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How Do I Turn off(Disable) pop-up Blocker on Safari?

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How can you disable the pop-up blocker on Safari?

Pop-up advertisements are the ads, offers, or alerts that open in the new or current window of your web browser. These are mostly unwanted ads that pop-up on their own. A pop-up blocker can prevent these ads from turning up. However, sometimes you might need to disable your pop-up blocker to open a login screen, print something, or see the information that pops up in a new tab or window. If you are using the Safari browser, you can easily disable the pop-up blocker. Read ahead to learn how to disable it in the Safari browser.

Steps to allow all the websites to show pop-ups

You can turn on or off the pop-up blockers in the browser settings of Safari. Here are the straightforward steps to disable pop up blocker on Safari:

  • Open the Safari browser.

  • Click on the Safari menu and select 'Preferences.'

  • Select the 'Websites' option located at the top.

  • Now, select the 'Pop-up Windows' option available on the left side.

  • On the bottom, you will see the 'When visiting other websites' drop-down menu.

  • Drop-down the menu and select the preference as 'Allow.'

It will allow all the websites to show a pop-up ad. You can also select the 'Block and Notify' or 'Block' option to enable the pop-up blocker.

Steps to allow a single website to show pop-ups

  • Visit the website you want the pop-ups from.

  • Click on the Safari menu and select 'Preferences.'

  • Select the 'Websites' option.

  • Then select the 'Pop-up Windows' option on the left.

  • You can see the current website in the list from which you want the pop-ups with a drop-down menu.

  • Drop-down the menu and select the preference as 'Allow.'

It will allow the current website to show the pop-ups.

With these simple steps, you can easily disable pop up blocker on Safari. However, Safari and other browsers suggest enabling your pop-up blocker to prevent phishing tactics from third-party websites, like getting your personal information or making you install unwanted apps or plug-ins.

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