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Fix Error Code 15- Request Was Blocked by the Security Rules

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How to resolve Error Code 15 This request is blocked by the security rules?

Nowadays, the whole internet is filled with billions of websites which publish many online contents for you. Along with the websites, there is a huge increase in the traffic which lands on these websites.

However, some users face a situation in which their request to reach certain webpages is blocked due to the security rules of that website. This can happen with anyone who is using any web browser or operating any device.

How to fix this Error code 15?

You can easily fix the code 15 error in which your request to access the website is blocked by any user. Here, you should use the methods which are used below to resolve this error code.

Rectify Date and Time Settings

Correcting the date and time settings will allow your device to interact with the website with the optimum and refreshed data. Use the following steps to accomplish this process.

  • Press Windows and I buttons simultaneously to open the settings section on your computer.
  • Now, select Time & Language Setting and synchronize your clock by selecting the related option.
  • Here, you can also manually sync the clock by selecting the preferred time zone from the drop-down box.

Amend the Settings of your Browser

Modifying the settings of your browser will allow your browser to increase its compatibility and perform smoothly.

  • You can also correct the settings of your browser to eliminate any abnormality from its settings.
  • Go to the settings of your browser and amend its settings by putting it on the default mode.
  • For this, you should clean the current browsing data and the advanced security settings to reach any website.

Look at the Internet Settings

You can also correct the internet settings of your device and put it in the perfect state to use it correctly.

  • Start the run process and open the Internet properties in the device you are using.
  • After this, select the LAN settings after selecting the connections option.
  • With this, you will see the automatic configuration settings and choose the automatic detection option.

Update the software of your Browser

This method permits you to update your web browser and make your device to use its browser.

  • To finish this process, launch the internet browser on your device.
  • Go to its settings and search for any available update for your browser.
  • Now, begin the update process by making use of the process that is given here.

You can also Fix error code 15 this request was blocked by the security rules by contacting the official customer service team. For this, you can either use a phone number, email address or live chat method. When you connect with the official support, obtain the precious information which will assist you in various formats.

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