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NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? NETGEAR Router Help

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Is Your NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? Here Is How To Fix

Are you facing issues with your NETGEAR router and have no clue how to fix it? Then, you can read out this article to learn more about the solutions to quickly resolve this issue in time. So, follow the provided instructions carefully and access uninterrupted internet services. 

Fixing NETGEAR Failing to Work Properly

For the users who are encountering NETGEAR router not working properly and failing to predict, these are the two symptoms of this problem:

  • Lost connection after the previous session
  • Failing to go online whether with wired or non-wired devices

So, for the users who are failing to resolve connectivity issues with the router because of a not working problem, they can check out the listed steps. 

Reconnect the Router to the Device

  • For users who are failing to access the internet, they can either disconnect and reconnect the router. 
  • Further, one can contact the ISP. In case, if the user can connect to the internet, then one can hop on to the next step. 

Login to the Router 

  • Now, to fix the NETGEAR router not working properly, the user is required to login to the router. If they fail, they can check out the listed instructions. 
  • Check all the cables are attached properly and verify the Internet LED is lit. 
  • For those using a device using an ethernet cable to connect to the router, they need to verify that ports for the cables are lit properly. 
  • And in case, if the wires and cables are properly seated, switch on/off the router. Besides, one can even set the router to default settings and log in to the router.

Visit Test Page

  • After the user has logged in to the router, click on the Smart Wizard to access the online test page. 
  • Now, under the router section, confirm it consists of a valid IP address and complete the process. 
  • If the issue persists, then the user can perform a power cycle for the network to fix the not working issue.