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How to fix Antivirus not working in windows 10?[Complete Guide]

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Why my antivirus is not working? and How to Fix it?

Antivirus plays a crucial role in today's scenario where cybercrime has literally crossed all limits. In such cases, the prime concern of the users is to protect their information on their devices. Hackers around the globe are looking for certain slight crevices through which they can hack into the systems and devices, hence the role played by an anti-virus thus becomes vital and important. But what happens if your device stops supporting the antivirus. In such a condition your device remains exposed to foreign attacks that can either corrupt the information or else can take it away. Well if you are one of those who are facing similar issues then there is no need to worry as today we are going to include the definite ways that will surely help you with the work of the antivirus on your device. So stay tuned and follow until the end for detailed information. 

Before jumping straight into the solutions let us first understand the causes of the situation. 

Why my antivirus is not working?

Well, there can be several reasons responsible for the same, below mentioned are the details regarding the most common causes that are responsible for creating the issue in the first place. 

  • The first and foremost issue that the users may face with the antivirus is that they are not able to run the program in the background. There could be some errors that are showing and as a result you must also experience the crashing of your computer. 

  • Another main cause for antivirus not working is that you must have not updated the version of the window and thus are facing issues related to working of the antivirus on your device. 

  • Lack of connectivity s another problem that may sometimes interfere with the working of an antivirus that you have installed on your device. 

There are certain things that users may resort to in case they would like to resolve the issues that are pertaining to antivirus not working in windows 10. If you are wondering what one needs to do in order to resolve the issue then the latter half of the paper is going to cover the steps that the users can take in order to fix the problems. 

How to fix the antivirus, not working issues and complications?

  • First and foremost, the users are advised to get started with updating their devices as the device must have been updated for the antivirus to perform well. If the device is running on an older erosion then there are chances that you will face complications. 

  • Another thing that the users can do is check the settings of the antivirus and then try and check the settings of the device. Look for permissions and other things and check all the boxes that are required for the antivirus to work. 

I hope the inclusion of this paper will help you rectify antivirus, not working issues. 

What to do when windows defender is not working?

  • Firstly Press Windows Key + R

  • Now type Regedit in the Run box.


  • Right click on this file and select permissions

  • Press Advanced option

  • Where it says owner press change

  • Change the owner to your username

  • Now press apply then ok

  • Select Full Control from the permissions menu

  • (click the Windows Defender folder)

  • Search for the value DisableAntiSpyware and DisableAntiVirus and set these values to 0

    • (explanation: double click each and where the 1 is put 0 and press ok)

  • And Open services.MSC

  • Search for Windows Defender

    • There should be 2 services: Windows Defender Service and Windows Defender Network

  • Right-click on each and press start

  • After you have started both restart your computer

  • Run Windows Defender

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