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What Is Your Proxy Setting?

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Proxy is a unique, advanced, and advantageous feature that helps you hide your device's IP address, enabling you to access geo-restricted content. It also prevents malware requests from reaching your laptop or desktop. Your proxy settings in Windows depend on your usage. If you want to access unavailable sites in your country and c +Read More..

Why Is My Windows 11 Not Connecting to Wi-Fi?

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Microsoft is one of the multinational corporations and technology companies that has provided the best software over the years and gained popularity for the way they function. One such facility is Windows 11, which provides several services that enhance your experience with computers. Microsoft keeps updating its services and adding more facilit +Read More..

Why is my Google Chrome not downloading files?

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Chrome is part of Google and one of the most used browsers for exploring different websites or downloading files. There are a few times when you may face issues with the download; however, the issue is very common and is faced by many other users. If Google chrome not downloading files, then there are several ways to fix it. You can tr +Read More..

Why Does Windows 11 Keep Failing to Install?

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There could be many reasons for the failure of Windows 11 installation. If the PC does not meet the requirements or is incompatible with the software, Windows 11 will continue to fail during installation. 

There could be some factors stopping windows from installation, and these factors might cause a massive issue as well as these +Read More..

Why Won't My HP Laptop Let Me Connect to Wi-Fi?

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In the digital era, where more and more offices are shifting completely to remote working or switching themselves to a hybrid work style, keeping your laptop and other devices connected to the Internet has become essential. Using these devices and facing issues with connecting to Wi-Fi has now become a very common problem. If you are facing +Read More..

What Causes Files to Disappear in Windows?

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There are several reasons why the files disappear in Windows, including accidental deletion ( by mistake, the user deletes the file because of the same name of different files). 

  • The other reason could be the virus or malware that deletes or damages the files entirely, so in that case, it has been suggested to use the anti +Read More..

Why won't my Toshiba laptop turn on?

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Toshiba is one of the leading Japanese electronic companies providing its consumers with high-quality products. Therefore, it is rare to find any issues with their devices. However, if your Toshiba laptop not turning on, there can be several causes. The following are some potential reasons your device is facing issues to start. Also, you will fi +Read More..

What is Windows Photo Viewer?

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Windows Photo Viewer is an image viewer application pre-installed on your Windows. The team has developed it to view photographs in JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats. You can view the images in a slide-show mode; you can adjust the brightness, contrast and other image processing options. In addition, you will also get advanced options such as essentia +Read More..

Why Is My Cursor Not Showing?

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There could be various reasons why the cursor not showing up on laptop; here are some of the everyday situations when it may happen: 

  • You just updated your windows 
  • It is not visible only in one browser, like Google Chrome 
  • It's not visiting when typing 
  • Your system is co +Read More..

What are Windows temp CAB files?

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During a process on a Windows computer, several files are temporarily generated, and one such is temporary CAB files. There is no doubt about how much space they occupy in your system, making it slow. These files have .CAB file extension and are known as Windows cabinet files. It's vastly used by Windows and Device Installer, Theme Pack, Set +Read More..

Why Isn't My SD Card Reader Showing Up on My Computer?

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SD card showing-up issues are seen to be common in Windows, and this can occur in a number of ways. Here, you can easily find some common reasons why your SD Card reader is not showing up on your computer. 

  • Check for any physical damage to the SD card. Physical damage that your eyes might miss may be one of the most common +Read More..

How do I completely disable Kaspersky Antivirus?

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Well, if you have installed Kaspersky on your system, then due to its functionality, it, by default, opens with the Operating systems as it loads and close when the system turns off. In case you are willing to disable Kaspersky from your device, then you can easily do it by removing it from the system or by uninstalling it. This page will give y +Read More..

Why can't I turn off Windows Defender?

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Windows Defender is an antivirus software that keeps your device secure against all kinds of external threats including viruses, malware, etc. The top priority of this tool is to keep your device safe. That is why it is very difficult to disable windows defender antivirus. Unless you have another virus-protecting system installed on your PC, thi +Read More..

Why Is My Pdf Not Working on Windows?

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In today’s world, the importance of PDFs is at its peak. The use of PDFs is not confined to the education sector; it is used in offices and businesses, or in a nutshell, it is used individually as well as collectively. Now, imagine you are trying to open the PDF on Windows, but it is not opening, or some technical issue is coming up; you m +Read More..

Why Is My Dell Laptop Keep Restarting?

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If your Dell laptop keeps restarting and shutting down, then the reason might be the overheating of the process. Because overly used systems might exhaust and get stopped unexpectedly. Here are some of the reasons why laptops automatically get restarted. 

+Read More..

What is the NVIDIA Control Panel?

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NVIDIA is one of the best American semiconductor companies that makes all the appropriate 3D image adjustments based on your preference. If you are using the NVIDIA Control panel on your device, that works to meet your preferences. It provides a high-performance rate for the application you install on your device. Managing your 3D settings and i +Read More..

How Can I Sync My iPhone Contacts to Gmail?

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If you want to save your contacts from your iPhone device, you must Transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail, which you can do very easily. But if you need to learn to transfer your contacts from your Gmail account, go through the simple steps below. 

  • First, go to the settings on your iPhone device, tap on the ma +Read More..

Why Is My Google Drive Storage Full?

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Conditions take place when one keeps on receiving a “storage full” notification from Google even if the data is cleared. So, through the points, you can know why it displays “Google Drive storage full.”

  • Unremoved trash— You made space by deleting the photos, videos, etc., from your +Read More..

Why Is My Keyboard Not Typing on My Surface Pro?

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Surface Pro is a Microsoft product that comes in a 2-in-1 laptop, which can be easy to use because of its portability. Users can have both the benefits of a laptop and a tablet from the same Surface Pro. Sometimes, users are confronted with the Surface Pro Keyboard Not Working, and they want to know how to fix it soon for simple +Read More..

Why is my Laptop slow and freezes?

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Facing slow and freezing laptop problems, you are worried about why it can be slow and frozen. Therefore, you are looking forward to this. So, there are many potential reasons why your Laptop might be slowing down and freezing, ranging from simple software issues to more severe hardware problems. There are some of the most common reasons:

+Read More..

What Is Bad Image Error in Windows?

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There is a general question from the users of Windows asking about the bad image error. Knowing about it becomes essential because it helps users to find the appropriate solution. 

  • The bad Image error is coded as Error Status 0xc000012f in Windows, reflecting the program's improper launch. 
  • In other wor +Read More..

What Is a Browser Cookie and How to Clear?

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What is a Browser Cookie?

A browser cookie is basically a small piece of information that is stored in your device, such as a mobile, computer, etc. These do not contain images or pictures but rather are only restricted to texts such as session ID, user ID, etc. Every website has permission to keep your basic informa +Read More..

What Does It Mean to Securely Delete a File?

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Securely deleting a file means that it cannot be recovered on the computer in the future. When a file is deleted from the computer, it still exists in the hard drive and can be retrieved with some special software. So, using the securely deleting file process, you can overwrite the original file, and it will be impossible to get the previous dat +Read More..

Why is my Apple TV not connecting to the new Wi-Fi?

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Apple TV is a software program run by Apple Inc. Further, this is used to stream movies and series via the internet. The modes have a wifi connection. However, sometimes you may get an issue that mainly occurs on new wifi. Hence, the factors responsible for Apple TV not connecting have been enlisted at the bottom points:-

What Causes USB Tethering Not Working?

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When you connect a phone through the USB cable to a PC, then it is said to be USB tethering. While connecting through this, you can identify each detail available in the phone and be able to connect with the internet. If you are not able to access it, then there might be a certain condition response for that. Thus, you can recognize the cause of +Read More..

Why is my CPU usage so high when I do nothing?

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CPU is the primary unit of the computer. It holds data operations and the functionality of the device, too. However, the common problem is that its user ratio gets high without use. However, these issues generally occur while leaving the app operational in the background or with malware. In this situation, you can restart your CPU to resolve the +Read More..

How do I clean up Windows 10 to make it run faster?

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Laptops and PCs are essential parts of our day-to-day life. It is crucial your devices work fast and smoothly. That is why it is vital that your system must have Windows 10, as it helps in running your laptops and computers quickly. If your Windows 10 is not working correctly, then you need to clean it up. There are numerous ways through which y +Read More..

How to Perform a Hard Reset on a Canon Printer?

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The concern “How to reset Canon Printer?” exists when someone experiences technical issues such as unstable connectivity to printers, not responding to commands, not working even after a stable internet, etc., so in this case, you are always recommended to do a hard reset on a Canon Printer. To do so, consider the fo +Read More..

What is Sleep Mode in Windows 11?

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Sleep Mode on Windows 11 allows users to start their PC or laptop faster, and you can’t start from where you left off. Another benefit is that it requires little power. Apart from this, users still have access to their work if the battery is draining because this automatically saves your work and turns off your PC when the battery is low. +Read More..

What causes a computer to overheat?

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Heating issues in computers have been very common for a long time. There are several factors that cause a PC to overheat. When these factors compound one another, they may make the issue severe. In this context, let's understand why your PC heats more and its solutions that can reduce overheating.  

Factors can make y +Read More..

Why is my PC using 100% of my disk?

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Suppose you have upgraded your PC to Windows 11. You are facing issues in accordance with the device's slower programming, or else you need to get the opened screen panel for the programming, such as gaming or any photos folder. In that case, you can seek the issues with Windows 11 High Disk Usage; therefore, if you are gett +Read More..

Why does my computer keep crashing?

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There could be several reasons for the computer crashing. To understand the primary reason why does my computer keeps crashing, you should check the mentioned information below.

  • It can happen if the display, power supply, or CPU is overheating.
  • The internal Hardware of your computer system is loose.< +Read More..

How to upgrade to Windows 11?

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In the growing world, everyone looks forward to expanding their operating experience in Windows Perfect. Windows 11 has been proven to provide the best experience of smooth functioning of your system. Hence, many users are raising the query, "How to upgrade to Windows 11?" You are advised to consider the steps in order +Read More..

What does a yellow screen mean?

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Suppose you are using your system and experiencing a yellow screen affecting your work and eyes. This explains that your graphic card (of your system) is malfunctioning, or you have to change the color of your screen deliberately. Hence, before taking your system to the service center, you must verify the root cause. 

Wha +Read More..

What does Black Screen on MacBook Pro mean?

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Apple MacBook Pro is a well-known laptop technology that has covered a large marketplace with millions of users. However, as it is a software tool operational by users, it will indeed receive issues. The most common one is a Black screen on MacBook Pro, which may occur due to a few uncertain matters that could be about the odd a +Read More..

Why can't I Uninstall a program on Windows 10?

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Sometimes, it becomes difficult to uninstall a program on Windows 10 OS. Suppose you are trying to uninstall a program but are facing difficulties or issues. To know How To Uninstall Programs On Windows 10, you can follow the methods described in the upcoming section. Knowing about your PC and OS before installing a program is m +Read More..

How do I Contact Asus Customer Service?

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Suppose you are using an Asus product and seeking quotations for Warranty Support or have other queries. A person can easily approach the Asus customer service through a phone number or chat available on the official website. They provide seven days of customer service.

ASUS phone support

If +Read More..

What is Fujitsu Fi-6130?

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  • Fujitsu Fi 6130 is its class's fastest and most compact scanner (*1). The A4 color duplex ADF fi-6130 is small enough to use on your desk. It is one of the best cost performers in its class. The product has intelligent functions for efficient operations and includes intelligent multi-feed functions. 
  • It also has the f +Read More..

How to Download and Update Asus Prime A320m-k Drivers?

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Asus is a worldwide renowned multinational computer hardware and consumer electronic goods company based in Taiwan. It helps make daily life easier for users as it is the largest motherboard and gaming brand. A motherboard is the most essential part of a computer, and installing a motherboard driver is not easy. Asus has come up with their most +Read More..

Why is my MacBook Pro not responding?

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There are fewer instances when any trouble occurs in the MacBook. If there is an issue causing it to respond, there can be multiple reasons. You can find the explanation on the same below:

  • Full storage— If your device runs out of storage, you can expect your MacBook not to respond. This will hamper the wo +Read More..

What Is Hulu Error Code 504 on Roku?

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The Hulu error code 504 on Roku is a connection issue or a no internet service. It identifies the availability of the local network and rates the quality of connections but has yet to get connected. In order to fix that, you can switch the router 2.4 GHz configuration protocols from the g/n wifi by updating it to the b/g/n.

+Read More..

Why is my Acer laptop keyboard not working?

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Your Acer laptop is with you and everything is fine, but suddenly, the keyboard of the laptop stops working; then it can be possible that your keyboard setting is locked. In order to unlock the keyboard, you can press the function key and F7 button at the same time. On some laptops, you can directly check the option on your computer to fix the k +Read More..

Why is my FaceTime saying not activated?

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FaceTime is an Apple-based service that allows users to make video or audio calls to any third person with the help of iOS or iPad devices, especially Mac. Sometimes, technical Facetime is not activated, and problems occur in its services, which trouble users while using it. There may be some closest reasons for not activating FaceTime, and thes +Read More..

What does vertical lines on screen mean?

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The users usually come across vertical lines on the computer screen, wondering about the reasons here and there. So, to find an appropriate explanation, you will know what precisely these lines represent:

  • The vertical lines on a screen do not signify a good sign. It may be an indication of your damaged display +Read More..

Why does my Lenovo laptop not have sound?

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In case the sound is not working on your Lenovo laptop, it can be due to various reasons. You might have muted the audio earlier and not turned it on later; there is an issue with the speaker or headphones, the cables are not connected well, or any technical issue. There are many fixing ways available that you can do by yourself if your Lenovo l +Read More..

What's the reason for my Dell laptop Overheating?

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The reason behind your Dell laptop overheating is insufficient airflow due to dust or debris being deposited on the air vents, exhaust ports, or a clogged fan. The overheating makes the system shut down every time it restarts, then gets shut down or experiences performance issues. Eventually, excessive heat can disrupt the inter +Read More..

What does alignment error mean?

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In terms of printers, alignment error refers to a problem where the printed text doesn't align properly on the page. It seems as if text or images appear skewed, irregular, or offset from where they should be. HP Printer alignment failed issues can be frustrating, resulting in documents that look unprofessional or are challe +Read More..

Why is my Apple screen unresponsive?

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When you experience a technical issue on your Apple device and its screen is unresponsive, you must check out the main reason for promptly fixing the issue. Sometimes, when you watch your favorite shows, moves, and songs and your Apple TV not turning on with its screen, it can be a technical issue you must fix. Hence, if you are wondering about +Read More..

Solutions to Fix the Requested System Device Cannot Be Found Error

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This type of issue is quite familiar with tech users; when they pursue their device Windows booting system, and it isn’t correctly tasked, the user ahead of this tries to rebuild MBR under the command prompt that too with Windows installation media bootable via USB drive. Thus, in case to understand why The Requested System Device Cannot B +Read More..

What are advantages for compressing PDF files?

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Sometimes your system consists of large files that significantly occupy a large space on the hard drive. So, to save the storage devices from crashing or overloading, you can compress PDF files to a certain limit that will not lead to erasing of the essential documents. You are also able to retrieve the necessary files without affecting the stor +Read More..

Why is my Google Chrome not playing sound?

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If you are facing issues with your Google Chrome that it is not playing sound, then to know the reason behind this error is that there are some issues in your system hardware, or the problems may appear in the sound setting or volume mixer option. It would be best to verify your volume mixer tab by visiting the settings tab, navigating to volume +Read More..

Why does my Printer say no IP address?

