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Paypal Live Person +1-888-420-8666: How Can I Contact to Live Person Team of PayPal?

PayPal is also known as PayPal Holdings is an American based online company. If you are making any online transactions like paying for flight reservations or hotel booking, instead of paying in cash or through debit card people mostly use their PayPal account. PayPal can be used by making one’s account and linking your bank details. Initially occupied by E Bay as a parent company, now it’s being held as an independent species. The best part of using PayPal is that, while booking flights you get some really handsome discount. To find out more about ventures of this online payment platform, tap on the below details.

What are the Services and Support Provided by PayPal Live Person?

1. Different payment options

2. PayPal’s business application

3. Debit card

4. PayPal’s shipping card

5. PayPal’s invoicing

Get Connected with Live Person Support Team of PayPal

Once you have registered yourself with PayPal, you can start using it to pay all your major bills. But sometimes while using PayPal, people often end up with some issues. Since PayPal is a software application that works on the basis of the internet, hence it is totally okay to meet with certain technical issues. There are a few common queries customers of PayPal often face. To find out about them, you can go through the below points.

Find the List of Most Common Issues Faced by User of PayPal

  1. Money debited from PayPal wallet or bank account but transaction not successful

  2. User forgetting password of their PayPal account

  3. Someone breaking in their PayPal account

  4. Application not working in the device

  5. Bank account not getting linked with the bank account

And that’s all for the most common issues faced by PayPal users. But these are issues are not that big which cannot be solved. You can easily contact customer care and get them resolved.

How Does Live Person Team of PayPal Work?

In case you are suffering from any of the above-listed queries but cannot fix it on your own, you can easily contact the customer service team of PayPal. There are many methods through which the live person team of PayPal works. Any user can use methods such as PayPal live person by calling on helpline number or texting or emailing. If you use any of the above methods customer team will try to listen to your queries and solve them as soon as possible.

Guidelines to Contact Live person Team of PayPal  

1. Dial 1 (888) 221-1161 Paypal customer service number and speak to live person.

2. You can speak to any person live only on call. Whereas if you send an email, it only gets reverted after a day or so!

3. To begin with, dial the helpline number and wait to press #

4. As the IVR (automatic call) gets connected, you will be asked to tap on any digit to talk to a particular telecaller.

5. Usually, the helpline numbers of customer care work for 24x7 and you can contact at any hour.

Qualities of an Efficient Support From Us

1. To provide with to the point guidance to customer’s queries

2. To be able to listen to the doubts of a user patiently

3. To bridge the gap between customer and company

4. Pro in working in a team and under pressure

And that’s all for the step to step guideline as to how you can contact to PayPal live person team. 

Frequently Asked Question:

Can you live chat with PayPal?

It is very simple to start the live chat with PayPal on the help center screen. It allows you to message after enter the correct email address and password to see the chat window box leads to living chat with PayPal. Our live chat service is open to the determined times of working hours.

How do I call PayPal in COVID-19?

If you have any questions to ask something about PayPal services or its errors, you can simply go to the help and support page to select the phone number to make a call to PayPal in COVID-19 to solve your issues at your home instantly.

How do I contact PayPal to dispute?

It is PayPal that will notify you by email when a buyer opens a dispute for any transaction. You need to also make sure the address on the shipping receipt is matching the customer's address listed on the PayPal Transaction Details page or not. And then you can contact PayPal dispute without facing any trouble.

Does PayPal have customer service?

Exactly, PayPal has brilliant customer service that answers to all of your online payment questions, and also it helps you to sign up for our PayPal customer service when you need to. It also helps you to guide the PayPal account in a good manner.

What are the hours for PayPal?

If you want to contact our PayPal agents, there are the times that you need to follow in the hours. It is from Monday to Friday, 8:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Saturday you can contact them at 8:00 am to 9: pm. In addition to this, you can contact our PayPal customer service support lines that are usually available at 24 hours.

