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Geek Squad Protection | 3 Easy Ways to Cancel Membership

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What are the different ways to cancel the Geek squad protection plan?

Geek Squad, a subsidiary of the consumer electronics retailer, offers after-sales services for the Best Buy products via protection plans for the items purchased online or on-site. Further, the user can use this service by paying a one-time charge or recurring monthly charges to covers repairs, replacements for the various products. 

However, for users who no longer wish to redeem the Geek Squad services and cancel the Geek Squad protection plan, the proper steps are to follow various modes and process a refund. 

Different ways of canceling Geek Squad protection plan 

Are you one of those users who wish to cancel their Geek Squad protection plan services? Then, you can find all the details regarding the cancellation procedures and process a quick refund in time. If required, one can visit the official support for assistance. 

1) Cancelling plan via phone

The easiest way of +Read More..

How Do I Get Through to PayPal Canada? by Phone & Email

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Tips to Reach PayPal customer service in Canada

PayPal is an excellent online payment service that is available in many countries across the world, including Canada. At the same time, like the rest of the world, PayPal delivers excellent customer service to Canadian customers who need help. If you're looking to know how to contact PayPal in Canada, this page will provide you with the necessary details.

How to speak to someone at PayPal Canada?

You may contact PayPal in Canada in various ways, but if you need to speak with someone, the best option is to call their phone number. More information on how to contact PayPal customer service Canada and speak with someone can be found here.

In Canada, you may reach out to PayPal at 888-883-9770 to speak with someone from their customer service team about any query. Once a representative answers your call, you can talk to them about your +Read More..

Can I text Facebook Support | How to message Facebook staff

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Text Facebook Customer service for Support:

Yes, users are given the authority to text the Facebook customer service team executive for getting help & assistance with expert tips & methods that they provide you to resolve your doubts & queries. The Facebook support services are available in accordance with the quires & doubts that you are facing with the Facebook app & services.

Can I text Facebook For Support?

Yes, definitely you can text the Facebook support team for query assistance. But if in case you want to know that how do I text Facebook, then you need to know the process of texting the Facebook support team.

So for that, you need to follow these below-mentioned steps;

  • You get a one-time password for Facebook (OTP), for the verification of your account & then chat with executive
  • Then you will start receiving text notifications from the service team
  • Once your queries are resolved stop or turn off +Read More..

8 Best Free Email Accounts for Use | Email Service Providers

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Which Email Is Best For Personal Use?

These days, you cannot imagine the world without email services. From managing networks to marketing, everything requires email. You can share information regarding meetings or setting reminders safely and securely. Though most of them are not free, and you might have to purchase them to leverage them to at most whole or access the additional features. 

However, it does not mean that you will not be going to receive the best without purchasing the premium one. Here we have covered some top best free emails for you that you can use for personal use and get the best outcomes from them.

List Of Best Free Emails Accounts & Service Providers:

We have covered the top 8 that you can use; you can see the list of them below, 

  • Gmail 
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 
  • AOL 
  • Proton Mail 
  • Yahoo 
  • Outlook 
  • Zoho 
  • iCloud Mail 


If you are a Google product lover, then this mail service is for you. Here, you get +Read More..

Does T-Mobile have Live Chat Support? T-Mobile Chat Help

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How to contact T Mobile live chat support? Providing suitable methods

T-Mobile is one of the best brands used for the mobile communications subsidiaries of the German telecommunications company. It helps those businesses who are required to have a network operator service to provide the best internet service in many ways. T stands for Telekom, and it is Good for all mobile communications services that are being used by the users every day. To server it better, you can use its T mobile chat support, for which the users ask some questions to get the answers easily.

How do I chat with a T Mobile expert?

If you want to chat with a T Mobile expert, you must visit the official website and find the live chat. So let's get started now.

Step 1. Firstly, launch an internet browser, visit the T Mobile website, click on the contact tab, and choose a live chat.
+Read More..

How do I set up Facebook SMS? | Get Facebook Notifications

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Get information about how to set up Facebook SMS:

Have you ever wondered how to use Facebook's SMS notifications service? If you need further information on how to set up SMS on Facebook, you can find the relevant details here.

Brief information on setting up Facebook SMS:

If someone set up Facebook notifications, they have the option of receiving them by text messages, email, or browser. Facebook's SMS notification option allows you to get text messages from them regarding your every activity.

Learn how you can set up Facebook SMS:

If you want to get the notifications, you can learn the procedure to set up Facebook SMS by following the steps below.

  • To begin, log in to your Facebook account and then go to the settings tab in the upper right corner
  • Then from the Settings & Privacy tab, you have +Read More..

Computer System Not Recognizing USB Device | What to do?

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Guide to fix USB device-related issues on your computer

Often when you plug a portable device into a USB point of your computer or inject a USB device to your computer. The device beeps light, but it does not show any notification on your computer. Ever wondered why? Is it a technical glitch or a malfunction? Even though your USB device is completely working, but you still get stuck in a situation like this. 

If you find yourselves in a situation where your computer doesn’t recognize your USB device, follow the below-mentioned points;

Why is my computer not recognizing USB devices?

There can be a lot of reasons why your computer is not recognizing your USB device. The mentioned points will help you to get a better understanding;

Corrupt USB drive- Make sure that your USB drive is working fine and t is not corrupted so that the system can easily read the additional USB +Read More..

Ways to Solve the Windows 11 Black Screen

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Wondering about how to fix Windows 11 black screen? Well, you have come to the exact right place. We are about to share Windows 11 black screen fixes that are tried and tested and will help you eradicate the issues of black screen error. All you are required to do is follow until the end, and you will be good to go.

Fix Windows 11 back screen 

To get to the solution of the issue, users are first advised to look for the main reasons that are responsible for creating problems related to the black screen in Windows 11. 

The main reasons that contribute to the issues and problems are listed down under: 

  • At times connections are at fault and are responsible for Black screen issues. Having faulty connections or improper ones may result in errors such as Black screen on Windows 11. 
  • Any issues or problems with the Graphic driver may result in black +Read More..

How to Recover Your Email Username or Password on Telstra?

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How to recover your email username or password on Telstra?

Telstra Corporation, An Australian Telecommunication, basically builds and helps in the operation of telecommunication networks and the markets voice, mobile, internet access, pay television, and other products. It has a long history of providing the best services to its users with effectiveness. With so many operations performed by the Corporation, sometimes there are issues regarding email username and password. Users are unaware of the process of recovery the username & password. In this article, we will see how we can recover Telstra username email & password on Telstra.

Let us see that how to recover username email on Telstra:

  • Firstly you have to go to the official page of the Corporation.
  • After getting to the page, you will be required a Telstra phone number, Email address, Date of birth, and mobile number for recovery.
  • Click on the link of “Recover my username.”
  • After completion of the +Read More..

How Do I Clear(Delete) Alexa Voice Search History? 3 Ways

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How to delete voice history in Alexa? Get proper advice here

Alexa is one of the best products of Amazon's cloud-based voice service. It is available on hundreds of millions of devices from Amazon and third-party device manufacturers. It is brilliant for the voice recording. Smart speakers, stream music, order a pizza, also can control your smart home, and so on. It is quite a simple setup on your device like mobile phone, laptop, and TV. If you want to know the task of Alexa, it offers massive products, services, and features that make you always active to do multiple tasks at the right time. But if you find something wrong and want to delete voice search history in Alexa, you need to go through the good tips provided by our senior customer support team. 

The voice recording is outstanding that you can use on your device at any time. Alexa gives +Read More..

Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know How to Reactivate

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Is Your Telstra Email Suspended? Know Everything About It

Telstra email is a widely used email platform that offers a secure way to share information and takes care of the users’ privacy. However, sometimes person faces the issue like suspended account. There are some reasons behind Telstra email suspended that we have covered below. 

Why Is Telstra Email Suspended?

There are some major reasons that we have covered below:

Due to late payment

If you fail to make the payment on time or could not able to make payment within the buffer period, then you cannot see your emails. Though, they are not deleted. 

Telstra email is considered is spam mail

It is one common reason that can occur, but the user fails to identify this. Now, when you send unnecessary spam emails to the person, then your account will be detected as spam mail. So, in this case, you will not able to send or receive +Read More..

2 Methods to Turn Off Autocorrect on Your iPhone or iPad

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How do I turn off autocorrect on my iPhone/iPad?

iPhone automatically enables autocorrect on keyboards on most of their devices. iPhone automatically fixed the incorrect word like “mnd” to “mind” as if you type in a hurry because iPhone devices know the typer demand over there and automatically corrects the wrong word. But some users want that autocorrect must be tun off as they want to correct the misspelled word on its own. There are 2 ways to turn off autocorrect on iPhone, which is described below:

Turn off iPhone/iPad Autocorrect in 2 easy ways:

  1. Turn off autocorrect completely
  2. Turn off autocorrect manually

Turn off autocorrect completely

By turning off the autocorrect, your iPhone device will not autocorrect any of the incorrect words, and you want to improve your misspell on your own. Do the below steps:

  • Go to the settings of your iPhone.
  • Click on the General option and
  • Click the keyboard button. All keyboard options will be +Read More..

How to Report a Problem to Instagram? Complain to Instagram

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Facing problems while using Instagram? Go through this write-up

Instagram is quite an eminent platform that provides users a method to interact with a person from any place. Even, many businesses are operated with this, but sometimes a person faces a technical glitch that creates a lot of problems while using it. You can report the issues and know you can go through this.

How to report a problem to Instagram

  • Go to the profile picture and select the profile option 
  • You can see the hamburger menu, click on the Settings option 
  • Click on the help, and you can see the option for report a problem 
  • Now, you can see some instructions on the screen that you need to direct 
  • While doing this, you can attach the files or images too to make it simpler.

How to contact Instagram to report a problem?

If you cannot follow direct the online steps or through Instagram to report a problem on +Read More..

Cash App Account Recovery | How To Recover Cash App Account?

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How To Recover The Cash App Account?

Cash app is a payment service that is available on mobile devices. This app has been operating since 2013. You can access this on your Android and iOS phones or tablets. Users can employ this to transfer money to another user by using the online medium. It has the trust of millions as they do not need to worry about security. Cash app requires you to provide a pin to access and control Cash App.

Cash App Account Recovery Guide

Know more about the account recovery from the use of this short guide. Follow the process that is given below to get more details.

  1. Visit Cash App on your Android or iOS device by using the home screen
  2. On the welcome screen of its app, enter your linked email ID or Phone Number in the necessary fields.
  3. Now, you should enter the essential information about the user, such as +Read More..

Guide to Get Security Code to Log in to Facebook Account

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What are the ways to get a security code to log in to Facebook?

Facebook is a social media service that has become a rage among thousands of people. Further, to ensure that the users get the best of the security services, Facebook has introduced a feature of two-factor authentication that adds an extra layer of security to make it easier for the users to improve the security of their accounts. 

Ways to get a security code to log in to Facebook

For the users who have enabled two-factor authentication for their Facebook account and are facing issues while requesting a security code, here are the ways that one can opt to avoid login issues. 

As per Facebook, there are several ways through which the user can  get Facebook security code that include the following:

  1. Request a code on the phone number linked to the Facebook account
  2. Generate code via code generator service
  3. Approve login from the +Read More..

DirecTV Error 721 - Easy & Quick Methods to Fix Error

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How do I fix error code 721 on DirecTV?

The DirecTV error code 721 states that there might be a signal issue in your DirecTV receiver and maybe your system settings have been changed. This is not the big deal as this can be solved easily by customers themselves. The problem can be solved by installing software which repairs your system settings immediately if found changed. But It gets difficult to repair when customers have a lack of technical knowledge.

Error code 721 DirecTV can because due to many reasons some of them are as follows:

  • There may be bad weather conditions or it is raining outside or might be a thunderstorm.
  • Cable wires is not adjusted and electricity is not coming properly.
  • Software is uninstalled which leads to the change of settings and virus attacks.
  • May be channel is not included in your plan.
  • Your system needs to be refresh.

So these problems can be fixed by +Read More..

DIRECTV Error Message - Fix No Server Detected on DirecTV

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How can you fix the issue of no server detected on DirecTV?

Are you looking for information on how to resolve the issue of no servers being identified on DirecTV? DirecTV issues might prevent you from viewing a big game or your preferred reality program, and that's only the beginning. You can obtain the information you need to navigate through typical DirecTV difficulties and how to fix them from this page. 

Learn how to fix the DirecTV no server detected error?

One of the most prevalent problems is when you can't receive a DirecTV signal. If you encounter the no servers detected on DirecTV problem and want to know how to fix it, please see the options below.

  • When you get the no servers identified message; you will need to have your DirecTV come out and then adjust the location or positioning of your satellite to fix it.
  • Make sure the cable connection to the +Read More..

Gmail Is Not Syncing | How Can I Fix It?

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How Do I Fix Gmail Sync error? Fix "Gmail Sync" Error

Getting syncing error with your Gmail whenever using it on your particular device? Then you will not be able to perform the varied tasks while using it on your smartphone. There could be different sorts of reasons behind the sync error, and it is impossible to find the possible cause for it with your Gmail. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fix the sync error with your Gmail account as there are lots of troubleshooting steps to fix the Gmail sync error, and you can follow the mentioned instructions after reading this article.

Causes of Gmail Sync Error

If you are getting sync error with your Gmail, then it might be caused due to varied reasons, and some of them are given below:

  • Due to the improper internet connectivity.
  • Using an outdated version of the Gmail app.
  • Due to caches, cookies, or data.
  • Using incorrect settings +Read More..

How Do I Fix Google Chrome Aw Snap? Fix "Aw, Snap!" Error

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Google is a world leader in web apps. They have many services for people to use. It is like name the service, and you have it kind of company of the world. From browser to mail, from document editor to spreadsheet, and from ad services to an entire OS and a cloud service. Most of us use their free services, such as the Chrome browser and Google Search.  However, there are enterprise-level users too. As a user, we don’t know the technicalities of how things work. But they are pretty complex and hard to interpret. Google does work day in day out to keep everything in place but sometimes we as a user has to depend upon other services such as internet service provider. If everything is working in harmony, then we might not have any problems at all.

Aw, Snap! is a crash page. That is when your page crashes +Read More..

[10 Easy Steps] How to fix Facebook not working on WiFi?

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Can't connect to Facebook but wifi is working?

Facebook needs a little introduction. It is the largest social media platform and growing. It is a service that not only helps connect your near and dear ones but also helps you connect your business and attract customers to your business.

Ways to fix if your Facebook not working on Wifi:

If you are one of the Facebook users and if you are not able to login into your Facebook despite the fact that your wifi is working then you are at the right place. In this post, we will address your problem of Facebook not working on wifi.

Check for simple mistakes:

You may not face the issue on the desktop, but you may encounter such an issue on the mobile version of Facebook. If you have had an update on the app then +Read More..

(Guide) How do I reset my Cogeco Email Password?

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What is the procedure to reset the Cogeco email password? 

Cogeco is an email service used by thousands of users around the globe. Indeed, the services offered by Cogeco are incredible, but some users might face security issues with the account. So, to avoid security issues, the user is suggested to reset their email password by using the instructions shared in this article. 

What is the procedure to reset the password for the Cogeco email?

For users looking for the detailed procedure on the Cogeco Email Password reset process can follow the steps shared below and ensure the security of their email account. 

  • Visit the official page of Cogeco email and log in to My Account.
  • Now, click on the Services option from the side menu.
  • Then, select the Internet option and continue.
  • After that, select the manage my email address option and continue.
  • Then, click on the Edit present next to the email address that you wish +Read More..

How to block Unwanted Emails on Comcast?[Easy Steps]

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Can you block emails on Comcast?

Yes, You can, To block unwanted email addresses, you can set up a Comcast spam filter. If you wish to block a sender on your Comcast.

Spam Filtering on Comcast:

Spam filter detects unsolicited, unwanted and emails consisting of malicious code, etc., and prevents such messages from getting into the user's inbox and dropping into the spam folder so he will not get distracted. 

How do I block unwanted emails on Comcast?

 Here's how you can stop unwanted emails on Comcast. Following are the steps that are required to follow step by step for setting up “Email Filter” or “Spam Filter” on your Comcast.

  • First, you are required to open the Xfinity Comcast inbox. 
  • Visit the website and login  https://login.xfinity.com/login
  • Click on the “Email Setting” button and select “Filter Rule”
  • At the right-hand side under the mail filter rule, select “Add New Rule.”
  • Now, you will see a “New Rule”, name it as +Read More..

[Solved]Top 3 Ways To Fix Error 10 on Facebook

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How to fix error code 10 on Facebook?

Facebook is emerging as the most popular Social networking site due to the increasing number of users simultaneously. With so many users of the Social networking giant, it is obvious that sometimes its users will face errors or issues. There are many types of errors and operating issues accede by Facebook users. One of the issues is Error code 10 on Facebook. It is also becoming common these days. Users get in a panic when they are indulging in this issue but what to do in this problem and how to deal with it. In this article, we will see the detailed aspects and solutions of facebook  Error code 10.

What is error code 10 on Facebook?

Firstly it is important to see that what is error code 10 on Facebook. Generally it happens when facebook fails to operate or crashes. It does not show +Read More..

How to Chat with FedEx Representative? FedEx Virtual Assist

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FedEx Corporation earlier known as Federal Express Corporation then FDX Corporation is an American delivery service company. FedEx plays a great role in the Export/Import industries it is best known for its air delivery service. FedEx provides one of the best customer services through its various mode of communication.

How do I chat with FedEx?

Whether you are looking for any delivery from someone or need to send something to you dears one abroad? FedEx provide door to door delivery internationally. So for anything question, you can chat with FedEx and get an instant answer. For common query, you can ask with its virtual assistant and if need live help you can chat with FedEx live person also.

Ask FedEx virtual assistant

  • To ask anything from its virtual assistant
  • Visit the FedEx official website
  • Scroll down to the customer support section
  • Go to the "contact FedEx" option
  • Now the first option you will see is "ask FedEx virtual +Read More..

Chrome Access Denied | How Do I Fix Access Denied in Chrome?

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How can you fix the access denied error in Google Chrome?

Are you experiencing the access denied error in Google Chrome and looking for advice on how to fix it? Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world. People may have a variety of difficulties with their Chrome browser at times, including access denied error. You may learn more about the reasons of the access denied issue in Chrome, as well as how to fix it, by reading the section below.

What causes access denied error in Chrome?

Access is restricted errors with the Chrome browser could be caused by a variety of factors, including antivirus, firewall, as network-related difficulties. You may learn about the most common causes of Chrome's access denied issue from the list below.

  • Chrome may be prohibited by your computer's Windows Firewall.
  • Denied access in Chrome might be caused by network connectivity difficulties on a Windows PC.
  • Denied access +Read More..

Netflix Error M7357 1003 - 3 Quick Methods to Fix Error

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A Brief Guide To Fix Netflix Error M7357-1003

Netflix is one of the finest online streaming platforms enjoyed by millions of users across the world. However, when users face issues with their Netflix accounts, sometimes some errors might even hamper your viewing experience. In the same way, there an error called Error M7357-1003 that usually occurs due to web browser issues, problems due to security settings or other programs, and other reasons. 
Therefore, if you are also facing the Netflix Error M7357-1003, read this post further and learn about the simple methods to fix it. In addition, if you don’t find the discussed information helpful, you can contact the tech experts on Netflix for better assistance.

Quick Methods To Fix Error M7357-1003 On Netflix

The following methods will help you to fix the Netflix Error M7357-1003 without any hassle.

Update The Content Protection Feature In Chrome

Open Google Chrome, then enter Chrome:// components in the +Read More..

Is Your Google Account Get Locked? Learn How to Unlock

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How to fix the Google account locked issue?

Why is Google account locked?

Google account can be locked due to several reasons. You need to protect your Google account in order to save it from any unusual or suspicious activity. The main reason why Google account is locked is if your Google shows some unusual thing that is not beneficial in that case, Google has the right to lock your account. So, it will be better for you to limit any of your unusual activities. In order to avoid this, you can recover your Google account frequently. You can recover your Google account when you forget your Google account password, when you lost your mobile phone, and when your Google account is hacked. To recover your Google account, follow the steps described below.

  • First of all, go to the Google web portal on the web browser that you use.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Tap on +Read More..

What is Error 2 When Installing Dropbox? How to Fix It

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A Brief Guide To Fix Error 2 When Installing Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the cloud services that help you to store your data on cloud. However, there are times when users face issues with their Dropbox as in the Error2. However, the issue has nothing to do directly with Dropbox. Besides, it is an installation error that usually occurs when users attempt to install Dropbox in their PC. But the error might affect you sometimes and can create installation issue in your device.

Nevertheless, you can still troubleshoot the Dropbox Installer Error 2 with the help of some simple hacks. Hence, read this guide further and get to learn about fixing the Dropbox installation issues.

What Is Dropbox Installation Error 2? Overview

In the event, if your system does not have the minimum requirements to support Dropbox installation, then Dropbox Installer Error 2 might occur. Also, the issue might happen due to improper +Read More..

How do I fix sonar protection on Norton Internet Security?

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How to fix sonar protection in Norton? Learn it now

Sonar is one of the best safety as well as protection features for a computer in real-time which detects malicious applications while running any kind of Antivirus software. If you are a user of Norton Antivirus software and doing an effort to install this advanced feature on your mobile phone or computer device, you are required to check out the good configuration and storage capacity. Sonar protection always ensures your code is the widest safe to run on your computer against the malicious program that is received on your computer device through internet services. Hence, if you are thinking that how do I fix the Norton sonar protection error, you are required to download the Norton remove software that assists you in every sense perfectly.

What is Sonar protection from Norton?

When it comes to the SONAR, it is the abbreviation for Symantec +Read More..

Norton Product Key Activation - Step By Step Guide

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Norton Product Key Activation Procedure

Norton is the security software that allows everyone to secure their digital assets from being hacked by any unauthorized user. This anti-virus software was developed by NortonLifeLock and has been operating since 1991. It has developed and modified a lot in recent years. It helps the users to automatically search, detect and eliminate malware, bugs, trojans or other malicious software. Norton has the product key which provides to all its users who can contact its official support. It is easy to find and use that to activate the whole potential of its online resource.

How to Activate My Norton Product Key?

To activate your license Key, you need to access that by employing the steps that are given below.

  • Go to the official Norton website on your internet browser and click on My Account on the home page.
  • Click on the Email/username and Password in the essential field and +Read More..

How to Fix “Microsoft Teams Status Code 4c7”? Teams Help

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How to fix Microsoft teams error code 4c7

The Microsoft teams are being used by many organizations, schools, and institutions to work continuously in this pandemic. It has given a new meaning to the word meeting. Sometimes, you are not able to sign in to the app and this becomes problematic if you are having something important going on.  
Methods to fix Microsoft teams error code 4c7

If you are trying to sign in from a corporate network, you may see the message “Modern authentication failed here, but you’ll still be able to sign in. Your status code is 4c7”. In this article, we will focus on fixing Microsoft teams error code 4c7 with the simple steps below:

Method 1: Enabling forms authentication

  • Open the local directory of your computer
  • Go to the ADFS Microsoft Management Console
  • Inside the left panel of the screen, you will find the Authentication Policies. Click on it
  • Navigate your cursor +Read More..

How to setup Norton Antivirus | Norton.com/setup with Product Key

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Everything You Need To Know About Nortan Anti-Virus Installation:

Do you know, if you do not have anti-virus software installed on your laptop, it can create a problem for you later? Anti-virus software is an essential product that you should not forget when it comes to using your computer. In this article, you will find out about Norton Setup. You can learn about how to install it on your laptop and Windows 10 computer. Learning about Nortan installation and activation is essential for users who want to use Norton anti-virus protection.

 Norton anti-virus is one of the trustworthy brands available in the market since 1991 for users. It provides them with total computer security and helps them to identify viruses by providing phishing protection. It is right to say that once installed and downloaded, it Can do wonders. It protects your computer from hackers and viruses. It can act as an efficient +Read More..

How to Fix “This PC Can't Run Windows 11”? Windows 11 Help

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How to Fix this PC Cannot Run Windows 11?

The computer is the tool that every time helps the user to get their work done with efficiency & plus smoothness. PCs nowadays have been emerged as one of the most important tools of every single person, as it helps the user to perform their activities with compatibility & with PC the work is done much faster & with many conveniences. It is the upcoming major release of the Windows NT operating system, which is being developed by Microsoft. Now if you want to know all are the common issues that stop the functioning, then go through these points listed below;

  • Windows 11 might not be much compatible with the normal PC
  • Windows 11 might not be updated properly or installed with all configurations
  • Windows 11 software might get corrupted due to malware or virus while installing
  • TPM can be disabled on your computer
  • Secure boot option +Read More..

How do I fix Comcast Email not receiving Emails?

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How to fix when Comcast email not receiving emails? Acquire easiest methods:

Comcast email account is used by a number of users in order to send and receive emails across the world simply. It is basically used to store multiple data and send and receive information through email service at any time. Unfortunately, you confront with trouble with Comcast email not receiving emails, you are required to go through the cause of the issue and gain a basic clue to fix this issue without getting delay. 

Take a look at the causes of the issue:

If you have noticed that your Comcast email is not receiving any mail and you are browsing actual clue to solve the issue, you must go through the useful points and resolve the issue significantly. Let's know the simple causes that evolve such kind of issue to make someone confused +Read More..

Xbox Error E102: Get Solution To Fix Error E102

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How to fix Xbox error E102? Acquire Basic tips

Xbox is one of the finest and best video gaming brands which is created and owned by Microsoft. This brand is consists of five video game consoles, applications, streaming services, and online services by name of the Xbox network. It is the inbuilt feature of Microsoft used to play the most favorite game on the computer device pertinently. 

What is Xbox error E102?

When you confront an error with your Xbox on your Microsoft computer device, you are required to know the error with its cause and get a solution in a systematic way. If you notice some common and complex Xbox error E102 during startup or during the installation of an OS update, you are required to use a particular error code that is indicating an issue with the update process in a legitimate manner quite easily. 

How do you fix Xbox error E102?

When +Read More..

How do I Chat with Xbox Live Person? Live Chat Assist

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Know about Xbox live chat and the services they offer?

Are you looking for information about the Xbox live chat assistance as well as other details? Xbox provides live chat support for customers who may want assistance from the technical team. In addition, you may receive live chat assistance for any Xbox-related question at any time. Can find more information related to Xbox live chat below.

Does Xbox have live chat support?

