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How to Fix 403 Forbidden Error on Google Chrome

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A Quick Guide On How To Resolve Chrome Error: 403 Forbidden

The word forbidden signifies not allowed. Further, including this term in machine language, which is “ 403 forbidden error,” the essence could remain unchanged, and it indicates that you are not allowed to access the address that you are opening in your web directory. Moreover, if you are receiving a notification such as 403 Forbidden error, then various factors could be a response for that.

Causes of 403 Forbidden Error

  • Whenever a security plugin crashed
  • When you do not have permission to open a file
  • If a .htaccess file gets corrupted.

How do I get rid of 403 Forbidden error?

The repetitive message of 403 forbidden errors could be thwarted sometimes. However, don't panic because there are ways to get rid of such pop-ups, and those conditions are explained at the bottom.

>>Clear cache of web directory

When you visit the web page, you get to accept cache files that help to run the browser faster. But in some conditions, it malfunctions and is restricted from viewing those pages. In this condition, clear out the date and refresh the page.

>>Restore .htaccess

One of the main reasons for displaying this error is the corrupt function of .htaccess, and it can be solved by restoring it. Thus, the steps related to this are as follows:-

  • First, establish a connection to the server via FTP
  • Then, get to the root folder to find .htaccess files
  • Afterward, download a copy of the files
  • Now, delete the .htaccess form server.

>>Try opening the website in Incognito mode

  • Copy the web URL adders and then navigate to the settings menu
  • Next, select “New Incognito Mode” and then paste the URL address in the web address space
  • Hit enter key and see if the website is working  fine

Does 403 Forbidden mean I'm blocked?

No, 403 Forbidden doesn't mean you are blocked. This notification just means that you do not have permission to access the respective sites. Further, the 403 forbidden errors have different meanings, and each one of them has different meanings, such as access denied to a server, not having permission to access a web address, inability to get to a document, or being unauthorized to check this page. Hence, you could only be restricted in these conditions, not blocked.

Furthermore, you can also try refreshing your web page or get in touch with the technical support professionals to fix the 403 forbidden error Google chrome issue in your PC or laptop devices.

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