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[Fixed] the Hanging Issue with Computer & Laptop | Windows 7/10/11

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You can not imagine a life without our laptop or computer. It doesn't matter whether you are a kid or an adult, doing office work, homework, or simply binge-watching; when the device hangs midway, so does your ability to function. What can you do to fix the hanging issue in the computer & laptop when you have no idea what could be the reason?

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix Hanging Issue on Computer/Laptop

Your window can freeze because of many reasons, and if you think you can pinpoint the issue with no experience in the field, it can get problematic. Don't mindlessly torture yourself; try these steps and see if you can resolve this game of tag and freeze. 

  • Run a system file scan, and some unnecessary apps might be running in the background and taking up too much temporary space.
  • Scan the disk and free up space
  • Reduce the display screen resolution setting
  • Expand the space of virtual memory
  • Update the system
  • Reset to factory setting
  • Uninstall the "Sonic Studio" app
  • Let the system cool down.

These few tricks can declutter the weight on your device and tell you how to fix hanging issues in your computer & laptop to speed it up. However, it is noteworthy to know the reasons behind it as well.

Causes App To Stop Responding

It is possible that only a single problem from above or a combination of many can freeze up your device. 

  • Background apps take up the RAM storage
  • Constant running of the app can accumulate cache data
    Faulty drives
  • Multiple apps running constantly
  • Attack by malware and viruses
  • Certain apps stop specific features from functioning
  • The system fails to cool down, overheating the components, which in turn starts to malfunction

Tips To Cool Down The Device 

Please refrain from putting your device inside the freezer unless you want it gone for good. 

  • Instead, try using these more effective methods.
  • First thing first, let the device cool down on its own.
  • Don't use it while charging
  • Close the apps, not in use
  • Disconnects other devices connected via USB
  • Optimize power consumption through configurations
  • Clean the ports
  • Please keep it on the fat surface
  • Use cooing mats
  • Use in cool rooms
  • Keep away from heat source

This sums up all the essential information you need to fix the hanging issue in the computer & laptop without involving a technician. You may come across complex problems that you don't understand. In this case, it is advisable to get tech support. Every company provides one, and they are more experienced and will be happy to help you.

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