Do you want to know if Xbox offers a live chat option or not? Xbox does provide customer assistance via live chat, which you may use to get help as described in the instructions below.

  • Go to the Xbox contact and select "Ask a Question" from the drop-down menu
  • Afterward, when a new window appears, enter Talk to an Agent on it
  • Then choose a product of the box and click the Next button
  • In the following window, choose an issue and click the +Read More..

How to get Verizon to call you back

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How to schedule a call back from Verizon?

There are times when you face issues with your Verizon email. In such a case, contacting the Verizon customer service team is a must. The best way to interact with the customer service team of Verizon is to place a phone call. Sometimes, the call can be missed or unanswered due to any reason. In such a case, you can ask Verizon to call you back. Now, the question will arise on how to get Verizon to call you back. You can message your contact number for such an issue, after which the customer representative will call you. Once they call you, elaborate on the problems that you are facing in your Verizon account. They will provide you a solution that will surely overcome your Verizon issue. 

Ways to schedule a call back from Verizon

  1. Navigate to +Read More..

What to do If getting Xbox Error Code 8c15000c?(Fixing Tips)

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A Brief Guide To Fix Xbox Error Code 8c15000c

Xbox is quite famous for its gaming services and related application. The gaming brand offers hassle-free gaming services to its users. However, there are times when users face different kinds of errors with their Xbox devices. But they are usually resolvable on their own. Besides, one can troubleshoot such errors without any hassle.

When it comes to Xbox error code 8c15000c, the error code is quite common on the gaming device. If you are also facing such an error in your Xbox device, then here’s what you need to know to fix Xbox error code 8c15000c.

Why Users Face The Error Xbox Error Code 8c15000c? Causes

The Xbox error code 8c15000c can be caused due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect billing info
  • If the user has entered the wrong billing address or post +Read More..

How to Get a Call Back from Xbox? Request a Call Back

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Often people who are severely interested in playing online games prefer Xbox for its immense popularity, and one can easily amazing games on this new generation source of gaming and the internet. Moreover, if you face any type of doubts with the whole setup or how to play the games, then you can take the help of their support team, who will call you back if you take up their helpline number service.

How to request a call back from Xbox?

  • To initiate a call back from Xbox, all you have to do is go to the settings of the main device account and then find the section or link of contact us here and then tap on billing.
  • Now, from billing, move to the settings of no thanks option of virtual agent followed by the settings of error message and code!
  • Next, move to the settings of step 3 and step 4 and +Read More..

How to fix Windows Error Code 255? | Unable to find File

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What do you know about Windows error 255 and how can you fix the bug you are encountering?

Technical things can break down anytime when you are using them. The same is the case with windows that can face the error while we are using them. With error, we are reminded of the error 255 of windows. Many users are not aware of what exactly this error is and so they raise the question about windows error code 255. So, let us first see what the error is all about.

Sometimes when you are using your windows, you face the windows error code 255 which means that the install shields is failed or crashed while windows were running. It means that the code is corrupted in some way and it stopped working at that point in time. This is an annoying error that can really piss you off. So, we are here +Read More..

How to Raise a Support Ticket with Microsoft Office 365?

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How to Raise a Support Ticket with Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft office suite is a total hub of all the services that are Microsoft is offering. But sometimes, people who log in to Microsoft accounts are not able to access certain properties or the features of the Microsoft account. If you cannot access the Microsoft account, you might need the help of the customer support team of Microsoft, and then you can easily take their help.

Raising a ticket support with Microsoft office 365 Team

While using the Microsoft account, you might face issues, and if you have to resolve it, you have to remain online because the support team can be contacted only through an official online platform. Note that all of these methods below will raise a ticket, and for that, having an internet connection is mandatory.

Log a ticket from the client app on the computer

When you raise a ticket, it +Read More..

How Do I Schedule(Request) a Call Back from T Mobile?

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How Can I Schedule Call Back with T Mobile?

Trying to reach the customer support team of T Mobile for resolving any kind of sudden query? But getting a long hold whenever you are calling? Then you don’t need to worry as you can schedule call back with T Mobile as per your preferences in a simple manner after following the below steps:

Schedule via Website: You can schedule a call at the official website whenever confront any kind of technical issue and you can follow the below steps to do that:

  • First of all, visit the official T Mobile website from your browser.
  • Log in to My T Mobile account using the login credentials.
  • You can scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click on the Support section.
  • Click on the Contact Us option.
  • Now click on the Schedule a callback tab.
  • Now you can enter the timing +Read More..

What to do if AOL Email not receiving Emails? | Fixing Tips

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Why am I not receiving my AOL Emails? How to Fix it:

AOL email not receiving emails is one of the most common issues for all the people who face their AOL Account. But an account not being able to receive any email is a prevalent issue, and you can always fix it with the help of some fundamental methods given in the below-given points.

Reasons because of which AOL account stops working:

Many causes are responsible for AOL email stops working, and if you are unable to receive or send emails s then consider the below-given reasons.

  • One of the most common reasons AOL Mail stops working or does not respond is the internet issue, and if you have any doubts, check the internet connection first.
  • And if there is no enough space in the AOL email, users cannot receive any fresh +Read More..

What to do if Snapchat is not working | Fix Snapchat Glitches

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Why Is Snapchat Not Working? Quick Fixes

Snapchat is an online service that is available on both iOS and Android devices. This American app supports multimedia messages. Creating and sharing funny and popular images & videos are supported by this app.

But, it does not work correctly in some cases due to some technical errors. Sometimes the downtime creates an issue in which it is not working up to the mark or sharing your reviews. This makes sense of uneasiness among its users who cannot use it anymore due to a technical issue hindering its functionality.

What are the Reasons For Snapchat Is Not Working?

  • The server of Snapchat is down or not working only in a specific region.
  • The phone is overheating, and its OS is not updated.
  • Your internet network is not working correctly in your area.
  • Snapchat does +Read More..

TurboTax Error 190 Fixes: Quick Guide to Fix Error 190

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A Quick Guide to Fix TurboTax Error 190

Is your TurboTax software showing the error 190? This can be annoying when you are in the middle of filing a tax. But you don’t have to worry because you can fix the error 190 occurring on your TurboTax within no time. To know how you can fix error 190, you may go through this guide.

TurboTax is a well-known software that is used for filing taxes electronically and claiming fast refunds. Sometimes, users face error 190 while using the services of TurboTax. This error may occur due to slow data processing because it is not easy for the software. It can cause two similar kinds of errors. Those are TurboTax error code 190. To fix these errors, users can follow this guide.

Fix the TurboTax Error code 190

To fix the TurboTax error code 190, users can use the two solutions given below. These two +Read More..

How Do I Get a Call Back from Comcast? Request a Callback

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How To Request Comcast/Xfinity Call Back?

Comcast is an American telecommunication giant that has millions of users worldwide. It deals in online services to allow its users to interact better with the digital world. It has tons of users who are using this service to obtain various services that are useful to them. It offers a stupendous UI and UX to all its users without charging a single penny. Its services are given to both persons and businesses.

Comcast is the owner of the Xfinity brand that also deals in online services. It gives its users an opportunity to connect directly with its support experts. It has its customer services offices in various localities of the world. However, the most cutting edge feature which this company offers is the callback that is made by customer support on request. This request should be made by the user and accepted only when proper credentials +Read More..

How to Access AOL Mail Account? AOL Mail Troubleshooting

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Everything you need to know about the AOL login process

AOL is a versatile email service provider that is used by many active users across the world. In this article, you will read about the formalities and issues that might occur at the time of login to the account. Stay tuned to read till the end.

How to access an AOL mail account? 

To access the AOL account using your email address, you need to follow some very simple steps that can assist you to keep away from the hassle:

  • First, you need to open up the browser of your device.
  • The next step is to open the official login page in the AOL mail.
  • There you need to enter the appropriate combination of email address and password as linked with the account.
  • Clicking on the sign-in option will lead you to open up the page that you wish to access.

This is how you can easily access +Read More..

How do I complain to Apple? | Report a Problem to Apple Support

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Everything that you need to know about the complaints process at Apple:

Apple is a famous technology company based out of the United States of America, is known for its high-quality product and very well-maintained customer services. It has millions of active users around the world. Apple makes high-quality gadgets and the software that can run on them. It has created a massive ecosystem of devices where each and every utility device like earphones, laptops, phones, etc. can communicate with each other quite easily, thus making the life of a consumer very productive. In this article, you will come to know about your query: how do I complain to apple?

How do I complain about Apple products?

Fortunately, Apple provides easy-to-follow steps to report these issues to the customer care service. To give feedback on a product one can follow these steps:-

Cheapest Internet Service for Seniors: Top 7 Internet Providers

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Everything that you need to know about the affordable internet service for seniors

In today's time, the internet has become one of the basic requirements for all age groups. And in the case of seniors, the internet can prove to be a valuable tool. By accessing the internet, the senior not only can stay connected with their loved ones but they can even access helpful services like online shopping, music, or ordering food. Also, the user can use the internet services for home security purposes and automated temperature settings. 

Indeed, the internet services for seniors are really helpful but the monthly charges might get over the budget. Luckily, there are a few internet service providers who are offering low cost internet for seniors. So, for those looking for the information on the same, they can go through the article and access the internet services without any interruption. 

Best Internet service providers offering low-cost +Read More..

How do I get Google USA Search Result?

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Step by Step Guide on Google USA

If you are a regular Google user and the only search engine that you use is the Google Search engine then that’s great news because Google is the only service provider which provides a varied search result depending upon region to region. If you are planning to make a search on Google but you only want to see the results from the USA region, no worries.

If you only want to get google USA search results, you can easily manage the same with the help of the below-mentioned points;

What is the Google USA search result?

In order for you to understand the procedure on how to get the search results from the Google USA region, you’ll first have to understand what basically Google USA search result is.

Google USA search result means that the search you’ll be making will be completely based upon the USA region. No +Read More..

AT&T Low Income Internet: Internet Service for $10/mo

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What is the AT&T low-income internet program?

AT&T is an internet provider that provides internet at a reasonable rate. AT&T low-income internet is helpful in multiple ways. You can access AT&T's internet for education purposes, job search and medical resources, and contacting families and friends. Apart from this, there are several benefits of associating with AT&T internet. You will get free installation and wifi at your home, free from the annual contract, and no advance deposit. All these services attract people to connect with AT&T internet. 

How do I sign up for AT&T Low Income Internet?

AT&T offers the best low cost internet connection. You should join your hands with AT&T. To do so, you need to sign up for your AT&T account. First of all, go to the official web portal of AT&T. On the home page, you will see an option of “Get Started”. Hit that option after which you +Read More..

How do I email Facebook with a problem? Facebook Email Support

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Facebook Email Customer Support: Can I send an email to Facebook?

Facebook is an appreciable social media platform that has been engaged in its service since 2004. Its mammoth user base uses this service to connect digitally to another person on this platform. But, sometimes they face some obstacles due to any confusion in using this online service.

Considering this, Facebook has created an email support channel where you can submit your query for resolving any technical issue. This support method is turning out to be very helpful in gaining a solution. This method is considered as an old way but sending email is no less than a great method of communication.

You can easily accomplish this task by using the official rules made for using this support method. The reply will be provided by this method which is valid and updated to resolve your +Read More..

Is Yahoo Customer Service 24 Hours? Yahoo Mail Help

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Can we get help with the Yahoo agent via phone call?

Are you facing issues while using your Yahoo services? If yes, then we can understand what you might be going through. This is the reason that people hunt for the aid of customer support agents. But some users are not aware of how they can get help from the customer support agents. So, we are here to give you with the best ways of getting the assistance of the live agents of yahoo via phone call. You will have to open the official website of yahoo and then go to the “Technical support” page. You will find the helpline number of yahoo there on which you can call. Then you can seek the best assistance of the customer support agents.

Does yahoo have the live chat option for its users to get assistance?

Yahoo has +Read More..

How Do I Live chat with Optus? Optus Digital Assistant

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A comprehensive guide about Optus application

Optus application is a software used to monitor our usage of the internet, helps us to pay bills, and assist in many other things. In this article, you are going to read about events where you might feel the need to connect with the customer executive via Optus live chat 24/7 facility.

How can I chat with Optus?

  • You can simply initiate a chat with afters by following the below-mentioned methods:
  • Visit the official website of Optus and avail of the contact us option.
  • You will see that the officials are available to assist you 24 hours on all the seven days of the week.
  • Digital assistants will assist you with all the possible solutions of your problems. 
    What do you have to say about the safety of initiating a chat with Optus?

Optus is a trusted brand that caters to the needs of millions of people across the world. The +Read More..

Does Verizon have a live chat? Verizon Digital Chat Bot

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How can I get in touch with the Verizon FIOS live person customer service?

FIOS basically stands for fiber optic services and Verizon initiates the services which are fiber optimized.

The services that it offers sometimes need certain assistance for the customers who utilize them. For the same, Verizon officials can be contacted via various options that have been inculcated in this article.

Possible methods to get in touch with the Verizon FIOS live person customer service

These are the methods using which you can easily get in touch with the customer support executives in the events of inconvenience:

  • You can opt to place a call to the official number of Verizon i.e. 1(800) 922-0204 whenever you need assistance in the FIOS. This is one of the most prominent methods of taking assistance as you can ask as many questions as you want +Read More..

Which Internet Is Better(Faster) AT&T or Xfinity?

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Which Internet Is Better AT&T or Xfinity?

The onset of the internet changed the way technology works. We have drawn more towards technological advancement with the cooperation of the internet. Almost every task we do is done using the internet. 

Since every work is done in the presence of the internet, it becomes important to be a part of the family of the best internet service provider. You could see the availability of multiple internet service providers and they all try to work flawlessly and aim at providing the best internet-related services. 

Two of the renowned internet service providers are Xfinity and AT&T. These both are American internet service providers offering multiple products and services. These both are top-notch and there has always been comparison and competition between these two. If you also want to know which is better, AT&T or Xfinity internet, then you would have to continue reading. 

AT&T v/s Xfinity- Which +Read More..

(Guide) How do I reset my Cogeco WIFI?

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How Do I Reset My Cogeco Wifi?

There are times when you may face some problems while using the Cogeco wifi service. Most of the time, it happens due to some technical error or server down. But in some cases, the issue gets fixed by doing a few simple steps. Among which resetting the wifi is the most reliable troubleshooting step. So, if you wonder how to reset Cogeco WiFi, you should go through the instructions explained below.

Steps to Reset Cogeco WiFi

  • First and foremost, you are required to unplug the Cogeco WiFi modem from the power source.
  • Once you unplug the modem, you should find the RESET or REBOOT hole at the back of the modem.
  • Using a straightened paperclip or similar thing, you need to insert it in the hole and press the paperclip at least for 3 seconds.
  • +Read More..

How Do I Transfer My Verizon Email to Gmail(Tips)

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How to transfer my Verizon email to Gmail?

If you are looking to transfer Verizon email to Gmail, then it will be a better & good initiative that a user should take because Verizon email is no longer the part of AOL mail & it is better to get your emails from there to a better place now, if you want to know that how to transfer Verizon email to Gmail so that you easily get out of this problem.

Just follow these steps that will import Verizon email to Gmail with the manual process:

  • First of all, you have to login Gmail account for your import targeted account
  • Then, into Gmail, you have to go to the settings option
  • Then there you will navigate to accounts & import & just click on import emails option
  • After this, a pop-up window will appear on your screen, and here you have to enter your Verizon email address
  • Then +Read More..

Is Your Comcast Email is Not Working? Checkout The Solutions

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How to fix Comcast Email not Working? Step By Step Solution:

A lot of people who have accounts on Comcast email often complain of not being able to connect to the email or login. This might appear as a common issue but there are a lot of people who suffer from this problem because they end up forgetting the password or maybe any technical glitch affects the account. Now if you are facing this issue on your newly established Comcast email then don’t panic as you can always fix the issue by simply going through the below-given points.

Reasons behind Comcast email not working:

Eventually, people complain about Comcast email not working and if you are one of those then study the following points that are responsible for the Comcast email not working. Here are some of the points that can be considered.

  • If you find Comcast not working then maybe the most common +Read More..

Is Outlook a Good & Safe Email to Use? Outlook Info

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What do you know about the outlook services?

Outlook is one of the best email service providers in the market that renders some of the best services to its users. We know that the users make the account on Outlook so that you can now avail the best services. We know that Outlook provides many amenities and facilities to its users, and one such facility is to share important information with your friends, business associates, and clients. Yes, you heard it right. You can now get to enjoy this by logging in to their outlook account.

Outlook account has been providing many features to the users. You can now enjoy the features like user-interface, friendly with the users in the outlook account that attracts the users and they make the account. We have seen many users asking the question about Outlook, “Is outlook a good email?” +Read More..

Comcast Email Password Reset | How to Recover comcast.net Account?

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What are the quick steps to reset the Comcast email password?

Are you one of those users who have lost access to their Comcast email account and are looking for details regarding the password reset process? Here, is the process to create a new password for the email account.

Further, for the Comcast Email Password Reset process, the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Begin the process by opening the official Comcast sign-in page using a preferred browser. 

  • Then, the user needs to click on the Forgot password link present on the page and proceed.

  • After that, the user can mention the username for the account and enter the Captcha.

  • Further, the user can select a password reset option like email id, security questions, or phone number. 

  • Then, the user can open the provided password reset link and proceed. 

  • +Read More..

Cogeco Email Not Working? Fix Send & Receive Emails Problem

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Here’s How To Troubleshoot Cogeco Email Address

Cogeco email is one of the finest webmail accounts that offers user-friendly services. The webmail is availed by the Canadian telecommunications and media company Cogeco Inc. These accounts are used for both sending and receiving emails to other non-Cogeco and Cogeco email users.

However, there are times when users face issues with their email account such as the Cogeco email not working, and this could happen due to various reasons. Hence, read further to know about the causes for the issue and how to troubleshoot it.

Why Your Cogeco Email Is Not Able To Work? Causes

Incorrect Email Configuration Settings

Incorrect POP3 and IMAP settings can also cause your cogeco email not working. However, one can contact the tech experts at Cogeco and get real time help from them. Besides, they’ll surely help you with the +Read More..

How do I get an access to my bell email?

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How Do I Access My Bell Email?

Sending and receiving mails have become a necessary task in our day to day life. Almost every official work takes place by exchanging mails through this online channel. There have been a lot of email service providers since ages. All of them aim at providing a flawless platform to send and receive mails. 

One of the top-notch email service providers is Bell Internet which gave the commendable mailing address namely Bell Email. Currently, there are more than 3 million users of Bell Email in Canada. Now, if you are also using a Bell Email, and are facing any problem, then you will be provided with satisfactory customer service. 

However, one of the most commonly asked questions about Bell Email is how to access Bell Email? If you are also searching for an answer for this question, then continue +Read More..

How Do I Speak to NetZero Live Technician? by Phone & Email

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How to contact NetZero customer service?

NetZero is a well-known internet service provider which is headquartered in Los Angeles, United States. NetZero is known for providing amazing, high-speed internet services and Mobile Broadband services at affordable rates. It also provides free and unlimited email services which can be used from any internet-connected device.

NetZero is also famous for providing great customer support to keep up with its services and its image in the market. NetZero customers can get instant assistance on every issue by contacting the Netzero email customer service. This can be done using many different ways but to get a quick solution, the customers need to use some specific ways which can help them in getting instant help from NetZero support team.

Speak to NetZero Customer Service Agent by Phone:

If you want to +Read More..

How Do I Contact Bell Canada? By Phone and Email

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How Can I Contact Bell Canada Customer Service?

Bell Canada rarely shows a problem while using it but all the issues can be fixed by doing a few simple steps. The basic troubleshooting method can help you to access its service without any flaw. In case the issue persists even after doing the steps, you should contact the Bell Canada customer service. A number of ways are there in which you can connect with an expert and get help to fix the issues. So, read the given information to fix an issue.

What are the different ways to get help from Bell Canada Customer Service?

Contact by Phone -

You can dial 1 866 310- (2355) anytime to get assistance from the technical experts. No matter what type of issue you see with your Bell Canada account, if you find any trouble, the issue +Read More..

Sympatico(Bell) Email Password Recovery/Reset Guide

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How to recover my Sympatico email password? Acquire guidance

Sympatico email account consists of Bell email that offers genuine free webmail service to share emails to the clients and users at any time. It allows users to distribute the heavy attachment file at any time simply. This free webmail account is associated with a number of features and services such as get an easy-to-use floating toolbar for quick access, get a smart way to sort and categorize to keep your inbox organized, obtained an optimized mobile experience, and so on. If you are a user of the Sympatico email account and trying to access using its correct email address and password to access, you must visit its sign-in website and access your account simply.

How to recover the Sympatico email password?

In case you find something wrong during accessing your Sympatico email account, make sure +Read More..

How Do I Solve(Fix) the Microsoft Teams Black Screen

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How Do I Fix Microsoft Teams Screen Black Issues?

Microsoft teams is world’s largest communication platform that is embraced by the most of the organization. With this, one can easily do quality video conferencing. Here users can store files and share information too. It is quite safe and secure and for this, it is widely accepted. 

However, users face issues like black screens. This can affect the whole work and even with a black screen, you will not able to attend meetings. But there are several methods through which you can easily Fix Microsoft Teams Black Screen problem. We have covered the techniques below, you can direct them. 

Top Ways To Solve The Microsoft Teams Screen Blacks Issues 

There are simple ways that you can manage easily without any external assistance. 

  • Restart The Microsoft Teams 

You should start with the most common solutions. There are many small bugs that may create such issues whiles starting the teams. Here +Read More..

How do I stop my Android screen from flickering?

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How to stop the android screen from Flickering?

All day long we use apps on phone and laptops because of which the devices get exhausted. And while accessing any type of device, it is very important to keep it updated with the latest version of operating device. Now suppose if you are using android phone and the screen starts flickering or is not working properly then maybe it is because device is functioning properly. However sometimes people are unable to figure out what to do in order to fix Android devices not working. For finding more, tap below.

Ways to stop android device flickering

Are you using Android device and now all of a sudden it has stopped working properly? If yes then here are the ways how to fix android screen flickering.

Reboot your phone

If you are using Android device but its +Read More..

How can I talk to tech support representative?

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What exactly is tech support service?

Today’s world belongs to the technology and we can’t even imagine our life without gadgets and technology. However sometimes the application or the technology that we use stops responding and people are unable to access certain technical websites or the applications! In any of this scenario, they can take up the assistance of the support team associated with every technical field. Whether you are using someone’s services or the applications, technical organizations always have the backup of a support team that is present all the time to help people with the issues they are juggling with.

How to talk to the technical support team?

If you are looking for the ways to talk to tech support that gives assistance to the people using technical products and services then keep the following points in mind. 

How do I Contact Rogers Customer Service? Phone & Chat Help

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How to contact the customer support executives of the Rogers email?

Rogers email has been endowing the users with high-speed internet and online services. You can also enjoy access to emails and can share them with your friends, business associates, and clients. You can now enjoy exchanging information with your business associates in the most reliable form of communication, email. Sometimes we face an issue in our account for which we require the help of the customer support persons. But, many of us are not aware of where we can get help from Rogers’s customer service. So, we are here with methods by which you can contact them and can get help.

Ways to get support with Rogers customer support person:

By Phone number:

You can call on the toll-free number of Rogers email to get the resolution of all the issues. You can +Read More..

Low Cost Internet Service: Find Cheapest Internet Deals

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How to get low cost internet service? Providing easiest advice

Internet service has become considerably important for everyone, especially for those people who are working from home in these COVID pandemic circumstances. There is a number of brands and company that offers the best internet service packages at a lower rate. Internet service’s package makes you quite active to get the best internet service at an affordable at a proper time. Low cost Internet service will make you quite eligible to get in touch with your clients and customer at every time and also you can complete your office’s daily task in a significant manner simply.

How to get low cost internet service?

If you want to secure the best internet service and want to connect with your email service and offices panel without internet interruption, you must seek excellent internet service at the lowest +Read More..

How do I fix corrupted files on Windows 10? 4 Easy Ways

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How to fix corrupted files in Windows 10?

Are you facing issues in your Windows 10 due to corrupted files? If so, then you need not to worry as we will provide the related information on the same. A corrupted file in window 10 is one that is damaged and does not work properly. There are plenty of reasons behind this issue such as power outage, full system crash, problem in updating and many others. Go through the below described ways in order to resolve the corrupted file issue in window 10.

Different ways to resolve the Window 10 System File corruption:

  1. Use the Deployment Image Servicing and Management Tool (DISM): DISM is a popular free utility offered by Windows.  To run the DISM on your system, you need to follow below directions:
  • Go to start and write CMD in the search box.
  • +Read More..

Pop up Blocker on Windows 10- Turn off(Disable) Guide

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Simple steps to turn off the pop up blocker on windows 10

Know what is a pop up blocker

A pop up blocker is a pop up menu that seems to be occurring when you open your preferred web browser. In other words, we can say that in order to minimize any pop up issue, a pop up blocker is required. Once you open your web browser, you see several notifications popping up on your device screen. These are pop ups. Once you block them they will not be visible again.

The pop up can be in the form of ads, malware, or any other unwanted windows. You need to disable them so we use pop up blocker. Whereas there are some sites that need some ads. So, in that case, you have to turn off the pop up blocker. 

Here in this blog, +Read More..

How do you turn off antivirus on Mac & in Windows?[Solved]

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Quickly Turn Off Antivirus on Your Windows and Mac with These Simple Steps

Having an antivirus program in your computer is one of the best ways to protect it against any kind of viruses, malware, spam, and hacking activities along with device safety. But there are lots of sudden situations come when lots of users turn off antivirus program in their computer due to varied reasons especially whenever they install any new program in their devices because sometimes many problems while installing a program and the only solution to get rid of this problem is turning off antivirus program from your particular device whether it’s Windows or Mac.

How to Turn Off Antivirus on Windows?

Would you like to turn off your preferred antivirus program on your Windows computer? Then you can very smoothly do that if you know about the process of turning it +Read More..

Can I cancel Xfinity TV and keep Internet? Info

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How can I cancel Xfinity TV by keeping Internet?

Do you want to cancel your Xfinity TV and want to keep the internet? If yes, then here is the solution for you. Given below are the steps that will help you to cancel your Xfinity TV while keeping internet. Also, you can make contact with the Comcast customer service team to resolve any sort of issue related to your Comcast.

