced security settings Gmail becomes even safer to use at your work. Gmail offers you best privacy and security settings so that others cannot breach your Gmail data. So it can be easily said that Gmail is safe for work.

These days hacking password is easy. If you are using Gmail as an email platform then you may also be at risk of being hacked of your account. To avoid such situation you should put Google’s two factor authentication features which make Gmail perfectly safe at work. After you have put in two factors authentication feature then after logging in from a different device works little differently.

  1. When you sign in to your Gmail account you enter your password as regular.
  2. Now you will be sent a code by Google to your phone via text, voice call, or mobile app. If you have put in a security key you can insert it in your computer’s USB port.

So Google’s two factor authentication feature makes Gmail perfectly safe at work as it allows only authenticated login to your Gmail account.

Gmail customer care number

Gmail is a Google’s product. When you need support for your Gmail account you can get it on the support page of Google where you can choose Gmail from the Google’s product list and there you can see information on some common issues faced by users with their Gmail account. So it may solve your issue. If not you can get help via chat, email or community page also. If all these don’t work for you, you can dial Gmail customer care number for support.