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How To Use Google Meet? Setup Google Meet Free For Everyone

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How to Use Google Meet Free on Using Your Gmail Account?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the tech giant Google is rolling out innovative features to provide better access to its users. And now it has offered its premium video conferencing service 'Google Meet' free for all its existing users. Previously, the feature is available for organizations using G Suite, Meet is not accessible for all. This move is bold and will help the users to host conferences without more security features. 

On the other side, for casual video calling or chatting, Google Duo or Hangouts was already there, Meet lets you make a conference of up to 100 participants at once. Also, it includes some outstanding features like scheduling, screen sharing, and real-time captioning. 

Now you must be wondering how to use Google Meet? Well, you can follow the given steps to start a meeting. 

How to Use Google Meet for Free?

  • At first, you need to go to the Google Meet page and enter your name, country, email, and also enter the primary use for Google Meet. 

  • Then by agreeing to Google's terms of service, you need to click the Submit button. 

  • Once your sign up to Meet is completed, you can use the free version of Google Meet. 

  • Go to the or you can open the app on your iOS/Android device to start a meeting. 

  • Then, click the Start new meeting option. Or else, provide the meeting code. 

  • Next, you are required to select the Google account that you want to use for Google Meet. 

  • In addition, by clicking Join Meeting, you will be able to add other participants to your meetings as well. 

This is it! Now, you can host a conference with up to 100 participants and enjoy the free version of Google meet. So this is how to use google meet free for everyone.