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8 Best Free Email Accounts for Use | Email Service Providers

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Which Email Is Best For Personal Use?

These days, you cannot imagine the world without email services. From managing networks to marketing, everything requires email. You can share information regarding meetings or setting reminders safely and securely. Though most of them are not free, and you might have to purchase them to leverage them to at most whole or access the additional features. 

However, it does not mean that you will not be going to receive the best without purchasing the premium one. Here we have covered some top best free emails for you that you can use for personal use and get the best outcomes from them.

List Of Best Free Emails Accounts & Service Providers:

We have covered the top 8 that you can use; you can see the list of them below, 

  • Gmail 
  • Mozilla Thunderbird 
  • AOL 
  • Proton Mail 
  • Yahoo 
  • Outlook 
  • Zoho 
  • iCloud Mail 


If you are a Google product lover, then this mail service is for you. Here, you get unique features like native file collaboration, hangout, video conference, and much more. You are getting the space of 15GB to store the files like documents and files. You can access them at any moment. 

The best part of Gmail is that you set the filters on that, so whenever some email you have chosen appears will automatically transfer into a separate file. If there is any spam mail, it will automatically remove by Gmail into the trash or spam mail section.

Gmail: Sign Up

Mozilla Thunderbird 

When searching for the best and easy-to-use email service, you can go with Mozilla thunderbird. The unique thing that makes this unique is that you can open multiple tabs and operate them without facing any kind of lag. You can even customize them, set the new settings, and extend them to make them easier to use. Furthermore, when you want to send individual Mail at a fixed time, you can send them, though you need to bring some changes into the settings for this. For this reason, it is known as email clients, too, to use this at a professional level. 

Mozilla Thunderbird: Sign Up


Are you worried about the storage, and then you don’t have to because here you are getting the AOL where you are getting the whole storage or unlimited storage? Generally, they use this for communication with the clients. It is fully secure as it has a spam and virus filter. You are getting all these without paying any single amount. 

AOL: Sign Up

Proton Mail 

These days encryption becomes the most viral topic, to be taken care of, they come up with the proton. Here you are secure, and your mails are completely encrypted, so you will not going to face any such issues. Even you can set the function, where after a certain period, the Mail will automatically remove from the system. You are getting the color recognition system, too; here, you can see which Mail requires quick support or reply. 

Proton Mail: Sign Up

Yahoo Mail 

If you are not aware of this email, then it is one of the old mail systems that provide the 1TB for free. You can attach the documents, and the most important part is that they have a secure platform. You can create an album of sending and receiving photos that will help you to access it quickly and find the documents without wasting much time.

Yahoo: Sign Up


If you are looking for features like where you can open multiple apps, you can go with this one. You are getting the 15 GB of the data storage system that is quite high as compare to any other. Even with this, you can manage the task easily and set reminders too. You can install them by own or from the customer support person. For this specific reason, it is widely used by organizations or medium firms. 

Outlook: Sign Up


Many such situations occur where they try to find out the application to run their small business, then to meet their expectation, they come with the ZOHO. Though it may seem complex, it is not; here, you are getting the user-friendly interface. In addition, they come with different integration like google drive box, cloud-based file storage. 

Zoho: Sign Up

iCloud Mail 

Though, people who are using the MAC products can use iCloud Mail. It is one of the safest and secure systems that are very hard to crack or break. You can set the filters on your own, like, you put someone on VIP, then whenever the person sends you the message, it will be mentioned on the top of the page. It is one of the best for those who are using Mac only; otherwise, apart from this, no one can use this.

iCloud Mail: Sign Up

Now you can see what are the best free email for personal use; you can use any one of them and make your communication safe and secure. Moreover, if you face any issues while using them, you can contact them and get instant solutions. 

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