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As technology has spread its wings, it has reached every door and made lives more manageable. Being an important part of this technology, the Printer plays such an essential role in our day-to-day life. But what if you will not be able to make your Printer work and are not able to access it because the HP printer IP address is not working proper +Read More..

Best Ways to Fix Computer Stuck on Restarting Screen

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Since its discovery, laptops and desktops have been important in people's daily lives. Whether it's for work, entertainment, or video calls with loved ones, computers have become a routine necessity. However, nothing is more frustrating than encountering a stuck screen or experiencing a continuous restarting loop. In this context, you wi +Read More..

Why are Google Docs not working?

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Since Google has come into existence, it has produced many services. All these facilities are from Google Docs, Chrome, Photos, Maps, Translate, Drive, Gmail, Google Voice, Google Docs, etc. It is a never-ending list as it has provided almost all the services for all your tiny needs. One such is Google Docs, where you can write, edit, save, and +Read More..

What is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus?

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is one of the amazing Antivirus programs that has been working against all viruses, and everything that can affect the devices negatively. It stops even before they begin; your privacy and data will remain safe. It will stop the network threats prevention. 

What does Bitdefender +Read More..

Why does my HP printer keep saying cartridge error?

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The concern related to the "HP Printer Cartridge Error" occurs for several reasons. And the concern points towards the technical issue with the cartridge. So, you are suggested to take a look at the reasons:

  • Improper installation— The problem usually occurs when you improperly install the cartri +Read More..

How do I reset QuickBooks?

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QuickBooks is a popular accounting software, and there are several methods to QuickBooks Reset in case of issues. Here is one technique:

  • First, log into your QuicBook account and tap on the continue button.
  • Tap on the Manage My Data option.
  • Select the clear all data and file link.  +Read More..

What is Netflix Error Code NW-4-8?

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Netflix is a streaming service offering several renowned TV shows, documentaries, and top-class movies. One can avail of Netflix facilities by paying subscription amounts. Sometimes, customers can see Netflix Error Code NW-4-8 due to poor internet connection, and they need to refresh the devices to avoid such technical problems. Also, to use or +Read More..

How do I completely factory reset my laptop?

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No matter how expensive a laptop you purchase, it starts deteriorating over time, resulting in slow processing and work. This is sometimes problematic as one has to go through the hassle, hindrance, and consistent pop-ups of software issues, etc. To fix it, a similar query is seen every here and there, "How to factory reset windows complete +Read More..

What does error code 0xC004F074 mean?

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The error code 0xC004F074 occurred while using the Slmgr /ato command to activate a window. Further, when you are getting such an error notification, then you will not be able to activate your windows to sort out the cause of these issues. Moreover, you can avoid errors by entering a valid key number at the time of activation of +Read More..

How do I fix Error 740 when adding a printer?

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If you have issues related to the Network administrator, temporary glitches, or outdated and corrupt printer drivers, it can become a reason for error 740. This error can affect your printer in many ways and stop you from working correctly, as there will be several disturbances and inconveniences. However, there are also ways available through w +Read More..

How Do I Stop My Computer from Auto Waking Up?

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If you have a PC or Computer, and it keeps waking up from sleep by itself, then in that case, you need to check whether the wake timers are turned on or off. This is a feature that is already given in the Windows laptop that helps the PC to wake up from sleep in order to process updates and maintenance tasks. The process is usually scheduled dur +Read More..

How Do I Recover Data from QuickBooks?

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You can recover your data from Quickbooks very easily and without making any mistakes via online mode. The online way will make things quicker and accessible through your account. 

  • Go to Quickbooks, then move to the file menu and choose open or restore company.
  • You have to select to restore a backup copy and the +Read More..

What is error 15215 server not responding in QuickBooks?

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A QuickBooks Update Error 15215 generally hampers the proper installation and opening of Quickbooks in devices such as PCs, Laptops, etc. So, in the written points, you can understand the explanation of its existence:

  • Quickbooks, to protect the system from any external threat such as malware, spyware, ransomware, etc., verify t +Read More..

What are the Reasons Behind HP Printer Fuser Error?

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The HP printer fuser error is because the temperature becomes too hot. Sometimes the fuser hits its maximum temperature that has been allowed. Due to the temperature rise, the fuser toner onto the paper gets damaged or worn out, which can cause disturbances while performing the printing process.  

What are the Types of HP +Read More..

What are the Hp printer's E1, E2, and E3 errors?

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E1, E2, and E3 are the errors in the HP printers. These errors are common, and each has its own steps to do. But in general, errors on the HP Printer can be fixed by resetting the printer. After that, it will restore the machine based on its original settings. Printers are categorized into three parts: laser, ink, and dot-matrix. Now the time ha +Read More..

What is error code 1602 on Windows Installer?

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Users usually experience the error code 1602 but look forward to knowing its primary concern. So, to know about the same, you are suggested to look at the explanation provided below; please look:

  • It is a kind of error that gets installed in a system due to a corrupted file and a damaged window. 
  • +Read More..

How to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi When It is Down?

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The first and foremost method that the user can resort to when the Wi-Fi is down is to reboot the router and modem. They can unplug the power cord from both devices that they have. Then wait for 30 seconds and plug in the modem. Wait for another 60 seconds before plugging in the router. The issue with Wi-Fi usually gets fixed through this proces +Read More..

What does 79 mean on my HP printer?

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If you have installed an HP printer, it is standard that you will undoubtedly face some issues with the hp printer, and one of them is HP Printer error 79, also known as the internal firmware error. This type of error is common to happen when there is an error due to a corrupted job for getting printer commands, as this issue ma +Read More..

How do I fix Windows system errors?

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To begin with, you can identify the specific Windows system error message you're encountering, then try the following solutions to fix them:

  • Restart Your Computer: It is simple, but restarting your computer can resolve many system errors. Restarting your computer helps refresh system proces +Read More..

What is Windows error code 0xc00000e?

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Windows shows the error code 0xc00000e, and the reason is that there is some problem in the hardware device that cannot be detected by Windows 10. This Windows error code 0xc00000e is nothing new, so you can resolve it quickly with the help of the guide given below to fix the BSOD error. 

Why is Google Chrome Not Responding?

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Google Chrome is not responding; several factors affect Chrome operations. Go through these reasons and diagnose the problem wisely.

  • You may be using an outdated browser. That is one of the most common reasons that google chrome is not responding. The system must be compatible enough to run the websites in outdated versions.&nb +Read More..

How do I fix errors in cmd?

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The cmd error is the error that occurs while putting some command prompt to run the program. This error must be found and fixed to stop any disturbance. You should continue with this article without hesitation to grab the methods to fix the error. 

How to find errors in the cmd command?

< +Read More..

How do I talk to a real person at Dell?

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Dell provides different products that help people in every field, whether it is in corporate, school, or college. The most usable Dell product is the printer which prints every single important document clearly in color as well as black and white. But sometimes the Dell printer gets stuck, and the reason is unknown. To fix the issue, you can com +Read More..

How can I talk to a live person at Venmo?

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Venmo is an American mobile payment service that Paypal owns. It makes the payment princess easy, quick, and cashless. However, there are times when people proceed with their payment, and it gets stuck in the middle. In that case, they wish to connect with the representative and ask them for the necessary help and assistance. The possible ways t +Read More..

How do I speak to someone at Avast?

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You can speak to someone at Avast through the phone call option because it provides a toll-free number. After dialing, +1 (844) 973 3072, you will connect with the Avast customer service team, who is professional enough to resolve the issue quickly and deliver the best possible solution to your side. The phone call option i +Read More..

Why is my HP printer not printing even though it has ink?

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Sometimes your HP printer needs to be printed even though it has ink. Then the problem lies in the paper tray with paper in it, which can be misaligned, clogged printheads, faulty data, communication, or insufficient ink levels. So you need to align the paper's position inside the printer so that the tray mechanism can adequately insert the +Read More..

How to Fix Error Code: 10004 in Zoom

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What is the 10004 error on Zoom? 

When the user gets the message that error 10004 zooms, it means the  Zoom app fails to establish a connection to its servers for self-update. The user can speak with Zoom customer support and acquire the resolution from the representative. 

Why am I +Read More..

How do I get rid of Windows error sound?

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Window error sound is a random error that causes unwanted noise in the system. Customers mainly worry due to such unpleasant noise. Users must know Windows error sound and the best way to deal with it. Sometimes, it exists due to incompatible hardware devices like a mouse or keyboard, which creates Windows error sounds on the op +Read More..

How do I enable Windows Defender antivirus?

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Windows Defender Antivirus is a must to protect your devices from virus attacks. It is offered free of cost by Microsoft to Windows users. For Windows Defender activation on your laptop/ desktop, you need to follow the steps described below.

  • Firstly, Open the Windows security app.
  • Now you are require +Read More..

How do I access my Avast account?

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If you wish to access your Avast account on a device, you must log in to the account with the credentials. Here are the steps for the same that will help you get access to the account:

  • Initially, you have to open Avast on your device,
  • Choose the “Sign In” option and put the email address and password,
  • +Read More..

Why am I unable to send money from the cash app?

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A cash app is a standard payment application used by many users in the United States for making multiple transactions. However, many users often face trouble sending money through this application, and they worry about this situation. Cashapp not sending money can be caused due to multiple reasons and can be removed using simple +Read More..

How do I contact Acer customer service?

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Have you got an issue with your Acer product? Or have any doubts regarding an Acer product? Do not worry; the customer service center will help you out. Acer provides one of the best customer care services, and it is very easy to reach out to them, even via phone call or live chat with an agent from the IT help desk. Acer customer servic +Read More..

How do I get rid of fake Windows Defender security warning?

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Users always raise a query about what precisely the Windows Defender security warning is. So, to get the answer related to the same, you are advised to give a careful look at the points through which you will be cleared of all your doubts; The Window Defender security warning is the indicator that showcases the existence of any +Read More..

Why is my computer showing a blue screen? How to fix it

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The "Blue Screen of Death" (BSOD) is one of the most disappointing errors for any computer user. It usually appears when your Windows operating system experiences a critical error that is difficult to recover safely. The blue screen is a sign that your computer has had a system crash, causing the abrupt halt of all ope +Read More..

How do I talk to a live person at Canon?

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Canon is a Japanese multinational corporation that majorly deals in lenses, cameras, equipment related to medical field, scanners, printers and more. While operating Canon there are chances that you may need help from the customer service of Canon and in those condition you must know about the ways to reach out to one of the best person in Canon +Read More..

Why is my Dell Printer not printing?

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In the work culture, schools, colleges, for legal proceedings, Dell printers are in use. This printing service through Dell printers is very much prominent. However, users often have trouble realizing their Dell printer not printing. There can be numerous reasons for the same. This hindrance might irk you from completing any pro +Read More..

Resolve Dell Laptop Camera Not Working Issue in Simple Steps

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Why is my camera on my Dell Laptop not working?

Your camera on a Dell laptop is not working because it might not be updated or has antivirus program which is causing difficulty in starting your camera. Also, you may not allow camera access for some applications by your privacy setting, which is also blocking the came +Read More..

How Do I Cancel a Booking on booking com Without Charge?

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Can I Cancel a Reservation Within 24 Hours?

Yes, If you are unable to travel at a determined date and time, you can cancel a reservation within 24 hours on You can expect a full refund within seven to ten working days conveniently.

How Do I Cancel a Reservation on Booking.c +Read More..

Best Ways To Access Cogeco Account - Successfully Login

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How Do I Access my Cogeco Account? 

Cogeco is a telecommunication and media company which is situated in Canada. They have a wide range of services that includes cable television, television broadcasting, radio, telephony, and internet services, as well as services over Email. So, if the customer cannot access t +Read More..

Fix the Apple Watch Not Working - Troubleshooting Steps

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Why is My Apple Watch all of a Sudden Not Working? 

Generally, the screen goes dark and becomes unresponsive; this is a battery issue. The first troubleshooting step is forced restart. Other common issues that cause trouble and the watch will not turn on is the following: 

  • Dead battery, +Read More..

How Can I Speed Up My Internet Connection? - Increase Speed

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A slow internet connection may be irritating when you need to work or are working on a school project. Slow internet connection is a very common issue for the home internet connection, and sometimes it may not be the internet service provider’s fault. Here are a few common suggestions on How can I increase my internet speed and get better +Read More..

Clear Chrome Net Internals /# DNS - Instant ways to Fix It

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Steps To Clear chrome //net-internals/#dns:-

The net-internals/# DNS is knowns as Net-Internals. You need to check the simple steps to clear DNS Cache on Chrome:

  1. Open theChrome browser. 
  2. Enter the URL, chrome://net-internals/#dns.
  3. You will easily find the "Clear Host +Read More..

How Do I Request a Refund From TurboTax? - Get Refund

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Though there are a massive number of customers who are currently using TurboTax services for their tax filing, there are still many who are not very happy with the services and regret after purchasing its products. If you are unsatisfied with TurboTax services, search "How do I get my refund from TurboTax?" Then you can write and drop +Read More..

How Do I Create a Google Business Account? - Sign-up

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What is a Google Account for Business?

A Google Business account is a business profile that reflects how your business appears on Google Search and Maps. It is an effective tool that provides facilities to easily connect with customers, post product updates, list products and services, share the menu, and more across +Read More..

How Do I Cancel My Norton Subscription and Get a Refund? 

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You can get a Norton Auto Renewal Subscription refund once you cancel it through online mode. You need to move to the official page of Norton after that, log in through your account, then choose the manage my subscription tab, and under that, click on the cancel button. Your subscription has been canceled. After that, you have a 60-day money-bac +Read More..

How Do I Cancel My Subscription with Microsoft?

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Microsoft offers various subscription services, such as Microsoft 365, Xbox Game Pass, and Skype. While these services can benefit many people, it may be necessary to cancel Microsoft subscriptions. Cancelling your subscription can be done quickly and easily by signing into your Microsoft account and proceeding with the cancellation option. Besi +Read More..

How Do I Log into My PayPal Account? [100% Working]

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Users can easily Log into a PayPal account with these basic steps, which are explained here. You need your mobile number or valid email address. It consists of straightforward steps:

  1. The first step is to visit the PayPal official webpage.
  2. Click on Login and enter your correct mobile number or email address.
  3. +Read More..

How Do I Fix iPhone 14 Pro Max is Not Turning on?

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Recently, the iPhone launched 14 versions of its best kind, which come in 4 variants: iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Promax. Among these variants, the iPhone 14 pro max is highlighted separately because of its high-end features. These features include the best camera possible and enhancing the operating system. Still, sometimes, du +Read More..

How to Fix the iPhone 14 Pro Camera? - Advance Settings

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Apple is one of the biggest tech giants known for its impeccable innovation, the iPhone. Recently the company launched the iPhone 14 Pro, which is good at everything, whether the operating system or the camera. But sometimes the camera may get issues; then, in that scenario, you can fix the issue with the help of the below-written tips.

< +Read More..

How Do I Fix Wi-Fi Problems on Windows 11?

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There is always an issue of Wi-Fi disconnectivity on Windows 11, which may hamper a person's work efficiency. So, if you are experiencing the same, you must be raising the question, "How do I fix Wi-Fi problems on Windows 11" so for your assistance, you are suggested to go through the points mentioned below:

+Read More..

 How Do I Sign up for a Hotmail Account? 

