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[Fix It] Wifi Connected But No Internet Access in Windows 10

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Seeing Connected to Wifi But No Internet Access Windows 10 WiFi? Fix It

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an issue with an internet connection. And when you stuck with connected but no internet error, it becomes the worst scenario. Well, there could be anything behind seeing this issue. But it can be fixed by doing a few simple troubleshooting.

To make it easy and simple for you here is a list of instructions that you should follow in order to fix no internet access Windows 10 WiFi issues.

Instructions to Fix Connected To Wifi But No Internet Issue on Windows 10

Confirm Other Devices Connected

Before you do anything else to fix your internet issue, you should make sure that the other devices are also has not internet access but connected to WiFi. You can check by connecting another phone and check the no internet message on your device and when you get surety, proceed further to fix the issue.

Reboot Your PC

When you're sure about the internet issue, you need to reboot your PC to get rid of the issue. Once the system is restarted, it may clear some temporary technical glitches in your PC and it may connect and show internet access.

Reboot Your Modem and Router

Since your WiFi involves router and modem, restarting them make sense to fix the no internet access Windows 10 WiFi. You don't need to restart by pressing the switch on and off button but unplug the wires from the device.

Also, first plug the modem first and let it reboots, once it is done, you should plug the wires in router and check whether the problem is fixed or not.

Run the Windows Network Troubleshooter

If you're not seeing any problem with your WiFi it may be your network issue on your PC, you can make changes to your settings and troubleshoot it.

  • To begin with, you need to open the Settings on your Windows 10.

  • Then you should select the Network & Internet option.

  • And go to the Status and choose the Network troubleshooter option.

  • Further, follow the onscreen prompts and see if the WiFi connected but no internet access Windows 10 issue is fixed.

Check the IP Address Settings

Also, you can try to check the IP address settings on your Windows 10 system; you can follow the given steps:

  • First of all, you should right click the Network icon on the System Tray.

  • Then you have to select the Open Network & Internet Settings.

  • Further, you are required to choose the Change adapters option.

  • And also, double-click the WiFi connection that you're using.

  • In addition, choose the Properties option and check the Internet Protocol Version 4 in the available list and select it by double-click.

  • You need to make sure that you have IP address and Obtain DNS server address automatically both selected.

  • Settings an IP address can be done manually by advanced users; it may happen the entry by you may be invalid.

  • Lastly, click OK and check if the issue is fixed.

This is how you can fix the internet issue without seeing any hassle. Just in case, this doesn’t fix the problem, you may contact the customer service or follow the given steps.

Disable Security Software

There are times when you may see WiFi connected but no internet access Windows 10, this could also happen due to the third party security software. Though it seems irrelevant to check security program but it is one of the most plausible reason to preventing the internet access.

You should disable all the installed security programs on your Windows 10 PC so that you can fix the problems caused by the application. Sometimes, while running a full scan and fixing the trouble may affect the settings of your device that becomes a reason to see issues.

Update Your Wireless Drivers

When you work with the outdated drivers on your PC, you may find this issue with your WiFi network and face problems with internet access. If your device has manufacturer update app like Lenovo System Update, HP Support Assistant, you can open that app so as to check for any pending wireless driver updates.

Once you update the driver on your PC, the WiFi connected but no internet access Windows 10 issues would be fixed instantly. Moreover, if the issue still persists, you should go through the next step.

Reset Your Network

When your Windows 10 PC doesn't connect to WiFi, you can reset your Network through the Settings:

  • First of all, you should open Settings and go to the Network & Internet section.

  • Further, choose the Status option and select the Network Reset text mentioned at the bottom of the screen.

  • Also, click the Reset Now button.

In this way, your all connected adapters will be disconnected and it will set all your settings to the new configuration as defaults.

Above all, if all of these methods don't help you in fixing the no internet access Windows 10 WiFi, you shouldn't wait anymore. You should contact the technical support team to get assistance and resolve the glitch. Besides, you can connect with the support team through a phone call anytime from anywhere across the world.

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