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PayPal Account Recovery Guide- Get All The Methods For Password Recovery

PayPal or PayPal Holdings Inc is an American based company that operates worldwide especially for online payments dealing in online money transfers and other transactions. PayPal is popular and widely known everywhere because a lot of people use it. If you are also a regular user of PayPal and happen to forget the password then don’t panic because now you can easily do your PayPal account recovery. There are several options from which you can pick one and reset your passwords.

Main Methods of PayPal Account Recovery Are:

1. Security questions

2. Recovery email

3. Recovery phone number

Now if you lose your account and don’t have any one of the backup information then you can use other methods to recover your account by following steps.

Basic Steps To Recover PayPal Account

1. Navigate to the login page of PayPal.

2. Tap on trouble in logging in.

3. Enter the official email address.

Now you will be asked to choose from all the options of PayPal recovery methods. Now depending upon the medium you choose and what information you don’t have PayPal account Recovery can be done in below conditions.

PayPal Account Recovery Without Phone Number

1. After all the basic steps tap on to receive an email or security questions on not having a phone number for data recovery.

2. You will receive a 6 digit code via mail or would be required to answer security questions.

3. Now enter a new password and confirm it by entering twice and you are done.

PayPal Account Recovery Without Alternate Email Id

1. Tap on security questions or phone number option for account recovery.

2. You will receive a key on the number or answer the security questions.

3. Now create a new password and enter it twice to confirm

PayPal Account Recovery Without Security Questions

1. Once you enter the email address now you can tap on account recovery option through the mail and phone number.

2. You will receive a security key via call/text or email.

3. Now next create a new password and confirm it by entering twice and you are done.

Therefore these were the major sources of PayPal Account Recovery which you can follow and in case of any doubt or query you can reach out the support team for help.

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Sally Smith
How do I get into my old active PayPal account if I no longer have the email that is attached that PayPal account?? I need to transfer funds from my old active account into my new account

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