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Optus Webmail Not Working:Fix Can't Send/Receive Email Issue

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How To Fix the Optus Webmail Not Working Issue

Optus Webmail is another email platform that is used for exchanging emails and you can easily sign up for the account to send mails. To exchange mails, you can either log in with the Optus website or any other platform such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail. However, if you are facing issues while logging into the Optus webmail account, you can follow the below-given details. 

Steps To Fix the Optus Mail Not Working Issue

To fix the issue of Optus webmail not working, there are a few troubleshooting methods mentioned below. 

1. If you find Optus mail not working, then, first of all, check the internet connection. In case the internet connection is not working then switch to a stronger network. 

2. Re-start the device or the browser you are using. A lot of times, the browser or device stops working hence you can try fixing by restarting or rebooting the device. 

3. Make sure you are entering the correct credentials of the account. In case you end up forgetting the password of the account then you cant log in the account. 

4. You can clear your mailbox of the Optus. Sometimes the inbox gets filled and due to lack of space new mails don't pop-up. 

5. Check the settings of the Optus mail and try updating the Optus mail account from time to time. In case you are using the outdated version then maybe the mail account won't work. 

And you are done! With the help of the above steps, users can easily resolve the issue of Optus webmail not working. For doubts, contact the customer care team.