In case you want to cancel Xfinity service, follow the steps mentioned below. In case, you encounter any issue related to your Comcast, then feel free to get in touch with the support team of Comcast. Once you get connected with the support team, the certified technicians will resolve all your issues and make sure that you overcome your problem.

Steps to cancel Xfinity TV while keeping the internet

Follow the steps described below +Read More..

Xfinity Troubleshooting: Fix Internet Not Working Issue

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How to fix Xfinity internet not working

Xfinity internet services are offered by Comcast and the service is truly reliable and also offers a wide range of fast speed internet connection to users across the globe. The cable internet plans provide friendly bundle options for the users and which is why it is regarded as one of the most sought-after options among the users who are looking for reliability and speed for their wifi or internet connection.

However, there could be instances where the users may face Xfinity internet not working. If you are one of those who are facing issues and trouble with Xfinity internet connection, then you are advised to stick until the end of this paper and you will be good to go.

This paper will also include certain quick-fixes for eradicating the complications and issues with Xfinity, but getting straight into the fixes let us first consider some of +Read More..

How do I contact AOL Customer Support for Help?By Phone,Email

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How do I contact AOL customer service?

Are you looking for simple ways to connect to the support team of AOL? If yes, then no need to panic as here you will get the relevant information on the same. AOL is a popular email service that is used for sending and receiving emails. Many times, the user encounters various types of issues with the AOL account but it can be fixed easily. If you wish to know how do I call AOL for help, then you have to go through the below-mentioned ways.

To Speak to AOL Customer Service:

if you want to speak to a live person at AOL customer service, you need to dial 1-800-827-6364. to connect with the agent, press 5 and stay on the line and wait til your call gets connected to the next available agent (typical wait time is +Read More..

How do I fix my TiVo Internet connection problems?

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How Can I fix the issue of the TiVo internet connection?

TiVo internet connection has always provided high-speed internet to its users. You can get the best services by using this. But, when you face the issues in this modem, you hunt for various methods to get the issue resolved. You can now take the steps mentioned below to get rid of the issues.

If you require help to eradicate the TiVo internet connection problems, then you can take the steps that we are listing below for your reference. For more information, you can seek the help of customer care executives.

Troubleshooting steps to fix the issue of TiVo internet connection:

  • Check your modem’s power cord connections

The users can plug in the modem and switch on the indicator lights. Then, you will have to ensure that the power cord is connected to +Read More..

Know How to Use Google Chat? Chat with Google

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How to use Google chat? Help with Google Chat

Google is one of the biggest and best search sites in the world. In today's era, Google plays an important role in student's education and it also helps teachers in improving their proficiency. Google helps us in finding the information about any data easily within seconds. It is also considered a trustworthy resource because it provides better and relevant results about any data. Google continuously updates their content of research and focuses on their users and their satisfaction as well. In this topic, we are going to discuss how to use Google Chat. 

Google Chat

It is a communication software built by Google which allows group discussion and helps in sending direct messages as well. Google chat also involves Google Drive. Along with group messages google chat involves the function of Google Drive which helps in +Read More..

Chat with Live Agent at Microsoft

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How Can I Chat With The Microsoft Support Team?

Microsoft works to provide various techniques to all its customers. Sometimes, its users are confused due to some technical failures. In this hour of technical difficulty, these users always look for the method which is very useful for all its users to finish. As a solution, they want to contact the customer service team to get additional details.

How to chat with Microsoft Customer Support?

The best way to contact Microsoft customer service is the use of a live chat method (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/contact/virtual-agent/). It allows you to get in touch with the support team through this digital platform. If you also want to Chat With Microsoft Support, then you should always use its official method. Here, you are required to use the steps which are given below.

  • Launch https://www.microsoft.com/ to visit its official website from +Read More..

How Do I Stop Microsoft Teams from Starting Automatically?

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Step by Step Guide on how to stop Microsoft teams from starting automatically

Apart from our day to day Smartphones, the Desktop Pc, Laptops we use, every device has software or hardware related to Microsoft. On your system, it has the operating system of Microsoft, which is windows. Not only the operating system but also the software it uses like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and much more.

Microsoft has been a part of the platform from a very long time and provides next-level services whether it is building base software for the customers to use or to resolve the queries or the problems the customers are facing. Even with Microsoft, problems can arise as the most common problem is whenever we switch on our system, at the home page appears, the Microsoft teams starts automatically. This is a very common problem which is faced by a +Read More..

How to Contact(Request) Google to Restore an Account?

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How to Request Google to restore an account?

Restoring a disabled Google account is an easy task and it can be done by using some really simple steps. But if the users are not able to restore their account on their own then they can contact the Google customer service to get assistance for restoring their account. 

Users are free to contact Google to restore account anytime. A live person from Google will surely help the user to restore the account in a hassle free way. But before restoring a diabled Google account, users should know the reason behind the account being disabled. Google account can be disabled due to many different reasons and the most common reasons are given below:

  1. An account is disabled if there is a sign of the account being hacked.
  2. In case of +Read More..

[Fixes] Not Working Issues with "Hey Google" or "Ok Google"

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How Can I Resolve the "Hey Google" Not Functioning Issue?

Google provides its users with the facility to search the difficult things easily through the voice search feature. This feature is available to billions of its users through Android or iOS devices in the form of a mobile application. The voice command is provided through “Hey Google” words. Sometimes, these words become ineffective to use this service on your device. This can be a reason to create chaos for some users who depend highly on the voice search command.

How to Fix "Ok Google" or "Hey Google" Inoperative Problem?

Fixing your Google Assistant not working on the Hey Google command is easy and you can do this with a snap of your finger. To fix the Ok Google or Hey Google Not Working issue, you should use the basic yet effective technical methods. You can +Read More..

Does Yahoo have Live Chat Support? Yahoo Chat Assist

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Does Yahoo Have Live Chat Support?

Yahoo is a web based mailing platform where you can send and receive mails for free. If you are a Yahoo email account user then you will know how flawlessly it works.

However, users may face tiny issues with their Yahoo account. If you are one of those users, then there is no need to worry as you can get a prompt solution to your problem with Yahoo customer service. So, are you facing issues with your Yahoo mail account? Do you want to contact the help center of Yahoo? Let’s see how to get a benefit from Yahoo live chat. 

Can you talk to a live person at Yahoo? 

Does Yahoo have live chat support? Yes, Yahoo does provide the facility of live chat to its customers. If you want to talk to a yahoo live chat representative, then you can choose the option of talking to +Read More..

How to fix Antivirus not working in windows 10?[Complete Guide]

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Why my antivirus is not working? and How to Fix it?

Antivirus plays a crucial role in today's scenario where cybercrime has literally crossed all limits. In such cases, the prime concern of the users is to protect their information on their devices. Hackers around the globe are looking for certain slight crevices through which they can hack into the systems and devices, hence the role played by an anti-virus thus becomes vital and important. But what happens if your device stops supporting the antivirus. In such a condition your device remains exposed to foreign attacks that can either corrupt the information or else can take it away. Well if you are one of those who are facing similar issues then there is no need to worry as today we are going to include the definite ways that will surely help you with the work of the +Read More..

How do I fix Windows Search Not Working? Search bar settings

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How Do I Fix Windows Search Not Working?

Windows search is a flexible search tool that helps you search whatever you want, no matter what it is and where it is. At times, windows search doesn’t work and it can happen because of multiple reasons. It becomes irritating when the Windows search doesn’t work. 

The multiple reasons because of which windows search doesn’t work might take little effort to get fixed. However, it won’t take much time to fix the problem if your windows search isn’t working and you can do it yourself. How to do it? If you are wondering what to do when my windows search is not working, then you will get the answer today. 

Different ways to fix the problem of Windows Search not working-

  • You need to check updates- In Windows 10, you have the choice of when and how you are going to get the latest +Read More..

AOL Account Recovery: How to reset forgotten Password & Username?

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AOL Email Account Recovery: How to bypass AOL email password

AOL is one of the most used email service providers, which allows you to send and receive emails. But if in any unfortunate event you are not able to log in to your account and you want to gain access to it, you can follow the below-mentioned measures to do so - 

How do I recover my AOL account without a phone number?

If you have lost access to your account but you don't have the alternate phone number of your account, you can do so with the help of below-mentioned points - 

  • On the web browser of your page, visit the official website of AOL login.
  • In the boxes provided, input your username in the box and then click on Next.
  • On the following page, it will ask you for the +Read More..

How can I change my router/WiFi password TP-Link?

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How Can I Change TP-link Router Password?

Wireless Fidelity, popularly known as Wi-fi is like a best friend to almost everyone. There is no age bar for its friendship. Nowadays, it seems impossible to imagine our life without wifi. 

Homes, offices, schools, cafes, name a single place where wifi is not found. However, the access to its usage is preferred to be limited. We only like to share our wifi password with a few people, and it becomes irritating when we find our wifi password wandering. It is often advised to contact your wifi dealer in case you want to change your wifi password. In case you are not able to reach out to your dealer but need to change the password immediately, you might ask, how can I change TP-link router password? 

Steps to change TP-link router password-

  1. Using the router’s default IP address / login to Router Admin Panel. 

  2. Then you +Read More..

(Solved)How do I reset my Verizon router?

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The process you need to follow to reset the Verizon router

Sometimes, the users find themselves in a situation where they forget their Verizon router's password, and all they are left with is resetting their router. But, still, there is trouble for them as they are unaware of this process. So, to take them out of this problematic situation, we are here with the solution to this issue to provide the best steps to get your Verizon router reset.

To get your Verizon router reset, you can follow the process mentioned below. The below-mentioned steps are easy to take and will hardly consume much of your time. It will help if you go through them to get your Verizon router reset. The basic method that can only take 2 minutes is to go for the manual reset.

Steps to reset your Verizon router:

  • The first step is to find the reset button present on +Read More..

(Tips)How to Enable Windows 10 Fast Startup

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How To make the Windows 10 Fast Startup?

While using any device or application, it’s really very important to keep updating it to draw maximum results in performance. However sometimes being engrossed using computers or laptops, people forget to update or re-boot the device. And if you use the Windows device then after updating the operating system, often the device takes forever to boot. There could be several reasons behind that and to resolve the issue, people can take the help of the following mediums and increase the startup.

Tips to make Windows device start faster

The feature that helps the device to turn on sooner is known by the name of the fast startup in windows 10. As per this name, whenever someone shuts the computer then instead of throwing away all the data in the RAM section, windows will create a +Read More..

(Roku Fixes)How to fix a black screen on a Roku?

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How can you fix the black screen error on Roku?

Are you facing a black screen error on Roku and searching for the solutions to fix it? The black screen problem on Roku can occur if the streaming player requires an update, or if there are problems with your television. The black screen error on Roku can be caused by a number of factors, including system updates, incorrect cable connections during installation, failure to pick the correct HDMI cable, or the antenna mounted to the TV. You can learn how to fix the Roku black screen error by following simple and clear solutions from below.

Reset Roku device

  • Turn on the Roku device at first then hold the home menu to get access Roku home screen
  • Further, navigate to advanced settings and choose Factory reset then submit the code to display on the screen
  • +Read More..

Get Fixes For Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen

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How Can I Fix Windows 10 Stuck On The Welcome Screen?

Windows 10 is the most useful OS which has various users across the globe. If you are using any device with Windows 10, you should have come across a situation in which your display unit is stick to the welcome screen. Various reasons cause this issue and you need to complete it by using numerous technical methods. Here, you do not need to get any expert help to resolve this issue. You just need to follow these methods to fix the technical issue which you are facing.

How to resolve the Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen problem?

You can easily resolve the Windows 10 not working issue and eradicate the paused welcome screen with the following methods.

Restart your Computer or Laptop

One of the basic methods which you can use +Read More..

9 Tips to Fix Webcam(Camera) Not Working on Windows 10

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How to fix webcam not working on Windows 10

During the lockdown period when everyone was working and interacting with friends and family from home, the most annoying and frustrating thing which was faced by some of us was webcam not working properly. We know it can be a difficult situation to deal with that is why below we have mentioned step by step procedure to resolve your webcam issue no matter whether it is an integrated webcam or a separate hardware that you mount over your monitor’s screen. 

Guide to fix webcam not working on Windows 10 

In case your webcam is not working on Windows 10 then you should try these steps one by one until your problem is resolved. 

    1. Unplug and connect the USB cable again to fix the connectivity issue. Sometimes there might be an issue in the cable +Read More..

Windows 10 Slow Performance Issue Fixes: Improve PC Speed

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Don’t know how to fix Windows 10 slow performance issue? Get Specific solutions

It is pretty common to experience technical glitches with your computer device abruptly. It has been observed that there are many Windows users who experience reduced performance issues in Windows 10. You might face such kind of an issue from input lags, and there is one way where we can fix it is by tweaking some page file settings in Windows 10. So if you are getting so frustrated with this kind of issue and want to fix Windows 10 slow performance issue, you need to check out the causes of the issue to find the solution within a short period of time.

Check out the cause of Windows 10 slow performance issue:

  • Make sure that your Windows 10 PC may feel sluggish and running so many programs in the background.
  • +Read More..

How do you fix err connection reset in Windows 10?

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Don’t know how to fix err connection reset in Windows 10? Fixes

Sometimes, most of the users find err connection when you reset your Windows 10 at this, you need to check out the cause of the issue that makes you active to find the clue to solving the issue within a short period of time. You can check the internet connection that you are using and try to change the settings of the internet service that helps you to solve the issue soon. It has been observed that there are millions of people who generally believe to use the Google Chrome internet browser to experience the better navigation that typically comes with numerous internet services.

Such kind of service is generally enhanced resource consumption and great design to manage internet service in a logical manner. So if you face err_connection_reset windows 10, you need to +Read More..

How do I fix the print spooler in Windows 10?

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Resolved: Check out the quick solutions to resolve printer spooler error with Windows 10

Though Windows 10 makes it easier for the users to print various documents and files, there are times when users might encounter some issues with the printer like print spooler error. For the users who are not aware, the print spooler is a file that stores various print jobs within the print queue that is retrieved by the print server. 

So, for the users who are encountering print spooler error windows 10, then you don't need to fret out as it is a very common issue among the users and can be fixed by using instant solutions mentioned in this article. 

Solutions to fix printer spooler error with Windows 10 instantly

1) Run troubleshooter 

One of the basic solutions to fix print spooler error windows 10 is by running a troubleshooter +Read More..

[6 Fixes]Windows was Unable to Complete the Format

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Ways to Fix the Issue Of " Windows Unable to Complete the Format Task"

In order to sustain any device or appliance, it’s very important to take care of that and update the settings. For example, if you are using a Computer or a windows laptop then it’s really mandatory to format the device to clear off all the piled up cache and update the settings.

Windows unable to get the format

Despite all the steps a user follows, often window device crashes and is unable to successfully format the device. Similarly if in your case Windows was unable to complete the format there are ways with which you can settle the following issue and get it done.

Ways to fix the error of unsuccessful format in windows

Following are the simplest troubleshooting methods with which you can fix the issue +Read More..

Fix Bluetooth Not Working Problem On Windows 10[Quick Fix]

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How to fix Bluetooth not working problem in Windows 10?

Bluetooth is one of the prominent used wireless connections for accessories, mobile devices, and computers. To pair it up, it is important that the devices are in the same environment, operating between 10m and 15m distance, based on the device. Some users of Windows 10 PCs may face problems using Bluetooth, but it can fix Bluetooth not showing in Windows 10 with the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Make Bluetooth visible to other devices:

  • On the Windows 10 computer, you need to tap the Start Menu button in the left corner of the screen. After that, choose the “Settings” icon.
  • On the “Settings” screen, choose the “Devices” button.
  • In the menu on the left of the screen, tap on “Bluetooth”. Make sure that the key “Enabled” mode is in blue. This means that +Read More..

Fixes For iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi

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How can you fix iPhone not connecting to the Wi-Fi issue?

Have you ever encountered an issue when your iPhone stops connecting to the Wi-Fi? If you have faced this situation you might know how annoying it can be. Well, this is a common issue and can happen with anyone. However, to overcome this error, there are several things you can do. Here is a list of a few of those things you need to try and check in your iPhone.

What to do when your iPhone does not connect to the Wi-Fi?

Below are some of the areas you need to cross-check to fix the iPhone not connecting to the wifi issue:

Check whether your Wi-Fi is ON or OFF

The primary mistake due to which your Wi-Fi might not be working on your iPhone is that you have not turned on your Wi-Fi option. Make sure to turn it on.

Turn off your Airplane/Flight +Read More..

How do I fix my printer from printing blank pages?

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How Can You Fix My Printer From Printing Blank Pages?

Almost in every place from school to home, you can find a printer. They make our life easy and turn memories into photos. It has huge importance in the modern world, and now we are in a situation, where we cannot imagine a world without printers. 

However, it is a technical product and you may some kind of flaws in it. The most frustrating part is that when the printer starts printing blank pages. Though, you can easily fix printer from printing blank pages, how? We have covered some troubleshooting methods below. 

Methods to Fix Blank Pages Printing Issue 

Fortunately, there is more than one way to solve this issue. We have covered some most preferable ones. 

  1. Reset Printers 

Numerous times restarting or reset the printer can solve many complex problems. +Read More..

How to Put/Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

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What are the steps to add YouTube videos in PowerPoint?

The users find a way to enhance the PowerPoint presentations by adding YouTube video in it. Adding the YouTube in PowerPoint will make your presentation worth it. You can go for these steps to add your YouTube in PowerPoint.

Add Youtube Video Using the “Search YouTube” feature:

  • The first step is to select the slide in which you want to add your YouTube video, and then you will have to click on the “Insert” tab in the top ribbon.
  • On the right of the “Insert” menu, you will find the option of video. You will have to click on the “Video” icon and select the “Online video” from the drop-down menu.
  • You will see the dialog box, and you will see the “Search YouTube” box. You will not have to type in the +Read More..

Fix Error Code 15- Request Was Blocked by the Security Rules

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How to resolve Error Code 15 This request is blocked by the security rules?

Nowadays, the whole internet is filled with billions of websites which publish many online contents for you. Along with the websites, there is a huge increase in the traffic which lands on these websites.

However, some users face a situation in which their request to reach certain webpages is blocked due to the security rules of that website. This can happen with anyone who is using any web browser or operating any device.

How to fix this Error code 15?

You can easily fix the code 15 error in which your request to access the website is blocked by any user. Here, you should use the methods which are used below to resolve this error code.

Rectify Date and Time Settings

Correcting the date and time settings will +Read More..

How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen on Android phone?

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Best Working Ways to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Error on Android

There is not even a single day when people can live without their phones or other gadgets. And if by chance there is many kinds of the issue occurring in the device especially the touch screen then people start panicking. The first instinct of the touch screen not responding gets us in panic mode but instead of getting hyper, you need to find out the main reason behind it.

Reasons behind touch screen not working and ways to fix it

  • Screen becoming insensitive because of the outer environment

We all can never let go of our phones because we are so used to it. But the touch screen of the mobile might stop responding because of the outer factors like static electricity, magnetic field, dust or oily and sweaty hands.

  1. +Read More..

How Do I Fix Error "Out of Memory" on Windows 10?

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Resolved: Quick ways to fix "Out of memory error" with Windows 10

Have your encountered out of memory error message while accessing some of the installed applications on Windows 10? Well, then you don't need to fret out as it is a very common problem among the users and can be fixed in time by using a troubleshooting procedure. 

What exactly is out of memory error? 

For the users who are not aware, out of memory error Windows 10 is an error when the computer has no spare memory left to offer to programs. Also, this error can arise when the computer has no free virtual space to allocate the programs. 

Cause of out of memory error with Windows 10

For the users who are not aware, one of the main reasons for out of memory error Windows 10 occurs when the computer reaches the heap +Read More..

Guide To Use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows

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How to use an iCloud password on Google Chrome on Windows? Get instructions

It is most important to appreciate the enhanced security that you can find with the iCloud and it comes under the keychain of the password using on a particular website. It could be the best trick to use the iCloud password that offers strict restrictions to play within the Apple ecosystem that has never failed to disappoint every user. If you are the user of an iCloud email account and using it on your Apple device, you can simply access it using its valid password. At this, if you have now decided to use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows device, you can use the extension for Google Chrome that allows users to use iCloud keychain password even on Windows 10 device.

How to Use iCloud Passwords on Google Chrome on Windows?

+Read More..

How to Fix(Resolve) Epson Printer Error Code 0x10

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How to fix Epson printer error code 0x10?

Here is all you need to do to fix the 0x10 error

Epson is a well-known company that designs printing and scanning devices. These devices are of high quality and have a smooth functioning feature.

Sometimes, the smooth working of Epson printers is hindered, showing an error i.e. Epson printer error 0x10. You can fix this error within no time by just using the following hacks in a hassle freeway. These hacks will restart the smooth function of your device.

Ways to fix Error Code 0x10 of Epson Printer

  • Physical review of your printer: Do a physical review of your printer. Check the scanner of your printer and see if it has any dust particles, a bit of paper, or any other tiny particles on it. The presence of dust or other tiny particles can +Read More..

How do you Fix a Computer that Turns on but no Display?

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How can you fix the problem when the computer is turned on but does not display anything?

A Computer is one of the valuable resources which is used by many people to complete their online activities. Computers are used for both personal and professional use in homes or offices. Although, some users face an issue in which their computer device is turned on but they are not able to see anything on their screen. In this condition, using the basic troubleshooting methods helps you to fix the technical issue.

How to solve a computer not displaying anything?

You can also resolve the computer not displaying anything by using the following methods.

Check the Connection

You should check the connection to fix the monitor not working issue by examining the cable connections. If you have this issue, then you should use the following methods.

  • +Read More..

How Do I Contact Representative at G Suite Customer Service?

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How Do I Contact Google G Suite?

There are so many users who actually use Google suite for their day to day work and are quire dependent on the G-suite. Basically, G-Suite is a cloud computing feature with which you can save contacts, communicate with different people at the same time or maybe set reminders. However often G-suite stops responding and then people reach out to their customer support team for the help. In case your G-suite refuses to respond then first of all try to fix the bug on your own. In case the issue is not resolved then you can reach out to the Google support team.

Steps to contact the Google G Suite Team

  • For any difficulty related to the G-suite, you can contact the customer support team and call on the G-suite contact number. You can always call on the helpline +Read More..

How to Turn Off/Hide Notifications on Apple Watch

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How to turn off notifications on the apple watch? Have a look at the steps

Apple device always supports the Apple watch that sends the notification on your device. It always makes you active to do any kind of task at a particular time due to its reminder that you have set already. Its reminders or notifications are active to keep your mind active to inform you about upcoming meetings invitations, messages, noise alerts, and much more. If you are a user of an iPhone device and want to turn off notifications on Apple Watch, you should have basic guidance so that you can access the settings and manage your Apple watch in many ways.

See and respond to the notification on the Apple watch:

It is right that apps can send you the best notifications that you need to reply to keep information and +Read More..

How do I unlock my PayPal account?

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Unlocking PayPal Account: Check Complete Procedure

An electronic commerce company, PayPal facilitates payments between parties through online transactions. It provides its customers a facility to establish an account over its versatile platform. The account that a user creates on that interface is directly connected to a user’s credit card or checking account. Sometimes, users may face the issue that their PayPal account is locked. It is not something to panic about. Here are the simple steps to unlock a PayPal account.

Steps to Unlock PayPal Account

  • Firstly, sign in to your PayPal account.
  • Secondly, visit PayPal customer services to see the resources.
  • Thirdly, click on “Call Us” and then select “Call Customer Service”
  • Scroll down to the bottom in order to see the customer service number.
  • Place a call to PayPal customer service and fill the six-digit web PIN number on +Read More..

FIX: Mic(Microphone) Not Working on Microsoft Teams

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Why is the Mic of my Microsoft teams not working? How to fix it?

The Microsoft teams software was developed and launched in 2017 to facilitate business communication. This software is used by numerous internet users to get the benefit of audio and video tools. However, some users often face the problem when the other person is unable to hear them in the meeting. Majorly, it is caused when a Microphone is Not Working in Teams and needs technical assistance to fix it.

Know the reason why Microphone is not working on Microsoft teams?

  • The Microphone is not connected to your device properly.
  • Microphone is disabled on the device which you are using.
  • The software of the connected device is out of date.
  • A bug is causing the audio to disconnect itself on the call.
  • The +Read More..

(Solved)How to Fix Default Printer Error 0x00000709

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Don’t know how to fix Printer error 0x00000709, let’s fix it now!

A Printer device is a piece of imperative equipment for the objective of printing important documents at a definite time. It is brilliant zest and zeal to think about it that you can use your printer device at your home, office, school, shop, and studio without experiencing any technical hurdles. However, if you are coping with printer error 709 messages with your printer device, your operation could not be completed during printing documents, and thus, you will be unable to set a by default on Windows 10 or any other computer device with ease.

It is also asserted that when the actual issue is just a registry entry because of which the default printer is automatically set to the previous printer, you can check out the printer service is working well or showing printer +Read More..

How Can I Speak to Someone about my Microsoft Account?

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How can I speak to someone about my Microsoft account?

Would you like to speak to a support person at Microsoft? If yes, then you are at the correct spot as here you will receive the complete information on the same. Few of the simple methods are given below in order to contact the Microsoft live person.

Connect via Phone call:

  • Phone call is one of the best ways to connect to the support team at Microsoft account.
  • First of all, you need to call on 1-800-642-7676 which is available from Mon to Fri from 5am to 9pm.
  • Now, you have to press 3.
  • After that, you have to press 6 or say the other.
  • After this, you have to again press 6 or other.
  • Now, you need to stay on line and there is a 5 to 10 waiting +Read More..

Internet connection failed error 651

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How to Fix Internet Connection Failed Error 651?

First of all, we need to read what is an internet connection and what are the errors, specifically internet connection error 651 that might interrupt our surfing experience. So, the ability to connect to the internet via computer terminals or other devices provided to individuals and organizations is called an internet connection.

Now this connection that is provided to us might get interrupted due to various reasons, some of which are listed below:

  • When the connection is slow, we might face problems to connecting to the server. If in case of a wireless connection, then one might be far away from the router. Chances can be that the data is being been used up by some other person.
  • No one like visiting a page that is full of pop-ups, mostly when they are not connected to +Read More..

(5 Ways)How do I Fix Unrecoverable Error in QuickBooks?

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How do I fix unrecoverable error in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error is a popular error that normally occurs when you reach to your company file or when you click on the save, print, or ship option placed at the top of a transaction. This error displays that your QuickBooks software is facing a “critical application fault”. QuickBooks unrecoverable error generally displays various numeric error codes; each error includes 10 digits in a “5-digits space 5-digits” sequence.

