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What is Canon Printer b200 Error?How To Fix Canon b200 Error

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Know about B200 error in Canon printer along with its fixes

It becomes incredibly frustrating when you are trying to print an important paper, but the error code pops up. One of the most commonly faced issues in the printers is Canon b200 error, which proves to be a catastrophic error. Before replacing it, you need to try some fixes on it.

Causes of B200 error in Canon printer

The most basic cause of this error indicates the faulty print head of the Canon printer. A print head is used for distributing the ink to the paper, which makes it very important in the task of printing. So whenever you get a Canon b200 error,  you need to check the print heads of the printer.

How to fix the b200 error in Canon printer?

To fix the faulty print head, you can try some fixes before replacing it with a new one:

  • You can reset the printer by unplugging all the cables and plugging it back after at least 30 minutes. It might resolve the issue.

  • Remove the obstructions. It might be possible that something is creating hindrance in the connection with the printhead. Carefully disconnect it from the printer.

  • You can clean the printer head with the printer maintenance options on the computer.

  • You can try cleaning the print head manually using alcohol or another cleaner. 

  • Try removing the old ink from the printer and check by filling the new one.

  • Re-install the drivers of the printer using the official website of Canon.

  • You can use a new ink cartridge if nothing works. In some cases, new ink cartridges resolve this error code.

  • If none of the fixes works, you might have to purchase a new one.

If the Canon b200 error is still there, you need to contact the technical support of Canon. You can use the contact info provided on Canon's official website. The technical experts will assist you with all kinds of issues and errors related to Canon printers. The services of support are available round the clock and the users can avail it as per suitable time. You can reach them using phone number, email support or live chat option.

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