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If you like to access your Hotmail account on your device but are wondering about the procedure and are stuck on the thought, how do I sign up for Hotmail account? Here is the procedure that will help you to sign in:

  1. Visit the official website
  2. Click the Sign In tab on the website,
  3. Then ent +Read More..

How Do I Cancel my Hulu Subscription? - Easy Way To Cancel

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If you want to switch your streaming services to another app from Hulu but still have many days left in your subscription date. In these situations, people always look for a way out to cancel their subscription, and the primary question is, can I cancel my Hulu account online? Then how you need to do it is the other important qu +Read More..

How Do I Update Minecraft? - (PC, Mac, iOS, Android)

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Minecraft is a sandbox game people like to play for entertainment. Sometimes people need help understanding how to update Minecraft on pc? so here this document contains the procedure to update Minecraft on your pc.

  1. Go to the play store or Microsoft store.
  2. Go to the updates and downloads section.
  3. +Read More..

 How Do I Talk to a Human at HughesNet? 

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If you are using the internet services provided by HughesNet and some issue is occurring on the network, and you wonder how do I get to a human at HughesNet, various options are available. You can get to the human on the below channels:

Phone Call: A person gets to a person via a phone call; you need t +Read More..

How Do I Log in to My Comcast Email? - [Account signed]

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If you are facing issues with Comcast or want to connect with their customer service, how do I log in to my Comcast email? Then there is the procedure that you can follow:

  1. To log in to your email account, visit their official website, 
  2. Click to check the Email.
  3. Then e +Read More..

Delete a Hotmail Account From My Phone : [Permanently Deleted]

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Hotmail is the email service provider of Microsoft, with many users worldwide. There are many web users of this service and also app users. If you have the question: How to delete a Hotmail account from phone? Here is your answer.

If You are an Android Phone User, You Can Follow the Steps Below:

+Read More..

How do I get back into My Verizon account? 

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Your Verizon Account is hacked due to this; you are worried about how to get back your account. So, there you will see some steps cited under this content.

  1. Go to the official website and select the "Sign In" option. 
  2. Fill in the column with information on your username or email address. 
  3. +Read More..

How to cancel Roku subscription?

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If you have a their subscription and want to cancel it and do not know, How do I cancel my subscription to Roku? Then here is the process that you can follow to cancel your Roku subscription:

  1. Go to the official website and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on Manage your subscripti +Read More..

How Do I Set up a Time Account in QuickBooks?

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Are you finding out What is a QuickBooks Time account? So, the QuickBooks Time account is an online service that allows businesses to track and manage employee time, attendance, and labor costs. It is designed to help enterprises to save time and money by automating their time and attendance processes. It integrates with Online, QuickBooks Deskt +Read More..

How Do I Delete all TurboTax and Start over? 

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Suppose you are using the services of TurboTax, for example, e-tax filing and different other services that help in utilizing financial services. If you want to delete your TurboTax account and want the services to be restarted and you raise the query, "How do I delete my TurboTax account" so, below are the steps; kindly follow them: +Read More..

Roku is Not Working? - Troubleshooting Guidance to Fix it

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If you use the Roku software in your system and now there are some issues that you cannot use Roku, then don't worry; in this article, you will learn how to fix Roku is not working problem. Follow the below-mentioned details.

What to do if your Roku is not working?

If the Roku software is not working, t +Read More..

How Do I Fix Windows Security Not Opening in Windows 11?

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Windows security is a free default security system available in Windows software. There can be a case where the security system needs to be fixed. And if you’ve not even installed a third-party antivirus system, your computer is without protection. In this case, you must ensure that your security system is working correctly. You can turn t +Read More..

How Can I unlock my AOL Account?

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If your AOL account has been locked and you are having problems with signing in, this may be because you have not got access to your account for many months, or you may need to use the correct username and password to gain access to your account. To learn about how can I unlock my AOL account, you can take the following steps to +Read More..

How to Fix Inkjet Printer Problems? - Troubleshooting Guide

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Printer problems always appear at the worst time. Here are some ways to back up your printer and run if you're printing from your PC, phone, or tablet. So follow the below guidelines and fix your printer-related issue.

What is the Major Problem With Inkjet Printers? 

If you are using any Inkjet printer, th +Read More..

How Can I Download YouTube Videos Directly to My Laptop?

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YouTube has billions of videos available for streaming, but sometimes, users might want to download some for offline viewing. 

Follow the stpes for download videos:

  1. First, sign in to your account with your Youtube app
  2. Now go to the watch page of the video that you would like to download and +Read More..

Can I Upgrade to Windows 11 Later if I Decline Now? 

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Yes, you can upgrade to Windows 11 after declining now. So when you have to upgrade your current windows but are stuck with the issue, as can I upgrade to windows 11 later, you can use the below steps to get windows 11 on your device.

  1. First, click on the start icon and choose a setting option.
  2. After that +Read More..

Which Antivirus is Best for Windows 11? 

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There are many good antivirus options available for Windows 11, but some of the best include Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and Norton. These antivirus programs offer comprehensive protection against malware, ransomware, and other online threats and additional features like online banking protection and device optimization. 

Moreover, if y +Read More..

How Do I Get a Hold of Hotels com? - Escalate Your Problems

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If you wish to speak to a live person at to get best deal & discount dial +Read More..

How To Fix Mouse Not Working on Laptop? - Frozen Issue [Fixed]

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The mouse on the laptop plays an essential role during use time. If you are having a problem with How to fix mouse not working? Then do not get worried about it because here you may have the answers for that. And the list of solution are as follows:-


When your laptop mouse needs to be fix +Read More..

How Do I Talk to Customer Service at

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If you want to speak to someone at, then here's one of the easiest ways to contact their representative simply dial this phone number 1-(888) 850-3958 and get an instant response from a live person, the customer service is available 24 hours to resolve your queries or doubts.

+Read More..

How to Contact Kaspersky By Phone?

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When using the services from Kaspersky, you can also approach their customer support team if you have any issues or want information about technical support, purchasing and activation, business support, etc. There are different options available to communicate with them. It will provide you benefits if you connect with them over a call. For that +Read More..

Stop Your iphone Overheating Issue - Here's How To Fix it?

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Apple has launched its latest iPhone series, are iPhone series; many people have purchased the iPhone pro after seeing its features after it, but with the features sometimes comes complication as well. Many people report a heating issue. To fix this there are various fixes you can try on your own. If you are looking for how do I fix my i +Read More..

How Do I Change my Email and Password on TurboTax?

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Suppose the user wants to change their email and password to Turbo Tax. In that case, they can follow the process. If the user no longer has access to their email address and cannot log in to their turbo tax online account, please complete the account recovery request submission form.  
Open Turbo Tax. 

  1. Enter the re +Read More..

Windows 11 Setup Without Microsoft - Quick Ways To Fix It

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You can set up windows 11 without Microsoft if you follow the below-written instructions wisely. If you don't have your account, don't worry; you can use the offline mode of getting access through windows; go through the below steps to complete your task without making any mistakes.

Follow the Troubleshooting Steps: +Read More..

[Solved] How Do I Cancel a Microsoft Subscription? 

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If the user wants to cancel the MS subscription online and they don't know how to do it. They can apply for the cancelation online or connect with the representative on a phone call. To use the online method, the user must follow the instructions given below. When the users use the given process, they will get the solution about How do I +Read More..

How Do I Create a New Gmail Account? - Sign-in

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Some basic simple steps are required to be followed to create a new email address. Gmail is used by people worldwide for business activity and to create various spreadsheets and google documents. To know how to create a new Gmail account, these are the steps that are needed to be followed. 

  1. Get onto the Gmail +Read More..

How to Resolve No Internet Access Problem in Wi-Fi?  - Sorted

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You can resolve your query-related issues regarding the internet with the help of the different methods mentioned below. There are different ways to fix the wifi at your home without any external guidance. 
You can restart your router; it will reboot the entire system and make it work once you restart it. If the light gets blinking red +Read More..

How Do You Diagnose Laptop Problems And Fix Them? - Fixed

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Assume that you are facing some issues with your laptop and, due to distorted problems, you are unable to run proper functions of your laptop, so in such matters, you should look for the interruptions that have been distorting the operations. Then, suppose you have derived a complete summary of laptop problems. In that case, you must run trouble +Read More..

How Do I Turn My iPhone 13 off And Back on?

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iPhone is undoubtedly one of the top brands for mobile phones. However, there can be a situation where you need to force restart or turn off your phone. You need to follow a specific guide to turn off your phone. For that, you can go through the direction which is provided below. 

Steps to Force Turn off Your iPhone 13: +Read More..

Can Someone Hack Your QuickBooks? - Here's How to Fix It

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QuickBooks is software that can be used for tracing bank accounts, payroll, accounting, budgeting, payments, account payable management, tax filing, and more. In addition, if you are using or have a membership with it, your account data or credit card details are saved in the company's file. So, if you are thinking about does QuickBooks +Read More..

How To Cancel Online QuickBooks Subscription? - Save Your Money

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You always secure your accounting online when you purchase an online QuickBooks subscription on your computer device. You can select your account with its billing & subscription to manage the accounting software so you can cancel it. If you ask how do I cancel my online QuickBooks subscription, you can choose QuickBooks onli +Read More..

[solved] How do I fix my Mac pro?- 4 Ways to Resolve it

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If your Mac pro is not working properly and you are worried: about "how to fix mac pro?" then you need to try the following solutions to fix the problem:

  1. First of all, check whether the power cable is connected or not. Make sure it is undamaged and connected to a working power socket.
  2. Unplug the attached +Read More..

Cancel McAfee subscription - Here's How to Save Money & Get Refund

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McAfee software protects against viruses. A large population in the world uses this antivirus to protect their devices. If you want to unsubscribe to McAfee, you can easily cancel it anytime. To cancel your McAfee subscription, you must take the following steps:

  • Visit My Account on McAfee.
  • Enter your email and password.< +Read More..

How Do I Take Screenshot on Laptop Windows 11? Easiest Ways

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When you need to save the exact information, then it is better to take a screenshot. It saves time, and unaltered information can be stored. If you want to know how to take a screenshot on laptop windows 11 specifically, then you are required to look at the following methods. 

Method 1 :- You can us +Read More..

How to cancel Windows 11 update? Disable Permanently

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The answer to how to cancel the windows 11 update is very easy, and you can also follow the steps written below to cancel the update; 

  • You must open the Run box in your window (press windows + R). Then, type in services. msc in there. Then, click on the "Ok" option.
  • Among the list, find window updat +Read More..

Does Gmail have call back option? - Instant Service

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Gmail provides you with a decent opportunity to make a callback to a client and user at a determined time. You must first send a message and check out the message you can see in the sent section and press the undo button to recall the message and get a response from the customer representative team.

How can I get a callback from +Read More..

How Do I Resolve my Technical Problem on The Computer?

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Many users often face issues with their computers while working. In this case, you can fix the technical problem and get rid of all the issues. For this, users ask how to solve technical problems in the computer for smooth functioning. You can go through the below points to resolve the technical issue:

Free up the Ram:< +Read More..

How Do You Fix an HP Laptop That Won't Work? - Instant Method

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It is no wonder that incomputable users experience any technical issues while using it. Try specific methods if you wish to fix your HP laptop that won't turn on.

  • Turn on your HP Laptop and check the power supply; the battery is working fine.
  • Try to plug in and out and start by checking the power supply; that sometimes f +Read More..

How Do I Make a Complaint to Yahoo Mail? - Yahoo Help

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When the era of the internet started at that time Yahoo was introduced as a search engine. Yahoo is one of the best web service providers in the United States of America. Over the years, it has developed so much that it introduced numerous services as well. While using any of its services, if you encounter any issues and need to report for it. I +Read More..

How Do I Report My Problem to Paypal? - [Reported Shortly]

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Are you facing issues in your PayPal account and searching for how do I report an issue to PayPal? Then, here are some basic and simple following steps that you have to follow to report the problem on PayPal; below are the following mentioned:-

  • Firstly, access the official website of PayPal and then move to the +Read More..

Seek Essential Tips to Remove a Microsoft Account From Windows 11

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Microsoft Windows 11 mainly manage its local account using its specific user ID and password to access suitably. It implies that when you install the Windows 11 home, you must have a Microsoft account that you can remove when you don't require it by understanding the interactions significantly. Get practical tips to make this task perfect withou +Read More..

How Do I Request a Call Back from Microsoft?

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Does Microsoft have to callback option?

Yes, they do have a callback option. You only need to ensure that you have chosen the proper steps from the IVR menu of Microsoft. Then you'll be able to find the right way to connect with them. You can arrange a callback through the official number or get the callback set throug +Read More..

How do I Update my Old Microsoft Computer?

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How Can I Update My Old Microsoft Computer?

Nowadays, Microsoft's computers are built with new features, and because of this, it has become necessary to work with them in 2022. Sometimes it doesn't work or doesn't support the older versions, and because of this, the user looks for ways to update old Microsoft to the ne +Read More..

Can You Unhack Your Phone? What to Do if Phone is Hacked

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How do I unhack my phone?

Sometimes, your phone gets hacked, and you do not even know about it. There are many ways to know whether your phone is hacked or not. You can easily unhack your phone, but before that, you need to be aware that your phone is hacked. Do you wonder What to do if phone is hacked +Read More..

How to clear Browser Cache and cookies on a Mac? (Guide)

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In a world of modern technology, you must be aware of catch data and cookies. But you all now know the names, but this can slow down your system. If you are looking for how to Clear Cache on a Mac, then don +Read More..

How To Recover TurboTax Recent or Old Account |Recovery Request

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When you have been using the TurboTax account for a long time or recently have joined, if due to some condition, you have lost the credential of your account, then do not worry about that; you can request to the customer support team of TurboTax, or online you can apply for the account recovery. 

Troubleshooting Steps to Re +Read More..

How to Delete a PayPal Account? - {Easy Tips & Tricks}

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Some uncertain situation arises for which you can no longer use the PayPal account. You can delete the PayPal account and stop all the services in this situation. You can do so online using your account. But before that, you need to clear off all the dues and withdraw your money accordingly. Once you delete the account, all the transactions will +Read More..

Recover & Reset Your QuickBooks Password (working Solutions)

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The main goal of this process is to give you access to your QuickBooks account. Password reset and recovery essentially mean the same thing: you need to get back into your account. Every QuickBooks account holds two types of passwords. One is the Admin Password, and the other one is the User Password. Depending on your role, follow these lines o +Read More..

[Locked] Facebook Profile on PC/iPhone From Stalkers 2022

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When using social media platforms like Facebook, you can protect your account from any misuse by putting some if you desire to lock your Facebook profile picture, then you can use these methods

Steps to lock profile pic on Facebook:-

  • Open Facebook either on your phone or your internet browser.
  • T +Read More..

Recover Lost/Deleted data on windows 10 & 11 [Fixed : 2022]

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This generation wants to keep upgrading themselves and never settle down to one thing. And when it comes to Artificial intelligence and gadgets, we always wait for the upgrades as it provides better features and upgrade the working level. And the new windows 10 and 11 of Microsoft provide you with exceptional features but, unfortunately, are not +Read More..

Recover Your {Forgotten} Gmail Password - Know How To Access

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Gmail is one of the important email platforms that lets you send or receive emails. Some situations arise when you are logged out of your Gmail account. In this situation, you can recover your Gmail account quickly and get back all the services. You can read further and gather all the information regarding all the recovery options.

How +Read More..

Xfinity Error Code RDK 03033 | Mean RDK 03033 [Fixed]

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Xfinity is one of the largest internet service providers that helps users browse efficiently and effortlessly. However, many users complain about a common error they face as Xfinity users. Xfinity error code has become pretty common nowadays.
If you are a user of Xfinity and face the Xfinity Error Code RDK 03033, you are recommended to read +Read More..

