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Why is my Dell Printer not printing?

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In the work culture, schools, colleges, for legal proceedings, Dell printers are in use. This printing service through Dell printers is very much prominent. However, users often have trouble realizing their Dell printer not printing. There can be numerous reasons for the same. This hindrance might irk you from completing any project work or assignment submission. So, in the given points, you will view different reasons for the malfunctioning of the Dell printer;

Not turned off for a long—
Sometimes the device requires to be restarted so it can have a refresh operation of its printing.

No connectivity— 
You may find your Printer not connected to the electricity; hence, you are also suggested to check the appropriate connectivity.

Driver Issue— 
Sometimes, the malfunctioning of the Printer is caused by the Driver, which is installed in your system to support the Printer. So, it is recommended to re-install the Driver in the system.

Lower-speed USB Cable— 
If you are using a USB Cable type lower than 2.0, the issue of malfunctioning Printer will occur.

Outdated system— 
If your system does not match your Printer's requirements, it may not function properly.

How to troubleshoot Dell printer not printing error?

To get rid of this printing error, you are advised to read out the points that will assist you in troubleshooting the Dell printer so it functions appropriately while printing;

Restart your device

There is a primary option that you select that is related to restarting it. However, below is the point that will clear your concerned doubt:
If you have connected your Printer to the computer, you are recommended to restart your device as it will help the device to re-process.

On-off the Printer

In the following point, you will find out how exactly the on-off thing would work to rectify the printing issue:

  • The best way to troubleshoot the Printer is to restart or turn off your Printer.
  • Then turn it on after 30-40 seconds at least in order to cool down the hardware.
  • This may help you make it work properly, after which you can utilize its services hassle-free.

Unplug your Power Cable

You must unplug your printer cable from the AC outlet or surge protector to rectify the error, and you can use the service effectively.

  • Ensure the computer is connected.
  • The most important step for those whose printers are working without USB Cables or wireless, they must ensure their computer is working correctly.

Set the Printer as the default.

There are specific steps associated with the same, which you must follow carefully. To troubleshoot the issue, look at the points:

  • First, you must simultaneously click on the Window and "R" tab.
  • Then you will be asked to click on "OK."
  • Then you have to click on it to view "Wanted Printer."
  • You will be given the option to set it as a Default Printer there.

NOTE: It is not mandatory for the option to set the Printer as a default will pop up; sometimes, it is set by default.

Activate the Printer Troubleshooter.

There is a tool that is given to every user who is using a Dell printer which is activating the printer troubleshooter. However, certain steps are provided below:

  • In the run window tab, type "Command" and click on OK.
  • The tab of Command Prompt Type will appear; click on it to start the process.
  • This may also assist you in clearing print spoolers.

Print a test page

You are suggested to print a page to test whether the Printer works. However, below are the steps:

  • Type devices and Filters in the search tab.
  • Tap on the Control Panel or Devices and Filters.
  • Right, Click your partner to continue.
  • There you will view the tab Print Test Page.

Final words

Once you carefully look at the discussion, you will be introduced to the causes of malfunctioning Dell printers, along with some ways to troubleshoot the printing error.

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