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Which Internet Is Better(Faster) AT&T or Xfinity?

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Which Internet Is Better AT&T or Xfinity?

The onset of the internet changed the way technology works. We have drawn more towards technological advancement with the cooperation of the internet. Almost every task we do is done using the internet. 

Since every work is done in the presence of the internet, it becomes important to be a part of the family of the best internet service provider. You could see the availability of multiple internet service providers and they all try to work flawlessly and aim at providing the best internet-related services. 

Two of the renowned internet service providers are Xfinity and AT&T. These both are American internet service providers offering multiple products and services. These both are top-notch and there has always been comparison and competition between these two. If you also want to know which is better, AT&T or Xfinity internet, then you would have to continue reading. 

AT&T v/s Xfinity- Which is Better?

Having said that Xfinity and AT&T are two leading internet service providers, it’s time to see which one provides better services. Let’s see the comparison between AT&T and Xfinity on the basis of internet speed, cost of internet, and customer service support. 

Faster Internet Speed

At times, it’s hard to gauge what the speed of the internet you need, but it can definitely be said that both Xfinity and AT&T provide the internet plans that keep you connected. 

  • Xfinity’s 50 mbps internet plan is not advised to use unless you are living alone and you can work with the little speed of internet you are using. 
  • AT&T’s DSL plan is not advised as well because you might end up using as low as 75 mbps of internet speed. 
  • You might enjoy the AT&T Internet 100 mbps plan and the Xfinity 200 mbps plan, which come at an affordable price as well. 
  • After evaluating the internet speed of both Xfinity and AT&T, it has been noted that Xfinity has been winning over AT&T. 

Cost of the internet

  • Xfinity has more options of plans to choose from in comparison to AT&T.
  • One of the drawbacks of Xfinity is that the monthly charges of Xfinity change on the basis of where you live.
  • The promo prices of AT&T are cheaper in comparison to Xfinity.
  • All in all, it can be concluded that AT&T offers cheaper internet plans than Xfinity. And AT&T is more pocket-friendly.

Customer service support

Internet service providers are not good at dealing with customers, hence they are not known for good customer service providers. Likewise, Xfinity and AT&T both stand at the same place in case of customer service. 

It is quite hard to say which is better AT&T or Xfinity because they both provide exceptional services. However, AT&T fiber would be good for you because of its affordable nature. It doesn’t mean that Xfinity has nothing to offer, but you have to make your choice and it must be something pocket-friendly as well as customer-friendly.

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