Microsoft Error 0x80072ee7: Top 3 Solution - [Updated]

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Error 0x80072ee7 is an error that annoys the users a lot. If it is not fixed in time, it can even affect the computer's hardware. This error can appear in different kinds of scenarios. In that situation, you need to make sure that you have chosen the proper troubleshooting steps.
These error does not randomly come up on your screen. If you' +Read More..

Forgot Your Netflix Password? - Reset/Recover/Change Netflix Password

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Netflix has now become a source of entertainment for its users. It is replacing cable T.V rapidly with its bewitching series and movies. I. Have you ever forgotten your Netflix Password? You have to know, How to Reset the Netflix password if I forgot? The process of recovering your password is very simple. You can follo +Read More..

TRENDnet live chat | customer service 24/7 | Tech support - GetHuman

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TRENDnet is one of the popular manufacturing company of computers, and you can get access to all the networks with them. Sometimes you may face the issue in all the services; in this case, you can connect with the customer service team and speak about the issue. You can reach the representative at customer service using the multiple modes.

+Read More..

QuickBooks is not responding/working issue | 4 Resolution -100% Works

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QuickBooks is accounting software that accounting professionals mainly use. This software helps users manage their tax finances, make payments, operate their financial accounts, invoices, etc. In short, it makes it easy to manage and track business finances. Certain users find some difficulty using QuickBooks, or there are certain situations whe +Read More..

Way To (Fixed) Google Error Codes 403 & 400 - {Resolve Errors}

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There can be a situation when the users face any error while surfing the internet. The error can be 403 and 400; you can fix it to pursue all the services again. According to this error, you have been stopping to access any browser you want to. You can read all the detailed instructions to fix this issue.

What does error code 40 +Read More..

Guide: Outlook Error Code 0x800ccc80 - Fix Sending and Receiving Error

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Having an email is becomes mandatory nowadays. It requires most palaces like to book a flight, in banking sectors, to get admission anywhere, etc. Its user and uses are increasing day by day. Outlook is also an email service provider which will help its users to manage their data, contact numbers, files, and many things. There is some user who f +Read More..

Fixed: Login Instagram Account Without Phone Number & Email? 

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In case you're not aware of the Phone number and the Email. Then you need to write the username and the password. Through that, you'll be able to log in to your account. The other way is to log in through Facebook. If your Instagram account is linked with the Facebook account, you'll be able to log in to your Instagram through Facebook. 

+Read More..

Solved: Google Play Store Error 501 | Installation Issue

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Most of the time, users face errors while using any app, and they do not have complete information to fix those errors. Google play store is the part of Google that help the users to download the apps, but while using the apps, the user faces some issues and cannot overcome the problems. So if users find any trouble, then they need to read below +Read More..

(Easy Method) Hulu Error Code p-ts207 [Well Explained And Fixed]

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Hulu is an app on which the users can view movies, shows, web series, and many more things, but they need to purchase their plans. Few users have specific queries like the app is not working, any connectivity problem, any software problem, and many more, and they want to solve them. They can read the below-mentioned statements to solve their man +Read More..

[Solved] Hulu Error Code p-edu101? | Proxy Error 2022

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Hulu is certainly one of the best platforms to stream your favorite shows. However, you can be in a situation where you might face some error in the service. Then you can go through some troubleshooting steps given ahead. 

What is Hulu Error Code p-edu101? 

Hulu is quite a famous streaming platfor +Read More..

[Fixed] Instagram Error Something Went Wrong | Action Block Error 2022

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One of the most common errors on Instagram that troubles the users is the infamous "Something went wrong." And true to its name, there can be variegated reasons behind it. If you've encountered the Instagram Error, Something Went Wrong, reading further might help.

Top Methods to Fix the Instagram error "Something Went Wrong"?

Remove/Add a Facebook Account From Instagram | Unlink Insta Account

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Facebook and Instagram are among the first choices of many people on all social network platforms. At times, you might need to connect both Facebook and Instagram. That is done when you want to upload the same post and stories on both platforms. 
However, there can also be times when you want to remove the Facebook account from +Read More..

How To [Fixed] Microsoft error 0x426-0x0? - [Troubleshooting Steps]

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Microsoft Office error 0*426-0*0 is the error code that pops up on your device when one of the Microsoft Office Suite programs fails to launch. Moreover, in general words, it states that error 0*426-0*0 usually occurs when users try to launch Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. 

What is Microsoft error code 0x42 +Read More..

TP-Link Archer AX11000 Working Issue? | Unstable Connection

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TP-Link Archer AX11000 is one of the most preferred internet routers used globally. TP-Link Archer AX11000 provides the best possiblenetwork and delivers fast internet connectivity to its users. If you have a TP-Link Archer AX1100 modem router and lately you've started having some issues, and you feel the need to fix the problem +Read More..

Add Multiple Accounts on Google Chrome? Use Multiple Account

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Google allows users to create and manage multiple accounts at the same time. If you are using more than one Google account at the same time, you can manage them and use them at the same time as well. So, if you are looking forward to having more than one account, it is simple to switch them which will save the log-in time as wel +Read More..

[Solved]Facebook Error Code 100 & 1 (Fixed in Seconds)

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Facebook is an American social media platform that allows users to connect with family, friends, and people who share the same interest as you seek. Further, this platform is one of the most popular social networking services and is one of the world's most valuable companies. Moreover, users do get the option to share what's on their mind, annou +Read More..

Does Hotmail Have Live Chat? | Live Agent

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How do I get help with my Hotmail account?

If you are looking to get help to recover your Hotmail account or new updates, and other issues related to the existing or new Account. There you will find several ways to get the support from Hotmail official team like a help desk phone number, online chat support, contact +Read More..

How Do I Get a Signal With the Dish Network? - Fix in Minute

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Sometimes users lose the network connection in their dish TV due to some technical glitch or any other reason. You can reset the dish receiver using the power cord and fix the issue in this situation. Dish TV always works with every user's need and hence tries to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Best instructions to fix dish TV ne +Read More..

2 Simplest Way To Delete Your Facebook Page - [2022]

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Acquire valuable guidance to delete Facebook page 

Facebook account is pretty simple to use on your technical devices like Mobile phones and computer devices. If you wish to delete your Facebook page, you need to clarify that the Facebook page is different from your profile, also known as a Facebook account. On your +Read More..

[Fixed] the Hanging Issue with Computer & Laptop | Windows 7/10/11

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You can not imagine a life without our laptop or computer. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult, doing office work, homework, or simply binge-watching; when the device hangs midway, so does your ability to function. What can you do to fix the hanging issue in the computer & laptop when you have no idea what could be the reason +Read More..

Complete Guide to Reset/Recover Linksys Router

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Linksys Router is a networking service provider that provides different internet networking devices. You can install the Linksys Router with a proper fiber cable at your home, and after buying a subscription, you can enjoy uninterrupted internet services.
If you use a Linksys Router and your device faces some problems, you can reset and rec +Read More..

Save your Photos/Album To Google Drive - [Get Best Tips & Tricks]

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To save the photos to your Google Account. Ensure that you have gone through the information mentioned below. You would first need to download the application of Google photos from Playstore. After downloading, make sure go through the steps mentioned below. 

Steps:- < +Read More..

4 Easy Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 0x80040610

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Be enlightened to fix QuickBooks Error code 0x80040610
QuickBooks is a very special accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. It offers you accounting data organized on the cloud, where you can track and send invoices quickly.

4 Best Methods to fix QuickBooks Error 0x80040610:

Notice Er +Read More..

[Fixed]Optimum Wi-Fi not working | Fastest Way To Fix

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Wi-Fi nowadays is very important. Optimum provides the best network, ensuring that you never have to stop or lag. However, there are times when your network stops working due to a bad network, improper setup, or other issues. You can fix them by setting up the Wi-Fi again. If you want to know how to fix Optimum Wi-Fi not working issues, here are +Read More..

Netflix is on Hold - How to Fix? - [New Update]

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Netflix is one of the best streaming services that offer a wide variety of TV shows, movies, documentaries, songs, and live shows. It is typically used by several users worldwide who comprehend the value of timing, and they can install the app of Netflix on their mobile device at any time. But if you notice something wrong and your Netflix is on +Read More..

How Do I Access my Old Hotmail Account? - [Get Answer]2022

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Hotmail is one of the famous email platforms that many users use because they offer unique services to customers. Hence you can grab all the services online at their website and send the emails. Sometimes you lose access to your Hotmail account, so you need to get access to your old Hotmail account. You can recover the account using email or pho +Read More..

How Do I Activate My CenturyLink Modem?

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Centurylink might have many customers in America as it is the largest used telecommunication brand providing internet connection. You might ask  How to Activate Centurylink Modem and the process for it.

Centurylink provides facilities that will help its customers, and they are as follows:

 How to Fix the Roku Error Code 014.40? ( Get Best Method To Fix)

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Roku is a streaming service that offers you entertainment content like movies, web series, TV shows, etc. There are many types of Roku that provide you with Roku solutions to resolve the queries. 

Ways To Fix Roku Error Code 014.40

The error code 014.40n on Roku is a common error experienced by users.

+Read More..

How to Recover an MNS Account Password Without an Email id? 

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Losing access to your MNS account could be a troublesome affair. If you are interested in recovering your MNS account, then you have landed at the right place. We are about to share specific steps that are meant to help users with account recovery. 

Steps to Recover MNS Account Password Are as follows: 

Users +Read More..

Forgot Your Instagram Password? Here's How To Recover

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Recovering the Instagram account is undoubtedly a piece of cake. You only need to ensure that you have gone through the password recovery directions given below. For the verification, Instagram would need to verify you. For that, there are going to be several ways. You only need to choose the one according to your convenience. 

The +Read More..

How Do I fix TP-Link Archer C2300 | Internet Issue

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If you are struggling with your TP-Link Archer and unable to access the internet, that can happen for many reasons. You might have an incorrect IP address, or there may be a placement issue, etc. To deal with TP-Link Archer C2300, we have covered some best troubleshooting steps below; you can follow these to fix the working of your TP-link route +Read More..

How Do I Deactivate My Instagram Account?[solved]

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Are you wondering about how to avail of good riddance of your Instagram account? You have landed at the right palace. We are about to share multiple steps that are meant to help users with Instagram deactivation without any fuss or complication. 

Steps to Deactivate your Instagram account.

Instagram users can follow the be +Read More..

Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 Not Working - How To Fix?

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Users may sometimes face issues and complications with the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE500 router. If you are facing similar problems while trying to connect to their router, you have come to the right place. Let us consider some of the causes of the issues and specific quick fixes to eradicate route issues and problems. 

Users can stick +Read More..

How Do I Delete Verizon Account? Complete Guide

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Verizon provides different services in the internet industry and maintains a simple and secure user interface. Verizon users can create their accounts on its mailing platform and control all the benefits from a single place.

If you have a Verizon account and don't wish to continue with its services, no worries; you can always perma +Read More..

How to fix Netgear ac1200 Router?(100% works)

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Netgear router is undoubtedly one of the best routers you can get in the market. However, you need to make sure that you know about the proper procedure to install it. However, if you're facing an issue with the Netgear router, you need to fix it. Then you can go through the information below. A layperson can quickly follow the below-mentioned t +Read More..

How Do I Delete My Snapchat Account Immediately? Get Instant Solution

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There are some users who might don't like using Snapchat that often. There are many reasons which could lead you to delete the Snapchat account, and then how to delete the Snapchat account is an obvious question. Snapchat provides the facility to deactivate or delete your account in very simple steps, so read this post till the end to get answer +Read More..

How to Delete a Skype account?[solved]

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With advancing technologies, many applications now have built-in video calling features. This has immensely impacted the use of Skype across the globe. Video and voice calling are now easily accessible via applications connecting the remotest parts of the world. People do not require an extra application to do video calling, and as a consequence +Read More..

How To Change Proxy Setting In Windows? (Best Tips)

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Get a guide to know how to Change Proxy Settings in Windows.

Proxies have become so important in almost every organization, big or small, which offers internet access services and much more. A proxy is basically a server between your device ISP, configured by the network, which keeps checking the Internet traffic and is bound with acce +Read More..

How Do I Change my Facebook password? (Step By Step Guidelines)

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Facebook users must change their Facebook passwords frequently to keep their accounts secure and away from getting hacked. If you are a Facebook account user and wish to know How to change your Facebook password, then you can refer to the information given in this write-up. The password change procedure of Facebook is not much of a hassle; hence +Read More..

How do I turn off Gmail sync on android? Disable sync

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With the help of Gmail sync, you will get all the notifications of new emails automatically at the top of the screen of your android device. If this setting is off, you need to repeatedly refresh your inbox page to get the new mails. Sometimes turning on the sync can create a mess on your screen with a lot of mails; therefore, you can turn off G +Read More..

How Do I Recover Roadrunner Email Password? [Easy Methods]

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Many people worldwide need communication systems to connect with the internet, which is required in this technology world. Several users who prefer telecommunication use Roadrunner to communicate with the communication system. Users need to create a separate account and password to connect with the internet system and keep it safe from the other +Read More..

[Solved] How to Fix Black Screen on Netflix ?

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Why is Netflix only showing a black screen?

Over the years, many web platforms have been introduced, and the one that has emerged as the most popular among youths is Netflix. It has become the most entertaining online platform that offers the best shows, web series, movies and documentation. If you are not able to fi +Read More..

Which Is Better Gmail or iCloud?

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There is always confusing to choose between iCloud and Gmail. However, it could be easy for you to go through the comparison. Here in this write-up, you will grab every piece of information about it. Based on this, you can select one and leverage it. 

iCloud Vs. Gmail better: Everything you should know about it! +Read More..

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Cannot Connect to Server Error

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Outlook is a renowned information exchange application, majorly used to exchange emails. It is common for any application to face errors, and Outlook is no different. A user often faces errors in Outlook, and one of the common errors is ‘Microsoft outlook cannot connect to the server.’

Now let us discuss how we can re +Read More..

How Do I Get Outlook on My Laptop?

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Outlook is one of the largest email service providers with an extensive professional base. The best thing is that you can install Outlook on almost every device, whether a phone, desktop, laptop, etc. If you don't know how to get Outlook on the laptop, we will update you and educate you in this regard.

How to get Outlook on my l +Read More..

How to Cancel Premium Account on Youtube? On Phone & System

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Guide to cancel your YouTube Premium Subscription:

There are a lot of benefits of having a YouTube Premium account, and if you’ve had it all and now you need to cancel your subscription, the only question that comes to your mind is, ‘how to cancel youtube premium?’ In that case, the following points w +Read More..

How Can I Recover Hacked or Compromised Account?

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These days, privacy is the topmost concern, and data is getting more vulnerable. However, in some cases, users find that their account is hacked or compromised. If you are having the same issue, then you can run the recovery process. 

What are some Hacked account recovery tips?

There are severa +Read More..

How to connect HP Printer to Wifi Networks? HP Printer Setup

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Guide on How to Connect hp printer to Wi-Fi?

The Hp printer is famous in today's market, but sometimes, users don't know how to connect their hp printer to a suitable Wi-Fi network. In that case, to do the hp printer setup and to communicate with the local Wi-Fi network, you can read the below information.

+Read More..

How do I know which accounts are linked to my Yahoo account?

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Today we have to connect our email account with various websites to access them. Everyone can’t remember which account is linked with any particular website. The same happens with the yahoo account; what will you do if you have to find accounts linked to yahoo? Well, to answer this question, we have come up with the best solutions. Reading +Read More..

How to set the time on Cogeco Cable Box?

