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Bitlocker Password Recovery:Get Forgotten Bitlocker Password

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How to Recover Your Forgotten Bitlocker Password in Simple Steps?

It is always important to keep your data safe against any kind of hacking or unwanted activity on your computer and it is only possible when you go with the encryption. There is a long list of encryption methodology and Bitlocker is one among those. Bitlocker is one of the top-notch encryption programs which is proffered by Microsoft on most of its Windows OS. You can simply encrypt your hard drive and protect against any sort of malware or hacking activity. Bitlocker always needs a password when you set up it into your computer every time when you start it.

Bitlocker Password Recovery: Have You Forgotten your Bitlocker Password?

Sometimes many circumstances come when you forget your Bitlocker password on your computer due to multiple reasons and it is most important to get Bitlocker password recovery in order to access it back. You can try the varied methods to recover your password as given below:

Use Your Regular Password

before creating a new password for your Bitlocker account or performing any other things, you should be remembered the previous password that you use.

Try Bitlocker Password Recovery Process

If you are not capable to access your protected Bitlocker drive, then you can simply perform the Bitlocker password recovery process through the below methods:

  • You can try the 48 digits recovery password.

  • Take the help of a domain administrator that can help to recover your password.

  • You can also get data recovery software and recover it.

Use a Data Recovery Service

You can also take any data recovery services that may help you get back to your Bitlocker account without any removal of your hard drive. You can also try other recommended way to recover the password.

You can perform the Bitlocker Account Recovery process to recover your password after following the above-mentioned instructions. But if you are still get stuck into any kind of problem during the password recovery, then get help on Bitlocker related queries by contacting the customer support team

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