Get to know the list of unrecoverable error codes in QuickBooks:

These are unrecoverable error codes -02457 79428, 20888 41171,    13730 84631, 00000 14775, 00000 15204,      00227 55008, 00551 46274,     15563 13890,         13824 75582, 19758 63847, and 20103 33023.

When QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error occurs?

  • At the time of Start or open or access company files.
  • Closing a company files.
  • While closing any open window at a +Read More..

(Fix)3 Ways to Fix Android Auto App Not Working/Responding

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Take a look at how to fix an Android auto app that is not responding

Android device is surrounded by the application software that you can install on your device with ease. Android Auto app is a mobile app developed by Google to mirror features from an Android i.e. Smartphone, a car's compatible in-dash information, an entertainment head unit, and so on. If you find that your Android auto app not working then you can find so much difficulty to all supported apps including GPS mapping/navigation, music, playback, SMS, telephone, and web search, but you can fix it in a simple manner.

Get solution to fix:

There are a number of tricks to fix when Android Auto app not responding, and get away from such kind of trouble. Have a look at the ways to solve this issue instantly.

  1. Restart your phone

+Read More..

(Solved)How to fix error code 0xa00f4244 in Windows 10

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How To Fix Error Code 0xa00f4244 In Windows 10

If you are seeing an error on your screen, like code 0xa00f4244 then it is related to the camera. It is quite normal and the user faces such issues due to some antivirus software. It blocks the camera or it can occur because of the camera driver. 

It is hard to find the cause, but error code 0xa00f4244 in windows 10 can be easily fixed. If you are not aware, how to fix it, then read this write-up.

Methods to Fix Camera Error Code in Windows 10 

There are three ways through which you can solve this issue.

  1. Check Camera Application’s Setting 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check whether the camera is working or not. 

  • Press Windows and I key together 
  • Open setting window 
  • In this option, you can see different +Read More..

How Do I Turn off(Disable) pop-up Blocker on Safari?

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How can you disable the pop-up blocker on Safari?

Pop-up advertisements are the ads, offers, or alerts that open in the new or current window of your web browser. These are mostly unwanted ads that pop-up on their own. A pop-up blocker can prevent these ads from turning up. However, sometimes you might need to disable your pop-up blocker to open a login screen, print something, or see the information that pops up in a new tab or window. If you are using the Safari browser, you can easily disable the pop-up blocker. Read ahead to learn how to disable it in the Safari browser.

Steps to allow all the websites to show pop-ups

You can turn on or off the pop-up blockers in the browser settings of Safari. Here are the straightforward steps to disable pop up blocker on Safari:

  • +Read More..

(Fixed)How do I fix a 404 error in QuickBooks?

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How do I fix a 404 error in QuickBooks?

When using Quickbooks, if you are such a user who is facing error 404 then you shall not panic. When working with digital data, encountering errors and issues are very common. And these errors are such that it can be resolved when you pay some attention towards resolving it. And if you do not know how to get away with error 404 that you are facing with Quickbooks then you shall not panic. Here are some of the ways in which you can get away with this issue without hassle. 

Reasons Behind Quickbooks Error 404! 

  • The very first reason is when you do not have a proper internet connection. 
  • Another reason can be when the file that you are trying to open is already being used by multiple users. 
  • Also when +Read More..

Can't Log into MSN Account? Check How to access MSN Email

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A Simple Process to Access MSN Email

MSN email allows you to redirect to the Outlook account but with a different email address. It is a service of Microsoft that includes its Messenger tool, its Bing search tool, and the Hotmail.

If you are using the MSN Hotmail account, you can do log in and check the email from any of the systems with the help of a proper Internet connection and the browser. Here find a complete process to access MSN Email recovery.

Follow the Steps to Access MSN Email

These are the simple, basic points that you must know to access the MSN email account. Here see the below-stated steps to complete the process.

  • First, open the browser, open the Login.live.com.
  • Provide window ID and the password in the shown field
  • Tap “Sign-in”.
  • Click on the Hotmail link +Read More..

Hotmail Account Blocked? Guide to Unblock Hotmail Account

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What is the process of unlocking the Hotmail account?

Hotmail account is the one that provides incredible services to its users. When the users use their Hotmail account, they sometimes face issues with their account as their account gets locked. We have seen many of them facing these issues and getting troubled. In this case, they can opt for recovering their account by following the process of unlocking. 

Before you look for the process that helps you understand how you can unlock your Hotmail account, let us first see why your account can be locked. There are specific reasons behind your Hotmail account being locked. Let us go deep into it so that we can avoid it in the future.

Reasons why your Hotmail account gets locked:

  • +Read More..

Tips]What is the least expensive way to get Internet at home

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Best Ways To Get Cheap Internet Services

These days the internet has become so common that almost all internet service providers are ready to pay the services at a very cheap price. Apart from this, there are many computer applications that can help you to locate free wi-fi in your area. In addition to this, there are many non-profit organizations who are willing to provide low-cost internet to a lot of services at a very low cost.  

Almost all of us are looking for a way to have a free internet connection because almost all of us want to save money and other purposes. If you are seeking out how to get cheap internet services, then continue to read for knowing some tips and tricks to get yourself access to cheap internet.

Tips and Tricks for Cheap Internet Service

Cheap internet might be +Read More..

How Do I Change or Edit a Phone Number on My PayPal Account

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How do I Change or Edit My Phone Number on PayPal if It has changed?

Wondering what to do in case you have lost access to your phone/cell number that was linked to your Paypal account? Well, worry no more as we are going to uncover a step by step guide that would allow you a scope through which you will be able to gain access to your Paypal account. 

In case you are facing Paypal login problems, then follow the steps mentioned below and you are good to go. 

  • First and foremost, Paypal users are advised to login to their Paypal account.
  • Once logged in, the next you need to select the settings option. 
  • There you will find the ‘update option. Click on this and you will get access through which you will be able to edit the existing +Read More..

Why is my Windows 10 not updating? How to fix update Error?

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Why do windows 10 is not updating and solutions to fix it?

Are you having trouble updating Windows 10 on your computer? It is quite a common problem faced by many users that Windows 10 operating system is not updating. Windows 10 users find this problem very annoying and think about getting rid of them as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are looking for information on the reasons why Windows 10 does not update and solutions for fixing the error, please follow the details below.

Know the reasons why Windows 10 do not update?

Several reasons cause windows not updating error, among which the most prominent are listed below.

  • Windows 10 might not update due to low space availability in computer
  • Windows 10 shows error while updating due to restriction from third party software
  • Windows 10 can also update due to +Read More..

How do I recover my Norton Account?

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Easy Steps To Quickly Recover Your Norton Account

Norton antivirus in the past few years has gained popularity and it is one of the dominant antiviruses in the IT sector. It protects your devices from various kinds of viruses that can either crash your device or cause some sort of unwanted glitch or problem to your device. In addition to all this, it also protects you from various unseen threats of the internet and it also allows parents to control their children’s access to the internet.

Now if you have a Norton account and you are facing some sort of Norton login problem, then there are ways to recover your account in some easy and quick steps.

Steps To Recover

Below mentioned are the steps that can help you Norton account recovery – 

Printer Driver Unavailable Issue: Learn How To Fix It

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Need to Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Issue? Get All Information Here

If you're seeing some issues with your printer as you can't find your printer whenever you command print, you shouldn't worry about it. This could be an error in the device settings; you can fix it by doing a few simple steps. And this post will help you thoroughly to fix printer driver unavailable issue. So, all you need is to follow the instructions mentioned below.

How Do I Fix Printer Driver Unavailable Issue?

  • Before you start the process, you should make sure that you have Administrator access on your device.
  • Next, you should go to the Control Panel on your PC.
  • Then select the User Accounts option +Read More..

How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

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How do I fix my printer when it says offline?

When using the printing option with your printer, you find that it is not responding to any command. And when you checked the issue then you saw that it is offline and is not accepting any commands. To know how to get it fixed you can refer to the information mentioned further in this article. 

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Printer Offline Issues! 

When users happen to work with these digital devices, it is quite natural to happen to get stuck with them. So to know how do I fix my printer when it says offline, you can refer to the information and tips to get it fixed. 

  1. Start by checking if your printer +Read More..

What is SMTP server for Yahoo? How to enable it?

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How You Can Enable SMTP Server on Yahoo Account? Check Here

SMTP or simple mail transfer protocol is the method to send and receive mail or messages. It is also known as the communication part of Yahoo. Basically, it is used for electronic mail transmission. It is safe and secure. 

There is a process, which occurs between sender and receiver. There are two servers, the first one is Sender’s mail servers and the second one is the receiver’s mail server. Both servers are connected to the internet. If it is lost, then the process may not get complete. 

With this, one can connect with the different computer for the particular network. When it comes to reliability, Yahoo SMTP stands in the first position. Within a few seconds, one can +Read More..

Why Is My CenturyLink Internet Not Working?Here's How To Fix

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Know the Possible Reasons for CenturyLink has Stopped Working? How To Fix

CenturyLink is the perfect answer to getting the perfect resolution to all your concern. The internet connection problems are more annoying, especially when you want to stream the favorite shows. Sometimes, you face issues in CenturyLink, for which you need the troubleshooting to be done.

You can seek the resolution of the issue CenturyLink internet not working by going for the troubleshooting steps mentioned below. Before we proceed towards getting the solutions of the troubleshooting steps, you have to look for the reasons that can be behind the issues.

Reasons Why CenturyLink is Not Working:

  • The problem with the device or Wi-Fi adapter
  • +Read More..

How do I transfer my SBCGlobal email to Gmail

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A Quick Guide To Transfer Emails From Sbcglobal To Gmail Account

Have you been thinking to transfer your incoming emails from your SBCGlobal accounts to your Gmail account? Well, both SBCGlobal and Gmail accounts are quite flexible with their features and they do enable their users to receive their emails from another accounts. However, users should know about the email transfer process among both their accounts.

Hence, in this guide, you’ll be able to learn about the quick process to Transfer sbcglobal email to gmail. Moreover, if you face any difficulty with the process, then feel free to get in touch with the tech-team at SBCGlobal or Gmail.

Steps For Transferring Emails From SBC Global To Gmail Account

Follow the steps mentioned below +Read More..

How Do I Contact MSN Customer Service By Phone, Email

964 Votes

Contact MSN Customer Service for Email Related Help

Customer service is the best way by which user can easily connect to the representative in very simple and easy way. It can be very helpful in the cancellation of the flight, booking and even manage the flight. Go through the below steps in order to get connected t Customer service easily.

Contact MSN Customer Service By Phone:

You can dial toll-free 1 (800) 642-7676 to talk to MSN customer service for any technical queries, they will give you instant response and solution in real-time.

How do I contact the MSN customer service?

Follow the below steps and get connected to the MSN customer service without any hassle.

  • +Read More..

How to Configure IMAP in Outlook? Setting Up Outlook (IMAP)

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How to Configure Outlook to use IMAP with an Outlook.com

The outlook is a web platform and you can easily use this for your formal commutation online for exchanging emails or attending an online meeting. However, if you want to configure your IMAP settings on the account then you can do it quickly with the help of some quick steps.

Steps to Configure IMAP on the Outlook

  • If you want to configure your IMAP settings which stand for internet message access protocol then open your outlook account.

  • Log in to the account and then click on the file tab in the upper left corner of the window.

  • Now tap on the option of add account and then +Read More..

[Fixes] Verizon Email Not Working(Receiving) Emails Problem?

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Get Help to Fix the Verizon Email Not Working Issue Instantly

Verizon email account works similarly as a free webmail service and it is available forever for both personal and professional users to exchange emails appropriately. It has so many features and services to manage its email service in many ways and provides the great facilities of email setup and configuration on various mobile perfectly. Some of the technical experts revel that Verizon has been retired from its email service, however; we complete the notifications regarding some kind of changes that the customers don’t know and they also have no any options to keep their Verizon.net email address to extract and move to another device and email service.

It could be the preliminary step of not working the Verizon email account that is most +Read More..

How do I report a problem with DirecTV

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How do I report a problem with DirecTV?

Are you facing issues with your DirecTV? If yes, then don’t worry as here you receive the required information on the same. DirecTV is a prominent American direct broadcast satellite service provider in the United States. It has its headquarters in El Segundo, California, United States. If you want to report a problem with DirecTV, then you have to follow the below-mentioned approaches.

  1. Helpline or support numbers: You can call on 1-800-531-5000 in order to ask regarding DIRECTV billing, technical support, equipment, and many other issues.
  2. DirecTV Live Chat support: There is a live chat option that is available at the bottom of the DirecTV official website. You can ask and clear all your issues instantly.

  3. +Read More..

How Do I Report a Problem with Charter Communications

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How to Report a Problem with Charter Communications Customer Service?

Are you getting any kind of error with your Charter Communications account or have any kind of issue related to Charter services? Then you can simply report your problems to Charter Communications which is possible through the multiple ways mentioned in this article.

Report problem via Online Chat

You can also opt for the online chat option where the customer service team available live to resolve your multiple queries. You can easily report your problem to Charter Communications customer service through live chat as per the below steps:

  • Look for the live chat section of Charter Communications.
  • Type your first name, last name, email address, and phone number which +Read More..

How to make a complaint to Google

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How to Make a Complaint to Google Support Team?

Facing any kind of issues with Google Search or its services? Or you want to give any kind of review or feedback on the service? Then you can directly send feedback and report a problem to Google which the best ways to get instant solutions to your varied problems. But if you want to know how do I make a complaint to Google, then you can simply read this article and learn about the ways to complain through the varied devices.

Here are the multiple ways to make a complaint to Google:

Method 1: Make a Complaint to Google via Computer

  • First of all, open your preferred browser or Google Chrome on your computer.
  • +Read More..

How much does AT&T charge to fix cracked phone screen

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What is the cost incurred to fix the screen of your phone at AT&T?

The broken screen can frustrate you to the fullest as you face the issue while using your screen. Today, time is challenging to spend without your smartphone when all are addicted to using social media. But, when you take the help of AT&T, you can get rid of the issue, that too, at a pocket-friendly price.

AT&T cracked screen repair issue can be resolved by spending a limited amount of money. We know that the users are worried thinking about the cost they have to pay for fixing the screen of their phone. If you are not aware of the cost of screen repair, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with the information you will +Read More..

A Secure Way to Recover Hacked AT&T Email Account

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What are the steps involved in recovering the hacked account of the att net?

Att net is one of the best email service providers in the market that helps endow incredible services to the users. As you know that many cybercrimes are happening worldwide, there is no wonder that your account can get hacked. You can recover your hacked account by going through the information that we will be mentioning below.

“How to recover hacked att net email account?” is the concern of many users. The users try to hunt for the answer to this question. So, we are here to provide a solution to this problem. You can now take the help of the below-mentioned process to regain access to your hacked account. 

Signs that show your At&T +Read More..

How Do I Access Yahoo Mail With Outlook Account

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How to Access Yahoo Mail with Outlook

Using multiple email accounts is a very common thing among users but manage them is often a difficult thing. If you have a Yahoo email account, then you can very simply configure it with the multiple email services including Outlook. You can simply access your Yahoo Mail account with Outlook after configuring and get the email in one place. In order to access Yahoo Mail account with Outlook, you will be required to set it up which is very simple and if you don’t know, then follow the mentioned instructions.

Here are the steps to access a Yahoo Mail account with Outlook:

Prepare your Yahoo Mail account:

How do I report a problem with Yahoo Mail

13 Votes

How Do I Report a Problem with Yahoo?

Do you have any problem with your Yahoo Mail account? And you are not getting any relevant help from the help documents provided on its website? Then you can simply contact the support team of Yahoo for help by reporting your problem. But there are many users who don’t know how to report a problem with Yahoo and if you are one among those, then you can simply follow the mentioned instructions to understand it better.

Steps to contact Yahoo Support team for reporting a problem:

  • First of all, open your web browser and then go to the official Yahoo Help page.
  • Now you can click on the Mail section.
  • Now you are required to select which Yahoo Mail product is troubling when you are using from the given list.
  • After that, under the Browse by Topic menu, you can select a relevant topic that best fits +Read More..

How To Cancel Yahoo Mail Pro Subscription?

2025 Votes

How do I cancel my Yahoo mail Pro subscription? 

Yahoo is known to be a free web browser that can be used to access all the web pages online. However, the yahoo web browser is also filled up with pop-up ads that create a hindrance while accessing the internet. However, if you decide to take up the paid subscription of Yahoo mail then you can take rid of all the repetitive ads while browsing the internet.

Ways of canceling the paid subscription of the Yahoo mail

If you take up the paid subscription of Yahoo messenger but then decide to cancel the membership then you can even do that anytime you like. To find out how to cancel a yahoo mail pro subscription on both mobile and desktop, check +Read More..

How to Fix a Suspended Gmail(Google) Account

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A detailed guide on how one can restore access to a suspended Gmail account

Is your Gmail account suspended, and you have no clue about the procedure to restore access to the account? Well, then in this article, you will be offered the complete details to restore access to the account. Besides, if required, the user can even seek assistance from the support to restore access to their account. 

Why is my Gmail account suspended? 

For the users who are wondering why their Gmail account suspended, there are chances that they might be violating the email policies. Luckily, the users can restore access to the Gmail account using the Google Admin console. Moreover, with a suspended Gmail account the user might fail to send and receive an email, but they +Read More..

How much Does it Cost to Replace a Screen on a HP Laptop?

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Know the Cost to Replace a Screen on an HP Laptop

Though the solutions are many, everything depends on your budget. If you purchase your laptop a few months before then it’s obvious that your system is under the warranty period and you don’t need to pay anything. In the market, dealers, shopkeepers, and local vendors offer diverse types of screens with a different price tag. But how would you find out which one is fit for your laptop for the long usage? Does it easy to differentiate between the local screens and the screen provided by the official centre of the company? Let’s sit back and relax, and see the cost to replace a screen on an HP Laptop because screen issues are something that most of the laptop users might have experienced and most of you might have already repaired the same issue.

+Read More..

How to Get(Redeem) a Student Discount on Microsoft Store

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How Do I Get Student Discount on Microsoft Store? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Being a student, you can use the multiple Microsoft software and device that simply help you to make your tasks easier whether it’s searching for something or making a presentation. All these services or software can be purchased from the official store of Microsoft as per your preferred requirements by paying the prescribed charges. But do you know that Microsoft provides special discounts to the students and if you are an eligible student, then it is the time to get the benefits of Microsoft student discount on plenty of software, computer, and other devices in a very simple manner?

Who is Eligible for Microsoft Store Student Discount?

Microsoft provides the student discount to the +Read More..

How Do I Get(Redeem) a Dell Student Discount

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A Brief Guide To Get A Student Discount On Dell

Dell has been one of the finest tech manufactures across the world, and its products & services are meant for almost every organization, professionals and of course – Students. The tech-giant also offers great services & discounts to students that can help them save at least 10% on their purchases for Dell laptops.

In addition, to get the student discount on Dell, one needs to have the discount code that can be fetched through UNiDAYS without any hassle. Since, UNiDAYS is a must for getting the student codes, one needs to verify himself as the student. Therefore, read this post further to know more.

What Is The Eligibility For Getting The Student Discount On Dell?

+Read More..

[Solved]How To Remove Password Protection From a PDF File

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How to remove the password protection from the PDF?

A lot of people keep their PDF files protected with a password so that their data can be safe. But sometimes they feel like removing the password from the PDF. PDF protected by a password keeps the data encrypted and safe. However, if you wish to remove the password then you can take the help of a few ways.

Steps to remove the password of the PDF

To remove password protection from pdf, you can take the help of following two methods that are mentioned below. You can take the help of below given methods.

First Method: Removing the pdf password with PDF viewer

  • To remove the password, first of all go to the google chrome browser and tap on the option of file.
  • Now under the file link, now click on +Read More..

How Can I Recover my Bellsouth Net Email Password?

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How to Recover Bellsouth Email Using Temporary Password?

If you have forgotten your email account password of your Bellsouth account, you shouldn't worry about it. You can go through this post to get all assistance as here you will find a step by step procedure for Bellsouth password recovery. So, follow the steps mentioned below and regain access to your Bellsouth email account.

  • To begin with, you should go to the Hotmail password recovery page.
  • Once you reach there, select the Password link.
  • Then you have to enter the email address, last name, and click Continue.
  • Further, you are required to select a opt for a method to proceed, you can select the Send me a temporary password from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, you have to click Continue.
  • In this way, a temporary password is sent to you on your +Read More..

How Do I Cancel a PayPal Payment(Transaction) & Subscription

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How can I cancel the PayPal transactions?

PayPal is one of the popular digital assets that enable many people to send or receive transactions. Whether you are using PayPal for business or personal use, you may need to revoke a transaction. You can cancel PayPal transaction by entering your account.

How to cancel a PayPal Payment(transaction)?

The PayPal transaction which is pending or unclaimed can be cancelled by you by employing the following method.

  • First, open the browser on your device and visit the PayPal website.
  • Select the login option from the homepage of the official site.
  • Enter the Email or Mobile number and the password of the account.
  • +Read More..

How Can I Upgrade Windows 10? Upgrade From 32 bit to 64 bit

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How Can You Upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit?

There is a huge benefit of the 64-bit version as it allows the users to get more access and it also performs better with photos, editing, gaming, and so on. Further in this Microsoft no longer produces 32-bit software so in that case, it becomes really important to upgrade windows from 32 but to 64 bit in a very simple and easy way.

Process to Upgrade Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit?

Follow the below in order o upgrade 32 but to 64 but in your windows software without any hassle.

Check compatibility

  • The first user need to right-click on the start menu then go to +Read More..

How Can You Fix a Computer that won't Turn On

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Get Simple Tips to Fix When a Computer won’t Turn on Easily

A computer device is most important to fix when it gets affected by technical problems. If you are pressing a turning on the button but your computer device is not working, you might feel it so worst and get frustrated to fix it genuinely that’s because you don’t know how to fix a computer that won’t turn on. It is time to identify the cause of the issue that leads to finding out the clue to get the instant solution without getting more delay.

Cause of the Issue

  • It is essential to check for power supply issues.
  • Make sure that your monitor is functioning properly.
  • You +Read More..

How to Fix Quickbooks Not Connecting to PayPal

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How Do I Fix Quickbooks Not Connecting to PayPal?

Recently, it has been observed that a few users of QuickBooks see a problem while connecting it to the PayPal account. Also, as per the customer's request, the engineers are working on this to enable this feature in the meantime; you can try to import all your transaction to your QBO account. So, you have to sign in to your account in order to download the transaction as a CSV file.

  • First of all, you should open the Banking or Transactions option.
  • Then you have to select the Upload Transactions option.
  • Next, you are required to click the Browse option and choose the file that you download from Bank.
  • Further, +Read More..

[Solved]How To Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417?

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How to fix the error code 10417 in Paypal?

PayPal is widely used for its secure money transactions. Although its services and features are the best, there could be some issues or errors. Many users have reported API error code 10417, in which transaction is not completed. In this, the transaction is not completed either through PayPal wallet or any other selected method.

Causes of error code 10417

The common causes of error code 10417 in PayPal are:

  • The customer's credit card failed the authorization of bank.
  • The customer was unable to accept the Commercial Entity Agreement before the prescribed deadline.
  • The Order Total exceeds the total estimated amount of SetExpressCheckout API. 

+Read More..

How to Fix Linksys Router Error 2118? Quick Solutions

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Check Out the Quick Solutions to Resolve error 2118 with Linksys Router 

Do you use Linksys router daily and you are encountering some technical glitch with the router like error 2118? Well, for the users who are facing this error, it can be resolved in time by using some of the basic troubleshooting steps. 

For the users who are not aware, this error appears because of the configuration error. Besides, this error can also arise when the user doesn't install the updated version of firmware to their device, leading to internet connectivity problems or when the router is not set properly.  

Solutions to Fix Error 2118 with Linksys Router

For the users who are looking for solutions on how they can fix Linksys +Read More..

How much Does it Cost to Repair a Dell Laptop Screen

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How much Does it Cost to Repair a Dell Laptop Screen?

Are you the user who is using a Dell laptop and is facing issues because of the damaged screen? Then you shall not panic as you can choose to get the screen repaired from any expert or technicians. If you are of the view that how much it will cost to get the screen repaired then it depends upon the condition in which your screen is. To know how to contact repair technicians you can refer to the information below. 

Learning How to Contact Repair Technicians to Repair your Dell Screen! 

  • Take the help of the internet and look for the best repair technicians near you. You can contact them personally and ask for how much you will +Read More..

How Do I Restore My Dell Laptop to Factory Settings

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Guide To Restore Your Dell Laptop To Its Factory Settings

There are times when your Dell laptop might begin malfunctioning and leave you no choice but to reset it to its factory settings. However, the process for factory reset might vary from model to model. But most importantly, you must keep in mind that all of your data from the Drive C will be vanished after you factory reset your Dell device. Hence, it is crucial to back up all of your data to an external hard drive or transfer it in the other disk partitions.

In this guide, you’ll be able to understand how to restore dell laptop to factory settings, so that you can enjoy your brand new settings in your device. Besides, it’ll also help you to boost the laptop’s functionalities +Read More..

NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? NETGEAR Router Help

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Is Your NETGEAR Router Not Working Properly? Here Is How To Fix

Are you facing issues with your NETGEAR router and have no clue how to fix it? Then, you can read out this article to learn more about the solutions to quickly resolve this issue in time. So, follow the provided instructions carefully and access uninterrupted internet services. 

Fixing NETGEAR Failing to Work Properly

For the users who are encountering NETGEAR router not working properly and failing to predict, these are the two symptoms of this problem:

  • Lost connection after the previous session
  • Failing to go online whether with wired or non-wired devices

So, for the users who are failing to resolve connectivity +Read More..

Windows 10 Error Code 651: Fix Error 651 in Windows 10

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A Brief Guide To Fix The 651 Error In Windows 10

Many users have reported that they have been facing error 651 in their Windows 10 devices. However, this error usually persists due to the Registry issue and also causes it the failure to recognize the connected router or hub devices. But the other wireless connected devices will still be connected to your Windows 10 system.

In this guide, you’ll be able to understand the basic troubleshooting process to fix the error 651 in Windows 10. Hence, read it further.

Simple Ways To Troubleshoot The Error 651 On Your Windows 10 Device

Reboot Your Pc In The Safe Mode

At first, you are required to reboot your PC, and +Read More..

