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Unable to Take Screenshot on MAC? Here's Useful Tips & Steps

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Learn a Simple Way to Take Screenshot in Mac Device

Mac device is associated with various functions and features to operate it attentively. If you are striving to take the screenshot but facing any trouble and don’t know how to take a screenshot in Mac, it is important to understand the basic concept that would help you resolve this problem as soon as possible. Take a look at different points.

Let’s Learn on How to Take a Screenshot on Your Mac

  • At first, turn on your Mac device and take screenshot, press and hold Shift+command+3 together.

  • If you are noticing a thumbnail in the corner of your Mac screen, click on it and edit the screenshot or you can wait for the screenshot to save on its desktop.

Let’s Learn on How to Capture a Portion of the Screen:

  • To capture a portion, you need to press three keys Shit, Command, and 4 together.

  • Now drag the crosshair to select the area of the screen to capture and see the result.

  • If you want to move the selection, let’s press and hold space bar while dragging the screen to capture.

  • Further, if you wish to cancel taking screenshot then you should press only the Escape key.

Let’s Learn on How to Capture a Window or Menu on your Mac:

  • Make sure your Mac device is on and then open the window or menu you want to capture.

  • Then press and hold Shift, Command, 4, and Space bar together thereafter you can see pointer changes a camera icon.

  • If you want to cancel it then simply press the escape button finally.

If you still face the same trouble and don’t know how to take screenshot in Mac, feel free to contact us at any time.