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Why is my Apple TV not connecting to the new Wi-Fi?

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Apple TV is a software program run by Apple Inc. Further, this is used to stream movies and series via the internet. The modes have a wifi connection. However, sometimes you may get an issue that mainly occurs on new wifi. Hence, the factors responsible for Apple TV not connecting have been enlisted at the bottom points:-

  • New modern isn’t supportive
  • The network driver crashed
  • Entering a word password
  • The subscription plan is not purchased
  • Having satellite issues

How to fix an Apple TV not connecting to wifi?

A stream without interruption of Apple TV can be obtained by connecting a device to wifi. But sometimes, this simple process causes a hard time in making a proper connection, and many factors are responsible for that. So, if you wish to fix the Apple TV not connecting to wifi, the problem then try the options below:- 

Network connecting issues:-

The connection between the network could get affected sometimes due to software glitches or disruptions. If this is the case, you may have difficulty connecting Apple TV to WIFI because of the wrong password.

  • Get to the Apple TV menu and choose the settings icon
  • Then click on the network and select the wifi option
  • Now, choose your wifi network and click on the forgot password
  • Further, enter the password again and connect to the internet.

Inspect internet connection and range:-

When you have installed a new wifi router, the foremost thing to check is its cellular data. If you have enough data balance, be aware of its functionality and bring your Apple TV within that range. Furthermore, you could also be aware of the quality and functionality of the router. 

Restart devices:-

When taking a major step is not good enough to resolve a problem, you can try one simple trick: restarting both services. In this case, if there is a change in setting or software facing a problem to act, it could also be resolved. 

Check for an update:-

When your problem can’t be discovered through any of the modes, you can also inspect the current version of the software. This is because if your device is left on an older version, it might create hindrances to establishing a proper connection with wifi. Further, you can be aware of this sort of information by visiting the settings icon, and if a new version is available, then start the procedure. 

How do I connect my Apple TV to wifi without a remote? 

An operation to connect Apple TV to WIFI is mostly based on the remote. This is because the menu and its options are available with one click. However, if you have faced a condition in which the remote is lost, then do not worry because the operation could be continued without that, too.

  • Break sleep mode by plugging in
  • Use an iPad, or iPod Touch to make a remote
  • Open the control center in an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.
  • Pair in a universal remote

How to reset Apple TV? 

You can restart your device when you have changed settings or shared information on the Apple TV. In this way, all your previous data could be erased, and the ways through which you can use this are as such:-

  • First, open the Apple TV
  • Then, click on the settings icon
  • Now, click on the system options and choose reset options.


The titles listed here carry information about the cause and remedy for wifi not connecting with an Apple TV. Still, if your issues are not resolved, then you can check your issues either by approaching Apple customer service or the wifi router company.

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