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Is your Cogeco cable box showing incorrect timing? Then you can set the time as per your preference that is highly simple to do through the different ways provided by Cogeco to set the cable box timing. Setting up time on the Cogeco cable box is very simple, and you can follow the mentioned instructions to know about it.

How t +Read More..

How to reset Netflix on my smart TV

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Why is Netflix not working on a smart TV? 

Netflix is an American online streaming channel. Here, you can watch movies and series in different languages and genres. Further, this has many benefits, and one of them is connecting with a smart TV. However, a stable connection with various other functions needs to b +Read More..

how do I change my netzero email password

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NetZero is one of the best internet service providers in California, the U.S. If you have a NetZero account, you must change the password. Changing password protects you from online cyber-attacks and keeps your data safe. So if you are worried about getting a NetZero password change, you can follow the steps below.

Steps to chan +Read More..

How to transfer Rogers's email to Gmail? | Forward to Gmail

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If you are an active roger email account user and want to transfer all emails from Rogers to Gmail, you have landed at the right place. Here you will get to know about everything in detail. In the content below, we will update you and educate you about How to Transfer Rogers's email to Gmail? Using the standard procedure, you can also use the Gm +Read More..

How to Upgrade Gmail Account

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A Guide to Upgrade Gmail account with ease

Gmail account is associated with several features and services to manage email services appropriately. Gmail has emerged as a brilliant webmail account for sharing information with clients at a reasonable time. Suppose you are a regular user of a Gmail account and want to upgr +Read More..

How to Schedule an Email in Outlook

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Procedure to schedule an Outlook email

Outlook is known for its excellent email service. That is one of the reasons it was able to take over the Hotmail customers successfully. First, you might want to schedule an email in Outlook. Then you would need to follow the steps which are given below.

How to s +Read More..

How to Recall a Sent Email(Message) in Outlook

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Outlook, which is the brand name of web-based email services, is gaining momentum day by day. It also provides various features to the users which assist them in recalling email. Many users are unaware of the detailed procedure, but it is necessary to carefully look out for the process. In the below-mentioned clear instructional guidelines, we g +Read More..

How to Speak to a Live Person at Booking com

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Booking com has been working for years and permitting all its customers to use the best method. It has a fantastic customer service team allowing everyone to access its support and obtain help. You can obtain help directly from its customer service team and use it through a simple process.

Method to talk with a human at Bookin +Read More..

How to Fix the Red Light on Centurylink Router

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All the modems are designed in such a way so that you get notified if there is some error in the connection. Lets suppose, if you are a user of CenturyLink, you have witnessed a red light blinking on your router. If the light is green in color, that means the connection is strong.
But if you see CenturyLink internet red light indication, th +Read More..

How to change Laptop Password on Windows 10?(Guide)

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How can you change your password on a laptop using Windows 10?

In Today's scenario, almost every person uses the laptop, whether for official use or leisure. We all believe in maintaining our privacy as our passwords are unique to maintain the confidentiality of the laptop as privacy is the foremost important while usi +Read More..

How to Upgrade Centurylink Internet?

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Everything you should know about CenturyLink internet upgrade process

These days the requirement for high-speed internet is rising, and that is quite obvious. For this reason, CenturyLink provides an upgrade option. In this, you can easily get additional services and better Centurylink services. If you are using it, th +Read More..

how do I speak to live person at Agoda

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Learn the reasonable ways to speak to a live person at Agoda:

Agoda provides you with valuable details for the flight & hotel booking service on its booking website. It provides you with a significant discount to book your flight at the right time. When you plan for a vacation package, you can approach its customer +Read More..

How to Speak to Someone at Orbitz?

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Orbitz is a famous platform that provides various services to customers. You can book flights, hotels, rentals, etc.; if you have avail services with Orbitz and face an issue can speak with the representative and solve your problem. Orbitz offers you different ways to connect with the representative like call, chat, help page, or social media. Y +Read More..

How Much Does Geek Squad Cost? Service Price List

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Geek Squad is an America-based company that provides IT support staff whose parent organization is Best Buy. The teams of Geek squad will help your small businesses to rise by offering technical support. They will help you with software installation, computer setup and repair, and other technical issues. You can take the individual as well as mo +Read More..

3 Best Ways to Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81

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Canon is the brand name in the domain of manufacturing printers. Undoubtedly, the printers are of excellent quality and facilitate a smoother printing process. In simple words, the work produced by those printers is of exceptional quality. But as we know, it is not good to expect them to work in this condition all the time. At some point, they c +Read More..

Yahoo Mail: Tips to Fix Yahoo Mail Login Problems

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Yahoo mail is undoubtedly a great email service provider. It protects your personal and professional data. First, you need to visit their website and create your account. After that, you'll be able to use their email service. However, it can be a situation that you're not able to log in to your account, or you're not able to access your data. In +Read More..

How to fix Laptop not connecting to WIFI? (5 Ways to Troubleshoot)

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Check out the quick solutions to resolve WiFi failing to connect to WiFi

Are you failing to connect your laptop to WiFi and need to perform an urgent task? Then, this is because you might not have enabled the WiFi service on your laptop. But, what happens when the Window fails to connect to the WiFi. The user can opt f +Read More..

How to Remove Malware PC or Computer in Windows?

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Imagine that you are working on your computer, and suddenly it stops working, the situation is frustrating, and users go into panic mode. The problem can arise due to the software malware which we knew well about. These can easily hamper the working of the computer, pc or laptops. In the below-mentioned detailed instructions, we know all about h +Read More..

How to Talk to Bell Customer Representative?

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Bell is one of the foremost telecommunications companies in Canada. It was founded in 1880, and since then, it has provided the best services such as telephone, internet, television, and more. While using Bell, contact the customer service agent if you encounter issues and need to report them. They will solve all the issues as soon as possible. +Read More..

How to Restore Contacts from iCloud to iPhone? 4 Easy Steps

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iPhone provides the most suitable features and services to manage its Apple account that stores multiple data. Similarly, it has an iCloud account that needs to sign in using an Apple ID and password. If you are a user of an iCloud email account and use it to restore contacts, you need to check out the list of references to make a call, send ema +Read More..

How to Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Google Drive

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Google drive is a product of Google providing file storage and synchronization. It provides the best services to organize and use your documents. Google Drive provides a user-friendly service, and it also gives you an option to recover your files when deleted. To know how to recover deleted files on Google drive and what files can be recovered, +Read More..

Video Chat Not Working on Facebook Messenger | How to Fix

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Facebook is a social platform through which you can easily get connected through which end number of people can connect to each other. It offers a different medium through which people can talk to each other face to face and get the assistance they require. Facebook messenger has given a tough competition to it. If you failed to get through Face +Read More..

6 Faster Ways to Fix Can't Login to D-Link Router

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One of the basic reasons for not being able to log in to the Dlink router is the password. Unfortunately, you must be forget the password you have entered and shows incorrectly. Therefore to fix the error, you need to generate the new strong password in simple steps.

Why can't I log into my Dlink router?

If you +Read More..

How to Cancel a McAfee Product Subscription(Step by Step)

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Do you want to cancel your McAfee product subscription? Are you facing the issue with McAfee antivirus software? Many times it is seen that after buying the subscription of McAfee, it started misbehaving or stopped working properly. So whenever the user is facing such an issue related to the services, the user wants to cancel the McAfee subscrip +Read More..

How to Speak to Someone at Netflix? 5 Best Ways

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There is no single doubt that Netflix is one of the most used OTT services in the current times. People love to stream their favorite shows on the app and spend their time. However, there are times when they feel the need to contact customer support due to some technical glitches.

If you are also one of the people willing to contact Netf +Read More..

How to Contact Discord Support? 6 Quick Ways

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Are you facing any Discord-related issues? You can resolve any problems by contacting customer service. They will assist you in all the aspects. Also, you can link with them in several ways. All the forms are available effortlessly for you. So you need to check out the ways to get in touch with them. But before that, look at the benefits that yo +Read More..

How do I cancel my subscription to

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How to cancel your subscription?

Becoming a member at is a golden opportunity that many choose to follow. But, sometimes, a user needs to cancel its membership due to various personal reasons. They discover themselves in a state of confusion as they lack information about the cancellation of the mem +Read More..

How Do You Get in Touch with Match Com?

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There is no match of! When it comes to finding an online date, this platform lets you meet the most compatible partner. With top-notch features, the platform helps you find the perfect date according to your qualities and interests. Although you find any hassle while using its services, the customer service experts are there to help yo +Read More..

How to Stop Outlook From Downloading Images Automatically

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How to prevent Outlook from automatically downloading pictures?

Unquestionably, Outlook is a spectacular online platform allowing all users to access and use it. However, sometimes, it automatically downloads images from the email messages. These files are sometimes too large to store on a device. Thus, you need to sto +Read More..

Tips to Upgrade Hotmail Account to Microsoft Outlook

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An Ultimate Guide to upgrade Hotmail account to Outlook

Hotmail was once synonymous with the emailing service. Then the Microsoft team upgraded this service and rebranded it as Outlook, which has been an instant hit with its user base. Outlook’s dynamic user interface and easy-to-use features have made it a favor +Read More..

Verizon Error Code 97 - Easy & Quick Methods to Fix Error

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Step by Step Guide on Verizon Error Code 97

Verizon is one of the oldest network operators that provide internet services and mobile network services to different locations. It has been a part of this industry for a very long time now and has been providing relentless services in its sector to all of its users.
Ve +Read More..

Guide to Change Alexa's Voice, Accent, and Language

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How to Change Alexa Accent and Language

ALEXA is an epic functional modern device that aims at making life easier as it allows users to operate things just at the command of their voice.

If you are already using the device and are bored with its standard accent and voice, then you are in for an exciting Alexa m +Read More..

How can you unlock your AT&T phone? | Get Access

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Can you unlock your AT&T phone on your own?

Do you want to know whether or not you can unlock your AT&T phone on your own? When you buy a phone from AT&T, it includes a SIM card that is exclusive for AT&T. It means that to make calls, send messages, and connect to the internet, it must use AT&T's mo +Read More..

(Solved) How do I set up EarthLink email on iPhone?

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How Can I Setup My EarthLink email on iPhone?

There are many users who lack time to open their desktop devices for checking the email received to their EarthLink email. The situation is the same when a user wishes to send an email from its EarthLink accou +Read More..

AOL is not Showing Old Emails | Retrieve Missing Emails

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How do I retrieve old emails on AOL? 

Do you want to retrieve old emails on AOL? Are you facing any issues in retrieving old emails on AOL? It is commonly seen many AOL users face the problem of retrieving old Emails on AOL. If you want to get out +Read More..

2 Faster Ways to Reset Network Settings on Mac

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A Detailed Guide to reset network settings on MAC

MAC is the portable system provided by Apple, allowing users to enjoy a portable Desktop PC that is more secure and with more functionality. If you are a regular user of MAC and lately you've started facing some problems while connecting to your internet connection.
+Read More..

A Guide to Fix Google Chrome Freezing/Crashes on Windows

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Guide to fix Chrome freezing on windows

As we know, Google chrome is an instant, unique web browser used by millions of users across the World. But it is evident that with so many Google chrome features, it can sometimes be stuck with a simple issue. Most common is Google chrome freez +Read More..

How to delete AOL email account permanently?| Close Account

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How do I permanently delete my AOL email?

Do you want to delete your AOL email permanently? Are you looking for the procedure that helps you in deleting your account? Some users may feel the need to delete the account. Maybe it is not in use, or the acc +Read More..

How Do I Use Quickbooks Messaging Feature?

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How Do I Use Quickbooks Messaging?

Being a Quickbooks user, you can obtain plenty of beneficial features, and Quickbooks messaging is one among those that let you allow you to online chat with multiple available users whenever you use the Quickbooks desktop version. One can easily use Quickbooks messaging for chatting +Read More..

How to Use Report a Problem Option on Xfinity

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How can I report a problem to Xfinity?

If you are an Xfinity user and face a problem repeatedly, you should go for the report option. Here Xfinity let their user send the issues to manage the problem fast and come with the better solutions. You can go through this writing if you do not know how to report a problem to X +Read More..

Why is my iiNet internet not working? | How to fix it?

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How to fix iiNet Internet not working?

It is straightforward to fix the iiNet internet because you need to follow the simple and straightforward procedure mentioned below. So, if you’re thinking, “ Why is iiNet Internet not working?” Then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps, and your query is +Read More..

How Do I Complain to Hotmail About Spam?

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Procedure to make a complaint to Hotmail about spam

Spam email certainly fills up the productive space of your email account. It also makes it tough for you to find your useful emails in the inbox. There are some procedures you can follow to complain to Hotmail about spam emails. It is really very easy and simple to +Read More..

Cheapest Spectrum Internet Service: Tips Get Cheaper Internet

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Wishing to get the cheapest Spectrum internet plan? Let’s have some guidance

Spectrum internet plan assists you to bestow a high-Security Suite and an internet modem that you can achieve at no additional charge. If you want to purchase this internet browser at an affordable rate, it will be crucial to learn somet +Read More..

How to Find your LinkedIn URL and change it to a custom URL?

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Steps to find LinkedIn URL and change it to a custom URL

LinkedIn is an online employment-oriented service. You can operate it on any web browser and mobile device. LinkedIn helps the professional to connect with their colleagues, associates, and employers, etc. LinkedIn helps you to create a resume accessible to every +Read More..

How to Unlock AT&T Phone? Learn How to Unlock

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Can I unlock an AT&T phone? Complete Procedure

AT&T is always on the top of the list whenever there are some of the best cell phone carriers. They provide unique service and offer customer-oriented solutions. Though, in some cases, a person won’t attach to a single network. It is pretty common to change n +Read More..

Is Spectrum a Good Internet Provider? All About Spectrum

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Is Spectrum a good internet provider?

Spectrum is a brand of Charter communication, which is a Stamford, Connecticut firm. It is considered the second most prominent service provider in the US. Most of the users of Spectrum connect through cable networks. That is one of the reasons it provides the customers with fast d +Read More..

How to Fix Spectrum WIFI is not Working | Disconnecting?(Guide)

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How to Fix spectrum wifi not working issue? (Guide)

Would you like to resolve the spectrum wi-fi issue? Spectrum wifi allows you to connect various devices at once to the internet and that too without any wires impeding your mobility hence it guarantees convenience. Sometimes, the user faces various kinds of issues suc +Read More..

Is Earthlink a Good Internet Provider? Reviews & More

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Is EarthLink a good internet provider?

EarthLink is an American internet service provider company known for good after-sales and customer service. The company was founded in March 1994 as EarthLink Network Inc. It provides various plans; you can choose the one as per your requirement. The plans range from low to high a +Read More..

How to Report a Problem to Facebook? | Report Various Problems

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A Brief Guide To Report A Problem On Facebook

Facebook is indeed one of the finest social networking websites in the world. However, there are situations when users face issues with their accounts, and then they look forward to reporting them to customer support experts. The complaints can be regarding abusive conten +Read More..

Geek Squad Protection | 3 Easy Ways to Cancel Membership

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What are the different ways to cancel the Geek squad protection plan?

Geek Squad, a subsidiary of the consumer electronics retailer, offers after-sales services for the Best Buy products via protection plans for the items purchased online or on-site. Further, the user can use this service by paying a one-time charge or +Read More..

How Do I Get Through to PayPal Canada? by Phone & Email

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Tips to Reach PayPal customer service in Canada

PayPal is an excellent online payment service that is available in many countries across the world, including Canada. At the same time, like the rest of the world, PayPal delivers excellent customer service to Canadian customers who need help. If you're looking to know ho +Read More..

