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Top 4 Ways To Fix Roku Error Code 003: Roku Help

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Ways to fix Roku error code 003

Roku is a media player device that streams various videos, TV shows, music and channels for free on TV, computer etc. A common error that occurs in Roku is error code 003. There are various reasons for this error like:

  • Server issue
  • Internet
  • Network security protocols
  • Outdated Roku version

Roku error code 003 can be easily fixed. If you want to know how then you can use these ways given below.


You can fix this error by restarting your Roku device. Restarting the device will solve any minor issues and will fix this error. Turn off the router and start it again.


There can also be an issue with the network or the internet. Place the Router and Roku device at a place where it can receive signals. You can also connect a Roku device to the router through a network cable so that it gets high-speed internet connection.

Network security protocol setting

There can also be an issue with the network protocol. Roku will not update if the security mode is AES. So change it like this:

  • Open router setting.
  • Open IP address setting
  • Select Security option
  • Change the security mode to WPAK2-PSK (TKIP)
  • Now connect Roku to internet


Make sure you have the updated Roku version as an outdated version does not work properly.

If the issue persists then contact the Roku customer support. They will provide solutions and guidance to you.