Why is My Router Not Connecting To Internet? How Do I Fix It?

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Router Not Connecting to the Internet? How Do I Fix It?

Have you ever experience a problem where you are connecting your device to the internet connection but your router not connecting properly and showing the error No Internet? If, yes then you are not alone facing this error as thousands of users confront problems with their router while connecting to the internet. There are plenty of reasons due to which your router not properly connecting to the internet connection and showing unwanted error. But there are numerous ways to resolve router not connecting to the internet issue and if you want to resolve this issue, then you can follow the mentioned instructions.

Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve Router not Connecting to Internet Issue

Method 1: Check for the internet +Read More..

At&T WiFi Not Working? Know How You Can Fix It!

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How Do I Fix At&T WiFi Not Working Issue?

AT&T Wi-Fi services are used by a lot of people who are dependent on Wi-Fi connection services. But maybe while using the internet often the connection disappears. Wi-Fi connection disappearing or getting disconnected is a common issue that keeps happening with all of us. And if your AT&T internet disappears then you can take the help of following ways to fix it.

Ways of Fixing AT&T Mail

1. Wi-Fi connection set up is made with a lot of wires and connecting devices. And it’s usually if any of the wire gets disconnected from the device. If you are also one of those users whose Wi-Fi is not working then take the help of the below-given steps.

+Read More..

What is Included in Geek Squad Tech Support

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A Guide on Geek Squad Tech Support

A Geek Squad is a team of technical experts who provide assistance for in-store services, on-site, over the phone or through internet remote access. Earlier, the Geek Squad was associated with computer-related devices and their technical services, but now they have upgraded their services, and into repairing various electronics and appliances also.

Know What is Included in Geek Squad Tech Support

You can contact Geek Squad Tech support for some of the services such as:

  • Installation help for any of your appliances

  • Assistance to set-up your appliance

  • Protect your product by purchasing an extra warranty

  • Any queries on the call using technical +Read More..

How to Fix iPhone Not Showing Emails in Inbox

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A comprehensive guide to fix iPhone unable to show emails in the inbox

Indeed, the iPhone is an incredible device that offers its users with the finest services and features. However, lately, it was reported many users are failing to view emails in their inbox. 

Well, multiple reasons can lead to the iPhone not showing emails in inbox, but one can quickly resolve it by using some of the basic troubleshooting solutions. So, for the users who are encountering a similar issue, here are some of the effective solutions that they can try out to fix this problem. 

Reasons that can lead to iPhone failing to show emails in the inbox

Well, multiple reasons can lead to the iPhone not showing emails in inbox problems. But, some of the common cause of this issue include the following:

Why is My Bellsouth Email Not Working on iPhone

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Why is My Bellsouth Email not Working on iPhone? How Can I Fix It in Simple Methods

Sending an important business email to your contacts using Bellsouth email account on iPhone and suddenly it has stopped working? Have you ever caught in such kind of situation? If yes, then you are not alone facing this issue as thousands of users confront problems with their Bellsouth email account when using it on the iPhone. There could be too many reasons behind the Bellsouth email not working on iPhone issue and it is almost difficult to define a single cause. But it doesn’t mean that this problem can’t be fixed as there are too many ways that can help you to get rid of not working issues of Bellsouth email on the iPhone in a very effective manner.

Causes of Bellsouth Email not Working on iPhone

There +Read More..

Fix Facebook Pay Not Working? Unable To Pay/Request Payments

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A guide on Facebook Pay not working

Facebook Pay is a secure method to transfer money on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp. It is introduced by Facebook for the convenience of users. In this, the users can link their debit card through the app settings in Messenger and then send money to the friends or other users. You can select the amount and simply click on Pay to transfer. It does not involve any charges of the transfer.

How does it work?

If you want to know the working of Facebook Pay, go through the following pointers:

  • You have to enter your account info, and then you can easily purchase, transfer or donate through the apps.
  • To secure the transactions, you an either add a PIN or biometrics.
  • You can view the transaction history, manage payments and access the customer support option.
  • +Read More..

At&T Cancellation Policy: Cancel Your TV, Internet & U-Verse

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At&T Cancellation Policy: Cancel At&T U Verse, Tv and Internet

AT&T is the American telecommunication company known for its various services. These services are known for best and commendable performance and have their hands in TV subscriptions, internet, cable network, etc. But, if you purchased any of its services quite recently and are not satisfied then you shall not panic. You can refer to the information mentioned further in this article for your reference. 

At&T U Verse Tv Cancellation Policy Guide

When you are going to cancel any service that you have subscribed just recently then you may know it's cancellation terms. So, for your reference, you can refer to the AT&T U Verse TV cancellation policy which is stated below to get to know about the way you should react at the time of terminating the services! 

How do I access my Sbcglobal.net Email Account

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Awarding Scintillating tips to access SBCGlobal net Email Account

SBCGlobal net email works after logging-in your account on its official website where you enter the non-discriminatory email address and password to access. There are various users who think that AT&T’s and SBCGlobal account’s connections are complicated while accessing but the fact is upside down from this faith. Such kind of faith is not up to the mark therefor, there is guidance that eliminates ambiguity and shows you how to remotely access your account.

If you want to be aware of accessing your SBCGlobal net email account on your mobile or official website, you must read its cause to get a solution and access your account promptly.

Cause of not accessing SBCGlobal net Email

  • Check your email address or password is appropriate or not.

  • Check your internet connectivity.

  • Browser issues and compatibility.

  • +Read More..

How Do I Fix a Black Screen on Startup Windows 10

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How do I fix a black screen on start-up windows 10?

Want to fix the black screen on windows 10? Then, here you will get the simple solutions to solve the issue coming in windows 10. The Black Screen of Death is a serious issue as it doesn't display the error message. It is a pure black screen with no features shown on the screen and no effect of movable mouse or keyboard tapping. Sometimes, these situations come in the window 10 but we have different types of solutions for it. This issue occurs during installations, updates, or randomly that is told by many users. It is like; nothing appears on the screen. Let’s have a look at the below content to know the reasons and solutions to get rid of the issue.

Possible reasons behind the Black screen issue:

Besides all this, there are +Read More..

[Fixed] Windows 10 Won't Boot After Update? How To Solve It

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How do I Fix “Windows 10 won't Boot after Update”

Windows 10 check all the updates regularly to keep all the devices up-to-date with the latest version.

It helps you to increase the efficiency of the system Sometimes, a problem generally caused by the Windows 10 updates might occur to your windows 10 won't boot after update. So here find the simple process to fix this issue in one goes.

Method 1: Make use of Startup repair

With the help of startup repair, windows 10 boot failures issues can be fixed automatically. Let’s see how it works.

  • First, you are required to create a window PE bootable media either use windows installation disc.

  • Following above, move to BIOS and change the boot order to boot system from the bootable installation disc.

  • Now press Next in Windows set up window, and then choose +Read More..

[Fixed] Email Not Working on WiFi iPhone: Here Is How To Fix

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A Quick Guide To Fix Email Not Working on Wifi iPhone

There are times when you try to get access to your email account on your iPhone device via using WiFi connection but could get an update on your recent emails or other activities. Well, this problem is quite common among many other Apple users, and also easily fixable. Therefore, read this post further to know about the simple fixes that can help you get emails in your iPhone.

Why is my Email Not Working on my iPhone? Here are Some Fixes

The following methods will help you to troubleshoot the Email not working on wifi iPhone problem within no time.

Try To Verify Your Wi-Fi Connection Info

  • In your iPhone, go to the settings and then select the WiFi option to see its settings panel.

  • Here, check if the WiFi option is enabled +Read More..

[Fix It] Wifi Connected But No Internet Access in Windows 10

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Seeing Connected to Wifi But No Internet Access Windows 10 WiFi? Fix It

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an issue with an internet connection. And when you stuck with connected but no internet error, it becomes the worst scenario. Well, there could be anything behind seeing this issue. But it can be fixed by doing a few simple troubleshooting.

To make it easy and simple for you here is a list of instructions that you should follow in order to fix no internet access Windows 10 WiFi issues.

Instructions to Fix Connected To Wifi But No Internet Issue on Windows 10

Confirm Other Devices Connected

Before you do anything else to fix your internet issue, you should make sure that the other devices are also has not internet access but connected to WiFi. You can check by connecting another phone and +Read More..

How to Set up Hotmail Account in Thunderbird

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Check out the Quick Procedure to Setup Hotmail Account on Thunderbird

Thunderbird, as you might be aware, is an email service launched by Mozilla that users can opt for sending and receiving emails. Further, one can also set up other email services on the Thunderbird platform to easily receive emails in one place.

Further, many users have lately inquired on how to set up a Hotmail account in Thunderbird? Well, the procedure of setting up a Hotmail account is quite simple and can be performed by using some of the detailed instructions provided in this article. Also, if required the user can seek assistance from the support. 

Procedure to setup Hotmail account on Thunderbird

To begin the process to set up Hotmail account in Thunderbird, the user is required to follow the provided instructions carefully and manage their account accordingly. 

How Do I Speak to Someone at Hotmail? Reach Hotmail Agent

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How Do I speak to someone about my Hotmail account?

Hotmail is the email that is used to not only send, receive, or create emails but also can be used to manage other functions. Users are fond of this email because of its services and functions and at the same time, Hotmail is also the email that has offered active customer support to users. The officials at Hotmail understand that users might need the assistance and hence may want to contact the customer support. 

So, they have introduced dedicated and separate customer support to help passengers. The platforms are such that assistance is given on the spot with the help of live and trained experts. And if you want to know how to speak to someone about my Hotmail account then you can use any of the below-mentioned platforms. 

Speak to Someone at +Read More..

How Do I Setup or Configure Yahoo Mail In Microsoft Outlook

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Want to Configure Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook? Get a Step by Step Guide

If you have a Yahoo account and you are willing to get all the emails received on your Outlook account, you can do that by simply setting up your account on Outlook. And to help you with the setup Yahoo Mail in Microsoft Outlook, this post has brought you a stepwise manual to complete the process. All you need is to go through the instruction mentioned below.

How to Set Up Yahoo Account on Outlook?

  • First and foremost, you need to login to your account and go to the File section.

  • Then choose the Select Info option.

  • In addition, you are required to select the Add Account option and go to the ‘Manual Setup or Additional Server Types’, and click the Next button.

  • Also, +Read More..

What is a 550 Error in Outlook? How to Fix Outlook Error 550

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What is the Error 550 in Outlook and How to fix It

Outlook email often gets interrupted because of technical barriers and error code 550 is one of those. Often while logging in, such errors fall upon and affect the users disturbing them in middle of their work. However, if you exactly know how to fix it then fixing such glitches does not take much time.

What Exactly is Error 550 in Outlook Email?

Outlook error 550 happens in any computer or mobile phone if you are trying to set up the account and the device fails to reach out to the mail recipient. A lot of times there is some error with the SMTP settings and hence such error creates hustles while logging in the mail account.

Common reasons behind error 550 in outlook

1. There are very basic reasons behind +Read More..

How To Fix Roadrunner Email Not Working? Spectrum Email Help

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Is Your Roadrunner Email Not Working? Here is How to Fix

Some time due to much technical error we are unable to find the exact reason on why my email(whatever it is) not working, what exactly is the reason? So Here you will know about the Roadrunner email that what are the causes and how you can fix the not working issue.

What is the reason for Roadrunner Email not working?

  • Using the wrong password or username of Roadrunner

  • Webmail network problem of Roadrunner

  • Poor internet connectivity

  • Change of SMTP settings

  • Not properly configuration of IMAP or POP settings

What are the ways by which you can fix the issue of Roadrunner?

  • Checking the internet connection

  • Making sure that you do not have any server error

  • Issue because of Wrong email settings

  • Updating the +Read More..

How Do I Delete My Google Account Permanently

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Check out the Quick Procedure to Permanently Delete Google Account 

In the last few decades, Google has provided its users with some of the exceptional services. From Gmail to Google Maps and YouTube, Google has offered its users with multiple services and products that one can easily access using a single account. All in all, Google offers its users with exceptional services to make their regular tasks simpler and easier. 

However, lately, many users have inquired on how to delete Google account permanently. Well, the procedure for Google account deletion is quite simple. So, for the users who are not aware of the process, they can check out the instructions provided in this article and delete their account without any hassle. 

What does Deleting Google Account mean?

Deleting Google account means that the user will lose access to all data or content +Read More..

What Does Verizon Error Message 480 Mean? How To Fix It

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Get Genuine Tips to Fix Verizon Error Code 480

Verizon is one of the best American telecommunications companies which offer wireless products and services. It is committed to providing fast and reliable solutions and being the first to 5G, Verizon has promised to give its customers the power to go beyond. But what to do when it does not works fine and showing Verizon error code 480 at this there is phone ring that shows the cause of showing this error and your call cannot be completed and shows temporarily unavailable.

What does Verizon message 480 mean

It is really important to resolve this issue but before that, you need to know means of Verizon error 480 which is basically showing you a recorded message that says you welcome to Wireless and its server is not working fine. This is avoiding you from +Read More..

Garmin Connect Recovery: How Do I Recover Garmin Password

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How to Recover Your Garmin Connect Password in Simple Steps?

Have you forgotten the password of your Garmin account? Then you can’t access the multiple services on your Garmin devices until you would not enter the correct password which is only possible when you recover it. There are numerous ways provided by Garmin for the account recovery that you can use to recover your Garmin account. But in case you don’t have any idea about the Garmin connect recovery process, then you should know the complete procedure which is important to know before recovering your account.

Here are the Simple and Quick Methods to Recover Garmin Account Password:

Method 1: Recover Garmin Account via Garmin Connect Web

Paypal App Not Working on iPhone: Fix Not Opening Issue

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How do I fix PayPal app not working on iPhone

PayPal is said to be the online transaction application that has made transactions easy and digitized. With the development of technology, from the various applications, this is one such application that has gained its popularity because of its interesting service and maintaining the records. It is said to be used by merchants and small business owners to keep a check on their transactions. 

It can be used as an application on iPhone and Android devices as well. But, if you are such a user who is facing issues when working with this application on your iPhone then you shall not panic. To get rid of PayPal not working on iPhone you may first know the reasons and then +Read More..

How Can I Set Up PayPal Account: Create a Business Account

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How to Set Up PayPal Account?

Today everything has become digital and hence a lot of people only prefer making cashless payments for their day to day expenses. Online payments for buying a pin or a big car, has encouraged avoiding paper money and ensures your money is safe in one place. And for encouraging any type of online payment, the most convenient application used worldwide is PayPal. PayPal can be used for any kind of payment related to traveling or paying for any hotel bookings, online shopping, regular bills, etc.

How do I Set Up PayPal Business Account?

Using PayPal is no tough task. All you need to know is about a few steps with which you can sign in for the application. +Read More..

Rogers Email Not Working on iPhone

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How to Fix Rogers Email not Working on iPhone

Emails have been an important part of every users’ life ever since it came into existence. And with the development of technology, it has also been developed in many ways. And there are many email companies in the digital market competing with each other and offering different services to users. 

And if you are a user who is using Rogers's email as your email companion then you would not be disappointed by its services. But, if you are a user who is facing issues when using this email on your iPhone then you shall not panic. All you need is to first look for the reasons that caused Rogers email not working on iPhone and then head over to the resolutions. And this +Read More..

Sbcglobal.net Email Not Working on iPhone: 7 Easy Methods

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How do I fix SBC Global not working on iPhone?

The user encounters different types of problems in the SBC Global account but we have solutions to resolve the problems. The problem in SBC Global account is SBC Global email not working on iPhone. SBC Global is one of the popular telecommunication companies that provide emailing services to its users. Besides all this, we have multiple reasons behind the issue like poor internet connection; sever error, settings problems and many others.

Here are 7 working ways to fix the SBC Global account issue on iPhone:

  • Wrong credentials: If the person has entered the wrong credentials, then this type of issues will come in the account. You should type correct username and password to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Update the application: Sometimes, the out-dated version can cause problems in the account. Make sure +Read More..

How Do I Fix Garmin WiFi Error 0200

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A simple and quick process to fix Garmin Wi-Fi error 0200

Garmin s most renowned and widely acknowledged company offers numerous wearables, or deals in automotive, marine, and watches. Some time due to technical glitches in the watch, it becomes daunting to connect with Wi-Fi as it is showing an error 0200.

But it seems a very small issue, and it requires a simple solution to fix Garmin Wi-Fi error 0200 mentioned below.

Stick with the steps to fix Garmin Wi-Fi error code 0200

Garmin recently released software for the products which are affecting like an error message 0200 you see on Garmin watches.

Connect with the Garmin app to automatically update your watch and experience +Read More..

How to Fix When Garmin GPS Not Working Properly

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How You Can Fix When Garmin GPS Not Working Properly?

Garmin GPS is one of the best devices across the world and it offers you many features so that navigation won't be a hassle for anyone. Besides, there are times when you may find some problem with your Garmin GPS and it show connection error, you shouldn't be bothered about it. And to help you in fixing this, here are some steps to fix Garmin GPS not working properly issue on your device, read along.

Things You Should Do When Garmin GPS Doesn't Work Properly

  • First and foremost, you should make sure that your Garmin device is charged completely. Also, when you have changed it recently, you may try to perform the Hard Reset Process. In this +Read More..

QuickBooks Error 15222: Here's How To Resolve & Fix It

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 15222?

Payroll is a very important feature of QuickBooks accounting code no matter the scale and nature of the business, it guarantees sleek and continuous payroll process. Tactlessly, payroll is additionally vulnerable to errors than alternative QuickBooks options and, even a small mistake will persuade errors in numerous payroll operations. QuickBooks Error 15222 occurs when you are downloading the payroll or QuickBooks system update. Commonly this error comes when you have weak internet connection or out-dated software.

In case you need technical support, you can easily contact QuickBooks Support. Experts will guide you in a proper way to resolve QuickBooks error 15222 and offer you the best solution.

Causes of QuickBooks error 1522

Windows Error 0xc00000e9: Top 3 Ways To Fix On Windows 10/8/7

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How to resolve the issue of Windows error code 0xc00000e9?

Windows is the Microsoft product which is one of the most famous operating systems that are being used in desktop devices across the globe by many users.

Many users face the windows error 0xc00000e9 problem while operating their desktop devices when they have Windows 10,8 and 7.

What is the Windows error code 0xc00000e9?

This error code is among the most common error codes which a user will get while working on Windows 10, 8 or 7. It usually turns up when the PC which the user is operating has some difficulties in booting up.

This error is very common for any user to face because there +Read More..

Change name on Facebook business page: Rename business page

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A Quick and simple process to change facebook business page name:

It seems pretty difficult to do that, but with Facebook’s more recent updates, it really takes only a few steps to change the business page of Facebook and URL.

So here you will see the most convenient and suitable approach to change name on facebook page in one go.

Stick with the steps to change the facebook business page name.

These are the basic and simple approach to change the name, so be careful and attentive while following these steps.

  • At the beginning of the process, click on the Edit button when you are viewing the page as the admin.
  • Next, click on the upper left side of the page.
  • Tap on the edit option.
  • After you click on the account box name.
  • Now you should type on your page +Read More..

Windows Error Code 43: Top 6 Ways To Fix On Windows 10/8/7

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An Easiest and Simple Way to Fix Error Code 43 in Windows 10,8 and 7

This error code continues for long if we do not take immediate action to resolve it. so here we have mentioned some of the basic steps to resolve to fix Windows error code 43 quickly for every window.

Top 6 Methods To Fix Error Code 43 on Windows

Method 1: Update the drivers automatically

It is recommended to install and uninstall the drivers manually, then you must run a free scan with the help of the recommended tool.

Method 2: Update drivers manually

If you think, that you are well versed or having a +Read More..

How To Recover Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone[Solved]

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Learn How to Recover deleted Messages of Viber on iPhone? 

Viber is one of the most used social media applications for HD quality audio and video calls or messages. But a lot of users who use Viber on their iPhone or even other devices complain of their messages getting deleted. And hence if your messages have also gotten deleted then you can follow the below steps to recover them. 

Steps for Recovering the messages of Viber in iPhone

Though users use Viber in all kinds of devices if you want to recover deleted Viber messages on iPhone then these steps are for you. 

1. The first thing you need to do is back up all your Viber messages. Go to the settings +Read More..

How do I get in touch with Roku?Speak to Roku Live Person

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How to contact a live person in Roku support?

Roku is one of the best online streaming devices, which is widely used nowadays due to its user-friendly feature. Sometimes, when it does not work as you want it to do, it could be a problematic situation for you. To resolve the Roku issues, technical support is available, which can be easily contacted.

Common Roku issues

Some of the common Roku issues, faced by the users are as follows:

  • Update, reset and restart issues

  • Roku remote problems

  • Roku Wi-Fi issues

  • Roku audio-video problems

  • Roku HDMI issues

  • Roku hardware +Read More..

How to reset facebook password on iPhone? Easy Ways

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Follow the quick instructions to recover Facebook password using iPhone:

Tried to access your Facebook account on the iPhone, but failed after making multiple attempts? Then, don't need to worry as you can easily restore access to your Facebook account by performing the recovery process. Besides, for the users who have a query on how to perform the recovery process on an iPhone, then one can check out the detailed instructions provided in this article. 

Recovering Facebook password on iPhone:

For the users who are looking for information on how to reset facebook password on iPhone, they are to follow the instructions mentioned below. Besides, one can even seek assistance from the Facebook help center regarding the recovery process. 

  • To begin the recovery process, launch the Facebook app on the iPhone. 
  • Once the app is launched, click on the forgot password link.
  • Further, mention the full name, email id, phone number used for accessing the account. 
  • After the +Read More..

Quickbooks Error h505: Learn How to Fix It in 2 Ways?

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Follow the Simple Process to Fix Error h505 in Quickbooks

Quickbook is the widely acknowledged online accounting software which helps you to manage your finance, keeps you under the GST compliant, enhances the transparency in the business workflows, and helps you to keep working collectively across various organizations of different sectors.

But Quickbooks error h505 may stops from working, but we can easily solve it with the help of solution available. So fix this issue by following these steps mentioned below.

An Easy Solution to fix Quickbooks error h505

Here you will see many recommended solution to fix the issue of Quickbook error h505

. Solution 1-Make a New Folder of the Company.

Recover Facebook Password Without Email: Top 2 Ways

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A detailed guide to recover Facebook password without email:

In the past years, Facebook has become a huge rage among users because of its incredible services and features. Further, to ensure that the users don’t face any security issues, Facebook has introduced some of the finest security features in the account that one can opt for their account. Still, there are a few users who have reported login issues with the Facebook account. So, for the users who are facing a similar issue with their account, they can check out the article to gather complete information regarding the password reset process. 

2 Ways to recover Facebook account without email:

Well, multiple reasons can lead to login issues with the Facebook account like forgotten password, technical issue from the server end, hacked account, and more. Be it any reason, one can still recover their Facebook account +Read More..

Facebook Not Working? Fix Facebook App Not Working Properly

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Is Your Facebook Not Working? Get Some Fixes Here!

Nowadays facebook boast about 2.23 million active users. A platform that makes you easy to connect with the family, friends and colleagues, this platform allow users to share pictures, music, and data as well. Apart from that, this social networking website is been loved by teenagers because they can personalize their profile like you plastered your bedroom wall with posters or frames.

Despite being a number of uses, it stops working due to some technical glitches at the server end or sometime the device may not support it. So here you will see some of the important steps to fix the issue of Facebook Not Working.

A Quick Solution to Fix Something is Not Working Working On Facebook

+Read More..

Recover Facebook Password without Phone Number: Can't Reset

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How to Recover Facebook Password without Phone Number?

The use of multiple social media account is one of the most common things among the users but it is also difficult to remember the password of these accounts. Sometimes many circumstances take place when users forget their password and Facebook users also face such kind of issues on often basis. But Facebook proffers plenty of ways that can help the users to recover their accounts very easily and phone number is one among those. Users can use their recovery phone number to recover their Facebook account. But there +Read More..

How To Fix Facebook Not Working on Chrome in 5 Ways

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How to fix the not working fault of Facebook on Chrome?

Although Facebook works efficiently on all the browsers, including Google Chrome yet a few times, some issues might occur. Many Facebook users have also complained about the same quite a few times. However, Facebook might show errors, meanwhile, the user tries to access it on Google Chrome due to extremely minute fault. Hence, the solutions for the people who are struggling with Facebook not working on Chrome issue are, as below.

  • At first, you must re-launch the Chrome browser and then retry to access your Facebook account on it

  • Next, you have to ensure that the Facebook login details you are entering are correct or it might also cause error to access your account on Chrome

  • +Read More..

[5 Fixes ]Facebook not working on android phone| App stopped

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Top 5 fixes for the issue of Facebook not working on Android:

If you are trying to use Facebook on your Android Device but it is not working, it can be frustrating. Most of the Facebook issues occur when there are new updates in the app. The common issues encountered while using like  Facebook app not working, app crashes, and other issues. To fix the Facebook issue, you can try some fixes.

Fix Facebook not working on Android Phone:

Here are some of the common fixes for Facebook not loading on Android device:

  • Restart your device: Most of the issues get fixed simply by restarting the device. Restarting will clear the RAM and will give a fresh start to the device.
  • Clear cache and cookies: Facebook stores a lot of cache and temporary files in the app, which might +Read More..

Fix Facebook Not Working & Not Loading On iPhone: Top 4 Ways

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How to fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone?

Facebook is the biggest social media service in this world which was founded in the year 2004 which now has more than a billion users who can access it from any part of the globe with the use of any device.

In those devices, the iPhone is one of the most used devices to access Facebook but some users report about the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone.

Reasons for Facebook not working on the iPhone

There are various causes for the non-functioning of Facebook on the iPhone device. Some of the prominent one’s are.

  • Using a slow network connection on the iPhone.

  • +Read More..

How To Recover Sbcglobal.net Email Password in 2 Ways

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A Winning Tips To Recover Sbcglobal net Email 

SBCglobal is one of the best mail service provider and their users has been very reliant on it. but there are times when user no longer accesses the account due to hacking or forgetting the password so in that case follow the below guidelines and get the account recovered easily.

How to recover my SBCglobal net Email?

Follow the below step by step instructions in order to recover the SBCglobal account

Method 1: By Answering Security Questions

  • Visit the AT & T's official website and go to the password recovery page.

  • Search for the checkbox named "Password". Type the registered email address with your +Read More..

[Solution]How To Fix Microphone Not Working on Windows 10

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How to fix the issue of microphone not working on Windows 10?