Can I text Facebook Support | How to message Facebook staff

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Text Facebook Customer service for Support:

Yes, users are given the authority to text the Facebook customer service team executive for getting help & assistance with expert tips & methods that they provide you to resolve your doubts & queries. The Facebook support services are available in accordance with +Read More..

8 Best Free Email Accounts for Use | Email Service Providers

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Which Email Is Best For Personal Use?

These days, you cannot imagine the world without email services. From managing networks to marketing, everything requires email. You can share information regarding meetings or setting reminders safely and securely. Though most of them are not free, and you might have to purchase t +Read More..

Does T-Mobile have Live Chat Support? T-Mobile Chat Help

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How to contact T Mobile live chat support? Providing suitable methods

T-Mobile is one of the best brands used for the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company. It helps those businesses who are required to have a network operator service to provide the best internet service in many wa +Read More..

How do I set up Facebook SMS? | Get Facebook Notifications

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Get information about how to set up Facebook SMS:

Have you ever wondered how to use Facebook's SMS notifications service? If you need further information on how to set up SMS on Facebook, you can find the relevant details here.

+Read More..

Computer System Not Recognizing USB Device | What to do?

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Guide to fix USB device-related issues on your computer

Often when you plug a portable device into a USB point of your computer or inject a USB device to your computer. The device beeps light, but it does not show any notification on your computer. Ever wondered why? Is it a technical glitch or a malfunction? Even thou +Read More..

Ways to Solve the Windows 11 Black Screen

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Wondering about how to fix Windows 11 black screen? Well, you have come to the exact right place. We are about to share Windows 11 black screen fixes that are tried and tested and will help you eradicate the issues of black screen error. All you are required to do is follow until the end, and you will be good to go.

Fix Windows +Read More..

How to Recover Your Email Username or Password on Telstra?

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How to recover your email username or password on Telstra?

Telstra Corporation, An Australian Telecommunication, basically builds and helps in the operation of telecommunication networks and the markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television, and other products. It has a long history of providing the best servi +Read More..

How Do I Clear(Delete) Alexa Voice Search History? 3 Ways

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How to delete voice history in Alexa? Get proper advice here

Alexa is one of the best products of Amazon's cloud-based voice service. It is available on hundreds of millions of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. It is brilliant for the voice recording. Smart speakers, stream music, order a pizza, +Read More..

Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know How to Reactivate

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Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know Everything About It

Telstra email is a widely used email platform that offers a secure way to share information and takes care of the users’ privacy. However, sometimes person faces the issue like suspended account. There are some reasons behind Telstra email suspended that w +Read More..

2 Methods to Turn Off Autocorrect on Your iPhone or iPad

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How do I turn off autocorrect on my iPhone/iPad?

iPhone automatically enables autocorrect on keyboards on most of their devices. iPhone automatically fixed the incorrect word like “mnd” to “mind” as if you type in a hurry because iPhone devices know the typer demand over there and automatically +Read More..

How to Report a Problem to Instagram? Complain to Instagram

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Instagram is quite an eminent platform that provides users a method to interact with a person from any place. Even, many businesses are operated with this, but sometimes a person faces a technical glitch that creates a lot of problems while using it. You can report the issues and know you can go through this.

How to report a pro +Read More..

Cash App Account Recovery | How to Access Old Account?

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How To Recover The Cash App Account?

Cash app is a payment service that is available on mobile devices. This app has been operating since 2013. You can access this on your Android and iOS phones or tablets. Users can employ this to transfer money to ano +Read More..

Guide to Get Security Code to Log in to Facebook Account

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What are the ways to get a security code to log in to Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service that has become a rage among thousands of people. Further, to ensure that the users get the best of the security services, Facebook has introduced a feature of two-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of securit +Read More..

DirecTV Error 721 - Easy & Quick Methods to Fix Error

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How do I fix error code 721 on DirecTV?

The DirecTV error code 721 states that there might be a signal issue in your DirecTV receiver and maybe your system settings have been changed. This is not the big deal as this can be solved easily by customers themselves. The problem can be solved by installing software which re +Read More..

DIRECTV Error Message - Fix No Server Detected on DirecTV

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How can you fix the issue of no server detected on DirecTV?

Are you looking for information on how to resolve the issue of no servers being identified on DirecTV? DirecTV issues might prevent you from viewing a big game or your preferred reality program, and that's only the beginning. You can obtain the information you +Read More..

Gmail Is Not Syncing | How Can I Fix It?

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How Do I Fix Gmail Sync error? Fix "Gmail Sync" Error

Getting syncing error with your Gmail whenever using it on your particular device? Then you will not be able to perform the varied tasks while using it on your smartphone. There could be different sorts of reasons behind the sync error, and it is impossible to find +Read More..

How Do I Fix Google Chrome Aw Snap? Fix "Aw, Snap!" Error

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Google is a world leader in web apps. They have many services for people to use. It is like name the service, and you have it kind of company of the world. From browser to mail, from document editor to spreadsheet, and from ad services to an entire OS and a cloud service. Most of us use their free services, such as the Chrome browser and Google +Read More..

[10 Easy Steps] How to fix Facebook not working on WiFi?

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Can't connect to Facebook but wifi is working?

Facebook needs a little introduction. It is the largest social media platform and growing. It is a service that not only helps connect your near and dear ones but also helps you connect your business and at +Read More..

(Guide) How do I reset my Cogeco Email Password?

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What is the procedure to reset the Cogeco email password? 

Cogeco is an email service used by thousands of users around the globe. Indeed, the services offered by Cogeco are incredible, but some users might face security issues with the account. So, to avoid security issues, the user is suggested to reset their em +Read More..

How to block Unwanted Emails on Comcast?[Easy Steps]

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Can you block emails on Comcast?[Blocked]

+Read More..

[Solved]Top 3 Ways To Fix Error 10 on Facebook

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How to fix error code 10 on Facebook?

Facebook is emerging as the most popular Social networking site due to the increasing number of users simultaneously. With so many users of the Social networking giant, it is obvious that sometimes its users will face errors or issues. There are many types of errors and operating i +Read More..

How to Chat with FedEx Representative? FedEx Virtual Assist

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FedEx Corporation earlier known as Federal Express Corporation then FDX Corporation is an American delivery service company. FedEx plays a great role in the Export/Import industries it is best known for its air delivery service. FedEx provides one of the best customer services through its various mode of communication.

How do +Read More..

Chrome Access Denied | How Do I Fix Access Denied in Chrome?

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How can you fix the access denied error in Google Chrome?

Are you experiencing the access denied error in Google Chrome and looking for advice on how to fix it? Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. People may have a variety of difficulties with their Chrome browser at times, including access de +Read More..

Netflix Error M7357 1003 - 3 Quick Methods to Fix Error

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A Brief Guide To Fix Netflix Error M7357-1003

Netflix is one of the finest online streaming platforms enjoyed by millions of users across the world. However, when users face issues with their Netflix accounts, sometimes some errors might even hamper your viewing experience. In the same way, there an error called Error +Read More..

Is Your Google Account Get Locked? Learn How to Unlock

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How to fix the Google account locked issue?

Why is Google account locked?

Google account can be locked due to several reasons. You need to protect your Google account in order to save it from any unusual or suspicious activity. The main reason why Google account is locked is if your Google sh +Read More..

What is Error 2 When Installing Dropbox? How to Fix It

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A Brief Guide To Fix Error 2 When Installing Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the cloud services that help you to store your data on cloud. However, there are times when users face issues with their Dropbox as in the Error2. However, the issue has nothing to do directly with Dropbox. Besides, it is an installation error that +Read More..

How do I fix sonar protection on Norton Internet Security?

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How to fix sonar protection in Norton? Learn it now

Sonar is one of the best safety as well as protection features for a computer in real-time which detects malicious applications while running any kind of Antivirus software. If you are a user of Norton Antivirus software and doing an effort to install this advanced fe +Read More..

Norton Product Key Activation - Step By Step Guide

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Norton Product Key Activation Procedure

Norton is the security software that allows everyone to secure their digital assets from being hacked by any unauthorized user. This anti-virus software was developed by NortonLifeLock and has been operating since 1991. It has developed and modified a lot in recent years. It help +Read More..

How to Fix “Microsoft Teams Status Code 4c7”? Teams Help

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How to fix Microsoft teams error code 4c7

The Microsoft teams are being used by many organizations, schools, and institutions to work continuously in this pandemic. It has given a new meaning to the word meeting. Sometimes, you are not able to sign in to the app and this becomes problematic if you are having something +Read More..

How to setup Norton Antivirus | with Product Key

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Everything You Need To Know About Nortan Anti-Virus Installation:

Do you know, if you do not have anti-virus software installed on your laptop, it can create a problem for you later? Anti-virus software is an essential product that you should not forget when it comes to using your computer. In this article, you will fi +Read More..

How to Fix “This PC Can't Run Windows 11”? Windows 11 Help

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How to Fix this PC Cannot Run Windows 11?

The computer is the tool that every time helps the user to get their work done with efficiency & plus smoothness. PCs nowadays have been emerged as one of the most important tools of every single person, as it helps the user to perform their activities with compatibility &a +Read More..

How do I fix Comcast Email not receiving Emails?

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How to fix when Comcast email not receiving emails? Acquire easiest methods:

Comcast email account is used by a number of users in order to send and receive emails across the world simply. It is basically used to store multiple data and send and receive +Read More..

Xbox Error E102: Get Solution To Fix Error E102

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How to fix Xbox error E102? Acquire Basic tips

Xbox is one of the finest and best video gaming brands which is created and owned by Microsoft. This brand is consists of five video game consoles, applications, streaming services, and online services by name of the Xbox network. It is the inbuilt feature of Microsoft use +Read More..

How do I Chat with Xbox Live Person? Live Chat Assist

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Know about Xbox live chat and the services they offer?

Are you looking for information about the Xbox live chat assistance as well as other details? Xbox provides live chat support for customers who may want assistance from the technical team. In addition, you may receive live chat assistance for any Xbox-related quest +Read More..

How to get Verizon to call you back

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How to schedule a call back from Verizon?

There are times when you face issues with your Verizon email. In such a case, contacting the Verizon customer service team is a must. The best way to interact with the customer service team of Verizon is to plac +Read More..

What to do If getting Xbox Error Code 8c15000c?(Fixing Tips)

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A Brief Guide To Fix Xbox Error Code 8c15000c

Xbox is quite famous for its gaming services and related application. The gaming brand offers hassle-free gaming services to its users. However, there are times when users face different kinds of errors with +Read More..

How to Get a Call Back from Xbox? Request a Call Back

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Why Won't Xbox Call Me Back?

In case Xbox didn't call you back, that may occur due to various reasons; some of which are listed here. Moreover, you can call the Xbox phone number and follow the prompt to speak to the agent. 

  • There may be a high call volume or callback requests from user +Read More..

How to fix Windows Error Code 255? | Unable to find File

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What do you know about Windows error 255 and how can you fix the bug you are encountering?

Technical things can break down anytime when you are using them. The same is the case with windows that can face the error while we are using them. With error, we are reminded of the error 255 of windows. Many users are not aware +Read More..

How to Raise a Support Ticket with Microsoft Office 365?

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How to Raise a Support Ticket with Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft office suite is a total hub of all the services that are Microsoft is offering. But sometimes, people who log in to Microsoft accounts are not able to access certain properties or the features of the Microsoft account. If you cannot access the Microsoft +Read More..

How Do I Schedule(Request) a Call Back from T Mobile?

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How Can I Schedule Call Back with T Mobile?

Trying to reach the customer support team of T Mobile for resolving any kind of sudden query? But getting a long hold whenever you are calling? Then you don’t need to worry as you can schedule call back with T Mobile as per your preferences in a simple +Read More..

What to do if AOL Email not receiving Emails? | Fixing Tips

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Why am I not receiving my AOL Emails? How to Fix it:

AOL email not receiving emails is one of the most common issues for all the people who face their AOL Account. But an account not being able to receive any email is a prevalent issue, and you can alwa +Read More..

What to do if Snapchat is not working | Fix Snapchat Glitches

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Why Is Snapchat Not Working? Quick Fixes

Snapchat is an online service that is available on both iOS and Android devices. This American app supports multimedia messages. Creating and sharing funny and popular images & videos are supported by this ap +Read More..

TurboTax Error 190 Fixes: Quick Guide to Fix Error 190

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A Quick Guide to Fix TurboTax Error 190

Is your TurboTax software showing the error 190? This can be annoying when you are in the middle of filing a tax. But you don’t have to worry because you can fix the error 190 occurring on your TurboTax within no time. To know how you can fix error 190, you may go through t +Read More..

How Do I Get a Call Back from Comcast? Request a Callback

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How To Request Comcast/Xfinity Call Back?

Comcast is an American telecommunication giant that has millions of users worldwide. It deals in online services to allow its users to interact better with the digital world. It has tons of users who are using this service to obtain various services that are useful to them. It +Read More..

How to Access AOL Mail Account? AOL Mail Troubleshooting

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Everything you need to know about the AOL login process

AOL is a versatile email service provider that is used by many active users across the world. In this article, you will read about the formalities and issues that might occur at the time of login to the account. Stay tuned to read till the end.

Ho +Read More..

How do I complain to Apple? | Report a Problem to Apple Support

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Everything that you need to know about the complaints process at Apple:

Apple is a famous technology company based out of the United States of America, is known for its high-quality product and very well-maintained customer services. It has millions of ac +Read More..

Cheapest Internet Service for Seniors: Top 7 Internet Providers

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Everything that you need to know about the affordable internet service for seniors

In today's time, the internet has become one of the basic requirements for all age groups. And in the case of seniors, the internet can prove to be a valuable tool. By accessing the internet, the senior not only can stay connected with t +Read More..

How do I get Google USA Search Result?

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Step by Step Guide on Google USA

If you are a regular Google user and the only search engine that you use is the Google Search engine then that’s great news because Google is the only service provider which provides a varied search result depending upon region to region. If you are planning to make a search on Go +Read More..

AT&T Low Income Internet: Internet Service for $10/mo

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What is the AT&T low-income internet program?

AT&T is an internet provider that provides internet at a reasonable rate. AT&T low-income internet is helpful in multiple ways. You can access AT&T's internet for education purposes, job search and medical resources, and contacting families and friends. Apar +Read More..

How do I email Facebook with a problem? Facebook Email Support

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Facebook Email Customer Support: Can I send an email to Facebook?

Facebook is an appreciable social media platform that has been engaged in its service since 2004. Its mammoth user base uses this service to connect digitally to another person on this plat +Read More..

Is Yahoo Customer Service 24 Hours? Yahoo Mail Help

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Can we get help with the Yahoo agent via phone call?

Are you facing issues while using your Yahoo services? If yes, then we can understand what you might be going through. This is the reason that people hunt for the aid of customer support age +Read More..

How Do I Live chat with Optus? Optus Digital Assistant

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A comprehensive guide about Optus application

Optus application is a software used to monitor our usage of the internet, helps us to pay bills, and assist in many other things. In this article, you are going to read about events where you might feel the need to connect with the customer executive via Optus live chat 24 +Read More..

Does Verizon have a live chat? Verizon Digital Chat Bot

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How can I get in touch with the Verizon FIOS live person customer service?

FIOS basically stands for fiber optic services and Verizon initiates the services which are fiber optimized.

The services that it off +Read More..

Which Internet Is Better(Faster) AT&T or Xfinity?

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Which Internet Is Better AT&T or Xfinity?

