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Recover Deleted Facebook Account- How To Help

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How To Recover a Deleted Facebook Account?

If you have deleted your Facebook account intentionally or by mistake or it is disabled due to unknown reason you can get your account restored. If you have recently deleted the account, you can restore it within few minutes. You can follow the given instructions to recover a deleted Facebook account:

  • You need to go to the Facebook website
  • Enter the username or the phone number associated with the Facebook account needs to be recovered
  • Enter the password of the account and click on Continue button
  • If your account is not deleted completely, it will be restored and you will get access to your account immediately. If it doesn’t restore the account because it is too late now, you can use another Facebook account recovery method.
  • You need to fill up a form and send it to Facebook by visiting the link

You need to enter your username or the phone number along with the full name. Also, you need to select a file (scanned photo ID such as driving license, passport, etc.) and upload it. Click on Send and you are done with this. Your account will be restored within 24 to 48 hours and you will be notified for the same through the email to your registered email address.


Joan Perrotta
hacked account, now deactivated Cant get back on FB