What are the quick links to contact Paypal support team
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Dhirajpal Singh
Please Check My PayPal Account is Fully Activated & Verified Please Give Me Answers Instant
Marina Gonzalez
I need help on recent order
Buffie Scott
My account has been hacked and cards have been stole. I've been locked out account. My current email address is I need my card canceled and regain control of my hacked account plz
Shekinah Oneal
Problems making purchases and withdrawals
robert shaw
acct declined you say i need to talk to a agent
Robert Langlais
My card was declined for a purchase and will not allow me to get cash from ATM..i have plenty of funds available
I paid for an order on April 23rd with my PayPal account. I haven't received my order, I am not able to trace it and I am not getting any response back from any email. The amount was $37.00 total including postage. Am I able to get reimbursed?
Tammy Bowman
I just got a message from PayPal I had a dispute against the seller and the claims and they said that the closing my case because I have not gotten a hold of them by today I never got anything stating that I had to do it by June 3 and I don’t even know how to do that anyways but I have multiple time
Kerry Farley
This phone number is no longer accessible. I need my phone number changed to 3363389993. I also need my password reset which I have been unable to accomplish due to your crappy phone service being shut down due to covid 19 and my phone number being wrong. Pls contact me or fix this pls. My email is
Kerry Farley
Apparently someone is not paying attention. I CANNOT login to my paypal account! I need to have my password reset but to do that its asking me to use a phone number I have no access to. So pls do something about this. Thank you
Gina Smogowicz
Need to speak to agent. I file claim n 𝙋𝙖𝙮𝙥𝙖𝙡 told me to send part back to get a refund. The part was mine I paid the company to update my part I tried to contact Paypal to let them know this to the help center today I checked my email it says you guys close the case because I did not contact you
Robert Owens
Need to speak to someone concerning my paypal acct to get my funds do to limitations submitted all resolutions and still no response need my money please contact me
Norma Morlock
I received a call from someone there and I was at work, when I tried to call back it was not a number I could call back on. I really need someone to call me about what is going on with my account. IT has been really bad. Please call after 5:30 PM Monday thru Friday or anytime on weekends.
Dear sir I can't received my international payment have Problem
Theresa Boatman
Need someone to give me a call regarding a order I’m trying to place and you guys are denying my card call credit card company everything is fine it is with you guys
Ricco Long
I can’t get my money out of the atm I need help
Grace Huerta
I have not been able to activate it successfully my account
Mayra Mayra
On june 19 i have order 2 perfum in fragance net. I have tracked the package and it shows that it has delivered at USPS since las Thursday june 25. I checked at USPS with that tracking and it shows that is not available. I did not receive my package so I need my money back.
Rosie Brewer
How to cancle my other to cards
Louse Gabbard
Thomas Sulick
The phone number you have for me is incorrect. It is not allowing me to change my password, therefore i am unable to log in to do ANYTHING online. I have a packsge that i either want an arrival daye, or a refund. I have all the info on it.Merchant ID, Transaction #, INVOICE#, SELLERS EMAIL.
Gregg Price
Need to change my address to 1642 hwy 11 and 80 Meridian, Miss. 39301
mark rose
debit card sent to old address. cannot get in to paypal to change my phone and new me please
Philip Scott
Account overview how to get the documents i need to send to you in order to get my money transfer to my bank account
Shayla McLaurin
I need up recovery my account
Chris Coto
I’m haveing authorization problems getting into my Venmo account, 8137776169. Ao2 authentic error
Jacqueline Baggett
I cannot login or access my account and me and my kids desperately need my money that's just sitting there! I cannot get anyone to answer the phones. Online it has the wrong number but when I call it has the correct number. ??? Please help!!!
Tanya Gonzales
I can't get my money on paypal
Patricia Piekarski
Pay pal charged my credit card 72.45 for an on line purchase from pay pal payment to Adelitmartinez disputing charge. Tried reaching pay pal to speak to someone it’s impossible.
Robert Burgos
You can't use PayPal anymore.! When ever I attempt to send or receive money , this msg keep popping up. I have bills & and a family to provide for. And I’m not able to access my money. How am I supposed to feed my family, how do I go about unlocking my account. I’ve done nothing wrong