The onset of the internet changed the way technology works. We have drawn more towards technological advancement with the cooperation of the internet. Almost every task we do is done using the internet. 

Since every work is done in the presence of the internet, +Read More..

(Guide) How do I reset my Cogeco WIFI?

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How Do I Reset My Cogeco Wifi?

There are times when you may face some problems while using the Cogeco wifi service. Most of the time, it happens due to some technical error or server down. But in some cases, the issue gets fixed by doing a few simple st +Read More..

How Do I Transfer My Verizon Email to Gmail(Tips)

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How to transfer my Verizon email to Gmail?

If you are looking to transfer Verizon email to Gmail, then it will be a better & good initiative that a user should take because Verizon email is no longer the part of AOL mail & it is better to get your emails from there to a better place now, if you want to know tha +Read More..

Is Your Comcast Email is Not Working? Checkout The Solutions

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How to fix Comcast Email not Working? Step By Step Solution:

A lot of people who have accounts on Comcast email often complain of not being able to connect to the email or login. This might appear as a common issue but there are a lot of people who suffer from this problem because they end up forgetting the password or +Read More..

Is Outlook a Good & Safe Email to Use? Outlook Info

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What do you know about the outlook services?

Outlook is one of the best email service providers in the market that renders some of the best services to its users. We know that the users make the account on Outlook so that you can now avail the best serv +Read More..

Comcast Email Password Reset | How to Recover Account?

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What are the quick steps to reset the Comcast email password?

Are you one of those users who have lost access to their Comcast email account and are looking for details regarding the password reset process? Here, is the process to create a new password +Read More..

Cogeco Email Not Working? Fix Send & Receive Emails Problem

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Here’s How To Troubleshoot Cogeco Email Address

Cogeco email is one of the finest webmail accounts that offers user-friendly services. The webmail is availed by the Canadian telecommunications and media company Cogeco Inc. These accounts are used fo +Read More..

How do I get an access to my bell email?

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How Do I Access My Bell Email?

Sending and receiving mails have become a necessary task in our day to day life. Almost every official work takes place by exchanging mails through this online channel. There have been a lot of email service providers since ages. All of th +Read More..

How Do I Speak to NetZero Live Technician? by Phone & Email

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How to contact NetZero customer service?

NetZero is a well-known internet service provider which is headquartered in Los Angeles, United States. NetZero is known for providing amazing, high-speed internet services and Mobile Broadband +Read More..

How Do I Contact Bell Canada? By Phone and Email

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How Can I Contact Bell Canada Customer Service?

Bell Canada rarely shows a problem while using it but all the issues can be fixed by doing a few simple steps. The basic troubleshooting method can help you to access its service without any flaw. In case +Read More..

Sympatico(Bell) Email Password Recovery/Reset Guide

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How to recover my Sympatico email password? Acquire guidance

Sympatico email account consists of Bell email that offers genuine free webmail service to share emails to the clients and users at any time. It allows users to distribute the heavy attachment +Read More..

How Do I Solve(Fix) the Microsoft Teams Black Screen

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How Do I Fix Microsoft Teams Screen Black Issues?

Microsoft teams is world’s largest communication platform that is embraced by the most of the organization. With this, one can easily do quality video conferencing. Here users can store files and share information too. It is quite safe and secure and for this, it +Read More..

How do I stop my Android screen from flickering?

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How to stop the android screen from Flickering?

All day long we use apps on phone and laptops because of which the devices get exhausted. And while accessing any type of device, it is very important to keep it updated with the latest version of operatin +Read More..

How can I talk to tech support representative?

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What exactly is tech support service?

Today’s world belongs to the technology and we can’t even imagine our life without gadgets and technology. However sometimes the application or the technology that we use stops responding and people are +Read More..

How do I Contact Rogers Customer Service? Phone & Chat Help

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How to contact the customer support executives of the Rogers email?

Rogers email has been endowing the users with high-speed internet and online services. You can also enjoy access to emails and can share them with your friends, business associates, and +Read More..

Low Cost Internet Service: Find Cheapest Internet Deals

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How to get low cost internet service? Providing easiest advice

Internet service has become considerably important for everyone, especially for those people who are working from home in these COVID pandemic circumstances. There is a number of brands and +Read More..

How do I fix corrupted files on Windows 10? 4 Easy Ways

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How to fix corrupted files in Windows 10?

Are you facing issues in your Windows 10 due to corrupted files? If so, then you need not to worry as we will provide the related information on the same. A corrupted file in window 10 is one that is damaged and +Read More..

Pop up Blocker on Windows 10- Turn off(Disable) Guide

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Simple steps to turn off the pop up blocker on windows 10

Know what is a pop up blocker

A pop up blocker is a pop up menu that seems to be occurring when you open your preferred web browser +Read More..

How do you turn off antivirus on Mac & in Windows?[Solved]

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Quickly Turn Off Antivirus on Your Windows and Mac with These Simple Steps

Having an antivirus program in your computer is one of the best ways to protect it against any kind of viruses, malware, spam, and hacking activities along with device safety. Bu +Read More..

Can I cancel Xfinity TV and keep Internet? Effective info

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Do you want to cancel your Xfinity TV and want to keep the internet? If yes, then here is the solution for you. Given below are the steps that will help you to cancel your Xfinity TV while keeping internet. Also, you can make contact with the Comcast customer service team to resolve any sort of issue related to your +Read More..

Xfinity Troubleshooting: Fix Internet Not Working Issue

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How to fix Xfinity internet not working

Xfinity internet services are offered by Comcast and the service is truly reliable and also offers a wide range of fast speed internet connection to users across the globe. The cable internet plans provide friendly bundle options for the users and which is why it is regarded as o +Read More..

How do I contact AOL Customer Support for Help?By Phone,Email

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How do I contact AOL customer service?

Are you looking for simple ways to connect to the support team of AOL? If yes, then no need to panic as here you will get the relevant information on the same. AOL is a popular email service that is used for sendin +Read More..

How do I fix my TiVo Internet connection problems?

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How Can I fix the issue of the TiVo internet connection?

TiVo internet connection has always provided high-speed internet to its users. You can get the best services by using this. But, when you face the issues in this modem, you hunt for various method +Read More..

Know How to Use Google Chat? Chat with Google

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How to use Google chat? Help with Google Chat

Google is one of the biggest and best search sites in the world. In today's era, Google plays an important role in student's education and it also helps teachers in improving their proficiency. Google helps +Read More..

Chat with Live Agent at Microsoft

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How Can I Chat With The Microsoft Support Team?

Microsoft works to provide various techniques to all its customers. Sometimes, its users are confused due to some technical failures. In this hour of technical difficulty, these users always look for the m +Read More..

How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically?

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Step by Step Guide on how to stop Microsoft teams from starting automatically

Apart from our day to day Smartphones, the Desktop Pc, Laptops we use, every device has software or hardware related to Microsoft. On your system, it has the operating system +Read More..

How to Contact(Request) Google to Restore an Account?

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How to Request Google to restore an account?

Restoring a disabled Google account is an easy task and it can be done by using some really simple steps. But if the users are not able to restore their account on their own then they can contact the Google customer service to get assistance f +Read More..

[Fixes] Not Working Issues with "Hey Google" or "Ok Google"

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How Can I Resolve the "Hey Google" Not Functioning Issue?

Google provides its users with the facility to search the difficult things easily through the voice search feature. This feature is available to billions of its users through Android or iOS devic +Read More..

Does Yahoo have Live Chat Support? Yahoo Chat Assist

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Does Yahoo Have Live Chat Support?

Yahoo is a web based mailing platform where you can send and receive mails for free. If you are a Yahoo email account user then you will know how flawlessly it works.

However, users may face tiny issues with their Yahoo account. If you are one of those users, then there is no +Read More..

How to fix Antivirus not working in windows 10?[Complete Guide]

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Why my antivirus is not working? and How to Fix it?

Antivirus plays a crucial role in today's scenario where cybercrime has literally crossed all limits. In such cases, the prime concern of the users is to protect their information on their devices. Hac +Read More..

How do I fix Windows Search Not Working? Search bar settings

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How Do I Fix Windows Search Not Working?

Windows search is a flexible search tool that helps you search whatever you want, no matter what it is and where it is. At times, windows search doesn’t work and it can happen because of multiple reasons. It becomes irritating when the Windows search doesn’t work.&nb +Read More..

AOL Account Recovery | Reset AOL Email Password (Guide)

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AOL Email Account Recovery: How to bypass AOL email password

AOL is one of the most used email service providers, which allows you to send and receive emails. But if in any unfortunate event you are not able to log in to your account and you want t +Read More..

How can I change my router/WiFi password TP-Link?

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How Can I Change TP-link Router Password?

Wireless Fidelity, popularly known as Wi-fi is like a best friend to almost everyone. There is no age bar for its friendship. Nowadays, it seems impossible to imagine our life without wifi. 

Homes, offices, schools, cafes, name a single place where wifi is not foun +Read More..

(Solved)How do I reset my Verizon router?

10 Votes

The process you need to follow to reset the Verizon router

Sometimes, the users find themselves in a situation where they forget their Verizon router's password, and all they are left with is resetting their router. But, still, there is trouble for them as they are unaware of this process. So, to take them out of this +Read More..

(Tips)How to Enable Windows 10 Fast Startup

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How To make the Windows 10 Fast Startup?

While using any device or application, it’s really very important to keep updating it to draw maximum results in performance. However sometimes being engrossed using computers or laptops, people forget to +Read More..

(Roku Fixes)How to fix a black screen on a Roku?

17 Votes

How can you fix the black screen error on Roku?

Are you facing a black screen error on Roku and searching for the solutions to fix it? The black screen problem on Roku can occur if the streaming player requires an update, or if there are problems with y +Read More..

Get Fixes For Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen

13 Votes

How Can I Fix Windows 10 Stuck On The Welcome Screen?

Windows 10 is the most useful OS which has various users across the globe. If you are using any device with Windows 10, you should have come across a situation in which your display unit is stick to +Read More..

9 Tips to Fix Webcam(Camera) Not Working on Windows 10

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How to fix webcam not working on Windows 10

During the lockdown period when everyone was working and interacting with friends and family from home, the most annoying and frustrating thing which was faced by some of us was webcam not working properly. We +Read More..

Windows 10 Slow Performance Issue Fixes: Improve PC Speed

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Don’t know how to fix Windows 10 slow performance issue? Get Specific solutions

It is pretty common to experience technical glitches with your computer device abruptly. It has been observed that there are many Windows users who experience reduced +Read More..

How do you fix err connection reset in Windows 10?

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Don’t know how to fix err connection reset in Windows 10? Fixes

Sometimes, most of the users find err connection when you reset your Windows 10 at this, you need to check out the cause of the issue that makes you active to find the clue to solving +Read More..

How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 10?

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Resolved: Check out the quick solutions to resolve printer spooler error with Windows 10

Though Windows 10 makes it easier for the users to print various documents and files, there are times when users might encounter some i +Read More..

[6 Fixes]Windows was Unable to Complete the Format

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Ways to Fix the Issue Of " Windows Unable to Complete the Format Task"

In order to sustain any device or appliance, it’s very important to take care of that and update the settings. For example, if you are using a Computer or a windows laptop then +Read More..

Fix Bluetooth Not Working Problem On Windows 10[Quick Fix]

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How to fix Bluetooth not working problem in Windows 10?

Bluetooth is one of the prominent used wireless connections for accessories, mobile devices, and computers. To pair it up, it is important that the devices are in the same environment, operating be +Read More..

Fixes For iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi

18 Votes

How can you fix iPhone not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue?

Have you ever encountered an issue when your iPhone stops connecting to the Wi-Fi? If you have faced this situation you might know how annoying it can be. Well, this is a common issue and can happen with anyone. However, to overcome this error, there are several +Read More..

How do I fix my printer from printing blank pages?

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How Can You Fix My Printer From Printing Blank Pages?

Almost in every place from school to home, you can find a printer. They make our life easy and turn memories into photos. It has huge importance in the modern world, and now we are in a situation, wh +Read More..

How to Put/Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

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What are the steps to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint?

The users find a way to enhance the PowerPoint presentations by adding YouTube video in it. Adding the YouTube in PowerPoint will make your presentation worth it. You can go for these steps to add +Read More..

Fix Error Code 15- Request Was Blocked by the Security Rules

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How to resolve Error Code 15 This request is blocked by the security rules?

Nowadays, the whole internet is filled with billions of websites which publish many online contents for you. Along with the websites, there is a huge increase in the traffic whi +Read More..

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen on Android phone?

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Best Working Ways to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Error on Android

There is not even a single day when people can live without their phones or other gadgets. And if by chance there is many kinds of the issue occurring in the device especially the touch +Read More..

How Do I Fix Error "Out of Memory" on Windows 10?

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Resolved: Quick ways to fix "Out of memory error" with Windows 10

Have your encountered out of memory error message while accessing some of the installed applications on Windows 10? Well, then you don't need to fret out as i +Read More..

Guide To Use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows

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How to use an iCloud password on Google Chrome on Windows? Get instructions

It is most important to appreciate the enhanced security that you can find with the iCloud and it comes under the keychain of the password using on a particular website. It coul +Read More..

How to Fix(Resolve) Epson Printer Error Code 0x10

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How to fix Epson printer error code 0x10?

Here is all you need to do to fix the 0x10 error

Epson is a well-known company that designs printing and scanning devices. These d +Read More..

How do you Fix a Computer that Turns on but no Display?

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How can you fix the problem when the computer is turned on but does not display anything?

A Computer is one of the valuable resources which is used by many people to complete their online activities. Computers are used for both personal and professional +Read More..

How Do I Contact Representative at G Suite Customer Service?

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How Do I Contact Google G Suite?

There are so many users who actually use Google suite for their day to day work and are quire dependent on the G-suite. Basically, G-Suite is a cloud computing feature with which you can save contacts, communicate with d +Read More..

How to Turn Off/Hide Notifications on Apple Watch

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How to turn off notifications on the apple watch? Have a look at the steps

Apple device always supports the Apple watch that sends the notification on your device. It always makes you active to do any kind of task at a particular time due to its reminde +Read More..

How do I unlock my PayPal account?

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Unlocking PayPal Account: Check Complete Procedure

An electronic commerce company, PayPal facilitates payments between parties through online transactions. It provides its customers a facility to establish an account over its versatile platform. The acc +Read More..

FIX: Mic(Microphone) Not Working on Microsoft Teams

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Why is the Mic of my Microsoft teams not working? How to fix it?

The Microsoft teams software was developed and launched in 2017 to facilitate business communication. This software is used by numerous internet users to get the benefit of audio and video +Read More..

(Solved)How to Fix Default Printer Error 0x00000709

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Don’t know how to fix Printer error 0x00000709, let’s fix it now!

A Printer device is a piece of imperative equipment for the objective of printing important documents at a definite time. It is brilliant zest and zeal to think about it that +Read More..

How Can I Speak to Someone about my Microsoft Account?

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How can I speak to someone about my Microsoft account?

Would you like to speak to a support person at Microsoft? If yes, then you are at the correct spot as here you will receive the complete information on the same. Few of the simple methods are given +Read More..

Internet connection failed error 651

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How to Fix Internet Connection Failed Error 651?

First of all, we need to read what is an internet connection and what are the errors, specifically internet connection error 651 that might interrupt our surfing experience. So, the ability to connect to +Read More..

(5 Ways)How do I Fix Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks?

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How do I fix unrecoverable error in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error is a popular error that normally occurs when you reach to your company file or when you click on the save, print, or ship option placed at the top of a transaction. This error displays tha +Read More..

