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(Solved)How to Fix Default Printer Error 0x00000709

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Don’t know how to fix Printer error 0x00000709, let’s fix it now!

A Printer device is a piece of imperative equipment for the objective of printing important documents at a definite time. It is brilliant zest and zeal to think about it that you can use your printer device at your home, office, school, shop, and studio without experiencing any technical hurdles. However, if you are coping with printer error 709 messages with your printer device, your operation could not be completed during printing documents, and thus, you will be unable to set a by default on Windows 10 or any other computer device with ease.

It is also asserted that when the actual issue is just a registry entry because of which the default printer is automatically set to the previous printer, you can check out the printer service is working well or showing printer error 709 messages on your computer device. You need to check the printer device with its proper name and make sure that the printer is connected to the network which you can’t set perfectly. If you want to know the simple trick to solve this issue in a very well organized manner, you are required to read the tips pointed underneath.

Method 1: Disable Windows 10 to Automatically Manage your Printer:

  • At first, turn on your computer device and make sure that your printer is on, and press Windows key + 1 to open settings.
  • Then click the devices option and select the printer and scanners tab to disable the toggle under Windows manage.
  • Select by default printer device and close every setting and reboot your PC to resolve the issue instantly.

If you still not satisfied, go for the next method.

Method 2: Manually set the default printer:

  • Make sure your printer device is on and the computer is working and press Windows key + X then select control panel.
  • Click on Hardware and sound then select devices and printers and right-click on the printer to set as default printer.
  • You can now restart your PC to save changes and go for the printer test eventually.

You can also try with registry fix method or do contact our techies to get printer error 0x00000709 issues fixed within a short time appropriately.

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