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[Solved]How To Remove Password Protection From a PDF File

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How to remove the password protection from the PDF?

A lot of people keep their PDF files protected with a password so that their data can be safe. But sometimes they feel like removing the password from the PDF. PDF protected by a password keeps the data encrypted and safe. However, if you wish to remove the password then you can take the help of a few ways.

Steps to remove the password of the PDF

To remove password protection from pdf, you can take the help of following two methods that are mentioned below. You can take the help of below given methods.

First Method: Removing the pdf password with PDF viewer

  • To remove the password, first of all go to the google chrome browser and tap on the option of file.
  • Now under the file link, now click on open file tap.
  • Now find your PDF file document that is protected with the help of a password and then click on the open link
  • Enter the password of the document after this and open the file.
  • Select print option and then destination drop down menu
  • Click save as pdf file and at the end tap on the save option to save up the changes being made.

Second Method: Using adobe acrobat to remove the PDF file password

If the PDF viewer does not work then you can also use free pdf password recovery tool or any paid app such as adobe acrobat. To find out more in details, tap below.

  • Open the adobe acrobat app and then tap on the option of the open file.
  • Now move to the file location that you wish to remove your password with and tap on the link of open.
  • Enter password and then select the properties link
  • Move to the security method drop-down menu and tap no security.
  • After making all the changes, select the option of save files and done.

And this way, you can remove the password security from your PDF file.