Microphones are the basic requirement for the users who want to listen or speak through a computer. If it stops working and you want to call someone urgently, it will become a bothersome situation. There could be several reasons for the issue of the microphone not working. To fix the microphone issues, you can follow the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article.

Fixes for Microphone not working 

If you are facing the issue of microphone not working on Windows 10, you can try out the troubleshooting steps mentioned below:

  • Check the hardware connection. If your microphones are not working, you must check the cable or the port where you are +Read More..

Optus Webmail Not Working:Fix Can't Send/Receive Email Issue

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How To Fix the Optus Webmail Not Working Issue

Optus Webmail is another email platform that is used for exchanging emails and you can easily sign up for the account to send mails. To exchange mails, you can either log in with the Optus website or any other platform such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Mac Mail. However, if you are facing issues while logging into the Optus webmail account, you can follow the below-given details. 

Steps To Fix the Optus Mail Not Working Issue

To fix the issue of Optus webmail not working, there are a few troubleshooting methods mentioned below. 

1. If you find Optus mail not working, then, first of all, check the internet connection. +Read More..

Optimum Password Reset: How To Reset Optimum Password

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How to Reset the Optimum Account and Email Password

Have you lost access to the Optimum account password and are unable to get into the account? Then you shall not panic as in the steps below you will learn how to get back the access.  

Steps to Reset Optimum Email Account Password! 

  1. To start with, the users need to first land on the Optimum email from any preferred web browser from the search bar at the top. 

  2. Then on the sign-in page, he is required to enter the username that he wants to get back and tap “Next”. 

  3. You are required to tap on the “Forget Password” +Read More..

Linksys Router Error 2118: Fix Unexpected Error on Linksys

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Find Solution and Fix the Error 2118 of Linksys Router

There is a possibility of some technical glitches that can arise when you are using your Linksys router. The most common error code 2118 indicates that there is a configuration error in Linksys that can come up when you are trying to configure it after buying the new router. There can be multiple reasons before this, and so are the troubleshooting steps that the users can take to fix this error.

Linksys router error 2118 can be eradicated if you go through the troubleshooting steps that we will be listed below. These steps will eliminate the issue you might be facing while using this. Let us have a peep at the fixes.

Troubleshooting Guide to getting Rid +Read More..

Why My Gmail Not Working on iPhone? Here's is How to Fix

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Top Hacks To Ensure That Gmail Works On Your iPhone

Are you a dedicated Gmail user who is unable to access your account on iPhone? Well, worry not as there are thousands of other users who face this issue almost every day. However, there some easy ways to fix the issue without any hassle and this won’t take so much of your time as well. Since there could be many reasons that may have result in your Gmail not working on iPhone issue, some common hacks can easily help you to get rid of it quickly. Here’s how.

Top Hacks To Fix The Gmail Issues On Your iPhone Device

The following methods will let you fix the Gmail not working on iPhone problem without any hassle +Read More..

How Can I Fix Outlook Not Working on Mac

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How to Eradicate the Issues of Outlook Arising in Mac?

We are sure that everyone will be aware of the importance of Outlook in our daily lives. But when you use the app in your device, then you can feel that it becomes slow and it stops to respond. Today let us see its issues in Mac.

If your Outlook not working on Mac, then you can go through the pointers we are stating below to get rid of the issues. You can call them as common troubleshooting steps that generally works for all the issues. Let us get them in detail.

Troubleshooting Steps Required:

  • Restart your Mac:

Sometimes, tough things are also resolved just by restarting +Read More..

Online Computer Tech Support: Find 24x7 Remote Services

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What Is Computer Technical Support and Why It Is Important?

The computer technical support assists you to fix the issues appearing while using computers, cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices by giving all information. Also, if you are wondering why is it important to get assistance from the computer technical support team? Then to explain it here is some services that you will access from them are as follows:

  • Diagnostic services

  • Maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Repairs

In addition, you can receive online computer tech support as well as in person, by phone, or online. All you need is to connect with the Psupportnumber.

What Are the +Read More..

How Can I Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone

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How Can You Fix Outlook Not Working on iPhone?

When you see some kind of problem while working on Outlook on your iPhone, you shouldn't worry about it because you can resolve the problem by doing a few simple steps. And to make the job easier for you, this post has brought you some basic instructions to get rid of Outlook not working on iPhone problem. So, all you need is to follow the instructions.

Things You Should Do to Fix Outlook Is Not Working on iPhone

  • Before you do anything to fix the issue, you need to check the internet connectivity of your iPhone. Your iPhone must connect with an active internet connection. So, you should check the Wi-Fi network or if required, change the Wi-Fi +Read More..

Gmail temporary error numeric code 5973: Can't login to Gmail

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Get simple tips to fix when you notice Gmail code error 5973

Gmail is pretty easy to use on your mobile and laptop device after configuring it. But in case you face any trouble and don’t know what is the real solution to go away from this kind of difficulty you are at the best platform to check out the certain cause and error to get this issue fixed at a certain point of the time. You might be noticing Gmail code 5973 that is mean that you can access your Gmail account, but you cannot open your emails. If you are using your Gmail account outside like in your mobile phone, and opening error-free emails, you should check with the internet service on your desktop that you are using at the present time.

In this case, you can try disabling your browser extensions, delete +Read More..

Unable to Take Screenshot on MAC? Here's Useful Tips & Steps

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Learn a Simple Way to Take Screenshot in Mac Device

Mac device is associated with various functions and features to operate it attentively. If you are striving to take the screenshot but facing any trouble and don’t know how to take a screenshot in Mac, it is important to understand the basic concept that would help you resolve this problem as soon as possible. Take a look at different points.

Let’s Learn on How to Take a Screenshot on Your Mac

  • At first, turn on your Mac device and take screenshot, press and hold Shift+command+3 together.

  • If you are noticing a thumbnail in the corner of your Mac screen, click on it and edit the screenshot or you can wait for the screenshot +Read More..

Learn How to Change Language in Google Chrome Browser

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Know-How to change the language in Google chrome?

Google Chrome is known for being the most popular browser to do web browsing. With the help of a Google browser, you can access all types of websites and links online. 

Changing language in the Google chrome 

There are a lot of settings in the Google chrome that can be made according to the convenience of the user. And suppose if you want to change the language in Google chrome then there are some steps to be followed. Tap below for the details of how to change the language of the google chrome. 

Steps to change the password of Google chrome 

1. Open the Google chrome application +Read More..

PS4 Youtube Error NP 37602-8: Here's Is How To Fix It

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The Process to Fix PS4 Youtube Error NP 37602 8

Youtube is a digital platform that is used by everyone for watching videos and uploading videos. Apart from watching videos just on Youtube, you can also connect your Ps4 to Youtube and watching videos on your Ps4. But a lot of times Youtube faces some technical errors in the account on Ps4. And Error Np-37602-8 is one of the most common error codes. 

What is PS4 Youtube Error NP-37602-8?

The reason behind ps4 youtube error np 37602 8 is the issue related to the account. This error code is likely to arise when the user tries to log in to the account. This type of error code can be a +Read More..

[Fixed]Hulu Error Code p-dev320: Here's How To Fix

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Fix Hulu error code p-dev320

Hulu error code p-dev320 is one of the most common errors a user can face. This error arises when a user tries watching movies, TV show episodes, and even when user stream lives events with the help of Hulu live Tv. Hulu error code p-dev32 error occurs when it fails to build a communication between the Hulu app and the Hulu server. But do not panic there are several ways to fix Hulu error.

How to fix Hulu error code p-dev320?

  • Try Hulu on other devices- if the user is having another device where Hulu can be streamed then try to load. In case it works on your other device then there is a chance that there is some issue +Read More..

How To Make Yahoo My Homepage on Windows 10: Quick & Easy

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Know-How to Make Yahoo Your homepage on Windows 10?

Being a regular Yahoo user, you can enjoy plenty of useful features when you access something with the help of Yahoo on your Windows 10 computer. If it so, then you can simply make Yahoo as your home page and save more time in spite of searching it firstly. There are varied options for making Yahoo as your home page in your Windows 10 and it depends on the type of your browser that you are using to access the internet. If you are confused about how to make Yahoo my homepage on Windows 10, then you can go through the mentioned instructions to understand this process very easy.

How To Set Yahoo Homepage For Google Chrome

  • +Read More..

Yahoo Password Change | Yahoo Password Reset Guide

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A quick guide on how to update and reset Yahoo account password

Password plays a very important role in ensuring the security of online accounts or services like Yahoo Mail. Hence, this is a reason why many experts suggest updating the account passwords regularly to avoid any issues with account security. 

Further, for the users who are looking for the procedure on how to change Yahoo mail password, they can check out the procedure mentioned below to update their account password. 

Follow the steps to change Yahoo account password 

To update Yahoo account password, the user is required to follow the steps mentioned below: 

  • The user is required to launch the Yahoo mail app and tap on +Read More..

Learn How to Sync Wii Remote to Console

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Get a Complete Guide to Sync Wii Remote to Console

Synchronizing a Wii remote with the console lets the remote communicate with the console, either temporarily or permanently. Moreover, if you want to sync your Wii remote, you can go through the steps mentioned below. 

How to Sync Wii Remote to Console?

  • Before anything else, you need to press the Power key on the Wii console, its light turns blue as soon as it is ready to sync.

  • Next, you need to open the SD card slot on the Wii console, you will see a panel next to the eject button i.e. the red button which is situated at the left of the SD slot.

  • After that, +Read More..

Can't Update Logic Pro X: Here Is How To Update It

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Simple process to update logic pro x

Apple has released a new and integrated update for Logic Pro x which gives a Live loop, or the Beat sequencer, and many more. These new features will be really helpful for the musicians who like to work across the music apple creation work. So read carefully all the points to how to update logic pro x in one go.

Learn more in-depth about the New Features

Live Loops

  • It helps to Compose music by arranging the cells in a grid by using the loops, or the samples, and the recordings.
  • Perform and capture ideas of the tracks area.

+Read More..

How To Use Google Meet? Setup Google Meet Free For Everyone

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How to Use Google Meet Free on Using Your Gmail Account?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the tech giant Google is rolling out innovative features to provide better access to its users. And now it has offered its premium video conferencing service 'Google Meet' free for all its existing users. Previously, the feature is available for organizations using G Suite, Meet is not accessible for all. This move is bold and will help the users to host conferences without more security features. 

On the other side, for casual video calling or chatting, Google Duo or Hangouts was already there, Meet lets you make a conference of up to 100 participants at once. Also, it includes some outstanding features like scheduling, screen sharing, and real-time captioning. 

Now you must +Read More..

How to Recover/Reset Apple ID Password on iPhone

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Get the details about the recovery of Apple ID password on iPhone

For Apple users, Apple ID is the basic requirement for accessing the apps, downloading new apps from the App Store or other services from Apple. For using an Apple ID, you must have the correct credentials- username and password. If you are facing any issue while using the Apple Id password, you need to recover it. If you wish to know how to recover apple id password on iPhone, refer to the article and the important points in it.

Reset Apple password on iPhone

While signing-in to your Apple account, if you are facing any issues with the Apple Id password, you need to reset it. To know how to recover apple id password on iPhone and regain access to the +Read More..

Fixed]Yahoo Mail Not Loading & Not Working on Mac/Macbookpro

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Learn the procedure to fix the issue of yahoo mail not working on Mac

There could be many reasons that may cause you to sign into the account or may stop you from accessing the features of the account on Mac. Whatever could e the reason either its browser incompatibility or the old configured antivirus settings? if you come across such type of problem, you can fix this issue by learning these below-mentioned facts to solve the issue in one go for yahoo mail not working on Macbook pro.

Follow the steps to fix the issue of Yahoo mail not working on Mac.

Delete the cache from the browser

  • In the first step effort, go to the chrome browser,

  • +Read More..

Solved]Yahoo Mail Not Loading & Not Working on iPhone/iOS

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Guide To Fix Yahoo Mail Issues On iPhone Device

Many users have reported that their Yahoo mail is unable to work correctly on their iPhone users. However, there can be many reasons that users may face this but no specific reason is responsible for the malfunction of Yahoo application on their Apple device.

Moreover, one can use a couple of ways to resolve their Yahoo mail account or the mailer application. So, if you are facing such an issue then here’s what you can to fix the Yahoo mail not working on iPhone issue on your iOS device.

Simple Methods To Fix Yahoo Mail Issues In An iOS Device

Sign In & Sign Out Of Yahoo Account

  • +Read More..

Solved]Yahoo Mail Not Loading & Not Working on Google Chrome

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How to fix the issue of Yahoo mail not working on chrome 

Yahoo is one of the major email platforms used by a lot of people for exchanging emails. And if you use Yahoo then it can be accessed on all kinds of the web browser. But a lot of times Yahoo stops working in the chrome browser which is used for most of the online search activities. And if your Yahoo mail is not working in the chrome then you can fix it with the help of troubleshooting steps. 

Common Issues in Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail might not be working due to many reasons, but some commonly faced issues are as follows:

  • Yahoo server down

  • +Read More..

How Do I Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11

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Get Instant Help to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11

iPhone 11 device has come with a number of great features and services to make the users more convenient in all respects simply. Notably, iPhone 11 has been developed with Visual Voice mail that you can use and see a list of your message and choose which one you want to listen and then you can transfer that existence voice mail to someone. If you really want to setup Voicemail on your iPhone 11 but due to some unknown cause, you are not able to use the troubleshooting task and not able to complete the action on your device.

You can call your iPhone from another phone and try to leave yourself a voicemail and go to the keypad and press but if you +Read More..

2 Ways To Recover/Retrieve/Restore Deleted Facebook Messages

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Know the Process To Recover Deleted messages from Facebook

Facebook is the most important application in order to stay connected to loved once. We send and receive messages on it in order to communicate and make sure we are connected to each other. Many times send important messages on it as well but at times it ends it getting deleted but we need to recover it. Though there are very less chance if it getting recovered but there are few steps by which we can get them recovered.

How to Recover deleted messages from Facebook?

Follow these steps in order to retrieve the Facebook messages again

  • View un-archive messages- Archived messages will be no longer there in the recent conversations area because +Read More..

How To Transfer Photos Videos Contacts From iPhone To PC

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Learn the process to transfer your iPhone photos to PC

Do you wish to transfer the photos from your iPhone to PC? Well, the moving of photos from the iPhone to PC is not very difficult, as you can perform this task easily by connecting both the devices using a USB cable. Once your iPhone and PC are connected a pop-up message will appear on the screen, next you just have to follow the instructions properly. Moreover, if you are looking forward to certainly learn about how to import photos from iPhone to PC, kindly follow the steps instructed below:

  • First of all, find a USB cable and then connect your iPhone to the computer using it

  • Next, the photos app will appear one the PC screen automatically +Read More..

Learn to Recover Lost Data From Android After Factory Reset

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How to recover data on the android device after the factory reset?

If you use an android device, you would be knowing about a term called Factory reset. The factory reset is a process to delete all the existing applications, files, and downloaded content on the device. Once you confirm the factory reset option, your device will be back as a new one issued by the manufacturer. However, a lot of users avoid doing a factory reset because they fear that they won't be able to recover lost data from Android after Factory reset. But for the better functioning of the system, you need to have a factory reset. And to recover the lost data, you can also follow below given steps. 

Steps to recover the lost Android data after factory reset 

+Read More..

4 Ways To Recover/Retrieve/Restore Deleted Instagram Photos

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Learn the Procedure to Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

Instagram is the social media platform favored by millennials to upload and share photos among the network. Social media platforms like Instagram are being used for many years for sharing the photos, and of adding the live story with the help of the inbuilt features to give your live updates on the trending Instagram.

This comes as an eye of everything beautiful in the world to get the mesmerizing view of the fascinating people around you. But sometimes you may have mistakenly lost all the photos of your Instagram account, in that case, you must know the ways to recover deleted Instagram photos.

Top 4 Ways To Recover Deleted Instagram Photos

+Read More..

Yahoo Mail Not Working: Fix Problems With Yahoo Account

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How to Fix the Issue of Yahoo Mail Not Working?

Yahoo Mail is designed in such a way that is easy to access, efficient and reliable for the users. If you are facing any issue while accessing the email service of Yahoo, you need to know the root cause and fix it. Here is the guide to resolve your problem.

Issues of Yahoo Mail

There could be multiple reasons which are hindering the working of Yahoo Mail and makes it inaccessible for the users. Some of the issues commonly faced are:

  • Yahoo server down

  • Plugins or add-ons issues

  • Unable to login

  • Can't send or receive emails

  • +Read More..

Bitlocker Password Recovery:Get Forgotten Bitlocker Password

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How to Recover Your Forgotten Bitlocker Password in Simple Steps?

It is always important to keep your data safe against any kind of hacking or unwanted activity on your computer and it is only possible when you go with the encryption. There is a long list of encryption methodology and Bitlocker is one among those. Bitlocker is one of the top-notch encryption programs which is proffered by Microsoft on most of its Windows OS. You can simply encrypt your hard drive and protect against any sort of malware or hacking activity. Bitlocker always needs a password when you set up it into your computer every time when you start it.

Bitlocker Password Recovery: Have You Forgotten your Bitlocker Password?

Sometimes many +Read More..

How Do I Recover Old Google Account: Get Your Account Back

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How to Recover an Old Google Account

Have you lost access to your Google account? If yes, then you can follow the simple recovery steps to get the account back. But in case, you have an old account and do not know how to proceed then you shall not panic. All you can do is to refer to the steps mentioned further in this article to recover an old Google account. 

Knowing How to Get Access Back from an Old Google Account! 

  1. Land on any web browser and head over to Gmail.com from the search bar at the top. 

  2. Enter the username that you want to get back on the sign-in page and tap the “Forgot Password?” option. 

  3. +Read More..

How To Recover Deleted Files on Android: Get Back All Files

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How Do I Recover Deleted Files From Android Device

Android is an operating system which is designed or developed for mobile phones. It was developed by Android Inc. It is a very good and popular operating system that now companies uses this for mobile phones.

The main feature of the Android is it can back up all your data in a smartphone. If you want to recover the files on android, you must read steps one by one.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android? Get Some Easy Steps

  • First of all, you need to download Disk Drill on your PC.

  • Now, install the program on your PC and open the USB debugging mode on +Read More..

What is Canon Printer b200 Error?How To Fix Canon b200 Error

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Know about B200 error in Canon printer along with its fixes

It becomes incredibly frustrating when you are trying to print an important paper, but the error code pops up. One of the most commonly faced issues in the printers is Canon b200 error, which proves to be a catastrophic error. Before replacing it, you need to try some fixes on it.

Causes of B200 error in Canon printer

The most basic cause of this error indicates the faulty print head of the Canon printer. A print head is used for distributing the ink to the paper, which makes it very important in the task of printing. So whenever you get a Canon b200 error,  you need to check the print heads of the printer.

+Read More..

Mobile Repair | Cell Phone Repair Near Me | Online Support

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Find Mobile Cell Phone Repair Services Nearby Your Location

Mobiles in today's time are one of the most necessary things required for survival in today's time. Technically all our day to day activities such as sending emails, calling or texting, keeping reminders for the to-do list, etc, all of this being recorded on the phone. And almost everyone today owns a phone. 

Mobile Phone Not Working: Contact Mobile Repair Service Team

Today several brands have launched their own mobile sets with the latest for technologies in the gadget market. But despite these updated technologies, in between the work often mobile stops working. A mobile device not working is no less than a nightmare! But instead of panicking, you should try to find a solution +Read More..

Apple Tech Support Near Me: Apple Certified Technicians Help

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Get Reliable And Professional Assistance From Certified Apple Technicians

Apple services and products are quite famous all around the world. They are known among the exceptionally best and amazing products available in the tech market. There billions of users who are using a variety of Apple products across the world. From iPhone to Apple Watch, the users have been enjoying all kinds if smart services availed by the Apple through its own designed operating system known as iOS.

However, there are times when even perfectly designed Apple services and products may annoy its users due to various small and major issues. However, a large portion of them is resolvable with the help of tech support experts. Therefore, if you are thinking how to find Apple tech support near me then here’s what +Read More..

Best 3rd Party Technician for HP LaserJet Pro M15w Printer

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Fix the Multiple HP LaserJet Pro M15w Issues instantly with 3rd Party HP Printer Technicians

HP LaserJet Pro M15w is one of the best laser printers in the world provided by HP and it is highly used by millions of users all over the world. It is considered the world’s smallest laser printer that provides an amazing laser printing performance. HP LaserJet Pro M15w provides an amazing print speed along with the best budget printing that one affords at a very reasonable price. Users can easily print and scan from their smartphone with the help of HP Smart APP along with the multiple printing setting where is no need to stand in front of the printer. But sometimes users also confront numerous technical issues when using their HP LaserJet Pro M15w printer and find the technical assistance +Read More..

Best Canon Printer Repair Near Me:Online Service At One Call

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How can I find the Canon Printer Repair Near Me?

Canon Printer always brings the best features and services to its users and makes it easy to print. With all-new innovative technologies, the Canon printer provides you better printing options and lets you make your task with flawless prints. Moreover, being a tech gadget, it is natural to see some flaws while using it. But there is nothing to stress about it as the Canon Printers not only provides its services but also takes care of its users by facilitating them with Canon customer service. 

Also, if you are facing some kind of trouble while using it, you can fix it by performing troubleshooting. Or else, the Canon Printer customer service team is available 24*7 to assist you. You can contact them +Read More..

How to Disable/Remove Pop-Up Blocker & PopUp Ads:Latest 2020

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Here’s What To Do to Disable Pop-Up Blockers in Every Web Browser

We all know quite well that pop-up ads are known as the internet’s original sin and they are pretty much irritating to all of us. They have been there since the evolution of internet and there’s no doubt that they have continued to irritate us all this time. But that does not mean that they do not serve anything useful at all as they sometimes provides you information that you have been looking for a long time or they just work as the direct link to the websites where you may feel puzzled while logging onto your accounts.

Now, to block the pop-ups, we often use pop-up blockers and they are really helpful to us for preventing such irritating ads +Read More..

Printer Repair Service in Reston Virginia(VA): Get Support

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Get Online & Effective Printer Repair Services in Reston Virginia

Printers have become an essential part of technology after computers. They help users to give a hard copy of the document, images, etc based on the command. And also, there are a lot of printer companies in the digital world with unique services, good quality of prints, easy user interface, etc. But, if you have a printer and you happen to face issues with the machines then you shall not panic. You can look for the printer repair services and experts to get it fixed nearby you. So, if you are looking for printer repair in Reston VA then you can follow the instructions further. 

Contacting Printer Repair Services Near Reston Virginia! 

+Read More..

What Exactly Quickbooks Error h202 Is and How To Fix It

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How can you fix the error named QuickBooks error H202 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks error H202 error prevails when the users try to make use of QuickBooks in the multi-user mode. This error implies that the server to the multi-user connection is blocked. At the time of this error, the user fails to open a file that is another computer.

Troubleshooting steps required to fix the error:

QuickBooks error h202 troubles the users a lot due to which the users are not able to enjoy the services. There can be many reasons for its occurrence. For this, you should be familiar with the troubleshooting that is required to be done. However, if you are not, let us see the troubleshooting steps that the users can take for rectification +Read More..

Facing Hulu Error 94? Here is How to Fix It

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How To Fix Hulu Error 94? Here is the Complete Solution! 

While being a part of technology, facing errors is very common. So, while using the Hulu application for your entertainment, if you are encountering Hulu error 94 then you shall not be puzzled. Every user might face errors and at any time. To get your error 94 resolved with Hulu you must first know the reasons causing it. And for that, you can refer to this article. 

Causes of Error 94 on Hulu! 

  1. Improper or fluctuating internet connection in your wifi or mobile. 

  2. If a user has not updated his Outlook application 

  3. If the launch configurations and caches are corrupted.

  4. +Read More..

[Solved]Windows 10 Spinning Dots Black Screen Error: Fix Now

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Know How to Resolve Black Screen Spinning Dots Issue 

Have you restarted your device and noticed a small circle of dots spinning on your screen that is either in black or other colors? Then, you need to worry about this issue as it often happens when the updates are finalized. 

However, if the dots remain on the screen for a long time even after an update then, there are chances there is some issue with the graphic cards or drivers installed on your device. So, to resolve this issue, it is recommended to try out these troubleshoot solutions for Windows 10 Spinning Dots Black Screen Error. 

Troubleshooting Solutions to Resolve Spinning Dots Issue

1. Restart the Device

  • +Read More..

Facebook Recovery Code: How Do I Get FB Recovery Login Code

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Process to get Facebook Recovery Login Codes to use When I don't have my Phone

Facebook a social media platform to meet new characters, sometimes users of the Facebook forgot login codes. You can read these articles to follow the steps.

  • Click on the top arrow at the top right.
  • After following the above, you have to select Settings & privacy> settings.
  • Now you have tap on security and Login.
  • You will find an option of Two-factor authentication.
  • You will need to require the password.
  • In +Read More..

Accounts.Google.Recovery: Recover Google Or Gmail Account

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How to Recover a Google Account? Tips for Completing Google Account Recovery

Google account is widely used across the world and the internet due to its security and authenticity features. You can use the Google account to access all Google services along with many third-party applications. In order to use the Google account, you need to have a valid email address and password. In case, you have forgotten the password, you have to proceed with Google account recovery.

Recovery of Google Account: 100% Working

If you have forgotten your username or password for the account or you are unable to get the verification codes, you need to recover the account. Once recovered, you will be able to use the services associated +Read More..

What is HTTP Error 400? How To Fix Page Not Found Error

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Are You Seeing Error 404? Winning Tips To Fix the Error Code 404

What is an Error 404?

404 errors come when you are trying to load something but it doesn’t exist. It is also called as Http error 404 because that’s the HTTP status code that the webserver uses to describe that kind of error. Different websites have different kinds of names when you get this error. Websites might also use slightly different names for this error. For example, you might see things like:

  • 404
  • 404 Resource not found
  • Error 404
  • HTTP 404
  • 404 Not Found
  • Error 404 Not Found
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • 404 File or Directory Not Found

How to Fix Error 404 or Http Error 404?

  • To fix Http error 404, please try the web page by pressing F5, +Read More..

What is HTTP Error 500? How To Fix Internal Server Error

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Are You Seeing Fix Error Code 500? Get the Complete Information to Fix It

The error code 500 is quite a common HTTP Status code which states that there's something wrong with the website's server, but the server can't be specific what problem it is. 

