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How Do I Recover a Hacked or Compromised Microsoft Account

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Recover a Hacked or Compromised Microsoft Account? Check the Complete information Here

When you get 'Help us secure your account' from Microsoft, it means your account has been hacked. It may happen due to some activities being done on your account which is not ordinary. Or else, you are seeing unauthorized charges, unrecognized names in your file-sharing, spam being sent to your contact list, and so on.  Moreover, just in case, your Microsoft is compromised and you want to recover your Microsoft hacked account, you can go through this post to regain access. 

Microsoft Hacked Account Recovery: How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password? Follow the Steps

  • The first thing you should do to keep your account safe from hacking is to change the password:

  • You should go to the Microsoft password reset page. 

  • And there you have to provide your email address or phone number and click Next. 

  • After that, you will be asked to get a security code, you need to click Next. 

  • In this way, provide the required information on your screen and click the Send Code option. 

  • Moreover, you need to enter the Security Code to Verify your identity section and click the Next button. 

  • Further, you have to type the new password for your account and confirm it by retyping. 

This is how the password will be reset on your Microsoft account. Just in case, if you are still not able to recover the account using the security code, you can fill in the recovery form on the website of Microsoft. And your account will be recovered without any problem. 

Besides, you can check your sign-in activity to track the sign-in information and review your Microsoft account settings. But still, your Microsoft hacked account is not recovered, you shouldn't take a risk and instantly contact the customer service. The tech support team of Microsoft will help you thoroughly and your account will be recovered instantly.