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Cheapest Internet Service for Seniors: Top 7 Internet Providers

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Everything that you need to know about the affordable internet service for seniors

In today's time, the internet has become one of the basic requirements for all age groups. And in the case of seniors, the internet can prove to be a valuable tool. By accessing the internet, the senior not only can stay connected with their loved ones but they can even access helpful services like online shopping, music, or ordering food. Also, the user can use the internet services for home security purposes and automated temperature settings. 

Indeed, the internet services for seniors are really helpful but the monthly charges might get over the budget. Luckily, there are a few internet service providers who are offering low cost internet for seniors. So, for those looking for the information on the same, they can go through the article and access the internet services without any interruption. 

Best Internet service providers offering low-cost services to seniors

To help seniors access the best online services, here is the list of some of the cheapest Internet service for seniors that one can opt to manage their online activities.

1) Comcast

One can even get low cost internet for seniors under the Comcast pilot program where the eligible seniors get internet service at $10/ per month, free computer, home Wi-Fi, and internet training services.

2) AT&T 

AT&T helps seniors access low-cost internet services for just $5 and $10/ month. However, this service is offered to eligible households. And for eligibility, one of the people is required to participate in the Supplemental nutrition assistance program or get the benefits of Supplemental security income. 

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3) Spectrum

In few locations, Spectrum offers affordable internet services to the seniors covered under SSI benefits. 

4) EveryoneOn

EveryoneOn is an organization that is in collaboration with various internet service providers and provides low-cost internet plans. Hence, one can reach out to them to grab the cheapest Internet service for seniors starting at $10-$25 a month. 

5) Google Fiber 

In some of the neighborhood areas, Google fiber offers high-speed internet at just $15 per month. 

6) Internet first from wave

This is the first-ever program that providers 25 Mbps internet speed service to the low-income groups in Grande, Wave and RCN areas.

7) FCC's Lifeline program

Under this program, the eligible seniors are provided with lower monthly cost plans for both phone and internet. Also, the members of SSI, Veterans benefits, SNAP, and Medicaid, and other federal, tribal, and state programs are eligible.

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