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What is the Difference Between Trash and Spam

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Difference Between Tash and Spam

The very basic difference between trash and spam is that when you delete a mail by your choice it goes to trash, but spam is a mail that comes without your permission in your inbox. Yes you can direct these unwanted spam mails to spam folder. Trash are mails which you delete from your inbox because they are too old or they are of no use to you now. If you delete these mails from trash folder then they are deleted permanently. When it comes to spam you have to mark a mail as spam. Both spams and trash folders mails need to be deleted after a period of time as they take unnecessary space in your email account.

How to Stop all Spams in Gmail?

Unwanted emails are spam. Someone may be trying to trouble you so you are getting spams. To stop spams in Gmail you can follow below options:

  • You can block email address or the sender who are sending you spam mails.
  • You can remove and block spam from your inbox.
  • You can unsubscribe from a mailing list.
  • You can report for Phishing if you see a suspicious email asking for personal information from you.

Gmail Technical Support Number

Gmail is popular product used by millions across the world to communicate through emails, so you can get help online, via live chat or in the forum page of Google. If you still don’t find the solution and you are a paid user of Google then you can dial Gmail technical support number for instant solution.

Gmail Customer Service Number

As mentioned above you can get help from Google on its support page by choosing Gmail as your product or via live chat and email. And if you are a paid user of Google then you can dial Gmail customer service number for help.