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Cogeco Email Not Working? Fix Send & Receive Emails Problem

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Here’s How To Troubleshoot Cogeco Email Address

Cogeco email is one of the finest webmail accounts that offers user-friendly services. The webmail is availed by the Canadian telecommunications and media company Cogeco Inc. These accounts are used for both sending and receiving emails to other non-Cogeco and Cogeco email users.

However, there are times when users face issues with their email account such as the Cogeco email not working, and this could happen due to various reasons. Hence, read further to know about the causes for the issue and how to troubleshoot it.

Why Your Cogeco Email Is Not Able To Work? Causes

Incorrect Email Configuration Settings

Incorrect POP3 and IMAP settings can also cause your cogeco email not working. However, one can contact the tech experts at Cogeco and get real time help from them. Besides, they’ll surely help you with the best assistance on setting up your Cogeco email account.  

Inactive Recipient

In case, if you are unable to send an email through your account, then check the other recipient is active to receive your email. Sometimes, the error can also occur on the recipient’s end.

Issuable Email Activities

Check the recent email activities in your email account for anti-spam filters, policy violations, blocked emails or email services, etc.

Why am I not receiving my Cogeco Emails?

There can be various reasons because of which you cannot receive your Cogeco Emails, and the below-mentioned points will help you with the same;

Check your internet connectivity- Check whether you have an active internet connection or not. Even if your page is loaded, there can be situations where you are not able to receive emails because of connectivity problems.

Spam Folder- Sometimes, we do receive emails, but we get them in our spam folder, which we often don’t check, so it might be a possibility that we are receiving mails, but they are being delivered to the spam folder.

Proper Settings- Make sure that you have the proper settings enabled on your email server for sending and receiving emails.

How To Fix Cogeco Email Problems? Simple Methods

Choose The Correct Cogeco Email Address

You can use your own Cogeco email address (, or your own email address ( to send emails from your account.

Setup Correct Cogeco Email Settings

For Cogeco email addresses

To learn about the Cogeco email account setup configuration (POP3, IMAP ad SMTP), you can contact the live tech experts at its technical support and get quick assistance for the same.

For non-Cogeco email addresses

One uses their domain host and the outgoing server to send emails from their Cogeco mail account instead of using and port 25 as they are not secure.

Furthermore, if the aforementioned information couldn’t help you in troubleshooting the Cogeco email not working situation, then kindly reach out to the tech expert at Cogeco technical support and get their assistance. 

How do I set up Cogeco webmail?

If you need to set up your Cogeco webmail, follow the below-mentioned steps;

IMAP- Make sure that your IMAP incoming server settings are perfectly done. It has the required port and the necessary login credentials for your IMAP account.
Make sure to input your correct email id in the IMAP section as well in order for you to receive emails.

SMTP- Make sure that your outgoing server settings are perfectly done as well. Mentioned the server and the port for the same rewrite your username and your password in the SMTP section boxes as well.

Therefore, with the help of the above-described ways, one can easily set up Cogeco webmail.

How do I block unwanted emails on Cogeco?

If you want to block the unwanted emails on Cogeco, then the below-mentioned points will help you with the same;

  • Open your webmail and go to the Mail Filters section of your Mail, then Local Account settings.
  • Give a title of your own choice to the filter.
  • Select the option which is stating ‘Match any of the following.’
  • In the first drop-down, select ‘From.’
  • In the second drop-down, select ‘Contains.’
  • In the perform the following section, select ‘Block.’

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