If you are a Webmaster and see error code 500 on your server on some pages of your website, you can fix Error code 500 at the bottom of the page on your website. 

What is the Cause of HTTP 500 Errors?

As mentioned above, you are more likely to see this problem because of the page or site's programming. This could happen from your end so fix it with the steps mentioned below. 

How Will You Fix Internal Server Error Code 500?

Since Error Code 500 is a server-side problem, +Read More..

Online Technician Near Me: Find Best & Affordable Service

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How To Find Best Online Technicians Near You: Quick Guide

Online Technician Near Me: Its Overview & Benefits

Online technical solutions have become quite phenomena these days. You can easily avail great services at your doorstep with the help of a couple of clicks and get your issues resolved. They can save a lot of your time and money while they fix the issues related to your computing & printing devices, data recovery, email issues and much more. Not only that but they also make sure that you do not need to take your precious devices to the authorized service centres even if you are unable to do so.

Now, you can easily search online technician near me over the internet and select the best technician on it. But before doing so, you should know what all +Read More..

How Do I Recover a Hacked or Compromised Microsoft Account

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Recover a Hacked or Compromised Microsoft Account? Check the Complete information Here

When you get 'Help us secure your account' from Microsoft, it means your account has been hacked. It may happen due to some activities being done on your account which is not ordinary. Or else, you are seeing unauthorized charges, unrecognized names in your file-sharing, spam being sent to your contact list, and so on.  Moreover, just in case, your Microsoft is compromised and you want to recover your Microsoft hacked account, you can go through this post to regain access. 

Microsoft Hacked Account Recovery: How to Reset Your Microsoft Account Password? Follow the Steps

  • The first thing you should do to keep your account safe from hacking is to change the +Read More..

Learn How to Get Back a Hacked Facebook Account

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What to Do When a Facebook Account is Hacked! 

If you suspect that someone else is using your Facebook account or has hacked it then you shall not panic. You can still get back your Facebook account when you follow steps to get back your account. And for that, you can follow the steps stated below as soon as possible before your personal information is misused. 

Learn How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account! 

  1. Land on a web browser and head over to Facebook.com from its search bar. 

  2. Enter the username that you have and tap the “Forgot Password?” option. 

  3. This will redirect you to the Facebook account recovery page where you will be asked to pick any one recovery option. 

  4. And +Read More..

What Is Google Error Code 10: Fix Sign In Error

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How Do I Fix “Google Error Code 10”?

Google error code 10 is one of the most common error which is faced by the users due to Google signing in fails in the Play Store on their Android devices. There could be numerous possible causes behind this error and one must be known about that before taking any kind of step to fixing. There are multiple solutions to fix the error code of Google and one can simply follow them. But if you don’t know how to resolve error code 10 of Google, then you can go through the simple mentioned instructions.

Here are the Steps to Fix Google Error Code 10:

  • First of all, make sure that you are working on an active internet connection which is very important to access the multiple Google-related services.
  • Clear the caches +Read More..

Learn How To Change/Reset/Recover Centurylink Email Password

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A Quick Guide To Change Or Reset CenturyLink Email Password

Changing password of an email account is quite useful for any user including CenturyLink email holders. Since, CenturyLink users access their email accounts to enjoy their network services, cloud storage services and other important services, it becomes important for them to keep their email accounts safe and secure. Now, what could be more important than changing the password of their CenturyLink email accounts?

Therefore, read this article on CenturyLink password reset and also read some of the quick tips to create a strong password for your account.

Steps To Change Or Reset Email Password Of A Centurylink Account

The following steps will help you to change your CenturyLink email account’s password in no time.

  • +Read More..

3 Quick Methods To Fix Quickbooks Error Code 80029c4a

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How to Fix Quickbooks Error Code 80029c4a?

Like all other accounting softwares, Quickbooks can also have bugs and it happens due to codes and algorithms used for designing the software. One of the commonly faced and complex errors in Quickbooks is error code 80029c4a.

Causes of Error Code 80029c4a in Quickbooks

  • Improper installation of Quickbooks software on the system.

  • Corrupted files in Window registry.

  • Damaged or corrupted system files of Quickbooks.

Fixes for Error Code 80029c4a

To resolve the error code, a user can follow the fixes mentioned below:

  • Antivirus Update

    • Update the antivirus with the latest version and features.

    • Add component exceptions according to the User manual and open +Read More..

[Solved]Quickbooks Error Code 1722: Fix Installer Error

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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1722? Get Complete Information to Fix It

QuickBooks enables the user to take control of the accounts, create invoices, manage inventory, and whatnot. Also, it is one of the best software that helps you to keep all records and manage your expenses accordingly. Moreover, there are times when a user may face a problem while accessing the program. For such cases, the customer service is there to help you.

Just in case, if you see QuickBooks error 1722 then you should know that it generally appears due to incomplete installation, corrupt download, corruptions in Windows or in the operating system. Also, it may happen due to an error in Windows system files.

Steps to Fix the QuickBooks Error 1722 Issue

  • You can fix the problem by simply cleaning the installation of your QuickBooks.
  • Once you clean the downloaded +Read More..

Email Password Reset: Forgot Password Help Center

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Follow the Process to Reset Email Password

Are you crafting a new, safe and secure password?? Before you begin the process to reset the email password, do deep research for the vetted solution and marked as a safe solution. 

Here you will find the gathered information on what to do for resetting email password. Read carefully all the basic aspects to reset the email password.

Stick with the Steps to Reset Email Password

  • At the beginning of the process, you have to first visit the official page of the Email.
  • Moving further, tap on the forgot password.
  • In the next move, you will be required to enter the Email address or the username of the account.
  • After following the above, you will receive a mail in your inbox to reset the password.
  • In the inbox, you will receive a link +Read More..

2 Simple Method To Fix Norton Error 8504: 100% Working

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How to Fix Norton Error 8504 in Simple Steps?

Error 8504 is one of the most common errors which is highly faced by the Norton users whenever they try to upgrade their Norton product and face installation issues. There could be multiple reasons behind this error and it is always impossible to explain the exact reason. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t fix this error as there are multiple ways to fix Norton Error 8504 and you can learn about them in a step by step process which is mentioned in a very simple manner.

Follow the Below Simple Steps to fix Norton Error 8504:

Method 1# Uninstall any antivirus program

You can fix such kind of error by removing or uninstalling any other antivirus or security program from your computer because using these programs may also confront +Read More..

Obtain Significant Solution To Fix Quickbooks Error 6190

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Find Solution On How to fix Quickbooks error 6190

If you are such a user who happens to face an error with Quickbooks then you shall not panic. If you are thinking that you are the only one facing the same issue then you are mistaken. Many users happen to sail in the same boat and are finding ways to get it fixed. In this article, you will come to know about reasons, causes and resolutions to get away with Quickbooks error. 

Knowing About Quickbooks Error 6190! 

According to Quickbooks error 6190, users happen to face this issue when multiple users open a file that is the single-user mode. The error can also occur if there are discrepancies between the transaction file and the company file. 

Reasons Behind Quickbooks Error! 

  1. +Read More..

How to Fix HP Printer Deskjet Troubleshooting

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Winning Tips on How to Fix HP Printer Deskjet Troubleshooting

HP printer is a high-quality printer. But with this printer also you may face some problems sometime. When you face HP printer Deskjet issue and you need to fix HP printer Deskjet troubleshooting for HP printer is the offline issue then you can follow below steps to solve the issue:

1. First, you need to check connectivity by using HP print and scan doctor. Follow the below steps for this:

a. First download HP print and scan doctor.

b.Then run HPPSdr.exe from the download location which you can see on your computer.

c. After you see that HP Print and Scan Doctor opens, you need to click Start, and then select your printer.

  • If you don’t find your printer in the list, then turn it +Read More..

Having an Issue with Your HP Printer: Fix & Solve It

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HP printer is a world-class printer brand. Millions of people use HP printer for printing high-quality prints. You can connect HP Printer to your computer and by giving the print command from your computer you can print copies of your documents. HP printer comes up with many features that make the HP printer absolutely the first choice among the users. But because HP printer is also an IT product and it has technical features so it can have hardware or software issues. So are you also one having an issue with your HP printer? If yes, then you can get the solution to your issue with the HP printer from our experts.

HP Diagnostic Solution

HP diagnostic solution works to offer a solution to each user of the HP printer. No matter what is the issue with your HP printer you can get +Read More..

HP Printer Not Working How to Fix Issues

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Hp Printer Most Common Issues and Their Solution

Never ever let any Hp printer issues affect your life, Below are some of the most annoying issues which users usually face while dealing with it along with their solution:-

1. Printer charge not working legitimately

On the off chance that you are confronting issue while taking of print at that point shrewdly check the Internet association as a mistake in association additionally cause the issue.

2. prints stalled out in Queue

For settling the above issue you can download the Scan specialist which distinguishes the issue and resolves it, additionally, you can check the properties of the printer alongside the reports to be print(as both ought to be in a similar configuration whether its A4, A3, letter measure) any adjustments in a bad position in printing

+Read More..

4 Methods To Fix iTunes iPhone Error 4013

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Methods to Fix iPhone Error 4013

IPhone users often face error 4013 that may occur when they are trying to restore or update their device. Error 4013 also happen when iTunes gets disconnected from your device as it is very useful to restore or update device. The most common cause of this error is software bug but sometimes it may happen due to hardware failure. If you are also facing iPhone error 4013 and looking for the solutions to fix it then you are at the right place. You can follow the methods given below to fix iPhone error 4013:

Restart your iPhone

The first thing you can try to fix iPhone error 4013 is force restart your device. Sometime the problem may occur due to a temporary software issue that can be resolved simply by restarting your device.

+Read More..

Quickbooks Error 6000: Fix Restore Error Code 83/77/301

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How to Fix Quickbooks Error 6000:  Fix Multiple Restore Error Code 

Quickbooks are a useful application that helps users in many ways. And when a user tends to face errors while working then it becomes disappointing. So, if you are such a user who is facing an error 6000 with error code 83, 77 and 301 and are looking to get it resolved then this is the right platform. You can read the article further to know how to fix Quickbooks errors. 

What is Quickbooks Error 6000! 

This type of error occurs when you are trying to open any company file. And if the file does not get opened then the following reasons can be stated here. 

  1. Your.TLG file gets corrupt. 

  2. The company file you are trying to open +Read More..

How Do I Recover Hacked Gmail Account |Hacked Gmail Recovery

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Hacked Gmail Account Recovery: How To Recover Hacked Gmail Account?

Has someone hacked your Gmail account? Then you would need to recover it immediately in order to get back to access your important emails. Gmail provides a list of ways for password recovery in which you can simply recover a hacked account. But if you have faced this situation for the forts time, then you can very easily recover your hacked Gmail account by applying the simple password recovery steps.

Steps to Recover Hacked Gmail Account:

  • Go to the official sign-in page of Gmail and then click on Forgot password option.
  • Type Gmail address that password you wish to recover.
  • Click on Next.
  • If +Read More..

ATT Email Recovery: How Can I Recover ATT Email Account Password

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How would you Recover the AT&T Email Account Password? Get Simple Steps

Have you forgotten AT&T account password? And now looking out for steps to recover the email account password? Then you should stop searching around as this post will provide you a step by step procedure for ATT email recovery. All you will require to go through the steps mentioned below and you will be able to access your ATT email account.

How can I recover my ATT email account password?

  • If you have to reset your ATT email account password, you should open your web browser and go to the ATT login page.

  • There you see the options to login but you have to click the +Read More..

How Do I Factory Reset Roku Streaming Stick/Roku Box

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Get Steps to Factory Reset Roku Streaming Stick

If you are planning to return or sell or gift your Roku streaming player then before doing it you should perform a factory reset. On doing factory reset all the personal preferences that you set in the device will be erased. The factory reset will also reset all the settings. It will also unlink the Roku player from your Roku account. So your Roku device will get in a state of initial setup. If you wish to know how to Factory reset then the steps are given below.

  • Open your Roku device.
  • Now press the Home button from your Roku remote.
  • Select the Settings option by scrolling up or down.
  • Now select System.
  • Click on Advanced system settings.
  • There you will find a Factory reset +Read More..

Best & Affordable Computer Repair Services in USA

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Online Computer Repair Services in USA

Millions of people in the USA use computers for both personal and professional use. Now when something goes wrong they are worried as to how to repair their computer. Well, you don’t need to worry and just get in touch with us for the best computer repair service in the USA.

Benefits of Using Remote Computer Repair Service

  • The computer came years 2-3 decades ago in use and since then it has helped human beings in a big way. Today our life is dependent on technology and the computer is a vital part of it. We use computers in everyone’s life so much so that our day starts the computer and ends with the computer as well.
  • A few years ago we used computers in office space only where we used for official +Read More..

Fix Norton Identity Safe Login Problems: Quick Tricks

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Fix Norton Identity Safe Login Problems Easily

With Norton, you can fix Norton identity safe login problems and the solution depends on what is the problem. Let us see the problem and its solution:

1. You are repeatedly prompted to enter the credentials

The solution lies in following steps:

a. First, restart your computer.

b. Then sign out and then sign in to Norton identity safe. For this follow below steps:

  • Start your Norton product in the first step.
  • Now click on User Name on the top right corner of the screen. You can see the user name only if you have signed in with your Norton account credentials.
  • Now click Ok in the sign out the dialog box.
  • Then click on Identity Safe in the Norton main window +Read More..

Macbook Pro Not Working: Here's How to Fix It

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Here is How to Fix Macbook Pro Not Working Issue

Is your Macbook pro not working? One of the greatest offering purposes of the Mac is that 'it simply works' and users generally won’t find themselves investing hours refreshing drivers and investigating issues. In any case, what would it be a good idea for you to do when something on your Mac does turn out badly? Here, we've listed a portion of the primary issues that Mac clients may face, and how to effectively settle them.

How to settle a Mac that won't turn on?

There are various reasons why your Mac won't turn on. Before you call your IT fellow do ensure it's plugged in.
In the event that once you have watched that it is plugged in, ensured that there is power going to the screen and that the +Read More..

Change Your Gmail Password on Android & iPhone: Gmail Help

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How Do I Change Gmail Password on Android or iPhone?

Want to change your Gmail account password on your Android or iPhone? Then you can simply do that as there are lots of ways to change your password for the Gmail account. You may change your password either someone knows your password or someone has hacked your Gmail account. It would help to protect your Gmail account against lots of harm and unauthorized access.

Changing your Gmail password on Android and iPhone is one of the easier tasks that every user can perform within simple steps. But there are many users don’t know about the process of changing their password. If you are also one among those, then read this article very carefully and learn about the step by step procedure to change your password on Android and iPhone.

Gmail Password Change +Read More..

Google Not Working: How Do I Fix Google Not Loading Issue

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Google Not Working: What to do if Google is Not Working?

Although Google is well-known and widely used due to security, efficiency, and compatibility there are times when a user faces issues with Google. All Google-related issues can be easily resolved by troubleshooting.

Fixes For the Issue of Google Not Working

In order to resolve any issue of Google, a user can try out basic troubleshooting steps as mentioned below:

  • Check the internet connectivity. If the internet connection whether wired or wireless is not proper, Google won’t be able to work properly.

  • Check for an app update. It might be possible that there is an update available for the app. To resolve the issue, a user should update the app and get the latest version installed in the system.

  • +Read More..

iTunes/iPhone Error 9 Solution- Top 5 Ways To Fix It

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Methods to Resolve iPhone Error 9

If you are facing iPhone error 9 that is not a very common error and don’t have any idea about this error then you are at the right place to get the information. The most annoying thing about iPhone error 9 is that either your device will stuck in between the update or restore process or all the progress till now will be lost.

Why iPhone error 9 occurs?

Some common causes due to which iPhone error 9 occurs are listed below:

  • Firewall or security software causing blockage
  • Corrupted network setting
  • An issue with the USB cable

How to fix iTunes error 9?

The ways to fix iPhone error 9 are explained below:

>>Reset your iPhone

Follow the steps given below +Read More..

How Do I Delete and Deactivate Facebook Account

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Deleting And Deactivating Facebook Account: Easy Guide

Here are the important points and faqs that Facebook Users Can get Help on temporarily deactivating or permanently deleting their accounts.

Deleting Vs Deactivating Facebook Accounts

  • Deleting an FB account simply means that you no longer will have access to your account. However, FB delays the account deletion process for 30 days after the request is made, hence, you can cancel the request during the buffer time.
  • Temporarily deactivating the FB account allows you to reactivate it at your wish but other users won’t be able to find you on Facebook except for the messages, profile name, past posts, and comments.

How a User Can Delete his/her Facebook Account?

One can follow the steps mentioned below to delete the Facebook account easily.

[Solved] 3 Best Ways to Fix Roku Remote Not Working Issue

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What are the Ways to Fix Roku Remote Issues?

If your Roku remote is not working and you are looking for ways to fix this problem, then welcome here to get the right information. Whenever you purchase any Roku device it comes with a remote control that helps to run the device. If somehow Roku remote stop working all of a sudden, don’t worry as it can be fixed with the help of methods discussed below:

Check Batteries:

  • Check the batteries when Roku remote stop working suddenly
  • If batteries are drained completely replace them with the new ones and then retry to use your remote

Restart Roku Remote:

  • First of all, remove the batteries from Roku remote
  • Remove Roku device power cable and wait few seconds
  • Then reconnect the device and +Read More..

How Do I Fix Roku Error Code 011 - Roku Help

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How to Fix Roku Error 011?

Whenever you set up your Roku, Your Roku device downloads and installs the latest software automatically. During this process, you may confront error messages such as Cannot connect to Roku and this error is also known as error code 011 which indicates that the software update has stopped because your Roku device is not able to connect to the Roku Software Update Server. You can simply resolve this error within quick steps that are mentioned in this article.

Here are the steps to fix Roku Error Code 011:

  • First of all, press the home button on your Roku remote.

  • Now go to the Settings and then choose Advanced System Settings.

  • Select the Factory +Read More..

How do I Fix Roku "HDCP Error Detected" Issue: Quick Fix

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Get Solution for when Roku HDCP Error Detects:

HDCP stands for high-bandwidth digital content protection is a copy protection scheme to eliminate the possibility of intercepting digital data. It is sourced to the display and designed by Intel and licensed by digital content protection. It is associated with LLC using an authentication and key exchange showing into the device you are using.

If you are using the Roku streaming player, it can help you with T.V. with the audio and video and it does not support the copy and content protection technology known as Roku HDCP Error. But if you find an error and unable to detect the message you can clearly see the purple screen aside from a TV or AVR that does not support HDCP.

5 Easy Ways To Fix iPhone Error 29- iPhone Support

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Check Out the Given Information to Fix iPhone Error 29

There might be any reason to see iPhone Error 29 and can be fixed by doing a few simple steps. You can go through this post to get all the reasons and solutions for iPhone Error 29.

How Would You Fix iPhone Error 29?

1) Problem with the Battery

Have you changed the battery of your iPhone? Sometimes due to changing the battery of the iPhone can be a reason to see iPhone error 29 in iTunes. In order to fix this issue, you would be required to change the battery of your iPhone with the original one and restore all the update through iTunes.

2) Problem with the Antivirus

There are times when an iPhone user sees error 29 due to any bug present +Read More..

Roku Password Reset Guide- Access Your Roku Account Easily

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How to Reset Roku Account Password?

Being a Roku device owner, it is very important to remember your Roku account password in order to access the multiple Roku services. But sometimes many circumstances arrive when you forget your password and face difficulties to access your Roku account. In such conditions, you can simply reset your Roku account password which is very easy to do in a step by step procedure if you have proper knowledge regarding that.

Here are the steps to reset the Roku account password:

  • Go to the official password reset page of Roku via roku.com/password/reset/

  • Click on Forgot password option and then enter the email address of your Roku account that +Read More..

Recover Deleted Facebook Account- How To Help

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How To Recover a Deleted Facebook Account?

If you have deleted your Facebook account intentionally or by mistake or it is disabled due to unknown reason you can get your account restored. If you have recently deleted the account, you can restore it within few minutes. You can follow the given instructions to recover a deleted Facebook account:

  • You need to go to the Facebook website www.facebook.com
  • Enter the username or the phone number associated with the Facebook account needs to be recovered
  • Enter the password of the account and click on Continue button
  • If your account is not deleted completely, it will be restored and you will get access to your account immediately. If it doesn’t restore the account because it is too late now, you can use another Facebook account recovery method.
  • You +Read More..

[Solved] Netflix Error 100: Best 3 Ways To Fix It

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What are the Ways of Fixing the Error “Error 100” in Netflix?

While using Netflix, you can encounter various errors that are most likely to be prompted in this way “Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service”. One such error is Error 100 that generally occurs when you start the Netflix app. The reason for this error may be the information stored in the device that needs to be refreshed.

Netflix Error 100: Easy Way to Fix Error 100

Power Cycle Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

The device that you have can have a cache problem. To fix the issue, you need to turn off the device and unplug it for approx. 1-3 minutes. This will delete your cache and will refresh the device.

Check your Internet Connection:

The internet connection can be +Read More..

Top 4 Ways To Fix Roku Error Code 003: Roku Help

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Ways to fix Roku error code 003

Roku is a media player device that streams various videos, TV shows, music and channels for free on TV, computer etc. A common error that occurs in Roku is error code 003. There are various reasons for this error like:

  • Server issue
  • Internet
  • Network security protocols
  • Outdated Roku version

Roku error code 003 can be easily fixed. If you want to know how then you can use these ways given below.


You can fix this error by restarting your Roku device. Restarting the device will solve any minor issues and will fix this error. Turn off the router and start it again.


There can also be an issue with the network or the internet. Place the Router and +Read More..

iPhone Error 1035 Solution- Top 4 Ways To Fix It

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Check Out the Steps to Fix Apple iPhone Error 1035

Most of the iPhone users experience iPhone error 1035 during the update or setting up voicemail on the device. Due to this error, a user is unable to use the voicemail on an iPhone. The iPhone error 1035 is related to mobile network i.e. if the mobile network is not proper, voicemail will also not work.

Fixes for iPhone Error 1035

In order to get rid of the issue, a user can try out some solutions that help in resolving the issue. Below mentioned are some of the fixes:

  • Setup iPhone’s Voicemail

  1. Initially, the user is required to turn down the Wi-Fi that can be done either by tapping the icon or through Settings and then turned off by +Read More..

Change or Reset Google Play Password- Google Recovery Help

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Google Play Password Recovery Help- Method to Change Or Reset Google Play Password

Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google LLC. It serves as the official app store for the Android operating system, allowing users to browse and download applications. It also serves as a digital media store offering books, music, television programs. There come many occasions when the user forgets google play password. In order to download a native app for an Android phone or tablet, you need to enter google play password. It’s very easy to reset google play password if you forget it. There are many ways of google play password recovery and some of them are mentioned below:-

  • Visit the sign-in page and select I don’t know my password.

  • Enter your email address.

  • An email will be +Read More..

Microsoft Password Recovery & Reset Guide: Microsoft Help

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Microsoft Password Reset: What are the Steps to Recover Microsoft Account Password?

If you have forgotten your Microsoft account password then don’t worry as you can reset a new password in place of the old one and regain access to your account. Microsoft account users often look for information about the Microsoft account recovery process on various devices such as windows phone. Here you will learn the steps to reset a new password for your Microsoft account by processing account recovery either on windows phone or web browser one by one.

Get All The Method To Recover Microsoft Account on Various Devices: 

>>Microsoft Password Recovery on Windows Phone

If you are using Microsoft account on windows phone and forgotten its password then you must be wondering that how do I reset my Microsoft account password on my windows phone. +Read More..

Recover Yahoo Account Password without Security Question: How To Help

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Important Steps a User Can Take For Yahoo Account Recovery Without Security Question

Being an email account holder is not easy as there is a probability of you to forget your password. It can cause you a lot of trouble as you will not be able to access your account. But do not forget that there are various options to recover your account. Big deal that you do not have access to security questions. Well, it can be recovered using the email address. Let us have look at the process of Yahoo account recovery without security questions.

Recovery of the Yahoo Account: Complete Procedure

  • You have to first open the yahoo mail and fill in the email address. You then have to enter the recovery email or the phone number.
  • Now, fill the captcha code that will open a +Read More..

Why is My SBCglobal.net Email Not Working? Here's How To Fix

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Resolved: Effective Troubleshooting Steps to Resolve SbcGlobal Email Issue

Indeed, the services offered by AT&T email are finest, but there are a few users who might fail to access the email services and miss out on some of their important tasks. Luckily, users can overcome these problems by trying out some troubleshooting solutions. So, for the users who are looking for solutions to resolve AT&T email issues, they can check out the solutions mentioned below. 

Resolving common issues related to AT&T email

For the users who are encountering att email not working problems, multiple reasons can lead to this problem. So, keeping the common factors behind this issue in mind, here are the solutions to the common issues that can lead to this problem. 

+Read More..

Recover missing Norton Security Toolbar on Google Chrome

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How To Recover Missing Norton Security Toolbar on Google Chrome

When you install Norton Toolbar then it is installed along with a Norton product like Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, or Norton Security. But on some of the browsers, you may need to install the extension from the respective web store. You can follow the below steps to recover missing toolbar:

1. You need to update the latest Norton version. To get the latest Norton version you can go to Norton Update Center if you have an active subscription. If you bought Norton from your service provider, then you can check with your service provider to make sure that you have the latest version.

2. After that run live update. For this follow below steps:

a. Start Norton first.

b. Then from the main window, you can click +Read More..

Roadrunner Email Password Reset & Change Guide: Spectrum Help

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Whether Change or Roadrunner Password Reset - Get Complete Information Here

When you have a need to change your Roadrunner account password, you can do it easily by logging in to your account. But what if you don't have a password, in that case, you will require to reset the Roadrunner account password. Well, for both cases, this post has brought you a step by step manual. All, you need is to go through the article.

How Will You Reset the Password of the Roadrunner Account?

  • First of all, you are required to visit the Spectrum Webmail page on your browser.
  • Then you have to choose the Forgot Email Password? option.

  • Next, you are required to click the 'I don’t +Read More..

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Roku Error Code 009[Quick Fix]

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What are the steps of fixing Roku error code 009?

Whenever a user opens Roku and the error code 009 occurs, it is obvious that the device is not connected to the internet. There can be various reasons for the occurrence of this problem but this can be rectified by taking some troubleshooting steps.