(Fix)3 Ways to Fix Android Auto App Not Working/Responding

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Take a look at how to fix an Android auto app that is not responding

Android device is surrounded by the application software that you can install on your device with ease. Android Auto app is a mobile app developed by Google to mirror features from an +Read More..

(Solved)How to fix error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10

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How To Fix Error Code 0xa00f4244 In Windows 10

If you are seeing an error on your screen, like code 0xa00f4244 then it is related to the camera. It is quite normal and the user faces such issues due to some antivirus software. It blocks the camera or it +Read More..

How Do I Turn off(Disable) pop-up Blocker on Safari?

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How can you disable the pop-up blocker on Safari?

Pop-up advertisements are the ads, offers, or alerts that open in the new or current window of your web browser. These are mostly unwanted ads that pop-up on their own. A pop-up block +Read More..

(Fixed)How do I fix a 404 error in QuickBooks?

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How do I fix a 404 error in QuickBooks?

When using Quickbooks, if you are such a user who is facing error 404 then you shall not panic. When working with digital data, encountering errors and issues are very common. And these errors are such that it can +Read More..

Can't Log into MSN Account? Check How to access MSN Email

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A Simple Process to Access MSN Email

MSN email allows you to redirect to the Outlook account but with a different email address. It is a service of Microsoft that includes its Messenger tool, its Bing search tool, and the Hotmail.

+Read More..

Hotmail Account Blocked? Guide to Unblock Hotmail Account

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What is the process of unlocking the Hotmail account?

Hotmail account is the one that provides incredible services to its users. When the users use their Hotmail account, they +Read More..

Tips]What is the least expensive way to get Internet at home

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Best Ways To Get Cheap Internet Services

These days the internet has become so common that almost all internet service providers are ready to pay the services at a very cheap price. Apart from this, there are many computer applications that can help you +Read More..

How Do I Change or Edit a Phone Number on My PayPal Account

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How do I Change or Edit My Phone Number on PayPal if It has changed?

Wondering what to do in case you have lost access to your phone/cell number that was linked to your Paypal account? Well, worry no more as we are going to uncover a step by step guide +Read More..

Why is my Windows 10 not updating? How to fix update Error?

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Why do windows 10 is not updating and solutions to fix it?

Are you having trouble updating Windows 10 on your computer? It is quite a common problem faced by many users that Windows 10 operating system is not updating. Windows 10 users find this problem +Read More..

How do I recover my Norton Account?

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Easy Steps To Quickly Recover Your Norton Account

Norton antivirus in the past few years has gained popularity and it is one of the dominant antiviruses in the IT sector. It protects your devices from various kinds of viruses that can either crash your +Read More..

Printer Driver Unavailable Issue: Learn How To Fix It

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Need to Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Issue? Get All Information Here

If you're seeing some issues with your printer as you can't find your printer whenever you command print +Read More..

How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

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How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

When using the printing option with your printer, you find that it is not responding to any command. And when you checked the iss +Read More..

What is SMTP server for Yahoo? How to enable it?

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How You Can Enable SMTP Server on Yahoo Account? Check Here

SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is the method to send and receive mail or messages. It is also known as the c +Read More..

Why Is My CenturyLink Internet Not Working?Here's How To Fix

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Know the Possible Reasons for CenturyLink has Stopped Working? How To Fix

CenturyLink is the perfect answer to getting the perfect resolution to all your concern. The +Read More..

How do I transfer my SBCGlobal email to Gmail

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A Quick Guide To Transfer Emails From Sbcglobal To Gmail Account

Have you been thinking to transfer your incoming emails from your SBCGlobal accounts to your Gmail account? W +Read More..

How Do I Contact MSN Customer Service By Phone, Email

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Contact MSN Customer Service for Email Related Help

Customer service is the best way by which user can easily connect to the representative in very simple and easy way. It can +Read More..

How to Configure IMAP in Outlook? Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)

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How to Configure Outlook to use IMAP with an

The outlook is a web platform and you can easily use this for your formal commutation online for +Read More..

[Fixes] Verizon Email Not Working(Receiving) Emails Problem?

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Get Help to Fix the Verizon Email Not Working Issue Instantly

Verizon email account works similarly as a free webmail service and it is available forever +Read More..

How do I report a problem with DirecTV

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How do I report a problem with DirecTV?

Are you facing issues with your DirecTV? If yes, then don’t worry as here you receive the required information on the same. Direc +Read More..

How Do I Report a Problem with Charter Communications

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How to Report a Problem with Charter Communications Customer Service?

Are you getting any kind of error with your Charter Communications account or have any kind of issue rela +Read More..

How to make a complaint to Google

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How to Make a Complaint to Google Support Team?

Facing any kind of issues with Google Search or its services? Or you want to give any kind of review or feedback on the service +Read More..

How much does AT&T charge to fix cracked phone screen

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What is the cost incurred to fix the screen of your phone at AT&T?

The broken screen can frustrate you to the fullest as you face the issue while using your screen. Today, +Read More..

A Secure Way to Recover Hacked AT&T Email Account

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What are the steps involved in recovering the hacked account of the att net?

Att net is one of the best email service providers in the market that helps endow incredible servi +Read More..

How Do I Access Yahoo Mail With Outlook Account

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How to Access Yahoo Mail with Outlook

Using multiple email accounts is a very common thing among users but manage them is often a difficult thing. If you h +Read More..

How do I report a problem with Yahoo Mail [Reported Shortly]

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How Do I Report a Problem with Yahoo?

Do you have any problem with your Yahoo Mail account? And you are not getting any relevant help from the help documents provided on its website? Then you can simply contact the support team of Yahoo for help by reporting your problem. But there are many users who don’t know h +Read More..

How To Cancel Yahoo Mail Pro Subscription?

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How do I cancel my Yahoo mail Pro subscription? 

Yahoo is known to be a free web browser that can be used to access all the web pages online. However, the yahoo web brows +Read More..

How to Fix a Suspended Gmail(Google) Account

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A detailed guide on how one can restore access to a suspended Gmail account

Is your Gmail account suspended, and you have no clue about the proced +Read More..

How much Does it Cost to Replace a Screen on a HP Laptop?

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Know the Cost to Replace a Screen on an HP Laptop

Though the solutions are many, everything depends on your budget. If you purchase your laptop a few months before then it’s obvious that your system is under the warran +Read More..

How to Get(Redeem) a Student Discount on Microsoft Store

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How Do I Get Student Discount on Microsoft Store? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Being a student, you can use the multiple Microsoft software and device that simply +Read More..

How Do I Get(Redeem) a Dell Student Discount

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A Brief Guide To Get A Student Discount On Dell

Dell has been one of the finest tech manufactures across the world, and its products & services are meant for almost every +Read More..

[Solved]How To Remove Password Protection From a PDF File

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How to remove the password protection from the PDF?

A lot of people keep their PDF files protected with a password so that their data can be safe. But sometimes they feel like removing the password from the PDF. PDF protected by a password keeps the da +Read More..

How Can I Recover my Bellsouth Net Email Password?

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How to Recover Bellsouth Email Using Temporary Password?

If you have forgotten your email account password of your Bellsouth account, you shouldn't worry about it. You can go through this post to get all assistance as here you will find a step by step p +Read More..

How Do I Cancel a PayPal Payment(Transaction) & Subscription

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How can I cancel the PayPal transactions?

PayPal is one of the popular digital assets that enable many people to send or receive transactions. Whether you are using PayPal for +Read More..

How Can I Upgrade Windows 10? Upgrade From 32 bit to 64 bit

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How Can You Upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit?

There is a huge benefit of the 64-bit version as it allows the users to get more access and it also performs better with photo +Read More..

How Can You Fix a Computer that won't Turn On

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Get Simple Tips to Fix When a Computer won’t Turn on Easily

A computer device is most important to fix when it gets affected by technical problems. If you are pressing +Read More..

How to Fix Quickbooks Not Connecting to PayPal

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How Do I Fix Quickbooks Not Connecting to PayPal?

Recently, it has been observed that a few users of QuickBooks see a problem while connecting it to the PayPal account. Also, +Read More..

[Solved]How To Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417?

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How to fix the error code 10417 in Paypal?

PayPal is widely used for its secure money transactions. Although its services and features are the best, there could be some issues +Read More..

How to Fix Linksys Router Error 2118? Quick Solutions

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Check Out the Quick Solutions to Resolve error 2118 with Linksys Router 

Do you use Linksys router daily and you are encountering some techni +Read More..

How much Does it Cost to Repair a Dell Laptop Screen

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How much Does it Cost to Repair a Dell Laptop Screen?

Are you the user who is using a Dell laptop and is facing issues because of the damaged screen? Then you shall not panic +Read More..

How Do I Restore My Dell Laptop to Factory Settings

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Guide To Restore Your Dell Laptop To Its Factory Settings

There are times when your Dell laptop might begin malfunctioning and leave you no choice but to reset it to its facto +Read More..

NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? NETGEAR Router Help

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Is Your NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? Here Is How To Fix

Are you facing issues with your NETGEAR router and have no clue how to fix it? Then, you can read out this arti +Read More..

Windows 10 Error Code 651: Fix Error 651 in Windows 10

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A Brief Guide To Fix The 651 Error In Windows 10

Many users have reported that they have been facing error 651 in their Windows 10 devices. However, this error usually persist +Read More..

Why is My Router Not Connecting To Internet? How Do I Fix It?

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Router Not Connecting to the Internet? How Do I Fix It?

Have you ever experience a problem where you are connecting your device to the internet connection but your router not +Read More..

At&T WiFi Not Working? Know How You Can Fix It!

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How Do I Fix At&T WiFi Not Working Issue?

AT&T Wi-Fi services are used by a lot of people who are dependent on Wi-Fi connection services. But maybe while using the int +Read More..

What is Included in Geek Squad Tech Support

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A Guide on Geek Squad Tech Support

A Geek Squad is a team of technical experts who provide assistance for in-store services, on-site, over the phone or through internet remote +Read More..

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Emails in Inbox

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A comprehensive guide to fix iPhone unable to show emails in the inbox

Indeed, the iPhone is an incredible device that offers its users with the finest services and features. However, lately, it was reported many users are f +Read More..

Why is My Bellsouth Email Not Working on iPhone

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Why is My Bellsouth Email not Working on iPhone? How Can I Fix It in Simple Methods

Sending an important business email to your contacts using Bellsouth email account on iPhone and suddenly it has stopped working? Have you ever caught in such kind of si +Read More..

Fix Facebook Pay Not Working? Unable To Pay/Request Payments

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A guide on Facebook Pay not working

Facebook Pay is a secure method to transfer money on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp. It is introduced by Facebook for the convenience of users. In this, the users can link their debit card through the app +Read More..

At&T Cancellation Policy: Cancel Your TV, Internet & U-Verse

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At&T Cancellation Policy: Cancel At&T U Verse, Tv and Internet

AT&T is the American telecommunication company known for its various services. These services are known for best and commendable performance and have their hands in TV subscripti +Read More..

How do I access my Email Account

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Awarding Scintillating tips to access SBCGlobal net Email Account

SBCGlobal net email works after logging-in your account on its official website where you enter the non-discriminatory email address and password to access. There are various users who th +Read More..

How Do I Fix a Black Screen on Startup Windows 10

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How do I fix a black screen on start-up windows 10?

Want to fix the black screen on windows 10? Then, here you will get the simple solutions to solve the issue coming in windows 10. The Black Screen of Death is a serious issue as it doesn't display the +Read More..

[Fixed] Windows 10 Won't Boot After Update? How To Solve It

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How do I Fix “Windows 10 won't Boot after Update”

Windows 10 check all the updates regularly to keep all the devices up-to-date with the latest version.

It helps you to increase the efficiency of +Read More..

Email Not Working on WiFi iPhone: Here Is How To Fix

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A Quick Guide To Fix Email Not Working on Wifi iPhone

There are times when you try to get access to your email account on your iPhone device via using WiFi connection but could get an update on your recent emails or other activities. Well, this problem is +Read More..

[Fix It] Wifi Connected But No Internet Access in Windows 10

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Seeing Connected to Wifi But No Internet Access Windows 10 WiFi? Fix It

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an issue with an internet connection. And when you stuck with connected but no internet error, it become +Read More..

How to Set up Hotmail Account in Thunderbird

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Check out the Quick Procedure to Setup Hotmail Account on Thunderbird

Thunderbird, as you might be aware, is an email service launched by Mozilla that users can opt for sending and receiving emails. Further, one can also set +Read More..

Hotmail Live Person: Speak to Someone About Hotmail Issue

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Hotmail is the email that is used to not only send, receive, or create emails but also can be used to manage other functions. Users are fond of this email because of its services and functions and at the same time, Hotmail is also the email that has offered active customer support to users. The officials at Hotmail understand that users might ne +Read More..

How Do I Setup or Configure Yahoo Mail In Microsoft Outlook

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Want to Configure Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook? Get a Step by Step Guide

If you have a Yahoo account and you are willing to get all the emails received on your Outlook account, you can do that by simply setting up your account on Out +Read More..

What is a 550 Error in Outlook? How to Fix Outlook Error 550

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What is the Error 550 in Outlook and How to fix It

Outlook email often gets interrupted because of technical barriers and error code 550 is one of those. Often while logging in, such errors fall upon and affect the users disturbing them in middle of the +Read More..

How To Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working? Spectrum Email Help

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Is Your Roadrunner Email Not Working? Here is How to Fix

Some time due to much technical error we are unable to find the exact reason on why my email(whatever it is) not working, what exactly is the reason? So Here you will know about the +Read More..

How Do I Delete My Google Account Permanently

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Check out the Quick Procedure to Permanently Delete Google Account 

In the last few decades, Google has provided its users with some of the exceptional services. From Gmail to Googl +Read More..

What Does Verizon Error Message 480 Mean? How To Fix It

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Get Genuine Tips to Fix Verizon Error Code 480

Verizon is one of the best American telecommunications companies which offer wireless products and services. It is committed to providing fast and reliable solutions and being the first to +Read More..

Garmin Connect Recovery: How Do I Recover Garmin Password

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How to Recover Your Garmin Connect Password in Simple Steps?

Have you forgotten the password of your Garmin account? Then you can’t access the multiple +Read More..

Paypal App Not Working on iPhone: Fix Not Opening Issue

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How do I fix PayPal app not working on iPhone

PayPal is said to be the online transaction application that has made tran +Read More..

How Can I Set Up PayPal Account: Create a Business Account

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How to Set Up PayPal Account?

Today everything has become digital and hence a lot of people only prefer making cashless payments for their day to day expense +Read More..

Rogers Email Not Working on iPhone

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How to Fix Rogers Email not Working on iPhone

Emails have been an important part of every users’ life ever since it came into existence. And with the de +Read More.. Email Not Working on iPhone: 7 Easy Methods

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How do I fix SBC Global not working on iPhone?

The user encounters different types of problems in the SBC Global account but we have solutions to resolve the problems. The problem in SBC Global account is SBC Global email not working on +Read More..

How Do I Fix Garmin WiFi Error 0200

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A simple and quick process to fix Garmin Wi-Fi error 0200

Garmin s most renowned and widely acknowledged company offers numerous +Read More..

How to Fix When Garmin GPS Not Working Properly

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How You Can Fix When Garmin GPS Not Working Properly?

Garmin GPS is one of the best devices across the world and it offers you many features so that navigatio +Read More..

QuickBooks Error 15222: Here's How To Resolve & Fix It

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15222?

Payroll is a very important feature of QuickBooks accounting code no matter the scale and nature of the business, it gu +Read More..