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How do I fix an unresponsive touch screen on Android phone?

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Best Working Ways to Fix Unresponsive Touch Screen Error on Android

There is not even a single day when people can live without their phones or other gadgets. And if by chance there is many kinds of the issue occurring in the device especially the touch screen then people start panicking. The first instinct of the touch screen not responding gets us in panic mode but instead of getting hyper, you need to find out the main reason behind it.

Reasons behind touch screen not working and ways to fix it

  • Screen becoming insensitive because of the outer environment

We all can never let go of our phones because we are so used to it. But the touch screen of the mobile might stop responding because of the outer factors like static electricity, magnetic field, dust or oily and sweaty hands.

  1. Try to keep your phone clean and dust-free especially the screen.
  2. Don’t try using the phone while charging it as the device will stop responding.
  • Screen getting crashed

The mobile getting crashed and as a result, the screen breaking into pieces can be one of the major reasons of phone screen becoming numb.

Get your phone repaired from a service store and make sure to get your screen changed completely.

  • Apps on the device

Excess apps in the phone plus piled up cache files in the device may result in the device not work properly. In case the phone starts hanging then you might not be able to use the screen properly.

keep clearing the cache files from time to time and then also make sure to keep minimum applications required. 

  • Outdated software of the device

If you have not updated your phone since ages then you might not be able to access your phone and the features. Often people fail to update the operating system of the device and hence because of this the touch screen might stop working.

If the touchpad of your phone is not working because of the bug in the OS then first of all keep your phone on the system update. Once your device is successfully updated then the touch screen of the mobile will automatically start working.

Contacting the Technical Support

For example, if you have tried all the ways possible ways to fix the unresponsive touch screen on android and still the device is not responding well, then you need to contact the technical support team. The technical team will get back to you with the solution.

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