Troubleshooting steps:

The troubleshooting steps that can help to resolve the issue are:

>>Check your network connection:

The basic step that a user can take is to check the internet connection if it is working fine. A user should also ensure that the device is receiving wireless signals and is connected.

>>Update router’s firmware:

There might be the possibility that the router’s firmware is outdated. This can be the reason for Roku Software error 009. So, the user needs +Read More..

iPhone/iTunes Error 4005- Best 5 Ways to Fix It

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What is iPhone Error 4005 and How to Fix It?

iPhone users may sometimes face error 4005 when they try to update or restore their device. If you are also facing the same issue in your iPhone and looking for the details about what is iPhone error 4005, how it occurs and the ways to fix it then kindly go through the information given below.

What is iPhone Error 4005?

Error 4005 is basically an issue related to iTunes that occurs when you try to update or restore your iPhone using it. The cause of iTunes error 4005 is some software issue that causes failed update.

What are the causes of iTunes error 4005?

iTunes error 4005 may occur due to some small technical glitch as listed below:

  • iOS or iTunes is not updated
  • +Read More..

Talk.Google.Com Password Recovery and Reset Guide

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Talk.Google.Com Password Recovery: How To Recover Google Talk Password?

Google Talk or talk.google.com is one of the famous services by Google. This service is also known as Hangout that lets you talk to other users via text and voice. Many professional companies also use this service to stay in touch with their employees and clients. It is a completely free service and offers additional features as well. Forgetting the password for talk.google.com can make it difficult for you to communicate through its services. However, you can easily recover its password without any hassle. Go through this article and learn how you can simply recover your talk.google.com password.

Steps To Recover or Reset Talk.Google.Com Password

Since, talk.google.com is a Google service, the very first thing you need to access this service is your Google account. In other words, if you know the +Read More..

Obtain Significant Solution To Fix Roku Error Code 018

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Get the Fascinating Solution to Fix Roku Error Code 018:

Roku is one of the excellent T.V. and movie streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling T. V., YouTube, and another download on to Roku devices. It is also quite easy to use on smartphones using the apps that might download and install properly. Roku often provides the simplest way to stream entertainment to your T.V. on your terms. It is capable to access more than 500000+ movies and TV episodes across free and paid programs with the services. While vast development streams and inventions Roku is also developed for streaming videos and audio devices.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 018?

It requires proper internet connectivity in terms of starting the programs. Along with the proper service of +Read More..

Netflix Error h403: Get Quick Solution to Fix Error

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Methods Involved in Fixing the Error Code h403 in Netflix:

Using Netflix is the most entertaining thing to do today as you watch a list of your series, movies and TV shows on it. But have you ever come across the error message in Netflix named “h403”? you get an error message that says that there is a problem communicating with Netflix. It usually indicates that the place where all the information is stored needs to be refreshed. This will require the Netflix error h403 or the support of the customer support number to get rid of it.

The Troubleshooting Steps to Rectify the Error:

Check for the app update:

For updating the app, you have to click on the window store and then +Read More..

How Do I Fix Netflix Error Code UI-800-3: Get Steps To Fix It

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How Can You Fix the Issue of Netflix Error Code UI-800-3

Today there is not even a single young person who doesn’t know about Netflix. Netflix is an American based broadcasting company that provides an online platform for web series and short movies. Hence if you love binge-watching movies and series then you can easily make an account on Netflix and watch series. For accessing Netflix you need a strong internet connection therefore if in case it doesn’t then maybe your net isn't connected properly. Apart from the internet, there are many other reasons as to why the internet doesn’t work like technical failures like Netflix error code U I 800-3. This error mostly occurs when there is some kind of issue with the data that is stored in your Netflix on your device. To find out more refer to the below details regarding your +Read More..

Yahoo Account Recovery Without Phone Number & Email- How To Help

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How Can a User Recover the Password of Yahoo without the Phone Number or Email Address?

With the increasing number of email providers, it is quite difficult to remember the passwords. Thinking of what can be done if you have forgotten the password of yahoo account and you do not have access to the email address or phone number? So, in this article, we are here with some tips on the recovery of the yahoo account.

The Recovery Process of the Yahoo Account:

The process of Yahoo account recovery can be done in two situations: one if you forget the password or your account is hacked. The recovery process of Yahoo starts with:

  • Visit the sign-in page of Yahoo and choose the option of +Read More..

403 Forbidden Error on Google Chrome - How to Fix It

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A Quick Guide On How To Resolve Chrome Error: 403 Forbidden

Chrome users often face error code 403 on their screens. However, this issue occurs due to various reasons but the most common is the HTTP web error. In this way, the error becomes unfixable at the user’s end. But they can still follow some handpicked ways to fix such an issue in their Google Chrome. Here’s the list of some solutions to fix error 403 forbidden.

Solutions To Fix Error Code 403 Forbidden On Google Chrome

>>Clear Chrome Caches and Cookies

  • Head over to the Chrome’s file menu
  • Select History option and then click on the Clear Browsing data
  • Next, uncheck all the option other than the “Cookies and Other site data” potion and then click on the Clear data button

>>Disable +Read More..

Top 3 Methods To Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6: Netflix Help

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Fix Netflix Error Code NW-3-6 With these Simple and Easy Steps

Netflix error code 36 is one of the most common errors which is highly faced by the users and it mostly occurs whenever a network configuration prevents a device from accessing Netflix. There could be some other reasons behind this issue and it’s most important to resolve this error code in order to enjoy the optimum streaming services of Netflix. If you are getting Netflix error code N-W -3-6, then read this article to learn about the step by step process to resolve this problem in a very simple manner.

How to fix Error NW 36 on Netflix?

If you want to resolve Netflix error nw 36, then you can follow the below instructions:

Method 1# Check your Internet Connection

Make sure that you have proper internet connectivity because an improper internet +Read More..

iTunes/iPhone Error 3194 Solution- Here's How To Fix

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Ways to Fix Error 3194 With iPhone

While using smartphones it may face issues due to many reasons. And if you are facing an error with your iPhone since the time you have updated it then you shall not panic. Every problem has a resolution so your problem can also be resolved. 

So, if you are facing error 3194 with your iPhone or iTunes then it might be due to issues with Apple Software and the updated server. So, if you are facing such an issue after you have updated your device then you will get your answers further in this article. 

Troubleshooting iPhone Error 3194 

  1. Check if iTunes is working or not. If not then you can update the application to the latest version if you have not updated it. 

  2. The user can also +Read More..

Netflix Error NW-2-5: Fix Can Not Connect to Netflix Error

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Know the Procedure to Fix Netflix Error NW-2-5 or Can Not Connect to Netflix Issue

The Netflix error code NW-2-5 may be due to the network connectivity or poor connection of the internet, which implies that you unable to reach the Netflix service and it becomes a relatively common problem to recognize and fix early.

Users may find Error code NW-2-5 in many devices that have an inbuilt Netflix app. Let’s find a best possible way to fix problem

Follow these Steps to Fix Netflix Error NW 2-5

  • Check whether the network you are connected to is functioning properly or not, the administrator may disable your access to streaming devices.
  • Make sure you have good internet strength signals to streaming videos.
  • If your device is in a sleep mode, you need to restart the device to make it active for function properly.
  • +Read More..

[Solved]How Do I Fix Netflix Error 40104?

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Get Complete Procedure to Fix Netflix Error 40104

Are you facing a serious issue of Netflix error 40104 in your device? Then you don’t need to worry about this problem can be resolved with a few steps.

How do we come to know that you are Facing the Error of 40104?

  • This error 40104 generally occurs when the server of Netflix is down or when you cannot play title with a prompt message of please tries again later.
  • This error displays that you are unable to stream TV shows and movies and other content on Netflix.

Netflix Error 40104: How to Fix?

  • First, you need to restart the device by keep holding the sleep/wake button till you display red slider on the screen. Just you need to drag the slider +Read More..

[Solved]Top 5 Ways To Fix Error 368 on Facebook

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Check Out the Simple Ways to Fix Facebook Error 368

Facebook, as you might know, is a popular social networking website that allows users to share and post various media files with their close family and friends. Further, the best thing about this service is that users can easily access this service using their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 

Indeed, Facebook offers its users the best services but as it is said that there is nothing perfect in this world. Hence, there are times when users face a slight issue with the Facebook application like error 368. Fortunately, this error is quite and can be fixed easily in time by trying out some simple solutions provided in this article. 

However, before heading on with the solutions to fix error 368, let’s know what Facebook +Read More..

[Solved]Quickbooks Error 1603: Fix Error 1603 In QuickBooks

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A Quick Guide To Fix Error 1603 In QuickBooks Account

The error 1603 usually occurs while installing or updating your QuickBooks account in your PC devices. The accounting software offers various quenching account management services to the users and errors like 1603 can really slow down their business workflow. If you have also been facing this error while installing QuickBooks app in your Windows PC then here’s what you can do.

Steps To Fix Error 1603 In QuickBooks Account

Firstly, you’ll need to update the current version of your Windows to its respective version and then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks support official website and then follow the onscreen instructions to download the QuickBooks Tool Hub app
  • Next, install the QuickBooks Tool Hub app onto your PC and then  open it
  • Now, switch to the option that says +Read More..

[Solved]Quickbooks Error 3371: Status Code 11118/11104/11103

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How Can You Fix the Error of 3371 QuickBooks with Multiple Status Code?

Quick Books is a software application that is used mostly to incorporate companies for managing accounts, finance or expenses. There are a lot of things that every firm does on a regular basis and hence there is a cloud-based accounting database that can be used for all the daily chores.

3371 Error in QuickBooks: An Overview

At times people often complain about certain errors in quick books because of which, it's not able to work. One such error is Quickbooks error 3371 which occurs because of damaged files. But you can easily fix this issue by following few methods. To know about the steps, tap below.

Steps to Fix Quickbooks Error 3371 Status Code 11118/11104/1103

1. Close the QuickBooks +Read More..

[Solved]Quickbooks Error 1904: Fix Failed To Register Error

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Learn the Process to Fix Quickbook Error 1904

To troubleshoot the problem of Quickbook error 1904, which causes the company files to get damaged or corrupted or when the settings are incorrect. There might be a reason for rebooting the system after upgrading. If you are looking to get the quick solution to fix Quickbook error 1904, read the below aspect carefully to meet the objective of fixing the issue.

Simple Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1904

  • First, you need to select the Ignore tab on the error message
  • Complete the QB installation.
  • Now you need to restart the computer.
  • If you found that QuickBooks is not complete, then download and run the Diagnostic tool.
  • Now following above, reboot the system.
  • Activate the in-built administrator and concurrently install QuickBooks software that comes under the built-in administrator account.

Learn the Things to Activate the Built-in or the Hidden Administrator

How to fix Cannot Connect to The Norton Server – Norton Setup

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Fix Can Not Connect To Norton Server Issue Easily

Sometime you may see a message with Norton “Cannot connect to the Norton Server”. When this happens you need to check if the issue is related to a known system problem or outage. For this, you can check the Norton Services Status page. On this page you can see if all the services are running without problems or not. So, if you see a message: "Unexpected Browser error or Cannot connect to the Norton server" at the time you activate your Norton product then you need to resolve this issue. In order to resolve this issue, you can restart your computer. If you see that even after restarting your computer the problem still persists, then you can set a default web browser on your Windows 10 computer. And for other windows versions, you can change your default web +Read More..

Hotmail Not Working: Fix Hotmail Not Responding Issue

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Hotmail Not Working: What to do if Hotmail is Not Working?

It is a common issue for smartphone users to face Hotmail issues. If the setup of Hotmail has just completed on the smartphone but the app is not working fine, it could be due to many reasons. But none of them is such which cannot be resolved.

Common Issues of Hotmail

Here are some of the common issues faced by a Hotmail user, as listed below:

  • Unable to sync Hotmail on the mail app

  • Unable to see messages

  • Unable to log in to the Hotmail account, etc.

Hotmail Not Working on iPhone: Get Fixes for Hotmail issues in iPhone

When +Read More..

Hotmail Account Recovery- How To Get Back Hotmail Account

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Recover your Hotmail Account Password with an Effective Hotmail Customer Service

Hotmail is one of the top-notch email services which highly used by billions of users across the world. Users can very easily access Hotmail account on all sorts of devices for varied mailing purposes. Hotmail is one of the best and secure ways to send and receive emails that will provide an easy interface with perfect security features to the users. Hotmail is very well-known for its error-free and high-end mailing features but sometimes users confront lots of technical issues when using the Hotmail account and password recovery is one among them.

How to Recover a Hotmail Account Password?

Forgotten an email account password is a very common issue among +Read More..

[Solved]Netflix Error-14: Fix Netflix Service 14 Error Code

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Procedure to Fix Netflix Error - 14: Sorry We Couldn't Reach the Netflix Service -14

Netflix error seems nebulous, Interruption or error in watching online streaming videos and series may shut down the timeline. It may be due to poor internet connectivity that is preventing you from reaching the Netflix service. However, you can still fix the issue of Netflix error-14 by using the below-mentioned steps.

Follow these Steps to Fix Netflix Error-14

•  Update the Netflix App

It is recommended to update the Netflix app because the new update brings you new features and smartly active security features.

•  Restart your device

Turn on the sleep mode for a while and power off the device, and restart it concurrently. Check  whether your modem or Router is working properly or not, if not unplugs the devices and plug it back again to fix the +Read More..

How Do I Change & Remove Primary Email Address in Facebook

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Know About the Steps to Change the Primary Email address in Facebook

The primary email is the basic requirement for signing-in to a Facebook account. If a user enters a wrong email, the access is denied. In case, the user wants to change the email address, it can be easily changed.

Steps to Change or Remove Primary Email Address on Facebook

To change the email address on Facebook, a user can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • The first step is to browse the login page of Facebook.

  • On the homepage of Facebook, click Settings and then click down arrow on the keyboard.

  • +Read More..

[Solved]Netflix Error CM 12646: Fix Cannot Play Title Error

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How to Fix Netflix Error 12646?

If you watch movies, videos, and series on Netflix every day, you might face any kind of trouble while watching or trying to watch it. If you are trying to play a video through your Netflix account on your device but you are getting the information CANNOT PLAY TITLE. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER (CM 12646) it means your device is getting the Netflix error 12646.

Keep Some Important Points In Your Mind

  • CM 12646 error occurs in a device if the information storage points on your device are not refreshed. If the points are refreshed it will not show you this error.
  • There are some points in your device which needs to be refreshed in order to play a title on your device. Sometimes the device is unable to refresh the points due to which we might face +Read More..

How To Uninstall Norton Internet Security From Windows 7

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Norton internet security protects computer from external online threats like virus and malware. It is very strong antivirus. But still if one wants to uninstall Norton internet security from windows 7 then one can follow below steps:

1.       In windows 7 go to start>control Panel.

2.       Then in control panel click Programs>Programs features.

3.       Then click Norton internet security program and then click uninstall/change.

4.       After that follow the on screen instructions.

Now your Norton internet security has been uninstalled from windows 7.

Completely remove Norton from windows 10

Though Norton is extremely useful and kind of necessary for the protection of your PC, still sometimes it slows down your PC and if there is outdated version then you would like to completely remove it from windows 10. You can follow below steps to completely remove Norton from windows 10:

1.       You need +Read More..

How to Recover Google Password Without Phone Number

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How to recover a Google password Without Phone Number?

You create one Google password and use it for all Google apps like Gmail, YouTube, Google plus etc. If you forget this password you cannot access any of the Google app because this one password is your gateway to all of the Google apps. But the good thing is that you can recover your Google password. For this you need to prove to the Google that you are the real owner of this account in question. By proving this to Google you can recover your Google password.

How to recover a Google play password?

You should note that your Google Play artist hub username and password are your Google account username and password. In case you forgot your Google account password then you need to recover it then you can access your Google play. You can retrieve it from the Google accounts passwords assistance +Read More..

Router Password Reset: Reset Forgotten Username & Password

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Reset forgotten username and password on router

Router Password Reset: So Reset Forgotten Username and Password of any Router

You may forget your username and password and now you want to reset it. But before going for a hard reset on the router, you can try the default username and password. This may not be the same for all routers, but it may grant you access. Generally, in many cases, the default username and password for a router is Username: admin or administrator, Password: admin, or password. In case you do not know what is the default username and password for your router then you can go to routerpasswords.com to check a comprehensive listing.

Steps to Reset Forgotten Username and Password Of Any Router

+Read More..

How to recover lost data or retrieve deleted file from Android

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Retrieve deleted file from Android

Recover lost data, retrieve deleted file from Android

As you use your Android device it stores tons of important data on it. After a while it may annoy you so much especially if you lose your important files on your device suddenly. For example by accident you may delete the photos, contacts, text messages and so on. Now if you want to recover the deleted files on Android then you would like to know how you can do it.  

In case you have delete the data on Android accidentally and lost it, then the first thing you need to do is to stop using your device and try to recover lost files from Android as early as possible. If you don’t do it at the earliest then you are running a higher risk to get your data overwritten and probably you will not be able +Read More..

How to transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail

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Transfer iPhone contacts to Gmail

Gmail Transfer iPhone Contacts To It

Gmail has been always found as an email application that is completely free from errors.There are number of things present in this single email that you may not able to get in others.It is quite easy for a user to understand but certain issues might not be ignored easily.To get help in such scenarios,there is need to reach customer service team.

Issues that has been resolved by technical support team:

  • How Gmail could be used on my new iPad?
  • How I can download Gmail application from Google play store?
  • How Gmail contacts can be merged with other email accounts?
  • How Gmail can be recovered with set of security questions?
  • How two set verification is useful for my Google account?
  • Can I access my Gmail account from different IP address?
  • What to do when +Read More..

How do I change my mail password

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Change my mail password

Change my mail password

No matter which email service you use it is for safety of your email account that you change your mail password on frequent basis. What does it do? Well, changing your password stops someone from accessing your email account and thus your account is saved from possible hacking. You should not only change your email account password on regular basis but also you should keep your password in such a format that it is easy to recall for you but extremely difficult for others to copy. You should use combination of upper case letter, lower case letter, numbers and special characters. Now if you have to change your email password on regular basis then you also need to know how to change your mail password. Changing your password is not tough. You can go to a section in your email account where you +Read More..

How to change router password tenda

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Change router password tenda

Change router password tenda

Router is quite an essential device for home and offices. You know that without a router you cannot access internet facility. In this sense router is a must when you need a good high speed internet connection. You can buy a good quality router like Tenda from the market at a reasonable price or you can also ask your internet service provide to offer your Tenda router when they set up your internet service connection at home or office. With Tenda router you can connect your modem and then using wirelessly you can run internet on your devices like laptop, mobile, tablet etc. You need a router password along with id to access the connection. You are also advised to change your Tenda router password on frequent basis so that no other people can get access to your router credentials and thus use +Read More..

How to recover data from pen drive without formatting in windows 7

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Recover data from pen drive without formatting in windows 7

Recover data from pen drive without formatting in windows 7

A pen drive is a secondary storage device which is used to stores all its data in the memory similar to a hard drive. Pen drive makes it is easier for people to transfer or carry their data. But there are some issues sometimes also. These issues may cause your Pen drive data to be inaccessible. When you face such situation, then you want to recover data from pen drive but without formatting. Question is how to recover data from the pen drive when it is damaged or unresponsive? You don’t need to worry, even if you have no clue about how to repair a corrupted pen drive without formatting it or losing data. You can choose any of below three solutions:

  1. Fix damaged Pen drives using CMD.
  2. Repair corrupted pen drives without formatting.
  3. Recover data from corrupted Pen +Read More..

How to see if someone is accessing my MSN email

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MSN recent activity page

If someone is accessing MSN email and immediately trace the unwanted users

The MSN email account is one of the protected email service provider for the users which makes it easy for the users to make their communication work go smoothly. It allows the access of the users restricted and allow only a selected people to get the access making it easy for them to work. There are multiple features provided by the MSN to the users making it a popular option to work as the email provider.

The working on the MSN account is very protective and safe for the users to work. It provides different facilities to the users which makes it a popular option among the users to work. The best part of the working on the MSN account is that the users can make their account protected, and also keep a watch on who is accessing +Read More..

Is google hangouts available for iPhone

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How to use hangout on iphone?

How to use hangout on iphone?

The google hangouts is available for the users to establish video calls and make their communication more exciting and interesting. The google hangout makes it possible for the users to communicate with others if they also have their gmail account active. Hangout is the google application so it remains a question to the users that whether it will work on the iphone or only on the android devices.

But there is no such issue that the hangout don’t work on the iphone. It works smoothly on the iphone also making it easy and convenient for the users to get the access of the application and keep their work going smooth.

In order to make the google hangout work on the iphone, users need to go through some of the steps and make it possible for them to keep going.

+Read More..

How to get online support for printers

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Get online support for printers

Get online support for printers

Printer is an IT product which is used for printing documents on hard paper. These days you can see many brands of printers in the world. You have many good printers in the market which you can buy for your home and office. You can bring a printer at home or office and set it up to use for your work purpose. Now for any kind of printer you need support when you have bought it new or when it becomes old and gives you little or big issues here and there. Question is how to get help? These days’ people are active online day in day out. So the best way to get support for your printer is to get online support for printers. You can choose a company which offers best online support for printers in a very cost effective manner. So, in +Read More..

iPhone battery not charging, how to fix it

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iPhone battery not charging

Steps to fix iPhone battery not charging

iPhone is loved by millions across the globe. You love to flaunt your iPhone as it looks beautiful. You need to charge your battery so that you keep using your iPhone everywhere you go. But sometimes you see a problem that your iPhone battery is not charging. When this happens you want to know how you can fix it. If your iPhone battery is not charging or it is charging slow then you see an alert message. If you are trying to charge wirelessly with an iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, then first thing you need to do is to ensure that you can charge with the USB adapter and cable which came with your iPhone. If you find this working, then you can get help with wireless charging. If you have a third-party accessory, then you need to +Read More..

[Solved]How To Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Error

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Fix windows 10 black screen error

How Do I Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Error

You will not see this issue of black screen error on windows 10 often, but there may be a time when something goes wrong and your PC will display a black or blank screen. It may happen before signing into windows 10, after signing into Windows 10, with spinning dots and during set up guide. You can fix each situation separately.

Steps to Fix Windows 10 Black Screen Error

You can follow the below steps to fix windows 10 black screen error if it happens before you sign into windows 10.

How to change Netgear router settings | Call 1-888-966-7916

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Change netgear router settings

Change netgear router settings

The Netgear router is available for the users to manage their internet connectivity services and allow them to get the best facility for their browsing experience. It allows the users to connect multiple devices to the router at a time and allow them to surf internet. It makes it possible to connect multiple devices and allow them to enhance the browsing experience for them to work. The Netgear router provide the ease to the users to connect the devices and make it possible for them to connect multiple devices and make it easy for them to work. There is a router settings which the netgear router have and it allows the users to connect multiple devices and make it easy for them to work. If the4 users want to change the settings, then also they can make the changes as they require to follow the +Read More..

How do i update my virus definitions manually

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Update my virus definitions manually

Update my virus definitions manually

While it might be ok for you to let your antivirus package update itself after every few minutes but you will not find it great if you have a very small limit on your internet connection or your internet speed is not very fast and constant updates are eating up your bandwidth. For example when you use a mobile dongle on your laptop. However, it is also true that if you disable the updates of your antivirus or you have computers that are constantly offline when there is no internet connection for it for long periods or at all, the virus definition soon will get badly outdated and your computer will be more at risk to virus attacks. So, to save your computer from virus attack you not only need to have a good quality antivirus installed on your computer but you +Read More..

How to share a printer in windows 7 step by step

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share a printer in windows 7

Share a printer in windows 7 step by step

Printer is quite an essential devise these days. One who works mainly on internet or simply on computers does rely on printer when it comes to printing documents, images, files and so on. So, when you buy a printer you need to share it with your computer which does have an operating system. This operating system is necessary as there might be the case that your printer is not compatible with operating system that you have on your computer or laptop. So, when you want to share your printer in windows 7 then you can do that.

Steps to share a printer in windows 7 step by step

If you are using windows 7 and you want to install your printer to your computer then you follow below steps:

  1. First switch on your computer.
  2. +Read More..

How can I know my Gmail password

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Know my gmail password

Know my gmail password

Gmail account is mostly preferred by the users for their email related work making it very easy for them to communicate. It is preferred both for the personal as well as professional uses and make it easy for the users to continue their communication work easily. The gmail account is always password protected making it comfortable for the users to make their account safe and secured. It is always recommended to the users to keep their password strong so that others cannot get its access.

Here are some of the steps to know my gmail password and make it easy to continue working on it.

  • Go to the gmail account page
  • Enter the email address
  • Select the option of I forget my password
  • Choose the suitable method to recover the password
  • Get a code on the given mobile number
  • Get a link on the alternate +Read More..

How to contact printer technical support

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contact printer technical support

Contact printer technical support

Printer has become a very important tool for the computing system as it helps to get the quick print-outs of the pages and make it possible for the users to keep a record of their work. There are varieties of printers available making it possible for the users to choose from and keeps their work going.

There are many printers available in the market which is equipped with multiple features which makes it easy for the users to work on multiple tasks at a time. Through a printer, users can also enjoy the scanning and Xerox facilities which make it easy for them to work. Such multiple facilities of a printing device make it very easy for the users to keep their work going in a very fast and accurate manner.

Although there are many facilities provided by the users but +Read More..

How to reset your wireless router properly

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Reset your wireless router

Reset your wireless router properly

Router is an important part today at every home and office for a good internet connection. You can connect your computer to router and get a high speed internet connection. But sometime your router does not work properly and you get slow internet speed or no internet connection at all. For this you can reset your wireless router properly and start enjoying good internet connection again.

Steps to reset your wireless properly

You can follow below steps to reset your wireless properly:

  1. First look at the back or either side of the router for reset button.
  2. Once you find it, you may need to insert the end of a paper or a toothpick into the hole to press the reset button. You should keep pressure on the button for 10 seconds.
  3. Then you can pull out the +Read More..

How Do I Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

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Find my 8 digit backup code for Google

How Do I Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

You can reset your Google password by getting a verification code on your mobile phone but what if you lose your phones or in case you can't get codes via text, voice call, or Google Authenticator. In such situations, you can use backup codes to sign in. If you don't have your security key, you can also use these codes to sign in. You should keep your backup code quite safely where you store your other important data as the backup code like other codes on your phone is only valuable to someone if they manage to also steal your password. But if you forgot the code also then you can find it.

Steps To Find My 8 Digit Backup Code For Google

+Read More..