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Fix Facebook Not Working & Not Loading On iPhone: Top 4 Ways

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How to fix the issue of Facebook not working on iPhone?

Facebook is the biggest social media service in this world which was founded in the year 2004 which now has more than a billion users who can access it from any part of the globe with the use of any device.

In those devices, the iPhone is one of the most used devices to access Facebook but some users report about the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone.

Reasons for Facebook not working on the iPhone

There are various causes for the non-functioning of Facebook on the iPhone device. Some of the prominent one’s are.

  • Using a slow network connection on the iPhone.

  • Working with the older version of the Facebook app.

  • Overheating problem with the iPhone device.

  • Using the incompatible operating system of the iPhone. 

4 Tips to resolve the problem of Facebook not working on the iPhone device

There are various tips that can be employed by you for getting rid of this issue.

Tips 1: Check the Internet Connection

The network connectivity issue is one of the common problems that cause the hindrance in the process of Facebook not loading on iPhone because this service requires an active internet connection to work.

You can resolve this issue by making use of the following steps.

  • Open the iPhone and navigate to the settings section.

  • Click on the option of Wi-Fi or Cellular.

  • Ensure that cellular data is turned on or tap on Wi-Fi > Select the network name.

Tips 2: Update the Facebook app on the iPhone

If you are using the older version of the Facebook app then you should consider updating the Facebook app because every update brings new features with it for the application and increase its compatibility with the device.

You can update this app by using the following process.

  • Open the App Store in the iPhone device.

  • Tap on Today located at the bottom side of the screen.

  • Select the pending updates option.

  • Choose the Facebook app and tap on the update option.

Tips 3: Settle the overheating problem

There are some issues in the hardware of the iPhone that can create the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone and the biggest one is the excessive heating problem.

This problem can be solved by re-starting the iPhone or reset this device to the Factory settings for getting rid of any bug that hampers the working of Facebook.

Tips 4: Update the operating system of the iPhone

You can also update the software of the iPhone to erase this problem because there are instances when the incompatibility of the OS causes some apps not to work properly in the iPhone.

If nothing works for solving the problem of Facebook not working on iPhone then you can contact the 24/7 available customer support of Apple or Facebook to obtain the required details of this issue.

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