Martha Jimenez
Hello this my phone # 201 759 7546 no the one you have, thank you,
Jim Williams
Ordered product paid for product through PayPal have not received product. Waiting sense may 2020
Dennis Stevenson
My PayPal account won't let me log in please help me back into my account please my email is
Evelyn Horne
I have returned two items and cannot get my money back. One to Rotita and one to chic me Can you help me?
Cathy Richey
I want to talk to a live person from PayPal. Please call me. Thank you.
Patricia Mitchell
I ordered a fan on June 16 and I have not received it yet I will cancel my payment on my credit card if I don't receive it pretty soon
geeta nehra
i am wating refund GBP 434.99 not recieved my account
Robert Taylor
I made a purchase on 7-27-2020 for a deep freezer but on my receipt it said paint I want to make sure I'm getting a deep freezer what I paid for.i would appreciate if you could get back with me on this issue.Thank you
Jeannie Billups
My card had been stolen cancel account
Bruce Long
i can not get into my account and i have been trying for about 2 weeks now. i spoke to anyone that would listen at paypal but still no one was able to help me. i spoke to abby gail on 7/29 around 1130 am and she told me i need to just close my acount but i have money in there. what do i do?
ulysses simmons
I would like for a customer service representative contact me asap I'm having trouble signing into my PayPal account and withdrawals and money transfers from PayPal to my debit card please contact ASAP THANKS MR ULYSSES SIMMONS
Dwayne Johnson
I can not access my PayPal account to update my Phone number because its not in my name.
tammy hardemon
My wallet got stolen and I need a new card.
Checking on status of order, in the amt of $50.09 placed on 07-11-20.... my pay pal # is 210676988
Katharine Pyle
Help.I'm a tutor. Some of my clients pay me through PayPal. On some of the accounts, PayPal is deducting $1.78 per deposit! Why? I have nothing to ship to anybody. On other accounts, I receive the full payment. Please refund the $1.78 that has been deducted from all of Stacy Rodriquez's deposi
Anthony Gonzalez
Trying to make Ebay purchase but received problem with account message. Trying to rectify. Please help. Made numerous messages for help but got no response.
ALAN scarboro
I have just received an email about a charge of $51.99 that is we did not make, from diamond mobile legend 2500+300with extra. I have been unable to connect to PayPal to speak to a live person about this. The charge # is 7800 1010 5612 7581. I checked 'cancel my order', but I never ordered!
Bonnie Livingston
I must speak to a live person at Paypal!!
Ayanna Wilson
I have a question regarding my account, and transfering money that I asked nearly 15 paypal employees before they just stopped my account without warning or reasons. Please help me because I'm confused and angry.
Glynnis Mcclam
I put money on my PayPal card I paid to load it but the money is taking off I haven't did no tractions on the card I want money back I didn't take off its in unauthorised money being taken off I need the money put back on the card this is the second time it happened to me I put $100 on that card pay
Victor Batchler
My daughter sent me $500 to my PayPal I transferred the $500 to my cash app and it hasn't been transferred where's my $500
Leanne Self
I was sent a prepaid MasterCard sent to my address with the name Wayland White which has never lived at this Address 5340 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach, VA
Donnie Brown
A friend of mine has sent me some money it's showing on my PayPal account that's intended tell me why I cannot get it
Lisa Foster
Been trying to speak to a breathing person for 2 days. Someone please call me.
Jennifer Mendez
I dont know how to unlock my card also the information was all provided I just have one thing left to confirm my social security number to resolve all information to unlock my card
Dorothy Morris
I can't get help online from pay pal I need some assisted. Can you call me at the above number thank you.
Rondi Wireman
I have 5 charges on my account i didnt make please help ive been trying for 5 days
Gomez Smalling
I have returned my item to home Depot and I can't get my money back.
Timothy Brezina
I wanna talk to someone
Ira K KeenanJr
Do you have a program called (Family and Friends) ?? Trying to buy a puppy dog on line and was told that they could except Pay Pal (Family and Friends) to exchange funds ..Help, thanks, Ira K Keenan Jr
Reins Sosa
I need to speak to a live person to express my concern. Please call me at above number
Rodneyp Loftin
Please call me so I can be accessed to my funds in my account

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